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Can one speak of evil or unjustified violent antipathy as a major force in the universe, in what would it consist? Either we could speak of it as say a malignant substance, or else we could speak of a person who intentions unjustified or cruel harm to others. Now if the universe were just created 5 minutes ago, and neither of these were as yet present, could or should we expect either one to appear? Off hand, I don’t think anyone could say. But things as they are, there is good reason to believe of there being a substance or person who causes evil.

Destruction we can fairly assume is a natural activity. Yet it may be that someone a very long time ago got the idea that by tapping into this principle he could appropriate the mantle of great destroyer himself. Few or others would never have dreamt of the idea, and he scared many of them to death with this, and founded an empire.

Now the next question is, if a person, is this person one or more? And is there something about the full vocation of evil which lends itself to being one person or more than one person? If so this would explain our Satan. But if not, should we posit multiple Satan’s? And whether we speak of one or more, do they remain always in that role, or do others take their place? If there are shifts in power among such people it might easily go on behind closed doors in such a way that even people who work directly for the “great evil power” might not even know that such had taken place, but went on believing things had remained the same when in fact their had been a coup.

I think the three main ways false or malevolent spirit people trick and fool regular people are:

1. Sheer terror
2. Astonishing displays, shows, of various kinds such as would put a person in awe of a person of seeming power, perhaps even involving relatively wide expanses of nature.
3. Predictions.

Regarding predictions one could say a number of things. For one, it must be remembered that many of these spirit people have been around a very long time. As a result, they can see patterns in regular peoples lives, behaviors, relationships, outlooks and beliefs, but which to us are entirely new by comparison. Knowing these thing they can manipulate regular people who do not even have the faintest idea of such, from the long term view, regular and natural patterns.

Or take for example names or identities come joined up together under seeming extraordinary circumstances. Now let's say a "god" (this might be a spirit or regular person of great power) whom we'll call A, might (for whatever reason unknown to us) be interested in promoting say a family name, say "Smith." Now when a Smith achieves notoriety other Smiths will think themselves perhaps in someway honored. But though the promotion was intentional by A, certain other Smiths took the intention and ascribed A's interest (as being directed) to they themselves personally someone how -- that is if they attempt to read something mystical into the coincidence in A's promoting of the Smith name with their own name. Now a devil will know something like this, and encourage the other "Smith" to think that A intended his effect for him personallly, not, say the Smith name in general, and thus perhaps start goading him to conceit on that basis.

But this is just one example of how these people operate.

Challenge to Orkon and Goomerist Spirit People:

How can you do what you do (i.e. do the wrong thing and act with such hostility), and think that it works to advance your own well being, when you don't even know what really works? The simple fact is, because of how you live, and how you have lived for so long, you don't know what real happiness is. If that is not true, then how come you are so unhappy as to always have to act the way you do? You have an idea of happiness that is based in truth, but your general conception is, most of the time at least, warped and off the mark (so I have found.) Furthermore, if you had it your way, you might be happy in the short term but most certainly not the long term. Again if that is not true, what would you conceive the world to be if (or else how would it have to be) as to so satisfy you that you wouldn't cause any more serious trouble? Again the truth is if you had it your way, you would recreate Hell all over again, for the same simple reason -- you don't make any sense. Though I would deny there us some truth somewhere to who you think and believe, and all I have seen there certainly isn't very much of it.

It's Nothing.

Doink of the Zombosphere
your God
Frenzy of the demonist
sleep walker
of the ages
wake up!
glamor's serial killer
assassin philanthropist
predatory panhandler
of the false religion of Dr. Insane,
always in secret
Everyone else gets to live their life
but you must always attack.
Fool, is that riches?

Who is the truth for if not for you?
And why must you live always avoiding it?

What is choice if you don't have choice?
Who has choice if you don't have choice?
You are not to blame you say. It's all these others.

Yet look at what you've done.

"Hell" persuaded people (see my New Treatise), in a manner of speaking, are drawn in by a whirlpool of seeming primordial urge or desire. Forsaking or not having really known reason, they are thus mentally enslaved by others more shrewd. Yet, oddly or not so oddly, they think of themselves as possessing a great kind of wisdom, this often due in no small part to most marvellous and spectacular shows and tricks they have been shown, which (of course) they are incapable of scrutinizing. What now will halt crowning disappointment believing as they do in the most ridiculous things?
"Does might make right?" This question though it goes to the heart of all determination of policy and dispute resolution, and is well known, is, nevertheless, a question forgotten or overlooked more often than one would think.
Neither radioactive megalomania, or wind blowing through sunlit trees are necessary or indubitable signs of the personal or imminent presence of divinity.
Only in the truth is there real hope. A hope based in falsehood is, by definition, false. This person lies all the time, deceiving himself and others as he pleases, and thus rejects the truth. Therefore he has no hope.
If perfection, such as God is and possesses, is infinite, then it would seem (at least in theory) that there is no end to which we cannot, with God’s grace, become better, and, as part of perfection, more happy.

