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And, since I made mention, the man himself...


As is perhaps true of some of you also, there are some things many people already know and knew well of but which I myself only end up finding out about years afterward. It just so happened that earlier today (Sunday, 7 Dec. 2008), while looking up Fabian the rock-n-roller, I came across Lara Fabian, a Belgian born pop artist who had a hit record in the late 90's; and who singing-wise sounds a bit like Celine Dion. In looks she is attractive; in fact she reminds of a girl I had a passionate crush on years ago -- though this physical resemblance part I subsequently somewhat regretted as it made the already intense experience of listening to her sing Albinoni's Adagio a tad too unnecessarily overwhelming or something. In any case, here I said to myself is a good find worth checking out. If perhaps then you, like myself, are recently unfamiliar with her, here is the song in question. Although the video quality of the English version on YouTube is less blurry visually, the Italian sounds noticeably better.


Faith of the Ghoulish Fathers

Although I normally refrain from of commenting on headline news stories, I wanted to reiterate my support for O.J. Simpson. While I am in no position to know the true facts behind what exactly he did or didn't do, I believe very strongly that he was, has and is being targeted and, on numerous occasions, set up by witchcraft people who want to make an example out of him -- as someone proud, talented, handsome, (previously) successful -- and uncooperative, and despite this recent conviction they will continue to dog him for years to come. I don't mean to suggest that he is not at all blameworthy for some this or that. To the extent he is he should, of course, take responsibility just like anyone else -- but let's face it, if he was really as bad and reckless as they make him out to be would we have ever even heard about it?

Meanwhile, ABC is gearing up for its holiday line up and which includes witchcraft movies for children. Don't people realize and understand yet that the primary fuel for witchcraft and sorcery powers is the murder of children and innocents? That was what Gehenna was all about, and that's what you can be sure is what precisely underlies and has made possible a number of the billion dollar movie careers.



Among my earlier posts here I mentioned how one Seattle attorney, after years of my soliciting assistance in my fight against these violent criminals who've been assailing my life and person for the past 16 years or so, mocked my claim by saying I could not specifically identify who the people harassing me were. In this argument you see part of what the great strength of these culprits is; namely that they can so conduct their activities with impunity, i.e. as concealed and masked assassins, that the would-be representatives of the law can then dismiss complaints such as my own as having no basis. Or put another way, if someone can organize and run a gang of violent murderers, tortures, rapists and vandals that is able to conceal its identity the law has no claim on them. At the same time, if there is such a gang and they can so operate, they can use this advantage of anonymity to gain wealth, money and power, both by stealing and undercutting, if not eliminating, their opposition. And if what the aforesaid lawyer spoke was valid, who then can stop them? Presumably, no one. As a matter of fact, and aside from the brief visit I had from Sgt. Eddy a few years back, I have yet to receive even a single reply from either the Seattle Police or the King County Sheriff's department regarding my case.

Of course, this group plaguing me and others of a similar sort, have their ultimate strength and wherewithal because they are guided and directed by criminal spirit people (and whom they have direct, physical contact with.) Therefore, by such as the legal and other aspects of the community denying the existence of such spirit persons this gives the green light and go ahead for these criminals to act and operate as freely as they do -- with these latter, in the interim, profiting materially and financially beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

The question then is -- why are people being so stupid about all this?


Winter Dirge

The lion who mauled the lamb
Is after slain by man.
But then man must die too
At someone else's hands.

Prepared for fortune good;
While steeled for what is sad,
Yet more ready when glad
Than when things turn to bad.

For December's lonely cold
Bright candles and some wine,
For darkness comes early
In the chill of winter time.

Hear how the wind rises!
The hour soon comes nigh.
Our mornings were hello,
But now evening is goodbye.

And when death comes what then,
Amid these bleak nights and sore?
We'll sing once more vespers
Heard in the days of yore.


If someone is sick with a disease does it necessarily follow that there is something morally wrong with them or that they are to blame for their condition? In the vast majority of instances, I think you will agree, they are not in fact to blame or at least not really to blame. All right then, by the same reasoning, if life is sick with the disease of evil is life then to blame for evil?


Had we but one more honest person we could overthrow the tyranny of the so-called gods.


And I heard him exclaim
As he drove out of sight
"Mind your business!
Everyday of the week
And every night!"

The sense I often end up finding myself having is that they get to cheat so much -- why should I care? What am I supposed to do (under the circumstances?) It almost at times makes one think the universe (as we know it) was created in order merely that the evil one could more comfortably feel sorry for himself, and we and everyone, willingly or not, must do our part to console him, including suffer. Wouldn't it then, I wondered, perhaps make just as much if not more sense if everyone just went to sleep and we forgot the whole thing? But no, this won't do since hope springs eternal.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I would be so cynical as I maybe sound. Only I, as I am sure many others are, am weary of this tiresome game, and someone really ought to do something. So here's yet another idea to try. Evil has as much power as it does because of his ability to frighten and fool people. Take away his power to fool and frighten -- and voila! No more evil.


