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Don't scoff. There's a lot to be said for happiness. Ghoulishness, devilment, and witchcraft on the other hand, brother, you sure could do a whole lot better for yourself than those ridiculous things. And, sure, although "Speelburg" at least gets to play the part of the "beloved rogue," you're the one who has to be Frankenstein. And who's to blame for that? No, doesn't it only make perfect sense then for you to get out of the demonism business; like you should have years ago?


The Beloved Rogue

Evil (with a capital "E") is real, if for no other reason than that there are those who do or will make it so, and if you can't or won't deal with evil chances are it will come to deal with you as they can never have too many slaves and subjects.

Yet evil is not so impossible or so almighty powerful to deal with but that people are individually or collectively so pitifully dishonest, cowardly and irrational. In addition, evil is a disposition and state of mind that requires maintenance, repair and renewal just like any other that is religiously or politically active. Meanwhile, it has been careful to adapt and evolve in order that its position might be strengthened when and where possible. For that reason, it is necessary for those would protect themselves against it to adapt and evolve as well. Such deliberate dumbing down and anti and pseudo-intellectual attitudes therefore that are so prevalent in "popular" culture of recent times, needless to add, only makes us weaker in the face of the threat evil poses, and life itself that much more unbearable.


You're the one who sold your soul to the devil; so don't come crying to me about it.


What is Scientific Romanticism?

Deep, heavy and excessive moods, such as melancholy, sorrow, and despair, can be very deadly, and the cause of anger, idleness, and useless fatigue if indulged in ourselves too greatly. Yet if such feelings are taken in choice and small proper doses, they can be positive and healthy in counterbalancing the excesses of other, contrary, or uninvited emotions, and or else the in supplying emotion where there is an obvious and cold dearth and absence. Although opposite feelings like ecstasy, glee and jollity have their obvious advantages, practical circumstances of life do not allow of their being easily and regularly sustained. Consequently, a special care and dispensation and rationing is also required when partaking of those emotions also; though for quite different reasons than gloomy or despondent moods.

Now if your emotions are or risk being intruded on and manipulated by a ghost sorcerer one needs to be all the more attentive and diligent in identifying and quantifying what it is they are feeling -- and or else what the ghost's feelings are that are being projected on and or transmitted through them (as is possible.) Upon identifying and quantifying the emotion, they should decide how much, if any, they want or need of it.

That it is possible for either one's own or someone else's negative emotions (as in the case of the aforesaid ghost sorcerer) to creep up and plant themselves unaware recommends all a more vigilant and routine scanning and "I&Qing" of what one is feeling. If this is not done, negative emotions not explicitly and consciously rejected can become our own -- even when they were never our own to begin with.


Are they great because they are pitied, or are they pitied because their greatness is so phony (and built upon fraud and viciousness?) In any case, think nothing in this day and age of honors and competitive merit as measured on the public playing field; since the degree to which they are permitted to cheat and conceal their crimes and failures clearly knows no bounds.


More "Soul, Rockin' and Obscure" from the Stuart Greene collection continued...

* Harold Burrage "Fix It Man" (.wma zipped, 3.2 MBs)

* Luther Ingram "Puttin' Game Down" (.wma zipped, 2.5 MBs)

* Lloyd Price "They Get Down" ( mp3 downloads)


Occult Studies 101, or "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Prefatory Note. "Equinox" (1970) is available as a torrent download at . In case you don't have one already, a good freeware torrent download program is to be had at

The first time I saw "Equinox" (1970) was on television back in the late 70's or early 80's, and the second occasion only very recently. First let me mention that on seeing it this second time around, I was a little bit wary that something may have been done to the film in transit; in fact, that the version now out on DVD might even be a hoax re-make. Well, even if, at least for the sake of argument, the DVD version is a hoax remake (a la Phil Tucker, Dwain Esper, etc.), the film as we now have it (and allowing for a certain amount of dramatic and cinematic license) is still very educational in providing us with a useful idea of what the so-called occult (in its more extreme form) can be like in real life, and in turn how and why social phenomena such as the "Manson family" (as popularly perceived) and "their" accompanying crimes could have arisen. Watch a film like "Equinox," and if you as an individual or with some friends found yourself caught up in what these characters in the film find themselves undergoing you will begin to understand why ordinary law and government are at a complete and utter loss in dealing with persons deeply and seriously involved with spirit people. If you yourself were in such a predicament -- what would you do? To who and where would you go for help?

