Spirit People Primer or “Spirit People for Dummies”

by William Thomas Sherman


1. Generally speaking, spirit people are separated from regular (flesh and blood) people by a physical and moral barrier which science has as yet been unable to properly explore and explain. Whether this division is a natural one, so to speak, or the devising of some certain person or persons is also unknown as such.

2. As known in this world, those spirit people who have power over regular people, are, in truth, nothing more than rich and powerful people, who acquired their status through assassination, murder, torture, robbery, terror, slavery, sophisticated manipulation. Some see such people as representing God and Heaven. Others see such people as more or less a manifestation of Hell.

3. Spirit people, like regular people, need money to do things.

4. While persistence is a virtue, the presence of one virtue, however so excellently possessed or displayed does not absolve the person of requirement of possessing other virtues, such as common fairness and moral decency for example.

5. No spirit person is inherently better than any regular person, at least we would not know them to be such, except insofar as they displayed both higher moral character and perhaps, but not necessarily, intelligence as well. If you encounter a spirit person then, know that you should in no wise allow them to treat you any differently than how you would let other people treat you. For example, they have no right entering your home without your permission, let alone your body—just as with an ordinary person. Know also that even the most vicious regular person is a lamb compared to the most vicious of spirit people, and as a rule spirit people who are notably vicious are exceedingly more vicious than any “regular” people are or otherwise could be.

6. Even the worst and most sickening and hideous monster of a spirit person can have people working for them who are genuinely likable, attractive and or awe inspiring (at least to the unreflective or undiscerning.)

7. Even the worst and most sickening and hideous monster of a spirit person can appear as if he or she came from Heaven, that is depending on how well a person is able to tell true from false.

8. The types and character of spirit person one might find oneself dealing with is in large part a result of the moral, and intellectual caliber of the given community they live in. So the more depraved society is the more it is going to attract the worse sort of spirit people. The more well behaved and responsible society, conversely, will have less of the worse sort around, and more likely the good kind of spirit folk.

9. As a general rule, contact with conversant or else visibly manifesting spirit people is something which should be discouraged and turned away from. An exception to this, however, might be when a meeting is brought about in an open, unthreatening, and above board manner, between such spirit people and educated and intelligent “regular” people who are intellectually and morally competent to deal with them.

10. Spirit people respect religion no more no less than regular people do—which is to say variously and differently.


Additional Remarks

On The Power of Lying

There is this sort of understanding that times change, and the public taste changes. This assumption is true as a practical matter of course. Nonetheless, what many people fail to appreciate is that such changes do not always come about through voluntary informed consensus, but perhaps instead through manipulation, deception, disguised assassination, all of which is then foisted on us as consensus. Whole cultural eras can be formed and created by such means, and anyone one of that ill founded era’s “beneficiaries” might never know exactly why they so prospered (compared to say another), though they might have a vague suspicion if they were honest with themselves and really thought about the matter. Those who go along with the aforementioned deceit and underhanded dealing will be rewarded with wealth and status by the criminal perpetrators, while those who don’t will be shut out and denied their basic rights. Now if you happen to be one of the latter and go to the police or other public institutions to complain about your mistreatment, what they (in effect) might typically say is that they can’t help you because you are going against consensus.

How can one help but continue to be aghast and astounded by some people’s obstinate irrationality and willful blindness, even among well-educated people? “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

Yet others seem to say “if we all lie and we force our will on others then what we say is true.” The truth, such people seem to maintain, is what one says it is, no matter how much one lies.

One reason for such attitudes is, I strongly believe, the influence of spirit people, so that I think it is worthwhile to list some of the devices and methods certain spirit people have at their disposal to promote such indifference to and resentment of real and intelligent thought generally. Some of these things are somewhat hard to describe because they have no clear and evident parallel in ordinary experience, but we’ll try.

1. Spirit people through their machinations can manipulate people and circumstances so that they can create the impression that they control things, and when they can get people to believe such impressions they then actually do end up controlling things.

2. Certain spirit people seem to have knowledge of the future and can predict events. It may even be true that they do have such knowledge and can actually predict things. Yet even if one can be said to predict things, it does not necessarily follow that they are wise or know what they are talking about. The same is true with respect to very private knowledge about your past, perhaps reminding you of things you thought were known “only” to yourself.

3. Great personality cults such as that of iconified dictators and fulsomely lionized leaders and celebrities are sometimes symptomatic of evil influence. People see the success of great movements and popularity of certain figures as signs of God, and therefore authority. Yet by means of doctoring appearances false causes and incompetent leaders can be catapulted in people’s minds to divine or divine like status. The status then itself becomes a sign of divine endorsement of the person, so that the people are not only deceived about the given cause or leader, but about the nature of God himself. I don’t mean by this that all popular causes and popular leaders are not legitimate, but that “popularity” by itself is no proof of legitimacy.

4. Certain spirit powerful people can make their presence felt for fairly large distances. The power of such presence can be sometimes mistaken as a sign of authority.