There are not infrequently times that the subject of religion will come up and we find people talking nonsense, or else in a useless or irrelevant manner -- that is, in a manner that only shows their ignorance of what they are talking about, whether their attitude is ostensibly pro or anti-religious. Let me then, if I may, give once more one of my own definitions of what religion, properly speaking is and is supposed to be fundamentally about. Religion is, in a manner of speaking, a method or practice by which one seeks to live, obtain, and realize the longest lasting and highest quality of love and devotion possible. For purposes of making the point and not meaning this literally, imagine if love were a kind of material good or merchandise. Religion then, according to this interpretation, is the highest and best form of that item or merchandise available, and people who are wise and know the true value of the item will be willing to pay the very highest prices if necessary to secure it. Highest quality love reflects an attitude and disposition that is charitable and giving, peaceable, courageous, honest and truthful, caring in a fatherly or motherly way, compassionate, rational, mathematical, hard working, reliable, just, beautiful, self-disciplined -- in a word all such qualities or attributes that would or might contribute to making love powerful and longest enduring. Naturally, given religions do and will differ in their approach to securing this end. Yet if one wants to assess how credible or worthwhile a given religion is the measure and criteria is one of quality of love and devotion, and what it takes to make love last forever.

Some, of course, don't care as such or think seriously about love as something that might last as long as centuries, let alone forever, and so see no compelling need for or the overriding importance of religion. The obvious problem that arises, however, is that when they dethrone proper (i.e. quality) love in this way they, consciously or not, end up putting something in its place. In make such substitution, not surprisingly, they end up foregoing the benefits and strengths of proper and as a result succeed in making themselves potential slaves and puppets of evil, and which then can use them like chattel or a mere thing to be manipulated.

If then, for instance, sin is wrong it is because it conflicts with quality love. Yet some would have you believe sin is merely disobedience, as if the end of religion were only obedience. This is of course is an ignorant distortion and reflects an illogical understanding of religion's true and proper function and intent. So it is that when this notion of highest quality love is lost sight of that religion becomes the travesty, madness, or hypocrisy it is sometimes criticized as being; a blind interpretation which evilly disposed or influenced people seek to promote in order to discredit it.


Someone on a music news list I subscribe to suggested in passing that George Harrison should have saved some of his Beatles hits for his own solo career rather than have those songs released through the Beatles. This, I must comment, is very wrong sort of thinking. A composer or artist must think and believe that there are an infinite number of especially good songs or works of art that they might create, and to fret too much about hoarding what you do have only serves to cause one to lose sight of the greater vision (at least if taken to excess.) But whether the artist can actually get at and realize them is, of course, up to and contingent on God; himself and the quality of his own faith, efforts, and determination; and external and eternal circumstances.


"I have to torture and do things to people in order to wield my will in the cosmos. Don't you see? Don't you see!?" (No, we don't see.)


Having it good in the hour of evil -- what a deal.


There stands Sherman -- like the rock of Chickamauga. (This might not make a whole lot of sense to you, but I like how it sounds.)


I have come to have a very low opinion of Satan. For while he needs a gang and a million dollar war chest to fight me I have shown and demonstrated I can fight him poor, alone, physically handicapped and unarmed and for years at a time. This said, I confess I feel no embarrassment and have no qualm about receiving financial aid and reinforcements already.


Unless you have been in the military, or else have military family members, it is not likely you are very familiar with military cadences. These cadences for practical purposes are used to facilitate and keep order and rhythm in troop marching, and share a common heritage with sailor, slave, and work songs -- and in that sense are an essential root part of our national musical heritage. Below is a collection of some U.S. Army cadences, and which, while serving at Fort Knox for Armor training, I fondly remember singing and marching all of which, including leading some when I was a platoon leader for a while for Charlie 4-13. The words used will sometimes differ. And so while these tracks for download here are from the Airborne, we, on the other hand, would be singing of tankers; so, for example, in the case of the chant "Rangers Are Moving" instead of "Airborne" we would say "A-3" and which is a reference to the M60-A3 tank. Similarly, other words in a given cadence are on occasion changed or tailored to suit whose marching.