If we were to view what takes place in "Equinox" as a more or less real life event, it would have to be understood that the characters are being subject to a kind of mind control such as a ghost sorcerer, like the ghoulish magician, might -- under certain special prearranged and calculated circumstances -- subject them to. Now if the subjects were properly rational and scientific they might take an entirely different approach to dealing with the "dark forces" than these here in the movie do. For example, if the devil is powerful, notice how this comes about in no small part through his carefully isolating his victims. In this you see he needs to position himself and his victims in order to achieve the greater and more powerful effect. However, if you are an unthinking person caught up in such a plight as these in the film that this was the case you might easily overlook or not be alert to. And so authentic in its way is the film that after watching it is possible it could even have a subconscious effect on you; thus giving you a very good notion and sense of what it can be like contending with the more very deadly and malicious kind of spirit people practitioners of magic and illusion. However, bear in mind though there may be a time or a season for such goings on, a ghost sorcerer cannot live his life doing such elaborate stunts and tricks all the time; so that you must think of the kind of events depicted or suggested here as something orchestrated and planned in advance to some extent, and not something that would just occur casually. There is material profit -- and, for the ghost sorcerer, some amusement and fun -- in putting on such a sadistic and manipulative program and show of terror, and this is why they take place.

As a final note here, I noticed the hospital in the film bears a remarkable resemblance to the Queen of Angels in Los Angeles where part of my own ordeal took place, and for all I know this hospital in the film may actually be the very same place. In any case, it sure does remind me of it -- and which is a very fitting coincidence.


As a good rule of thumb, if you can or could not sing to her you should not have or think of having sex (with her); as being prepared and willing to do so only goes to show that you properly respect her while at the same time protects you from future regret.


Here's the deal -- their ghoulish magician, "Speelburg" (or "Brookhymur" or whoever it is supposed to be these days) and their respective "club members" get to rule the roost, as much as any single individuals in the economy, live the life of billionaires, while getting away with serial killings, using brain torture radios, and murder generally. Why? Because spirit people, including criminals spirit people, cannot be discussed scientifically. Indeed, not only do the get to live rich and get away with murder, but at he same time they can, using the mass media, routinely mock and insult morals, virtue, character and tradition while promoting sorcery, witchcraft, and other forms of criminality and viciousness.

Meanwhile, although we as regular human society cannot bring them to account or justice for their crimes (again because spirit people cannot be discussed or addressed scientifically), the idea is that if we don't or won't go along as accomplices and appeasers we can console ourselves with a one day, great heavenly reward -- which as I have known and seen it first hand from spirit people is basically a lot of golden tripe and glamorous phony baloney intended to fool and take in the gullible.

Someone might object -- yes, but isn't the idea and promise of a heavenly reward Christian and or of orthodox religious thinking in origin? Yes, if that promise comes from real heaven, and not from liars, secretive types, and cheaters such as these spirit people are. In view of which our response to the great ghost emperor is that he can keep his trash (that is this "heaven" which he legitimizes and purchases rank evil with); accompanied by an insistence on our part that he keep his son the ghoul, the forest lawn all stars, and other assorted angels and monsters of his out of our own lives for all time.

Later Note. By making comments such as this above I would by no means want to suggest or leave the impression that I am somehow prejudice against spirit people. Rather, the ones of which we are critical, indeed, whom we would ruthlessly seek out, hunt down and destroy, are the more serious criminal types, and just about all others we can condone, indulge, offer hope to, accept and or approve of -- at least as long as they are not aiding and abetting the former in their criminal enterprises. Moreover, it can be added if we examine a suspicious phenomena or activity more technically it might not need be seen as something bad necessarily. For example, there is, of course, nothing wrong per se with spirit people and magic tricks, or when used together -- it is only when used to commit crime that they would constitute actual witchcraft such as I speak of.


You want to do the wrong thing and reap all the benefits -- and so you possibly have; seeing what a very interesting person you claim you've proven to be. But don't forget one thing. If you really want to do the wrong thing that means demonistic belief and listening to spirit people (rather than, by contrast, being honest and rational); and believe me demonists -- whether they are your friend or your foe - are the most depressing people ever seen, known or heard of. How then for all your precious ambition will you be able to get around that plain and simple fact?


