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Everyone is snug asleep,
softness reigns, overcast,
but windy,
this late Sunday afternoon,
both living and dead slumbering in peace.

With determination like a needle's tip,
A spider must carefully weave its web.
Just as pine cones must be strewn
just so for you.

But remember that
If you don't really tell the truth,
you don't really love.
And no matter how much
you change your tune,
the birds will still sing
as they've sung
for thousands of years.
And where would you be without them?

"But shall the light that is derived
deride its source?"

Yet then the sun is not the source ultimate
though terrifying and undeniable its might.

And what is life if it is sick?
If from oppression he won't desist,
you must make him your footstool,
and that he might have
something honorable in life to do.

But must you then
wake up every morning
ready for a fight?
Worn out and beat up,
get up and start anew
with hopes and cheers?
Yes, for how many times
in the many ages of man
has pity looked on;
only to have to turn away forlorn
from what it could not help?

As the earth holds you
up on its shoulders,
sustain your brothers and sisters.
Let each who's of good cheer
and good heart
have all that they desire.
But what's for you
you cannot assume.

All you can do
is choose and hope
that if your own love
is worth something;
then perhaps who it's for
may want some.
Then keep that love for her
in a box safe somewhere.
So that if ever she wants it,
it's there.


By means of systematic murder (of groups of people), assassination, magic (i.e. sleight of hand), mind control, and counterfeiting, they took over everything by changing everyone's basic assumptions. And they further achieved these by marginalizing and or outlawing honest and rational discussion; while at the same time instituting in its place the authority and judgment of unaccountable spirit people (who they listen to and work for) as the the supreme power of decision making and who oversee and have veto say over all of society's most crucial choices. This is why for instance, despite the phenomenal tools of mass communication (such as the PC) that are at anyone's disposal (who can financially afford them), censorship and control of the media, mail, and phone have reached a most dark and ominous level, and that have and do make mockery of what was once the free world. The de facto rule of witchcraft and criminal spirit people is why crime and fraud are so rewarded and why character and real merit are trivialized and laughed at.

The solution, I suggest and submit for your consideration, is for humanity to join and unite together and declare an all out war of unconditional surrender on autocratic spirit people and their billionaire henchmen -- the very sinew and bulwarks of rabid and rampant fascism that has been undermining and wreaking havoc on culture, morals, and religion at an unprecedented and alarming rate these past 30 odd years while placing the most corrupt and rotten people in many, if not most, of the greatest positions of worldly wealth and power.


The beauty of one form is not the beauty of all forms or even of all similar forms. Nonetheless, all or at least much of what is beautiful may or does share in a common kind and common higher form of beauty (of one sort or other.) Grace, for instance, may be exhibited in a number of different ways and forms, and in a variety of different mediums. Yet though as diverse and unlike from each other given forms and or mediums of expression might be, the quality of gracefulness still might be present in any one, several, or all them.


The first song (and that we've made mention of before) is one that probably more people should know than the number that actually do. As for the second, well, let's hear it again.


Self-command and duty must uphold and maintain charity when, as at times must inevitably happen, empathy and sentiment falter.


Despite their own typical and obvious inability to be more than superficially rational accompanied by a very limited capacity to express themselves verbally, it is not unusual for witchcraft people in positions of great wealth and power to apply the epithet "idiot" to their enemies and to those who don't doctrinally agree with them (as well as poor people generally.) One of the main reasons for such false pride and unfounded sense of ultra-superiority is that they are shown and have revealed to them scenes, spectacles, and visions of seeming elegance and excellence by spirit people; while not taking into consideration the morals or lack of morals underlying such surface beauty, wit, and or grandeur.

To illustrate what I mean (and which originally prompts these remarks) the films "Barry Lyndon" and "The Madness of King George," and also the HBO mini-series "John Adams" are in many ways laudably done and exquisite to the eye. And yet they are uncomfortably sterile and barren when it comes to either sustained warmth or real humor (though this is not to say, on the other hand, that these specific films, etc. are completely devoid of these traits or virtues -- the Irish family gathering in the early part of "Barry Lyndon" being, for example, an exception.) For there is simply little or no place for heart felt sentiment or sympathy for others when it comes to such people, and what is proffered as as a love of the sublime is really and at bottom a guise and pretext to murdering, denigrating, or enslaving others who are not "superior" as themselves.


This is one my favorite Herb Alpert numbers, but it was only just the other day that I learned the composition itself is a sort of pop rendition of a more formal jazz work by Nat Adderley and Oscar Brown, Jr. (with the latter, as some may know, being the one who did "Hum Drum Blues" -- one of our "Soul, Rockin' and Obscure" selections.)


If someone can disdain or make light of the power of great good, is it not also reasonable for them to view with equal or more contempt the power of great evil? And yet how not uncommon it is for some who are very cynical to haughtily brush aside and laugh at the former; say, when it comes to innocence or moral virtue, yet be in utter terror and reverence of, and indeed accommodate their very lives to appeasing the latter as if they had no choice.


Perhaps classes in minding one's own business might be offered on the community college level?


A given word, or combination of words, may have a taste or flavor, not unlike a food, drink, or spice does, and which the poet then uses to his advantage in cooking and serving up his "dish."


How many times in the long, long ages of Man has Pity for another looked on with true grief and woe only to have to turn away from what it could not help?