US Army cadences (.mp3 zipped, 11.1 MBs)

Or for a quick sample, here's "Patch on My Shoulder" (.mp3, 1.1 MBs)

Later Note. In the cadence "They Say that in the Army..." there is this crack about Phyllis Diller that, as you probably know, is a by-product of a kind of macho humor of its day way back then. Actually, Ms. Diller, in addition to be being one of the best actress comediennes of her time, was and is actually pretty in her way when not purposelly being made up to look otherwise, and as a matter of fact has eyes and demeanor that remind me personally of Gloria Swanson. So let's, after all, give credit where it's due.


The very same witchcraft people who bestowed on us the words, "blog," "bobble head doll" (believe me, if you don't know already, the term was originally "bobbin head doll"), and who tried unsuccessfully to make "randy" a sort of sexual compliment, now give us "Black Friday" as designating the day immediately following Thanksgiving. What nonsense! Though it may not be entirely unprecedented, I myself have never heard of this day spoken of that way -- and this is a typical example of what is fundamentally wrong these days and for some time; namely, unelected dictators making decisions for everyone else while proper democracy and choice based on the market and free and fair competition gradually and imperceptibly are being stealthily absconded with and made to slip away from us.

How true the gospel speaks when it says one cannot serve God and Mammon -- but this society has two governments: the formally elected government, and the 1% that owns most of everything and which latter, in one form or other, has been ruining life for pretty much everyone for over the past 20's years and more.

My own Thanksgiving yesterday, allowing for the usual torture and abuse by way of brain torture radios and goomer ghost, representative of the ghoulish magician, was otherwise and for the most part tranquil. My bed is situated right alongside a window that looks out on my small backyard overgrown with weeds, ivy and other assorted vegetation (with a neighbor’s large, old pear tree overhanging part of my property.) By late afternoon and after having eaten, I lay down to go to sleep with that window open, and though the air was a bit cool with a brisk wind, the quiet made things wonderfully warm. By this time of year, most of the sparrows who normally reside about the premises have gone south, but left were some squirrels, Oregon Juncos and Chickadees who together were having at the large bird feeder placed in the back yard, and the seeds and nuts scattered on the ground that the birds knock out of it. Enhanced in my feelings by the soothing effect of the breeze, I experienced a kind of mild ecstasy watching them congregate together, scampering, hopping or flitting about so peaceably together with no one knowing about it except myself -- and oh how I longed to share that peace and sense of harmony with them, and to an extent and for a while it seems was able to do so; till finally sleep took me in its arms and brought me the rest of unconsciousness.

Later Note. For fun, and in compliment to the above, here in .wma at 2.4 MBs, is Anthony Newley singing "Talk to the Animals" (right click, "Save as...") from "Doctor Dolittle."


Who is it that comes sneaking up
From out the shadows of the night;
Hides in the bushes then cries aloud:
"I am the resurrection and the life?"

(Not anyone I would want to know, I assure you.)


The key to becoming a mega-money success in the entertainment business without having to do the wrong thing too much? Be shallow and superficial; then they will love you for all your do-gooder disposition and effort to better others quality of life.


Don't think so much about what you should say. Just tell it like it is -- for you are full of more eloquence than you know (when you speak truthfully.) Bill Griffith, for example, often speaks and writes like a fool, but I will ever admire him for his honesty.


As seems only suitable especially at this Thanksgiving time of year, the following is rarely seen poem written by Puritan minister, Michael Wigglesworth (1631-1705), of Malden, Mass., and author of the considerably more famous "Day of Doom." I came across this "Song of Praise" in Vol. 1, No. 9, Sept. 1872 (p. 393) of the American Historical Record, edited by Benson J. Lossing.

"Upon ye return of my dear friend
Mr. Foster with his son
out of captivity under ye Moors.

"A Song of Praise
to keep in remembrance
the loving kindness of ye Lord.


"Come hither, hearken unto me,
All ye that God do fear,
And what he hath done for my soul
I will to you declare.
I to ye Lord fro my distress
Did cry & he gave ear,
Out of Hell's belly I did cry,
And he my prayer did hear.


"I shall not die, but live, and shall
The works of Jah declare:
The Lord did sorely chasten mee
Yet mee from death did spare.
0 set wide open unto mee
The gates of righteousness.
I will go into them, & will
The praise of Jah confess.


"Bless thou the Lord, my soul, & all
In me, his holy name
Bless thou ye Lord, my soul, & all
His boundless minde the same.
With me together o do yee
Jehovah magnify!
And let us all herein agree
To lift his name on high.


"The God hee of Salvation is
That is our God most strong
And to ye Lord Jehovah doth
Issues of Death belong.
The Right-hand of Jehovah is
Exalted upon high:
The Right-hand of Jehovah is
A working valiantly.


