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Please don't think me overdong this "Spring" thing (it beng nascent Yuletide) -- I assure you it is all just unintended and unanticipated coincidence and happenstance.

["Musique Film - Les demoiselles de rochefort 1967 - la chanson des jumelles" -- from the original motion picture]


The Good That Is Always [resumed from earlier]

Often it is the little ones
Who have greater understanding.
For while it is normally right
To be of ourselves demanding
And remain ensconced indoors
With keen study and fond books,
It is sometimes wisdom, even so,
Surcease of good habit to brook;
As when the animals call us,
As they sometimes do,
To come forth with them,
And to become like the Indian;
Who delights in and venerates
The blessings of the sun.
For hardly less than princely Akhenaten,
Do God’s true creatures esteem the Dawn,
And no more pious train is there
Than the little animals who dutifully
Leave their hole, nest, or take to air;
Every morn to greet sunrise’s span;
Just as did their ancestors,
Whole epochs before fire and Man.

And as the animals with the Dawn,
Life itself commences with Spring,
And we begin to see flowers appear;
Come out more and new birds
Whom the elegant season excites;
Tickling bees and rumbling herds;
Or braces of green ducks
Alighting on the scene
To glide on waves of golden sheen.

Then God tells them
Follow the directions:
Built your nest with sticks;
Look in this crevice for food;
Flee at signs of danger;
The infinite is a place
Where there’s always room to grow.
But why did I feel sadness
Come the day the baby birds
Left the singing of their nest?
Then a few days later,
Although I could not them see,
I heard chirping explorers
Flitting amidst a plum tree.
Some trees, fed by warm or cool water,
Change their dress with each year’s quarter
So how must then must
The birds wonder at their home?
To live in a tree’s interior,
To fly from branch to branch,
To fly to very tree,
That is one life of being free.
And what if every bird
Did have a name?
But if we knew,
They do, they do…
And the tree who knows them,
Its boughs nodding,
Seems to nod assent
When the soft wind
Starts ascending.


[To be continued...]


He says "I do these things because you call me Herman Munster." I say, no, we call you Herman Munster because you do these things.


"Ads by Google" -- Was or is there anyone else? (YouTube similarly.)


Here's a much later version of "The Rich Man's Frug" (composed by, of course, choreographical innovator and stage dazzler generally Bob Fosse) and which is in some ways even better than the original.

["Rich Man's Frug - Fosse" -- from the 2002 DVD "Fosse" at]


Cray-zeee dad...

["Sweet Charity" -- "Rich Man's Frug" from the movie]