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The error of seeming to grasp the part while in the meantime ignoring the greater whole.


In short, the behind the behind-the-scenes, real brains of the organization.


Some things you ought to know.


He knows that subject best because he, as much as anyone else, loves it best; and consequently is all the more able to speak about or discourse on it.


The best artist must also be the best audience. For how else does he know what works and what doesn't?


This is one of the rare fragments of Papias; who knew some of the first Twelve Apostles, and whose written works, including recollections of Christ and the earliest church, are now largely lost; here taken from, again, St. Irenaeus' Against Heresies; specifically Book V, ch. 33.

"...And these things are borne witness to in writing by Papias, the hearer of John [the apostle], and a companion of Polycarp, in his fourth book; for there were five books compiled by him. And he says in addition, 'Now these things are credible to believers.' And he says that, 'when the traitor Judas did not give credit to them, and put the question, 'How then can things about to bring forth so abundantly be wrought by the Lord.' the Lord declared, 'They who shall come to these [times] shall see.' 'When prophesying of these times, therefore, Esaias says: 'The wolf also shall feed with the lamb, and the leopard shall take his rest with the kid; the calf also, and the bull, and the lion shall eat together; and a little boy shall lead them. The ox and the bear shall feed together, and their young ones shall agree together; and the lion shall eat straw as well as the ox. And the infant boy shall thrust his hand into the asp's den, into the nest also of the adder's brood; and they shall do no harm, nor have power to hurt anything in my holy mountain.' And again he says, in recapitulation, 'Wolves and lambs shall then browse together, and the lion shall eat straw like the ox, and the serpent earth as if it were bread; and they shall neither hurt nor annoy anything in my holy mountain, says the Lord.' [Isaiah 40:6], etc. I am quite aware that some persons endeavour to refer these words to the case of savage men, both of different nations and various habits, who come to believe, and when they have believed, act in harmony with the righteous. But although this is [true] now with regard to some men coming from various nations to the harmony of the faith, nevertheless in the resurrection of the just [the words shall also apply] to those animals mentioned. For God is rich in all things. And it is right that when the creation is restored, all the animals should obey and be in subjection to man, and revert to the food originally given by God (for they had been originally subjected in obedience to Adam), that is, the productions of the earth. But some other occasion, and not the present, is [to be sought] for showing that the lion shall [then] feed on straw. And this indicates the large size and rich quality of the fruits. For if that animal, the lion, feeds upon straw [at that period], of what a quality must the wheat itself be whose straw shall serve as suitable food for lions?"


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For the first time in my life, I'm afforded the opportunity to view the "Elizabeth R" series with Glenda Jackson in full, and I must say that, as well as being exquisitely written and magnificently acted, it is a most engrossing experience; and I came soon to learn as it went on that it is not something to be watched casually, being occasionally very disturbing, and at times so moving it caused me to weep inside.

Of course, one episode particularly striking -- in fact in both regards -- was that respecting Mary Queen of Scots (pictured above at 13, in [her] middle age, and by way of her death mask.) Understand that as much as I address the subject of spirit people, I don't always make it a point to spot where they may have "shown up" in history. Notwithstanding, in seeing the story of Mary unfold in "Elizabeth R," it wasn't long before I started becoming suspicious. Questions are raised that seem offhand to be best accounted for by spirit people machinations being in play. For instance, it is startling how Babington is so ready to betray and kill Queen Elizabeth; with his only reservation being that there might be practical difficulties in carrying the plan out. His coldness could perhaps be explained by a spirit person impersonating "Jesus" authorizing the deed; for how else account for such brutal treachery and ruthlessness adopted so casually? According then to this theory (and I am only offering it here as such), "Jesus," by his plot will lead astray (and ultimately embarrass and damn) Walsingham, destroy Babington, as well as Mary, and do great personal injury to Elizabeth -- all in the name of religion (which, by some, gets blamed for what happens.) Quite a coup for a professional devil, you must admit.

Why didn't Elizabeth personally interrogate Mary herself? Could not she have been able to discern whether the Queen of Scots was telling the truth? If Mary was involved in such a plot, one would think that the most compelling and urgent reason for her being so was utter desperation to escape 18 years of confinement; for the scheme was so hare-brained and highly risky, she could not have possibly have been in her right senses to have taken up such an extremely rash and outlandish remedy; not least of which, when we remember, that she knew she was being closely watched (or if she did not, she must have been a very dull person indeed.)

Interesting too is the anecdote about Mary's pet terrier which is said to have died of grief after her death. Now it wouldn't surprise me in the least to envision someone like the ghoulish magician taking it out on that poor dog, in continuation of his bitter hatred, and probably envy as well, of Mary; for that is how these people can be sometimes.