"On Princes poure contempt doth Hee
Lays Tyrants in ye dust
Who proudly crush the innocent
To satisfy their lust.
He breaks ye teeth of cruel Beasts
That raven for ye prey
Out of ye Lion's bloody jawes
Hee plucks ye sheep away.


"Thou broken hast ye iron Barrs
And loos'd ye fetters strong,
Thou rescu'd hast ye poor-opprest
From all that did them wrong.
Out of ye Dungeon dark & deep
Thou hast my soul set free
So long as I a being have
My praise shall be of thee.


"How beautiful Jehovah is
Oh taste, & see likewise
Oh great is that man's blessedness
Whose trust on him relies!
Upon ye Lord for evermore
See that yor selves you stay
For there is with Jehovah store
Of strength ye lasts for ay.


"O love ye Lord all ye his saints
The faithful he doth guard
But he unto proud doers grants
A plentyfull reward.
Because ye Lord ye poor doth hear
Nor's prisoners doth despise
Let Heav'n, earth, sea, him praise, and all
That moves therein likewise."


If you perhaps recall the letter I received and posted here at this site from the State Attorney General's office, I was advised to make my case to local law enforcement. Well, of course, before and since I have send my case and appeal to local law enforcement, namely the Seattle Police (including the Chief of Police), but have as yet not received a single response from them regarding my formal solicitation for assistance of any kind.

I have, meanwhile, received some response from two relatives of mine. Their identity at present I will out of respect to them and for convenience sake withhold. However, if someone is seriously interested in my case and investigation I will divulge this information upon request. The following then is their response. The first two letters come from one of them, and the very last from the other.

[First relative's responses]

"I can't imagine what it must be like for you. Given your horrifying experiences, I have to say you are quite a survivor and that, in itself, is a triumph of good over evil.

"I teared up [sic] when I read about your former desire to commit suicide. You are loved and that would have been such a tragedy, although I understand that the suffering you've endured would bring despair at times.

"It's difficult to know how to interpret all the information you are giving me because it is so foreign to my own life experiences. On a practical level, I have two thoughts:

"1) In terms of attaining some kind of justice for all the injustices/evil you describe, the only remedies that society provides (ie: the legal system) would require more evidence and/or witnesses. I'm wondering if you have considered the possibility of a security camera where you live. I don't know much about that. But I surmise technology has made such devices more attainable. With photographic evidence of a person or persons doing harm or vandalizing your property, you would have much more success in getting some assistance, I would think.

"2) Since what you describe seems to involve some kind of warfare at a spiritual level, I'm wondering if achieving some kind of accountability in an earthly sense is even possible. It reminds me of this Bible verse:

"'For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.' -Ephesians 6:12

"If that is the case here, it seems that there would be no government/societal remedy for attaining the justice you seek.

"My 3rd and final thought: Your cats are lucky to have you."

Their follow-up and in response to my own reply to the above (omitted here), is this:

"I don't disagree with you. Like you, I don't think visual evidence is the only way to prove something. But it is expedient. My point here is pragmatic and based on my own experiences observing the justice system as a reporter. The people who work in it are overwhelmed with tasks related to multiple incidents of wrongdoing, which unfortunately is rampant. So their time is limited.

"The system, flawed as it is, is not set up for true scientific inquiry, except maybe in cases of homicide. But photographic evidence is powerful and efficient and gives investigators something to work with immediately.

"In any case, I don't know any particular individuals to refer you to. I'm at a loss here.


Now just yesterday (Nov. 24), I received a response from a second relative, and here is what they wrote:

"Sorry to hear of your troubles. It must be frustrating. But what can someone else do about a thing that they can't see or verify for themselves? It's your reality if it's your perception, but that cuts the other way to. If someone else can't perceive it, is it real to them? And as you admit, some of the things you are encountering can be perceived as far-fetched.

"It also sounds like most of it is in the past and that present encounters have tailed off, notwithstanding that you suffered - cats, etc. - back when you say it happened 10+ years ago.

"I'm not sure what those who would harm you have to gain. Suppose you succumbed to them - what then? What would they have gained? I'm sure you've presented your thoughts on this somewhere but the narrative is a little hard for me to follow at times. If there was some sadistic person that hurt the cats - a la a young Ted Bundy was known to do such things - does that mean it's all a big conspiracy? Are the vents really linked?

"Unfortunately we live in a world where when claims such as these are made, absent tangible proof, it's is hard to make that leap of faith that it is real only because one person says it is. Like it or not, verification tends to be the litmus test that authority figures require in order to investigate. People have been known to have things go on in their heads only. It's real to them, but only to them. Run into this behavior enough and verification becomes even more important. This is what you are running into. You have to help them to help you. You can't expect others to assume your burden if they can't observe it in some manner.