Since evidently no one can or will help me, I am trying to invent a way to kill spirit people. Meanwhile, again for your listening pleasure, from Stuart Greene's "Soul, Rockin' and Obscure" collection is this bit of Japanese Lounge Pop (circa 60's or 70's) that you can download here (.wma zipped, 2.7 MBs) I'm sorry we don't have a more specific title and credits for this song but it comes from an original 45 rpm with Japanese label (and that we are at present not in a position to have translated for us.)


"And He said to them, 'What do you want Me to do for you?'
"They said to Him, 'Grant that we may sit, one on Your right and one on Your left, in Your glory.'
"But Jesus said to them, 'You do not know what you are asking. Are you able to drink the cup that I drink, or to be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized?'
"They said to Him, 'We are able.' And Jesus said to them, 'The cup that I drink you shall drink; and you shall be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized.
"'But to sit on My right or on My left, this is not Mine to give; but it is for those for whom it has been prepared.'
"Hearing this, the ten began to feel indignant with James and John.
"Calling them to Himself, Jesus said to them, 'You know that those who are recognized as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them; and their great men exercise authority over them.
"'But it is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant; and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all.
"'For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.'"
~ Mark 10:36-45

If Jesus saves and brings justice to innocent victims of harsh injustice then I am for him, and if he does not do this why should I be? Similarly, if Jesus is and is of the honest truth I am for him, and, also similarly, if he isn't why should I be? At the same time, if the world revolves around the evil one, false deity, and the ghoulish magician, etc. as many seem to think then I suppose nothing really matters and I am in the wrong world in any case.


Christmas could be Saturnalia or Christmas, it really is up to the person. But if Saturnalia means more material gifts and Christmas more heart then give me Christmas -- we'll get by much better I think.


I told him that not until the day they yank those brain torture radios from his use could he be Chess Master 2000 (as he so frequently fancies himself.) Respecting which conceit, I have to think the person umpiring all this must himself not care for chess all that very much; seeing how he let's the other cheat so extremely, regularly and for a long time now. (Oh, btw, chess master 2000, could you please get these brain torture radios turned off so we could get a real gaming going here -- hint, hint.)


Regarding Lies That Kill

Does evil, in the sense of premeditated and or highly reckless and irresponsible behavior and which brings about very painful if not tragic results, exist? Allowing that some crimes will consist of a greater or lesser degree of culpability, and or a great or lesser degree of harm done, one would think the answer to my original question would be obvious. Yes, there is evil and evil does exist; with examples of genocide, massacres, serial killings, and torture being just some of the more obvious and undeniable instances that come to mind. And yet strangely enough there are people who are so morally indifferent, self-contradicting, or rationally deficient that they believe evil does not exist. I state and include self-contradicting because while they might claim evil does not really exist, as do say Spinoza or certain Stoics, they nevertheless have little trouble finding something to condemn, criticize, or complain about. They might contend in response, notwithstanding, that while there are errors and mistakes such do not constitute actual evil, and therefore they are being consistent in saying actual evil does not exist. Yet in view of actual massacres, torture, etc. this seems a feeble and unimpressive distinction unless perhaps one personally lives and adopts an attitude of not judging, complaining or criticizing anything -- a stance extremely rare if not unheard of in real life.

Yet despite the confutation of such a position by practical and tangible facts there, nonetheless, still and do remain those who hold the view that real or serious evil does not exist. Now without exploring further here the grounds and reasons for a person holding such an opinion, it is easy to see that when people say evil does not exist it becomes that much easier to commit and allow evil to take occur. If this is true, it is therefore in the interest of earnest evil doers to promote the idea that there is no evil, or that evil does not really exist. Such moral indifference I would then maintain is itself an utmost force for evil in the world.

The great "other" force for evil in the world, I would also argue, is criminal spirit people. Think about it. Imagine someone who could move invisibly, perhaps possess the greatest cunning and expertise for malfeasance, and who has little scruples about making or seeing others suffer grievously. Such a person would, as far as individuals went, would be one of the most powerful entities and agents for evil conceivable. And how much even more puissant does such a one become when it is further insisted that spirit people themselves, along with evil itself, do not exist. Consequently, when you see and recognize these two arrant falsehoods then do you begin to see the most signal causes and bases for the too often agonizing and lamentable state of the human condition.


