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Although, of course, the song's composers, Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger, are tragically and sadly no longer with us; as neither is Harry Nilsson whose version is the most famous one for many, here's Badfinger's "Without You;" followed by Nilsson "sometime" in his later years doing a last, and not little poignant (given the bloated shape he looks to be in), rendition of the same.


["Badfinger - Without You - Pete Ham"] and ["Harry Nilsson - Without You" -- live, "somewhere" in Europe early 90's?]


The Father is the Old Testament, and the Son the New; similarly: God vs. Man -- Ka vs. Ba -- Ideal vs. Image (-- and perhaps Greece vs. Rome?) Since most of us (short of being prophets or saints) only know or recognize any of these manifestations or incarnations, but by means of images or pictures (in turn derived from a “soul-sensitive” intuition[s], idea[s], sense impression[s], and or conception[s] of one kind or other), we must appeal or look to the Logos, Word, or Spirit (of Love and Truth) in order to synthesize, conjoin, connect, or associate them -- whether intellectually, imaginatively, or emotionally. One possible rebuttal then of Unitarianism then might be to say that you cannot (unless with prodigious and impractical difficulty – not to mention a good deal of pride) begin to conceive, let alone understand, the One without and by way of the Son through and in the Spirit.

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["Thanksgiving (complete)" -- George Winston live]


Below is a portion of a poem I'm currently in the process of composing; with the remainder (and with possible emendations to what's here) forthcoming as and when (God willing) it gets done.

The Good That Is Always.

In this life, it’s true,
The riches of demons
Leave a dingy residue.
And yet rarely comes
Justice to virtue.
Oft, indeed, the very
Innocent are slain
Crying out for help in vain.
Indeed, the more we get older,
Evil seems only bolder.
Pity here has fled
And all that seems left
Is the hope of being dead.
What then does it matter
Being faithful and true?

For the soul it seems
There are two doors:
One by faith and honesty
To ecstasy sublime;
Where cheerful hearts
Adore each other in purity refined.
The second door, of lies and decay,
Leads to a heaven of false glory
The duped and deceived to allay;
Or else a punishing grave,
The bourne of willing slaves.

But, of course, to know even this,
Were it all so simple and as plain,
Is yet to know so little.
We think we see,
We think we know all.
But there is ever so much more
We do not know and cannot see;
Such as a bone or rock
(A hundred miles away no less)
Buried beneath a tree.
Or how mirrors send us back
Exactly what’s the same;
How fire lives as air
Or how air burns as flame;
How placid and calm the night sky is,
Yet whose wispy lights ever move
And are not fixed as they seem.
To ascend to wonder’s apogee,
You sort through existence
Like sifting through the sea.
One needs all infinity, that’s true,
But not in equal portion or degree;
That the good within you may
Echo the good that is always.

In the halls of tradition,
In the pass of the ages,
You give ear to those fathers
That are our honored sages;
While setting forth the sons
To wherever tomorrow runs.
To work is all good;
For honor comes only from labor,
And all disgrace is laziness
That leaves nothing to savor.
Yet work is and ought not be an idol.
And as important is disciplined rest,
Or fond leisure when somehow
The time’s just right to joy in the best.
And work may be play
As long as it is work too:
In sum, have a good conscience
That you may have nothing to rue.
See Evil and Good then as merely
Words for acting false or sincerely.
And if by shameless theft
You would Heaven gain,
Receive at once, as is only mete,
“Criminal” for your name.


["Harry Nilsson "The Ash Grove" -- Recorded 1962. From NILSSON '62 - THE DEBUT SESSIONS]


In this life you are presented with two choices:

1. Try to solve problems and improve the conditions for peace, freedom, and quality of life for all -- as much and inasmuch as that is possible to do.
2. The world is too fallen and dilapidated to make it worth saving; therefore, do not concern yourself with making the world a better place to live. Instead, lie, steal, and, if need be, murder to get what you need and want to be satisfied; and if you are or happen to be concerned about (say) humanity, the planet, etc. let God get around to fixing those things when and if He wants to (i.e., after the world is first destroyed and you and your friends get what you want beforehand.)

Of course, the second is or at least tends to be the overwhelming favorite of the worst criminal spirit people; as part of and in support of which proposition they recruit regular people to employ and utilize for purposes of gaining wealth and power through the use and selected application of crime and murder. Their specific methods of conquest and subjugation are numerous and varied. Yet one device they use to manipulate their followers and those in credulous and fearful awe of them is to get the latter to attack persons of moral virtue, strength, character and ability who will not cooperate with their ideology; and endeavor to present and view these latter as a negative influence that needs to be displaced or eliminated. So, for instance, let's say activist "Frederick" wants people to speak the truth and be more fair and honest. Spirit people followers then will be given to understand that Frederick, in his proud self-righteousness, is making it harder on everyone (i.e., "the people") by insisting that they be more virtuous. Therefore Frederick, far from being a good person (as he pretends), is actually a bad or else deluded person who needs to be got rid of. The followers then, say, murder Frederick and in consequence of which see themselves, rather than would-be do-gooder Frederick, as acting or having acted virtuously.

Another and similar sort of prized tactic of such spirit people is to invoke religion: as in -- God is a God of magic and terrors; thereby getting others to think that Devil, who is most terrifying and magical, must be God; or else and similarly they might argue that to suggest that there is evil or evil exists is simply a sign of prejudice and intolerance. God is not prejudice and intolerant; ergo there is no evil or evil does not exist.


(A word of explanation) The reason he's called "championship" is in reference to the championships he didn't win.