"I hope you can continue to deal with the underlying issues here and get to a place where you either can produce some physical evidence of abuse so that the people you want to help can help you,or you can get the help you need to deal with issues you say are happening but that the rest of this world cannot see. There is a gap there."

Below then is my reply to this very last letter:

"The simple fact, I would argue, is that you have your mind made up in advance and did not really for a moment consider whether what I claimed had any legitimate basis in fact. Even if, as I point, not all of what I assert is true or can be proven, that doesn't imply that some or none of it can. What, after all, is supposed to be your own explanation for what I allege? You have none except to in effect say or imply that I am delusional or have mental problems. Why, I wonder, does it not seem to bother you in the least that, even if only a small possibility, that I could be assaulted and abused in such a sadistic and horrific way?...

"How can you say there is no evidence when there has been no impartial investigation of my very serious charges? This is, after all, what my appeal is asking for. Why not get some honest, objective and rational persons to inquire into the basis of my story -- for even if only a small portion of it is true is not this grounds to be very alarmed, and not just for my sake but for the sake of others who have been or are at risk to the same threat raised?

"The main motive as to why I have been victimized and targeted, I think, can be simply put as a case of my being someone who insists on and speaks the truth -- plus I have a gift for forming good arguments to refute my opponents. Such attacks on me as I allege, and my attempt to combat, are and can be used to discredit me -- and that way they can get around having to confute my arguments in the normal way.

"The bottom line is this --If you disagree with my explanation of what has taken place these past 15 years or so write me up what you consider to be a reasonably thorough explanation of your own -- addressing individual points of fact I raise -- and permit me to include such when I make my case to others, and in the process demonstrate that I am willing to hear what are supposed to be logical and cogent alternative explanations.

"At the same time, let's arrange to get someone to independently and honestly look into my claims, and similarly, whether they end up agreeing with me or not, have available what is supposed to be the more plausible explanation.

"Finally, your acting as if there is no evidence manifests an appalling ignorance of investigations and detective work, and assumes nothing can be proven without a smoking gun. This is patently false. Certain events occurred. This we can prove -- now the question that lays before us is -- how can these events best be most honestly and rationally explained? Time and again people who have taken the stance you do have refused to do this, or been willing to go into my story in any detail. Given the great seriousness of what I claim, and given how sure you are that you are right -- what do you have against a better than causal and point by point examination? Again, IF what I claim is true (even if only an unlikely possibility), doesn't it bother you at all to think that by your indifference and lackadaisical attitude you are, in effect, aiding and assisting the most depraved and rank kind of criminals imaginable? And doing so against your own [relative] no less?"

Thus it stands. After 16 years of all that I have written about has been going on -- how about an independent and impartial third party investigation and examination? Why, given the extremely profound implications of what I aver and maintain, not just for myself but for many others who have been and are affected by what I write about, is such a request being continually brushed aside and refused? Could the answer perhaps be that this is because what I am saying and claiming is correct and to a large extent verifiable, and that, as a result, people are afraid to deal with a truth that simply disturbs them to much to have to face up to?

Of course, there is much more to all this, including various arguments and implications for what is or might be at stake, than what can be suggested or hinted at at the moment. Even so, let me end here by asking once again -- what is so wrong, after 16 years of my making a fuss, or so impossible with having an independent and formal investigation of my story?


Race for Tobruk, Dec. 1940

I don't know how many times, as the British & allied player, I have played the "Operational Art of War"'s version(s) of Richard Berg's mammoth "Campaign for North Africa" and still not quite been able to figure out why it was I could never win; that is, till I realized the way it is these days (and has been) they want you to have to handicap the A.I.; that is so that you will be forced to cheat in order to be able to play. While I, of course, can't asseverate that categorically such is the case and has been intentionally programmed into the scenario; certainly, on the other hand, I could not entirely discount it as a very likely possibility either.


"After all this, isn't their something, Mr. Sherman, that you want?"

Well, there is one thing.

"Oh. And what might that be?"


* i.e. the magician and co.


This Monday morning seems a good occasion as any to recap in very general terms, and for the benefit of some, why things are so screwed up as they are. As before and as always, by "regular people" I mean flesh and blood people, and as distinct from "spirit people."

There are no inherently bad regular people really. True badness or evil comes from certain spirit persons, and if a regular person acts very badly it is almost invariably because they are under the influence of these bad spirit people. Unfortunately, human society as we know it has not yet matured enough in either acknowledging scientifically the existence of spirit people, and or that such should effectively be banned and excluded from being in our midst. Indeed for some, on contrary, they welcome these spirit people and then act in tandem with them to murder or enslave the rest -- though invariably, if not always necessarily, these betraying regular people act as they do because they themselves are being used and manipulated by the bad spirit people (and to that extent "know not what they do.")

