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Oh PC manufacturer, give me something to annihilate my adversaries and those who don't agree with me. And if you would also, please inject into your product's promotion something with a space alien type theme; because I relate and feel an especially affinity to space aliens.

Yours Sincerely,
Joe Average Consumer


If you are dealing with people who are, morally and scientifically speaking, willfully blind and childish, why would you care (or care much) about what they thought By definition, they're not in reality to start with.


Until a denunciation is expressed and or else government moratorium is placed on the use of brain torture radios in the United States, it is impossible for me to take any candidate seriously. But I saw this article on Yahoo that made declamatory reference to Ron Paul's "pointless" internet presidential campaign. This struck me as exceedingly hypocritical; seeing how Yahoo has no shame polluting the internet with its pointless, not to mention frequently abusive, spoof-like, and flagrantly obnoxious, advertising.


What is the Christian religion if not a song? Judaism? Islam? Buddhism? Moral Hindusim? That in their right form shout out the way flowers do to the heavens.

What comes with Christianity is the Spirit of Love and truth. What can you do without such a spirit? Where else can you more reliably obtain it?

If I can wish Love and pity for these orphans and poor animals, is there not someone greater, influential, and of more consequence than I who could and does the same?

Why would not someone who was comparatively all wealthy desire the happiness of everyone, including animals? Some of that description do; some would. However, among the the materially richest, indeed is possibly himself the and most rich in that respect, is someone who seeks the destruction of happiness.

Did not Christ crucified know where and what Love was when he was suffering? And yet without true, deep felt Love what is anything, at last, worth?


The rest of the world works and seems to get along fine and well enough, why then should you despair of anyone or anything except humankind and devils? And yet some, even of them, will be saved.


If you made a deal with Satan and, as result, ended up spending the greater part of your life bothering people; would that make you funny and interesting to others? Funny and interesting to some, I suppose, but these probably not the most intelligent of people.


Though it lasted for years, any material thing can be made to fall apart over night; or in the case of such as stars and galaxies mere ages. Ahh, but right reason which is eternal, you cannot touch it.


The miracles of Elijah and Elisha, taken literally, may seem like mere magic. And yet they may have been brought about or accomplished by what amounted to a scientific application of principles, and perhaps involving spirit people, and yet necessarily consistent with God's will, as determined by hearing the voice of purest and most refined Wisdom; and which no one but a veritable prophet could receive, hear, discern, and experience rationally with sufficient maturity and understanding, and then be able to apply such wisdom with success to the immediately tangible and physical realm. Now whether we will say the incarnate Christ learned from them, or they from he, others can decide as well or better as myself.


It will be the end of the demon -- and not a century too soon!


True, a small amount of demonism, in minute, measured doses may, and under certain circumstances, be deemed a positive salve and good; perhaps like or as small pox inoculation. However, what we have here and before us (for some time) instead is a gruesome and agonizing plague, which is something else entirely.


You can always tell the guilty by their inability to give a credible, cogent, and verifiable explanation.


An irrational person will listen to a spirit person before they will listen to reason; so that if a spirit person, adept at magic and mind control, desires it, it is quite easy for them to render that irrational person "possessed." A religion then is only so good as its people are at minimum rational and honest.


Contending with the devil means EITHER fighting or ignoring him, the purpose of the first is to repulse him; the second to remind him that (for and despite all his prodigious, incorrigible, and persistent power) of his undeniable presumption and proven insignificance (compared too others) in the eternal, grand scheme of things. But one can never quite do both; so proceed wisely and know precisely which of the two you are or should be doing.


