"Soul, Rockin', and Obscure" needing ID


For Example: "xyz1.zip" is the same file as below (only zipped.) That is xyz1.zip is = "Take the Music Up (Higher)" as our example.

* xyz1.zip
1-05 Take the Music up (Higher) - Jewels.wma

This means this .wma file
- came from Vol. 1 of your "S, R, & O;"
- is track number "05;"
- "Take the Music Up (Higher)" is my tentative title;
- "Jewels" is the performer as I got it off your CD insert (obviously some are wrong but I included them anyway.)

In addressing the given file, you can for simplicity's sake in our correspondence refer to it by its xyz.zip name.


* xyz7.zip
"This Love is True" (?) - by ?

* xyz9.zip
"Trouble Blues" - McKinley Mitchell (?)

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