In cooperation with and under the leadership of these spirit people then the duped regular people, overtime and by various and sundry means, assassinate or otherwise neutralize and sideline the true leaders among us, and as a reward they and others who act as accomplices with them are placed in positions of great money and wealth -- I dare not add to this "positions of leadership," except in a very nominal sense; because really in such an arrangement it is the spirit people in questions who make all or at least the majority of the truly important decisions, and such regular people, for all their great wealth and influence, are ultimately only pawns and puppets.

Now this state of things can go on for so long of a time, say decades or for some communities even centuries, that people can be led to think it is normal that they should be this way. Yet if it is normal that things be this way, it is because people are not dealing honestly with each other or intelligently with respect to spirit people and the problems they cause. Where basic honesty, fairness and right reason should be our standards of judgment and resolving issues, these are supplanted by a superstition and a false religious awe of and deference to spirit people. This turn about in the fundamental nature of the reality determining and decision processes, as a matter of course, greatly messes up people's ability to think and communicate with each other; as a result much of society is lead by the nose into bondage, and those that refuse to go along and that are not imprisoned or killed end up seeking exile or else attempt to wage a war of resistance of one sort or other against this tragic and polluted state of affairs.


He seeks to advance his ambition.
He feels sorry for himself.
He has an insatiable needs to be the center of attention.
He has a score to settle with this person he's jealous or perhaps in love with.
He is psychologically driven and tortured by certain moral and theological questions and which require him to extensively rampage and destroy the lives of others who have nothing to do with him in the first place.
He had a bad childhood and we, therefore, must all do our part to contribute to his charity by continuing to indulge him.
He would be a raffish ladies man and this, it goes without saying, requires our cooperation with what he is doing, and otherwise bleeding at his hands (so to speak) as many are compelled to regularly do.

And that's why all these problems --

Oh really....Well, I for one could care less, nor do I feel obligated to accommodate him in the fulfillment of his dreams. And even if for some reason I did somehow how owe him, I will think I have more than enough paid my dues -- whether as baby sitter, cast member, or whipping boy -- and deem myself utterly absolved of anything to do with him and his friends. Meanwhile, I personally believe very strongly and deeply that no one whatsoever should have to put up with him that doesn't want to -- period, and I for one will and would not suffer or endure his forcing himself on people if and whenever I can help it -- either on others or my own behalf. That others see him and these other spirit people in religious terms -- that is their foolishness. Even so, they have a right to their opinion; only they have no absolutely right foisting such a point of view and set of values on others.

Of course and aside from all this, the main and obvious defect and contradiction of their whole position is that a) they want to be able to use cruel and evil means to obtain what they want, and b) they desire to be loved and admired. This simply makes no sense; because in practical terms what actually happens is that, yes, they acquire all this stupendous money and power and influence by means of doing the wrong thing in a hard core sort of way. Problem is this very means of securing their material "success" makes them loathsome and decrepit; so much so that they end up having to force themselves on others in order to procure a social life for themselves with people they feel are up to their standards of better quality. Not surprisingly, these people of quality do not want to have anything to do with them -- with predictable and quite unnecessary madness and impossible (if not also heinous and abominable) situations being engendered as a result.


Having spent enough time with him to know, I think when all is said and done Satan is just this loser who does the wrong thing and takes outrageous advantage of others in order to gain the center of attention. And yet for all his diabolical cleverness probably the last time he was most interesting and noteworthy as a celebrity was when he did "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"


On a somewhat more upbeat and cheerful note, I found a link for the entire "Hot Bush" album from 1980; the same album that contains the song "Rock Steady;" that, as you perhaps recall, is part of our "Soul, Rockin' and Obscure" collection. While the other songs on this LP aren't quite the knock out "Rock Steady" is, the singer, Bobby Bushe, has such a wonderful and distinctive way of singing and expressing himself that you can't go wrong on this one. To get the album download then, at 42 MBs, click here.


A most extraordinary thing happened just the other day. After years of torture and being subject to various kinds of abuse (including attempted murder) and of sending out numerous pleas and appeals for help (see my recent "Appeal") to my governmental representatives, lawyers, police, clergy, et al., I actually and finally received a response; in this case from the Washington State Attorney General's office. Below then is the same:

"Office of Rob McKenna
Attorney General of Washington
800 Fifth Ave. #2000, Seattle, WA 98104-3188
"Nov. 14, 2008