5. Certain spirit people have great wealth and other kinds of power at their disposal. This also some take as indubitable signs of authority.

6. Certain spirit people can induce a wide variety of experiences and feelings. They can make you see in your mind and feel things like the radiance of “heaven,” or the pure light of “holy” being, when really these things, coming from them, are no more necessarily credible signs of authority than a person flashing enormous sums of cash. Note also how certain secret societies are denoted “illuminati,” and how the Scientologists speak of a person being “clear.” The light and clarity referred to in such conceptions is, I believe, something often brought about through psychological trickery of spirit people, again manifesting extraordinary kinds of lights and visions to a person. I know in point of fact from personal experience, how some of the most muddle headed and confused people will considered themselves enlightened because they have been shown or had such things “revealed” to them. The same can be said of religious pronouncements or declarations. If one were to suddenly hear in their thoughts “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt,” accompanied perhaps by a vision of distant shining lights, do know there are dishonest spirit people who can cause this to happen, and feel no qualm nor suffer any evident repercussion for doing so.

7. “My mother listen to some of these same spirit people, and she was a good hearted and devout woman. Do you mean to say that she was wrong—and about something so important? Whatever answer you give I cannot accept it.”

8. “You can’t be responsible for or guilty of what you don’t know.” People will be encouraged to not know what is going on for exactly this reason. Even more, in some instances, a spirit person can get someone to commit a crime, and then, with that person’s permission, “do something to them” to cause them to forget what they did, and or give them what seem like plausible reasons to think that they were somehow “forced” to commit the crime—and therefore are not really guilty of anything.

9. As well as seeming religious, con artist spirit people can easily be irreligious, or else indifferent to religion, tailoring their approach to whomever they are trying to persuade.


A Start

If, as I have now long contended, there are spirit people and these are the or a primary cause of real (or extreme evil) in the world, what steps or measures can be taken to combat them? The following are some preliminary ideas.

1. Admit to or at least allow the possibility of their existence. Know that something can be known by it effects without it being necessarily "seen" as such, as is the case for example with molecules and atoms. This understood, possible Categories of evidence for spirit people might include:

a. Contemporary personal testimonies
b. Historical personal testimonies
If certain phenomena is encountered which is or may be ascribed to "spirit person," say reports of such as with the spirit person who spoke to the Native American tribesmen prior to the massacre at Wounded Knee, or, to use another example, spirit people who are said to have spoken to Jean d'Arc, these can be cataloged and compared.
c. Second hand accounts, that is spirit people as referred to otherwise in history, world literature (including mythologies.)
d. Otherwise inexplicable phenomena, as in certain behaviors, such as various instances of incomprehensibly vicious crimes, such as massacres, and comparing these in their similarities and differences to each other.

On the basis of these and perhaps other means of proof, a more cogent and thorough understanding of spirit people (including who they are; what kinds of them there are; where they are located, what their needs and motives are; what their strengths and weaknesses are; etc.) can be arrived at.

2. Raising public awareness about the existence of spirit people, and the kinds of threats they can or might pose to an individual and or community, as well as steps one might take to protect oneself against them. As part of such a program seen from a long term view, the study of logic should be encouraged at an early age, and indeed made a standard part of a child's curriculum along with reading, writing and arithmetic.

3. If the existence of spirit people can be objectively and empirically established, then efforts should be made to explore the possibility of technology and or other evidentiary methods or tools (including medicines) which would allow of their (to some extent) being detected and put under surveillance, and, as need be, combated.

4. True evil is something unnatural, and for this reason, that which is Natural should be seen as of greater importance and necessity than that which is "unnatural" -- at least as a general rule or principle.

5. If we look to the long term, we might consider ways of assisting poorer spirit people who are themselves slaves or victims of more powerful spirit people and who use them to commit crimes. If these poorer kinds of spirit people have no alternative to the way they are made to live, then they will always be there to be used by other spirit people more powerful than themselves, and for nefarious purposes. Aiding such people perhaps assumes a bit much at this point, let alone what steps (outside of prayer) might be feasible. Nevertheless, it is goal that will work both to our own protection as well as fairness and compassion toward these typically wretched and miserable people who are forced into a life of crime (say by their being made to participate in "witchcraft" activities.)

6. Similarly, with respect to the long term, there should be contemplated and considered possible laws and legislation which might be enacted to make explicit what society will and won't permit of spirit people, and what rights they do and don't have as far as society is concerned. For example, a law might be passed in a given state or community that requires that conversant spirit people who are present or guests of one of that community's citizens be publicly identified and licensed, if they are to be granted permission to be present in that state or community. Even if it is assumed enforcing such laws would be somehow impossible with respect to sprit people themselves, nevertheless, such laws could, at minimum, be used as a deterrent or incentive to regular (flesh and blood) persons who, willingly or unwillingly, possibly have potentially dangerous spirit persons in their company.