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You know, when I talk to "Speelburg" (their name for him, not mine) and the magician, I don't appeal to justice, let alone their concern for others, but instead simply remind them that the longer this goes on the more expensive it will be for them; for they are by no means so all so very important as they pretend, and yes will have to pay for all this. Which for the magician, given his actual (versus imagined and "done up") budget, as likely as not means his being sent again to work in the silver mines; and as for "Speelburg," I don't expect he'll make for a very good gladiator. (Now you say that sounds so cruel, but it is others they owe, and I, for my part, insist on no such thing, and have told them all along I will gladly settle for their simply getting lost and minding their own business. Others, by contrast, may not be so lenient.)

Later Note. Yet wait a minute. Maybe there is something after all we are missing here. What about -- "on earth as it is in heaven?" O.K., now that sounds about right, doesn't it? So here's my idea then. With all that money they have, they go and buy out (as they are so adept at doing) Gingerbread Castle; and invite all their spirit person and regular person friends there to go live it up as it were -- happily ever after. We, on our end of things, don't have to be tortured or bothered anymore, and that will be more than plenty for us (even with no money.) So how about that as a fair and workable solution? I mean, as a fair deal and a fair shake for these people?


If it is loneliness, identify and deal with it. If it is anger, identify and deal with it. If it is loss, identify and deal with it, etc., etc., etc. But whatever "it" is, remember it is only an it, that is something in time and about which you can do relatively little in the grander, lasting scheme of things. A good conscience, on the other hand and which is eternal, is something you can do everything about.


When I think of Christ, say to ask that someone be blessed, or to implore God's intercession on their behalf, or to ask God to love them for me (who, say, am inadequate under the circumstances to otherwise do so myself), I don' think of a picture but rather the initials "IHS"; that is, the traditional (if technically and linguistically imperfect) monogram for him. For if there is any pure and reliable reality to Christ, it is in the spirit and not in any image or physical object, and such a monogram, or similar (e.g. "IHC"), serves as a practical and convenient reminder of this.

Later Note. By "IHS" and similar, I of course mean something imagined myself, and not something projected into my head by some spirit person method, magic, "miracle," device or apparatus.


At peace with the earth and the animals -- and what's wrong with that? (The "Good Shepherd" from a wall painting found in the Christian catacombs in Rome; and a 1976 movie poster for "Frontier Fremont," precursor to the "Grizzly Adams" tv series.)

Since real evil is, insofar as we know it, a foreign invader and not inherent to Nature, it is up to humankind to battle it on Nature's behalf; as part of which, human law can rise superior in wisdom and importance to Natural law when it is consistent with God's moral law; as, say, known through Christ and Buddha. And what many environmentalists and would-be environmentalists fail to realize and appreciate is that we can't expect to save the earth if we can't rid it of the spirit person purveyors of hard core evil; who make it their deliberate business to make a general mess of things (including through pollution and resource ravaging.) So that it is such autocratic spirit people, not mere inordinate human desires, that is the ultimate threat to ecology. True, sometimes we see what looks like evil, say, in a cat's, a goat's, a wolf's, or a snake's eye; yet this I think is a manifestation of evil making and leaving its impression on nature in the course of evolution. But observe this important difference. While the given animal may be forced at times to adopt an evil look against its will, the animal itself is never of itself really evil or really a source of evil; and true evil comes from somewhere and someone else.


Just a rip-roaring good time -- and what's wrong with that?

["Tommy James Mony Mony" -- live from the Bitter End club, NY]


So you see then the fix he's in? How is he going to get the girls if he doesn't enter into partnership with crime and wrong doing? Time and again by happenstance I keep encountering or run into this line of thinking; even though it is clear that those who adopt it do not really know how to love in the first place. Real and worthwhile love, among other things, involves generous giving, but clearly the goomer, let alone orkonic, view frowns at the very idea of big heartedness. It is laughable, for instance, to watch some episodes of "Man from Uncle" where we are so often reminded that the evil organization "Thrush" has no lack of women. And yet all these sorts of "men" who secured females by money and force are invariably devoid of culture, music, humor, and poetry (or are very shallow in these areas) and can't actually do anything else but purchase, screw and abuse women. So what's the point? There is no point because they don't really answer to crime, corruption and lying (i.e. spirit people in other words) for the sake of women; rather, and for the most part, they use women as an excuse to avoid and because they aren't man enough to combat evil or to care for anyone other than themselves and their own narrow, childish and shortsighted interests.


There was some unexpected delay, but my Seeds "Back to the Garden" CD finally arrived a couple days ago. I'll admit I wasn't sure what necessarily to expect at this late hour in the Seeds' music. But after listening, I must tell you I love it and in fact am quite impressed how Sky and the rest are able to keep it still flying, with a lot of heart, warmth and grooviness, after all these years; with not a bad song on the disk. A solid, I would even say profound, effort. If then you by chance dig the Seeds and or sixties hippie style music don't miss it.

Later Note. The full album is available as an mp3 download here; while for a catchy sample track, try "Just a Dance."


A little something (from guitarist Martin Taylor) to formally commence my "Oracles" 2010 .pdf file. (Again, lower the YouTube volume here.)

["Somewhere solo guitar arr." -- Martin Taylor]

Captain Chris

Unless he comes to you first,
A spirit cannot be cursed.
And nothing makes more sense
Than imminent self-defense.
So pussy-foot no longer
And damn his soul in two;
Only be extra sure
To give him warning due.
And though he seem to come
With Heaven's blessing,
Not for a moment let him forget
With whom it is he's messing.
For Heaven is true
And spirits are sneaks;
Do not then hold back
On the havoc that you wreak.