"Dear Mr. Sherman,

"I am an Assistant Attorney general in the Criminal Justice Division and have been asked to respond to your inquiry sent to the Office of the Attorney General on Nov. 6, 2008. In your correspondence you express concern over what you describe as possible illegal activity. For the reasons described below, I must ask that you direct your concerns to your local law enforcement agency as they are the agency with the legal authority to act in such matters. Unfortunately, as I have explained in further detail below, I am unable to provide you with assistance beyond that of referring to the appropriate agency.
"In Washington, the authority to initiate a criminal investigation rests with the local law enforcement agency and the authority to pursue such criminal proceedings rests with the prosecutor of the county in which a crime is alleged to have occurred. Each county prosecutor's office receives its information regarding criminal activity through the law enforcement agencies within its jurisdictions. The primary function of this office as it relates to criminal matters is to represent the state in criminal cases only at the express request of an elected county prosecutor. The county prosecutors are the only ones with original criminal jurisdiction in Washington state.
"I am sorry that I was unable to be of more direct assistance, but hope that you understand the role that my office is legally bound to play in such matters.


"Melanie Tratnik
Asst. [State] Attorney General"

Well, God bless Rob McKenna and his staff at least (my paternal grandmother's name was McKenna by the way), since it has been a long, long time that I received even a polite, formal reply of this kind -- and that is so unique and unusual in its way that it ought to qualify as some kind of momentous, historical event.


A most extraordinary thing happened just the other day. After years of torture and being subject to various kinds of abuse (including attempted murder) and of sending out numerous pleas and appeals for help (see my most recent "Appeal") to my governmental representatives, lawyers, police, clergy, et al., I actually and finally received a response; in this case from the Washington State Attorney General's office. Below then is the same:

[from] "Office of Rob McKenna Attorney General of Washington 800 Fifth Ave. #2000 Seattle, WA 98104-3188

"Nov. 14, 2008

"I am an Assistant Attorney general in the Criminal Justice Division and have been asked to respond to your inquiry sent to the Office of the Attorney General on Nov. 6, 2008. In your correspondence you express concern over what you describe as possible illegal activity. For the reasons described below, I must ask that you direct your concerns to your local law enforcement agency as they are the agency with the legal authority to act in such matters. Unfortunately, as I have explained in further detail below, I am unable to provide you with assistance beyond that of referring to the appropriate agency.
"In Washington, the authority to initiate a criminal investigation rests with the local law enforcement agency and the authority to pursue such criminal proceedings rests with the prosecutor of the county in which a crime is alleged to have occurred. Each county prosecutor's office receives its information regarding criminal activity through the law enforcement agencies within its jurisdictions. The primary function of this office as it relates to criminal matters is to represent the state in criminal cases only at the express request of an elected county prosecutor. The county prosecutors are the only ones with original criminal jurisdiction in Washington state.
"I am sorry that I was unable to be of more direct assistance, but hope that you understand the role that my office is legally bound to play in such matters. "Sincerely,

"Melanie Tratnik Asst. [State] Attorney General"

Well, God bless Rob McKenna and his staff at least (my paternal grandmother's name was McKenna by the way), since it has been a long long time that I received even a polite, formal reply of this kind -- and that is now so unique and unusual that it ought to qualify as some kind of momentous, historical event.


Having had more opportunity to view more of the "Man from Uncle" series, I continue to be flabbergasted by much of the absurdity of it, and, nonetheless, also appreciative of how very valuable it is in providing us with a sometimes inside look at how Hell people often think and operate. So ridiculous is the basic concept underlying the show -- that is, that it is to wise to use deception, ruthless violence and underhanded tactics in order to make the world a better and safer place to live in -- it comes as no wonder whatsoever that "Get Smart" and "Lancelot Link" followed in "Uncle's" wake. Don't get me wrong. We love Robert Vaughn and David McCallum, and the many guest stars who come on. And the show itself is usually fun to watch as entertainment. But honestly! A sample episode that I think illustrates well what I am talking about is "Project Strigas;" where the heroes are so villainous you end up forgetting or overlooking whatever was supposed to be wrong with the formal bad guy character. Interesting also is Napoleon Solo's signature weapon -- a sniper's pistol (and yet which is sometimes employed as a semi-automatic mini-sub machine gun.)


One thing that so thoroughly proved to me that, as a general rule, spirit people are evil or else pawns of evil is that their activities and presence goes against nature and the spirit of nature -- with respect to the latter, such as we find nature in the mountains, rivers and forests. I remember on one occasion in 2000 when I was conversant with these people in a semi-amicable way (i.e. because at that time I wasn't quite sure who they were), and while (as it happened) standing in the backyard, the magician told me that the world was running out of poetry or else the feelings that help to inspire poetry -- as if the spirit that makes poetry possible, and as found in nature, were finite and due to expire like fossil fuel.

