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Well, how about something of a happy nature? Every now and then we have memories of something that holds a special meaning for us, but for which we are at a loss to mention or speak of since we have little context or pretext offhand for doing so. But let me, for what it is worth (perhaps coming from me not much), give it a try. When I was very young, our family took a trip to south Florida where among other attractions we visited Miami Seaquarium and (the now defunct) Pirates World. While these were both very memorable and enjoyable experiences, it was with exceeding, even sad, regret to me at the time that we didn't have the chance to visit either Parrot Jungle (now known as Jungle Island), or Monkey Jungle -- with brochures tempting us with photos of bright macaws and lush flamingos, and, with respect to the other theme park, funny chimps driving cars and bicycles.

Now the question I have is, seeing pictures such as those above, can you blame me?


Dreams of Empire

Having extensively read about and gamed the Napoleonic Wars in the late 70's and 80's, it was a bit of a wonder to me why in all this time I had never seen the 1970 movie "Waterloo" starring Rod Steiger and Christopher Plummer. Well, after having my Thanksgiving meal, I thought that now would be a good occasion to finally get around to doing so. Though I had heard the movie panned, it actually all in all is a well done film, and if it is at times a bit depressing I think that is as much a result of its realism with respect to historical events -- for what was Napoleon (at that point certainly) trying to achieve? What was all the slaughter really for? To which questions there are (as yet by me) no hard and fast clear answers; hence there is this pronounced sense of futility in what is going on. The most interesting parts are at the beginning, and the battle scenes, oddly enough and by comparison, less so. While one might question the historical authenticity of Steiger's Napoleon, it is nonetheless a moving and intriguing performance taken by itself.

Here then is a clip showing the battle's denouement.


You have your choice -- (a) spooks and ghosts from without to aid and assist you (i.e. to help you "do the wrong thing a certain way" in order to get you what you want), or else (b) a sound reasoning mind, and a good heart and conscience within. Choose one or the other -- but you can't have both.


You read history and biography, as much and more than for any other reason, to catch the spirit of persons; thereby possessing yourself of the opportunity and advantage to admire and love them; as well as emulate and learn from them, and less so to merely understand, amuse and arm yourself with facts and data.

Yet be not mislead when it comes to the spirit that is or makes for the person(s) you read about; as that spirit may have lived and expressed itself differently but for circumstances. For very often, circumstances make the man (or woman), and someone, say a soldier, might have been farmer, cleric, craftsman, tradesman, statesman, physician, teacher, author, or artist, etc. and thus might have ended up expressing themselves toward life quite differently than they did; say, and if it were the case, we had Mayor Cervantes, Rabbi Rembrandt, Dr. Bonaparte, General Dickens, etc.; where each answered to different interests than those which historically we see immediately affected his place, station, and outlook. Such that in another place and type of employment, the given person might not have adopted or harbored quite that same focus and motive we historically associate with them; even though in spirit they would still (again, but for circumstances) have been more or less the same person.


It is possible for a clever spirit person to be or impersonate Jove, and even deceive and or persuade rational and intelligent people into thinking he is so. Yet no truly rational or intelligent person will or ever should be fooled by a spirit person attempting to impersonate or otherwise intimate that he (i.e. the spirit person) is actually God.


I would have liked to post a live version of "Let the River Run" by Carly Simon (whether done by Ms. Simon or someone else), but the ones I heard on YouTube (for one reason or other) fell short of surpassing the spirited original; so here then (after some listening and comparing) is that. While it was probably a bit overrated at the time it came out, "Working Girl" (1989; which "River" is on the soundtrack album of) was at least a decent and entertaining movie. This said, I've minimized the video because in it the song is too interweaved into the movie story; even to having the solo guitarist and drummer dress up as if they were players in the film; which type of (imo) corny gimmick I think distracts from the song's purity and broader relevance; hence my screen shrinking. (Of course, if you prefer the more normal screen size, see YouTube.)


ghoulish magician!...Skull of Evil!*...shame on you!

* i.e. Megalomania the Great
For an orthodox demonist, love and affection are merely means you use to lure someone (particularly children) into a false sense of security so that then you can jump, terrify and betray them at just the right moment.

Hopefully yours is vegetarian (at least as much as you can make it), but in either and any case -- Happy Thanksgiving!

And always remember "that fellow is a poor fellow!"


What they won't show you on "TV Land" (from "The Mothers in Law" c. 1968.)

Later Note. Though I haven't received my own copy just yet (it having just been formally released within the past week), you may be interested to know (if you don't already) that the present day Seeds, including two of the band's original members Sky Saxon and Daryl Hooper, have come out with a new CD entitled "Back to the Garden," and which (among other places) you can find at