A suggestion has been passed my way a few times which I thought it a good idea to respond to for the benefit of others for whom perhaps the truth is not already known or obvious.

The question arises: has being in contact with spirit people been the reason my thinking and writing have in recent years noticebly improved?

My answer: absolutely not!

My thinking and writing have improved over the last 5 to 10 years because my reading and studying habits have dramatically improved. And my reading and studying habits have improved thanks almost entirely to something I read in Sir Walter Scott's Waverly, which, (as I took it) in sum was this. Rather than read various books haphazardly and as you feel like (Waverly is described as a desultory reader -- which is how I was), assign yourself to read certain closely related books over a specific period of time, say, for example, 3 to 5 books on geology or Mayan architecture, and thus, by this approach and method (accompanied by passage marking and then afterward taking notes from those passages), give yourself a useful course in any given topic you please. It is, as they say, "simple, easy, and it works!"

The kind of spirit people I have had contact with, for all the phenomenal powers they might display or possess, are mostly, at best, a nuisance, and at least no more especially profitable in the advancement of one's deeper learning than anyone else you can think of might be. Naturally, everything depends on the character and intelligence of the individual in question -- and spirit people are no different than everybody else in this.

There have been a few rare instances where what a spirit person told me I have used in my writing -- a line in one of my poems being a striking example of this. But otherwise my actual or perceived need to quote spirit people, or directly draw from their own thinking, has been relatively nil. In other words, a spirit person need not possess either wisdom or eloquence to be very imposing or powerful otherwise.


Who is to blame for what happened to the Iraqi prisoners just of late? It is not really the United States Army, or the United States as such. I don't think so. No, truth is they it seems are to no small extent owned by someone else. It is these people I would hold responsible.

And who might these people be?

Well, for my two cents, how about....

* The people who produce those incessantly, sleazy daytime talk, "real life" police-beat-up-criminals/poor people shows, and survival shows. What was done to those prisoners is no different from what is done to American citizens regularly on television these days.

* The people who are always trying to sell feel good pills on television these days, but who vigorously condemn smoking.

* The people who lobby congress for privacy laws and sell spy cams.

* The people who produced all those witchcraft and sorceries shows and movies, and donate and use their influence on behalf of certain "Christian" religious denominations.

* The people who create computer virus, interfere wth the internet, and sent out a plethora of prank and obscene mailings.

* The people who ruined Hollywood, and professional wrestling.

* Who make those wretched and insipid children's shows for PBS, often wholly devoid of real heart and personality (the "secular" cartoons of old were more witty, edifying and morally instructing.)

* The people who won't let us sell books or magazines anymore.

* The ones who produce investigative new shows who won't mention a word of any of this.

A good song or good drama is timeless. Yet no good song or drama is always timely.
For better or worse, what you can or can't forget is not always your choice. Nor does the past always disappear so simply, so easily, or matter of factly as you might or might not wish. Life (whether in this or a future one) has surprises you never dreamt were possible. So behave yourself! Somewhere down the line, there will always be people happy either to reward or punish you for what you've done and how you've acted.
A Tip from Chandu:

Remember the query, as put in The Book of the Coming Forth of Day, sacred ancient Egyptian text:

"What then is it?"

To --

Even granted that these spirit people know what they are doing, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you who listen to them do. For one thing, from what we can see (and by all accounts), you are both being used and fooled by them. What proof and rational argument do you have to prove otherwise? And are these such that you can speak about them (both these spirit people and your arguments) openly? If not, how can you expect wiser and more intelligent people to take you seriously?

Folks, I am telling you these spirit people are invariably total con-artists (though granted it would be unfair to say they are in every and all instances), and it is people foolishly and irrationally listening to them that has been the thing most killing us since time immemorial. The reason for this I think is due to sheer childishnes more than anything else, and Hell might even be called the League of Childishness, with countless members.

Bear in mind as well that, for many people (and as they see it), lying and deception can prove very profitable. In fact, there are people who make their living (and more) from these. And when they do they inevitably risk being connected to and or themselves becoming Hell people.



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