It is no wonder in retrospect to have heard such a thing from him because the presence of spirit people in our midst is itself unnatural and inimical to life -- and family, and fatherhood, and motherhood, and truth, and innocence, and indeed just about everything that is truly good. Yet if spirit people are accepted by us as a normal part of the world -- then yes, indeed, we are done for. They who have passed on should be asleep. But as things stand, it is they, and by means of their intermediaries (i.e. the billionaire Jerry Mahoneys and amoral and anti-intellectual mob rule), who now govern the world these days as much or more so than anyone else, and it is this very alliance between the irrational living and the lively dead (the latter falsely posing as religion or else "secret" wisdom) that is without question the most lethal and invidious threat to the well being and welfare of animals, mankind, and the planet.


Oh yes, and by the way, how is old Charles Manson doing at the present time?


My (Quick) Two Cents

The economy suffers, as much as for any reason, because people are being straight jacketed and forced to fit the narrow minded, if not deliberately destructive, standards of people in positions of "business" leadership who are against free speech and free trade, and fair and humane competition, and who otherwise simply do not know what they are doing; and this last because they listen to or else are under the indirect influence of spirit people (and from which latter they have acquired their ideas about reality.)


It is not at all unusual for the ghoulish faith to ape and attempt to imitate the true one, and this I've found can actually be shown on quite a number of points, some of which might surprise you. One for instance is the teaching against making a graven image of the almighty. Now the reason the ghoulish religion adopts this stance is for reasons entirely different from that holy law's authentic theological purpose and intent. In their case they stand to lose greatly if you know what he really looks like; consequently, such an injunction is understandably made necessary to stave off and prevent your trying to do so -- and, of course, the risk of your possibly succeeding.


One good basic philosophical definition of "Hippie-ism" I think as any is that it is a belief and method of seeing by which a person's mind, while moving through the universe, turns or transforms the mundane into the cosmological and the cosmological into the mundane (or the ordinary into the extraordinary, and the extraordinary into the ordinary) -- accompanied by a natural taste for good music, smoke and or drink. And, of course, from this core outlook have sprung various sects and sub-schools which place special emphasis on matters such as love, freedom, justice and beauty.


There are some things most everyone knows about, but which unfortunately some others will never hear, see or read. We have, therefore, at this website tried to mention and or make available that some of what some will miss -- but without usually feeling it necessary to suggest what is already established as well known. So, naturally, we are sometimes left questioning in attempting to make the right call. Well, how then does the minuet from Mozart's "Don Giovanni" (last scene of act one) stand these days? I made this 2 minute .mp3 edit of this music for purpose of repeat play (the piece and performance being so painfully short) as taken from the Colin Davis version with Richard Van Allan, Luigi Roni, Ingvar Wixell, Kiri Te Kanawa singing, and that you can download here (right click "Save as...")

For the full and complete track, it's available here, or if you like the whole album set -- both at mp3 downloads.


In spending as much time and energy as I have observing and reflecting on them, one thing I have most come to realize is that the danger criminal spirit people pose can hardly be overestimated or exaggerated. To give you some sense of how very cold and abjectly rotten some of them can be, not only would they not feel remorse about perpetrating, say, the holocaust, but they would be more than happy to do the same thing again and to the same victims, while feeling exceeding delight in seeing them once more so suffer. True, such a character is very rare, but then such a one is more likely to be one of those giving orders to everyone else in a world where doing the wrong thing is considered a strength or virtue (as it is, say, in much of present society.)

At the same time as appreciating the dire danger such spirit people pose, one also comes to perceive what utter absurdity, hypocrisy, and childishness it is for people to vilify and demonize others (i.e. other regular people), and yet never say a word about these spirit people who in truth are, and roughly speaking, probably 90% or more guilty of and responsible for pretty much everything that is wrong of a serious nature. Indeed, not only will the former not criticize these spirit people but as often, if not more so, as not will treat and view them as higher or divine beings to be deferred to. And give these spirit people an inch they'll take a mile. Let them be your guide and they won't hesitate to make themselves your god (if they can.)

Not so surprisingly then, the degree to which these kinds of spirit people are thoroughly and fulsomely full of themselves exceeds all comprehension. Yet if you examine a given devil more closely you come to realize how much they also, not just their followers (and "listeners"), are a product of calculated and long-standing behavioral conditioning and mind control. It is this, as much as anything, that makes them, on average, what they are. The idea for us then is to medically reverse or remove these impediments to better thought and thinking; vigorously attack and attempt to uproot and unseat those assumptions planted in them ages ago, and be less concerned otherwise about judging or passing judicial sentence on these people; while making proper allowance for the fact that as bad as they are they can also be right about some things -- and this, where it reasonably and justly applies, needs to be duly accounted for and respected.