I wanted to take one additional pause before continuing with our weekend extract from the Church Fathers; this time by making note of the Bay (as in Massachusetts Bay) Book of Psalms (1640) and that was the first printed book in British North America. Offhand, we might think of such a volume as a dry, solemn, and somber Puritan missal intended merely for indoctrination, and without all that much lasting relevance or interest to us. This at least was my own misguided initial reaction when I first became informed of it. Furthermore, we go on to hear that it was superceded in the New England Calvinist liturgy by supposedly improved literary translations, and thus became outdated by the early 18th century. And yet in actually reading the Bay Psalm Book, it's very naivete and humble folk clarity give it a living and spiritually invigorating appeal, and to that extent make the psalms come all the more alive; particularly as this approach so well harmonize with that part of Christian teaching which reaches out to and extols the meek, lowly, and unworldly. Below then are three Bay Book psalms, and for the complete text see:

Psalm 42

To the chief musician, Maschil, for the Sons of Korah

Like as the hart panting doth bray
after the water brooks,
even in such wise O God, my soul,
after thee panting looks.

For God, even for the living God,
my soul it thirsteth sore;
Oh when shall I come & appear,
the face of God before.

My tears have been unto me meat,
by night also by day,
while all the day they unto me
where is thy God do say.

When as I do in mind record
these things, then me upon
I do my soul out pour, for I
with multitude had gone:
With them unto Gods house I went,
with voice of joy & praise:
I with a multitude did go
that did keep holy days.

My soul why art cast down & art
stirred in me: thy hope place
in God, for yet him praise I shall
for the help of his face.


My God, my soul in me's cast down,
therefore thee mind I will
from Jordan's & Hermonites land,
and from the little hill.

At the noise of thy water spouts
deep unto deep doth call:
thy waves they are gone over me,
also thy billows all.
His loving kindness yet the Lord
command will in the day:
and in the night his song with me,
to my life's God I'll pray.

I unto God will say, my Rock
why hast thou forgot me?
why go I said, by reason of
pressure of the enemy.

As with a sword within my bones
my foes reproach me do:
while all the day, where is thy God?
they do say me unto.

My soul O wherefore dost thou bow
thy self down heavily;
and wherefore in me makest thou
a stir tumultuously?
Hope thou in God, because I shall
with praise him yet advance:
who is my God, also he is
health of my countenance.


Psalm 82

A Psalm of Asaph

The mighty God doth stand within
th'assembly of the strong;
and he it is that righteously
doth judge the gods among.

How long a time is it that ye
will judge unrighteously?
And will accept the countenance
of those that wicked be?

See that ye do defend the poor
also the fatherless;
unto the needy justice do
and that are in distress.

The wasted poor, and those that are
needy deliver ye;
and them redeem out of the hand
of such as wicked be.

They know not, nor will understand,
in darkness they walk on:
all the foundations of the earth
quite out of course are gone.

I said that ye are gods and sons
of th'highest ye are all.

But ye shall die like men, and like
one of the princes fall.

That thou mayst judge the earth, O God,
do thou thy self advance;
for thou shalt have the nations
for thine inheritance.


Psalm 95

O come, let us unto the Lord
shout loud with singing voice.
to the rock of our saving health
let us make joyful noise.

Before his presence let us then
approach with thanksgiving:
also let us triumphantly
with Psalms unto him sing.

For the Lord a great God and great
King above all gods is.
In whose hands are deeps of the earth
and strength of hills are his.

The sea to him doth appertain,
also he made the same:
and also the dry land is his
for it his hands did frame.

O come, and let us worship give,
and bowing down adore:
He that our maker is, the Lord
O let us kneel before.

Because he is our God, and we
his pasture people are,
and of his hands the sheep: to day
if ye his voice will hear.

As in the provocation,
O harden not your heart:
as in day of temptation,
within the vast desert.

When me your fathers tried and prov'd
and my works looked upon:

Forty years long I grieved was with
this generation:
And said, this people err in heart:
my ways they do not know.

To whom I sware in wrath: if they
unto my rest should go.


Let no one be deceived, while Face Book is in many ways useful, and the concept itself certainly a viable one, like Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, and so many other of the big internet names, etc. those who own and run it are the most corrupt, tasteless, and incompetent sort of people, and who owe their power and position to organized crime as much as to anyone or anything else.