Just think, any day, any tomorrow they can or will be gone, and when they are gone that will solve most everything, the greater weight taken off our shoulders, and it will be eternal spring. And did you know there were people you never saw (but otherwise could have) because THEY did not want you to see them? But how can they ever be gone if you make deals, agree to their presence, or pay them tribute? Don't fight for freedom, therefore, merely because it seems like a good idea, but do so to keep your ultimate happiness from being bound up or tied down by other-worldly strangers and interlopers who, for all their arrogance and pretense, never did or meant you any real good in the first place.


Although at some point I will do a formal "Recommendation of the Week" of additional "Soul, Rockin', & Obscure" tracks, every now and then I will in the meantime put up some random, individual songs among these postings; just as we did previously with Steve Clayton's "Flying Can Be Fun" and Mac Curtis' "Gulf Stream Line." For your present listening pleasure then, here are:

* Fred York - "Lonely Girl" (.wma zipped, 2.4 MBs)

* Neal Ford & the Fanatics - "I Have Thoughts of You" (.wma zipped, 3.1 MBs)


If for some reason, and heaven forbid, you are ever forced to choose between having to put up with spirit people who act as if they know everything (and gossip all the time) or else put up with brain torture radios, don't hesitate to choose brain torture radios.


My Address to the Blogging Community

Actually what follows are some jottings my notebook for those who might need something to read this (Monday) morning.

Imagine living your life stumbling around in darkness; not knowing quite what is going on or what there is you can do. "Truth" then is the light you need to survive, a light to see you through, a light that makes possibilities available to you. Since there is such a thing as being blinded by too much light, technically speaking truth for us is not so much light itself but rather the proper balance between light and shade. Yet this acknowledged, it is predictably the dearth of light, not the dearth of shade, that brings about the absence of truth.

Although we typically desire the agreement and concurrence of others, truth ultimately is not dependent on what other people think. Yet truth relies and is contingent on honesty and rationality, and the less honest and rational people are the less truth, and therefore the less light, there is, so to speak.

Now some reject the greater light that emanates from honesty and reason, and instead seek and or receive what they think is the greater light from spirit people. Such light is most usually not only an illusion and deception but in most instances could be said to actually constitute actual darkness (or a form of darkness.) And as such credulous persons avail themselves of the power and benefits of darkness the more they fall further from the light and become more blind; with the result that they increase the risk of becoming a slave and prisoner to someone who knows more about darkness than they possibly ever could.


In case you possibly weren't already aware, there is an actual "Eaglemount," in reference to my recent poem of that title, located in Port Townsend, Washington, and below are some pics to prove it -- including one of myself taken there in Feb. 1972. Their website (and from which two of the photos below came) can be found at

Below, quoting from a brochure sent me, is a list of some of the exhibits that visitors can currently view:

"50's Cottage when available
12 Mule Team and covered wagon
Ramona at the wishing well
7 Dwarfs
Alaska and Mt.McKinley
Japan and Mt.Fuji
Africa and Mt.Killmanjaro
Egypt and the Nile
Switzerland and the Matterhorn
Bullfight arena
Oxen yoke and oxen shoe
Lumberjack bunkhouse
Whiskey Bill and his moonshine still
Hawk on driftwood
20 Mule Team and 3 logging wagons
Pioneer school, teacher and 6 children
Washington State relief map
Cedar Sweat Lodge
Totem Pole
Whiteman, Indian Powwow
Indian women
Indian brave
Indian maiden
Indian children
Blacksmith shop
Cousin Luke in jail
Scotty's mine
Olympic mountain range
Ghost town
Fairy castle
Pond with castle
Agate lighthouse
White House
Donkey with cart
Fountain waterfall
Lady waterfall
Castle in pond
Independence Hall
Man-eater shells
Ho Tai
Large castle
2 Donkeys
4 Rabbits
2 Frog ponds
And so much more---."


Rescuing the Economy in the Era of the Black Death

Pity the poor candidates and political leaders seeking support for their various plans to revive the slumping economy! While I've heard ideas and recommendations to be applauded from both sides, one can't help but feel a more sweeping and radical approach is needed than what is being put forth. For what is hurting the economy are the same things that are killing us generally, namely rank evil (in the way of criminal spirit people and their followers whom we here at this site often write about) and the extraordinary stupidity and incompetence of others. The plain fact is that so much of the corporate take-overs of the past 20 years or so are as much the result of murder, dirty trick and bully boy tactics than honest merit and competitiveness -- with the result that worthwhile business have gone under or been devoured while often those that remain are thinly disguised gangs of hoodlums and pirates that are not really much good at anything to begin with (Microsoft in its present state, for example.) I speak very much in the abstract, of course, but I believe at least some of you know what I am talking about.

