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Inasmuch as the devil can pretend to be or represent anyone (depending on the intelligence of his audience or listeners), anyone else is and can be blamed for most anything; not least of which for that which he himself is guilty. By this method and for this reason, anyone who is innocent or mostly innocent can be made to seem most guilty. The key and difference then becomes reality, and which requires honest, thoughtful, objective rationality. For without reality, how can one ever expect to see through such a trick? And yet of all the people you know, how many are properly careful in his way when it comes to matters of yet to be determined fact and fault finding?


"Heraclitus says that trying to cleanse blood with blood is like trying to wash off mud with mud."


1. But [Emperor] Gallus did not understand the wickedness of [Emperor] Decius, nor did he note beforehand what it was that wrought his ruin. But he stumbled at the very stone which was lying before his eyes; for when his sovereignty was in a prosperous position, and when affairs were turning out according to his wish, he oppressed those holy men who interceded with God on behalf of his peace and his welfare. And consequently, persecuting them, he persecuted also the prayers offered in his own behalf...
2. ...And one finds both things to wonder at in [Emperor] Valerian's case; and most especially has one to consider how different it was with him before these events, -- how mild and well-disposed he was towards the men of God. For among the emperors who preceded him, there was not one who exhibited so kindly and favourable a disposition toward them as he did; yea, even those who were said to have become Christians openly did not receive them with that extreme friendliness and graciousness with which he received them at the beginning of his reign; and his whole house was filled then with the pious, and it was itself a very church of God. But the master and president of the Magi [i.e., the plural of "Magus"] of Egypt prevailed on him to abandon that course, urging him to slay and persecute those pure and holy men as adversaries and obstacles to their accursed and abominable incantations. For there are, indeed, and there were men who, by their simple presence, and by merely showing themselves, and by simply breathing and uttering some words, bare been able to dissipate the artifices of wicked demons. But he put it into his mind to practise the impure rites of initiation, and detestable juggleries, and execrable sacrifices, and to slay miserable children, and to make oblations of the offspring of unhappy fathers, and to divide the bowels of the newly-born, and to mutilate and cut up the creatures made by God, as if by such means they would attain to blessedness.
~ Dionysius, Bishop of Alexandria (in holy office c. 248-c. 265), "Epistle 11, To Hermammon"

Note. Though it is not necessary to quote here, Dionysius in a separate work, though accepting the Book of Revelation as canonical scripture, interestingly and very convincingly argues that its author was not John the Apostle, but rather some other "John."


Why, do you think, did the ghostly magician, tell me (as he has no doubt many others) "the truth is not allowed?" Because, folks, his magic, when all is said and done, is not all that great, and it is necessary for you to do your part in being a block head so that he and his followers may, with least resistance, come into their billions, and millions, etc.

Likewise, people of this sort are willing to be equaniminous and philosophical when it comes to the suffering of others, no more how brutal or horrible, or how innocent or helpless the victim. "God will see and remedy all such woes" they in effect assert. And yet stop they or their master from carrying out his violent crimes, prevent them from being able to cheat and from having vast wealth, and getting away with murder generally -- this they can bear much less calmly, and indeed it almost seems the Almighty must cave into them lest they threaten or launch out in a temper tantrum if He doesn't.


Sharp as knives, bitter as gall, unyielding as demons; yet always remember and stay fixed to the fact -- for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction -- and on this basis it is possible to fight and combat the worst and most violent spirit people. And if the latter by chance come to you acting as though they are from reassuring heaven, it is your obligation and responsibility to be neither childish or a fool.


This is all rather spur of the moment, but below, in no particular sequence, is my list of ideas that did and do not work, or else are entirely in large part an expensive waste of time at best. And what with all the coninuing grief, injustice, fear, stress, and anxiety in the world, it is necessarly incomplete at the moment, yet I'll try to add to it when and as I can.

* Web TV
* video games emphasis in replacement of what were once computer games
* Internet mass (and typically pointless and useless) advertising
* tattoos
* mass corporate centralization
* the FBI
* dishonest and or dissembling Christianity
* brain torture radios
* witchcraft based cooking and restaurants
* relatively wealthy foundations and libraries charging for online academic, historical, and research material
* the war on marijuana
* spirit people based religion
* auto racing (in an age of global warming and wars for oil)
* televised gambling


Fan: Well, we, yeah, we like Spiderman, Batman, Green Lantern and all but....

Oafmore: But what?

Fan: ...Do you have to be involved?

Oafmore: Do I have to be involved? Why son, that's how you get your super heroes. Through me. No me, no super heroes.

Fan: (resignedly) O.k...

Oafmore: (aside to K-Pax) What's with these kids?


I hope the person will pardon me, but I lifted the above pic from someone's web-log site. It shows a coffee mug that is sold as conventional tableware at a local department store (Fred Meyer.) I personally believe this sort of iconography is promoted by people who believe that the world will end soon, or if not quite that their own will in any case; therefore, why should one really care about morals, doing the right thing, and improving society and the quality of life for everyone? A sentiment that certainly gives casual murderers and big time thieves all the more leeway for doing what they do. Alternatively, such is a kind of tribute to the ghoulish gods who preside over financial prosperity and worldly success.

Don't such people know their are innocent children and animals being born and growing up on this same planet? (How could they be so crass?)

Their response would no doubt be to say we have no choice and this is how things must be.

I for one fail to see why. One of the most galling things about the last few decades we have been living in is how life is and could be made so much better for so many; and yet we encounter attitudes such as that expressed above adapted to the mainstream. I remember back in the mid-80's some had written in conspicuous graffiti somewhere on the University of Washington campus "Say No to Death Culture." And yet who could have predicted how miserable and decrepit things have become in that same wise since?


One vital measure of a person is to know who they treated unfairly, and whether or no they repented of doing so. Know who and for what reason they treated someone unfairly, and you will know almost all there is to know about them.


Among today's headlines in the news (as found on Yahoo):

And which "drop" got its biggest start or jump, as I recollect, during the reigns of those three much beloved and well-meaning phony-baloney super-stars: Reagan, Spielberg, and Michael Jackson.


"You know me. Of course, I wouldn't nor am I the sort to cut the beating heart out of a living victim. But put yourself in my position. If the thing is requested at the behest of a god -- why, what choice does one have?!"


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