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In addition being enjoyable (though the YT audio could stand improving), the following is, I think, an especially edifying rendering of Mendelssohn's well known "Hebrides Overture;" inasmuch as the quantity of instruments the piece ordinarily calls for is scaled downed markedly, and which serves to remind us that any music -- including the most elaborate overtures or sophisticated symphonies -- can be performed on both different numbers and types of instruments -- and still be, in essence, the same thing. This is the group ConjuntXXI! from Barcelona, Spain with Marta Carreton, conductor.

["Mendelssohn - The Hebrides Overture"]


The fifth movement to Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 5 (K219); here with Yehudi Menuhin and the Wiener Symphoniker under the baton of Herbert Von Karajan, c. 1966.

["Karajan Menuhin : Mozart Violin Concert K219 Part5"]


How are spirit people like Getty Images? They will charge you 50.00 to rent a .jpg or .bmp of theirs to use, say, at your website for three months; rather than give you the same (as you would expect a multi-million dollar organization would for such a materially trivial thing) for free or else for a very small nominal fee (like 1.00-2.00.)

The following are a sketch and two paintings by Robert Dighton (c.1752-1814), an eighteenth century British artist who often drew humorous subjects. The first of these is "The King's Shilling" (1781); the second "Geography Bewitched;" and the third "A Windy Day" (1783). Click on image to see a larger version.


This description of the third illustration here by Dighton comes as an excerpt from 1776: The British Story of the American Revolution, p. 59; published as companion guide to an exhibition held by the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich at the time of America's Bicentennial.

"Windy Day, St. Paul's Churchyard
1783. Watercolor... Victoria and Albert Museum, London
St. Paul's Churchyard was a centre for London's print shops...The sudden gusts of wind around St. Paul's caused by the high buildings, were notorious and attributed to the devil, for shops displaying pornography [sic] clustered in the churchyard."


From Israel -- the Barrocade Ensemble with Jacob Reuven performing the 2nd movement to Vivaldi's Mandolin Concerto in D maj. (RV 93):

["Vivaldi Concerto for Mandolin in D( Lute RV 93 ) 2. Movement"]


"The committee in London for raising and applying monies for the relief of the American prisoners [of war], began in March [1780] to call upon the public afresh for new subscriptions, as the war continued beyond expectation: the same were readily made. Many individuals exhibited a compassion and liberality to the Americans, that does honor to human nature."

~ Rev. William Gordon, The history of the rise progress and establishment of the independence of the United States of America, vol. III, pp. 416-417.

And from the same, pp. 456-457:

"[Quoting letters of Francis Marion] 'Capt. Murphy's [Malachi Murfee] party have burnt a great number of houses on little Peedee, and intend to go on in that abominable work, which I am apprehensive may be laid to me; but I assure you, that there is not one house burnt by my orders, or by any of my people: it is what I detest, to distress poor women and children.' The manner of Marion's expressing himself, points out Murphy for an anti-royalist. Many of the professed whigs disgraced themselves, by the burnings, plunderings and cruelties, that they practised [sic] in their turn upon the royalists. They changed sides at times, as appears by Marion's letter of October the 18th 'I have never yet had more than seventy men to act with me, and sometimes they leave me to 20 or 30. Many who had fought with me, I am obliged to fight against.' He wrote to [Gen.] Gates 'Nov. the 4th. I crossed Peedee the 24th of Oct. the next night came up with two hundred men under col. Tynes, whom I surprised: killed 6, wounded 14, and took prisoners 23, and got 80 horses and saddles, and as many stand of arms. The colonel made his escape; but, sending a party to the High Hills of Santee, he fell into our hands, with several other prisoners, and some who have been very active against us and great plunderers. The militia are now turning out better than they have done. At present I have upward of 200, and expect that in three or four days it will be double.'
'Black river, Nov, the 9th, Col.Tarleton [with his corps] has burnt all the houses, and destroyed all the corn, from Camden down to Nelsonís ferry: has behaved to the poor women with great barbarity; beat Mrs. Richardson, the relict [sic] of gen. Richardson, to make her tell where I was; and has not left her a change of raiment. He not only destroyed all the corn, but burnt a number of cattle in the houses he fired. It is distressing to see the women and children fitting in the open air round a fire without a blanket, or any clothing but what they had on, and women of family, and that had ample fortunes: for he spares neither whig nor tory. Most of the inhabitants to the southward are ready and eager to take up arms against their task masters.'"


Look, if after all this time you still don't believe me, let me try to put this most momentous of concerns (and on which the lives and livelihood of literal millions could be said to hang in the balance) --

If he (the ghost) knows as much about religion as he does about movies and having a successful movie career, what does that tell you about his credibility?


Here's the 2nd movement to that C.P.E. Bach flute concerto in D minor, also once more with Milos Jurkovic, flute, and Bohdan Warchal leading the Slovak Chamber Orchestra.

["Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Concerto in D Minor, Part 2"]


For purposes of being happy and well, fundamental honesty and right reason you cannot do without; spirit people, as such and on the other hand, you very easily can. And yet for many they see this exactly in the reverse: it is honesty and right reason that are dispensable (or else these last are exclusively the domain and province of "high ranking" spirit people), and spirit people are not only necessary but obeisance must be shown to them.

Choose then your side and take your pick between peace and war, life and death, truth and falsehood, happiness and misery.


Don't you see their game? They want to get you so guilty that you will be the ones doing the everlasting dish washing, house cleaning, laundry, gardening, etc. -- and which you will undoubtedly and gladly choose and prefer to over the alternative of perpetual perdition or trying to live your life in the lake of fire, etc.