This point was brought home to me in a peculiar way when I was taking my short daily walk as it happened very early this morning. I woke up about 1:30 a.m. and because I couldn't sleep I thought I would have my walk. As I came to the nearby park, I chanced to see two young people in their early teens with spray cans marking the park bathroom with graffiti. I started advancing in their direction, and when they saw me coming they became alarmed and took off running. Later on, as I circled back to go home, I encountered them again, this time spraying a parking sign, and when they realized my presence they fled as before. The marks they had sprayed in each instance were that sort of random, wordless hieroglyphic that leaves a person wondering what is intended to be communicated. Although annoyed by their actions, upon reflection I felt pity that they could think of nothing more profitable or amusing to do with their time.

And yet as idiotic as such behavior is it is these kinds of people as likely as not who will one day most qualify as our communities civic and business leaders -- prepared as they are to commit acts of vandalism and deface public property -- traits and dispositions we see all too frequently displayed by and among the nation's most wealthy elite (particularly in the areas of the mass media and advertising.)

Just yesterday (10 Oct. 2008), I thought I would once more give Seattle attorney Charles Hamilton a phone call to see if, after these many years, he might hear me out with respect to my "situation" (see my "Narrative" below) and, if not help me himself, at least offer me some advice and consultation. Well, to make a long story short, I was appalled after speaking with him with his gross indifference, dissembling, and ridiculous lack of rational capacity in being able to address the subject and issues I was raising. He in effect said that I did not have proof for what I was claiming; but the actual and simple reality of the matter is that he refused to seriously consider any evidence -- and had his mind made up in advance that there wasn't any -- but, more importantly, merely used this as an excuse for not being truthful with me.

And yet a dysfunctional professional like Charles Hamilton is by no means the odd exception here in Seattle. Time and again these past years, I have sought assistance from and made appeals to other lawyers, government officials, police, professors at the University of Washington, clergy, and others and almost invariably I have been turned away because of their inability to be fair, decent, humane, and rational on a most basic and rudimentary level -- really, it has been so bad that in the case of the lawyers I have seriously thought of suing the Washington State Bar Association for licensing such intellectually inept and morally spineless individuals.

To return then to my earlier point, unless measures are not taken to reform these various professions and institutions at large no amount of federal level dickering is going to cure our economic and social woes. And unless something seriously done in this respect probably the best gift you can give a young son or daughter you hope to be one of tomorrow's movers and shakers evidently would be to buy them a can of spray paint -- since a mischievous, if not malicious, disposition will evidently better reward and prosper them in life than actual character and ability.


To you he is as much as the holy of holies, or a loving savior who understands, Zeus almighty, or some supreme overriding power. But to me -- and I've told him so -- he is a no account bum and con-artist who never really amounted to anything in life, and nothing more either than a puppet of the evil one who brought him into and established his monolithic greatness for him. So much is this true that were he living in our own time, it's a safe bet he would have ended up as just another one of those challenged and limited individuals who work for "Speelburg" -- that same "Speelburg" whom he now, laughingly, awes and commands. Further let it be noted, man for man, he cannot hold a candle to myself; who single-handedly fought off him and his army for over 16 years -- and, in addition to this, he himself is still too frightened and intimidated to face me out in the open public despite my repeated requests and entreaties in this wise.


Some comments on Jack Ruby and his assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, I think, need to be added to some related historical remarks of mine I posted here earlier. In short, that Ruby was driven and incited by a spirit person to act he did seems to be so far the most plausible explanation for his behavior. For consider the logic of this.

That Ruby shot Oswald based solely on his own thought and initiative as he originally testified in both his court trial and before the Warren Commission seems palpably false and hard to believe; because we know from his later statements and testimony that he was, in his way, a subtle thinker who calculated in advance the effects of his words or his acts. You see this in some of his careful replies to commission questioning. To think he would have killed Oswald merely as an excited act of patriotism strikes one then as absurd. Not because he could not have felt patriotic, but that he could be so rash as to so carelessly ignore the effects of his actions. How, for example, could he just thoughtlessly brush aside questions like -- how can we be sure Oswald's really guilty? -- what effect will killing Oswald have on my own life? Yet somehow we are supposed to believe his strong feelings overruled such obvious and important advance considerations.

