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Help Me Lose Weight

How? By listening to my story.  The short of it is my weight loss surgery was cancelled by my insurance 24 hours prior to the actual surgery, because my employer specifically had weight loss or reduction as an exclusion. Read my story for more info. So I decided to put all my information I gathered, all my research in one place and hopefully you find some value in it. If so, I am asking for donations to my surgery fund. I will also be having an online store to help generate some money as well. You will be able to see what I have earned and contributed to this fund, as well as the amount of donations from the kindness of folks like you.  


So, please take a look around and if you are willing or able to help donate any money, safely and securely,  you can do so through the following button.



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Please remember, I am not a 'charity' and any donation isn't tax deductible.


Page last updated:February 11, 2003

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