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["Rolling Stones Paint It Black 1990 Live in Japan"]


Just in case you missed it at my Ben Turpin website...


In addition to the sundry and now common place Mafia-themed pizza vendors, a little bit of Old World charm has opened up in our local neighborhood in the way of a fast food restuarant; where they offer a variety of specialty hot dogs, one of which is called the "Dirty Atlantic" (yum).

Folks, I'm telling you, such things could and would not exist or go on but that spirit people have come in to replace democracy.


He's Dracula Resurrection and the low Life. (And no, it's not at all the same thing.)


What Kind of Yahoo Personality are you?

Yahoo evidently has a virus. And let this be a lesson to those who think that by paying tribute or giving the nod to evil it will preserve and protect you. That company name has to be one of the stupidest ever on record, and yet even that was not enough to save them.


["Dire Straits - Sultans of swing [Basel -92 ~ HD]"]


["carlos santana - with eric clapton - jingo - live.avi"]


We loved those kids, and they were all good kids.


Less value, higher prices, more junk...

I have been using Pay Pal Plug-in for years and found it very handy, particulalry the auto-fill feature. Now comes in the email today this from Pay Pal.

"According to our records, you currently use our PayPal Plug-In product. We want to let you know that September 22, 2010 is the last day you can use the product.
"Why discontinue Plug-In? Simply put, we're shifting our focus and resources to more popular products that provide a better customer experience. We continue to focus on expanding our coverage online with new stores accepting PayPal every month. Check out our extensive directory to find your favorite.
"Looking for alternate ways to pay? As a valued customer we want to ensure you are familiar with all the ways you can use PayPal. Check out our list of Products and Services to find new ways to pay and get paid.
"Questions? You can find more information here."

Now, as far as an explanation goes, does the above make any sense? Not to me it does. I also had a somewhat similar experience (only worse) taking my laptop to the local PC repair shop, and which in recent times has had a major change in personnel; resulting in a higher charge asked and a corresponding lessening of both ability and service from the staff (not to mention the rapid diminution and disappearance of competitors and alternatives in the market place generally.)

And we've seen similar kinds of things, again and only far worse, going on elsewhere in this age of survival of the grisliest.

"These" I submit "are (not) the good only days..."


Billion dollar, has been of the ages. I beat him fair and square. Indeed, better than fair and square; he was permitted to cheat so much. And yet not a few think of him as God.

"Oh, but he had to do the wrong things, don't you see...?" (Big f--king baby, getting away with murder.)

And his ghostly magician, who strikes such awe and fear into people, he always has to torture people and do things to people (or animals.) But then so does the Frankenstein monster.

Nonetheless, they are who and what many listen to -- not facts, not sound reason, not honest truth; such sway do ghosts and magic hold over people's minds.