Yet I think there is good reason to conclude Ruby meant what he said when he asserted he was very emotionally upset by Pres. Kennedy's death. Only what I would point out is that a spirit person, through psychological manipulation at which some are skilled, could heightened and amplify such feelings dramatically and turn them into a overflowing mania -- the kind of mania necessary to have caused Ruby to have lost all reason as he did.

Ruby himself later admitted by implication that his original testimony was less than the whole story; thus leaving open the possibility that he did not conceive the crime in pure isolation. If then he was not alone in bringing about what transpired -- who then would have power of persuasion so great and proficient as to convince Ruby he was acting idealistically -- and at the same time should also do so suicidally? A mobster? A religious friend from the synagogue? Someone tied in with Lyndon Johnson? Those answers do not make any sense. A spirit person at the same time could keep Ruby informed, guide him, and fill his head with all kinds of nonsense (such as his later suggestion that Johnson was a major factor behind Kennedy's assassination.) Ruby, for all his flaws, was in my opinion then basically a good person in intention, and who did what he did thinking he was doing the right thing. But it is nothing short of completely incredible to me that he could have acted as he did alone, or further that an "earthly" person both so moved and commanded him to do what took place.

Later Note. "Let's put it this way. This would not have happened if Adlai Stevenson had been Vice President" (or words to this effect.) This statement, as supplement to the above comments, is strong evidence to me personally that Ruby was listening to a spirit person; because the reasoning used is perfectly in sync with the way such spirit persons will think and coach others. In other words, it is necessary for someone (in this case the assassins) to do evil -- indeed they are forced to it -- because the do-gooders (or would be do-gooders) are either having it too good and or else are infringing on Hell's domain. If would-be virtuous people want to be spared Hell's wrath then they must not do anything to upset Hell -- and if they do upset Hell they (not Hell) are to blame for what happens. Johnson with Kennedy, it could be argued, would represent a wider demographic and overall base of the population than Stevenson-Kennedy -- and this when Kennedy was already strong and influential in many and other ways as it was. The imbalance caused by this was unacceptable to Hell; since again, good people must not be too strong in this world -- and if they are then this only compels Hell to step in and take charge of the situation. Very possibly, if not presumably, Ruby thought Johnson himself acted with some criminal intent or at least was in some measure an accomplice or accessory. Yet even if he did see it this way, Johnson's actions did not arise from Johnson himself (who was really only a pawn), but rather Hell which uses (if not orders) Johnson to set in motion what it wants -- and that is to see that the forces for good are neither too rich or too powerful in this world. Now in saying this, I don't mean to insinuate that this was Hell's all or only pretext for acting as they did; rather, I would bring some attention to the kind of fallacious argument and sophistry that is and can be used to persuade Ruby or someone else who listens to spirit people that sinister evil can be justified on religious grounds.


Those dream productions, telepathy, and dream messaging -- all unsolicited -- are to be thrown out completely in the junk. (It's your head -- not his movies and television.) And if your old men must dream dreams and your young men see visions, may those dreams and visions spring and have their ultimate source only in and from a compassionate and courageous heart. Anything more or less than this, of course, is from the evil one.



When brown little sparrows
Perch peaceably in a throng,
Cheerily they sing their song
Of felicity unseen
To whom they all belong.

For though someone's small.
The love that adores them
May be most immensely tall.

That faery rockery
Full of clouds and verdant trees,
Eaglemount, so loved must be;
Where great has become little
And mighty are the wee.

For though very wee,
A giant joy binds them
High atop Discovery's sea.

"When they went a roaming,
Weary to leave all care,
Did the good people visit there?"
Of such a queer query
How could you even dare?

Yet though they'd been near and far,
What a surprise met them
Beneath those western stars.


Some Proposed Famous Sayings of Our Time

* Why all this evil? Because some person died and now must roam and haunt the earth with his presence?

* Even if there really must be evil in this world, why must he always be the one that's doing it?

* Although a wart behaves like it is part of the skin, it is not actually so.

* Those that can think; those that can't blog.
[Shame on those, by the way, who still use that word. If they aren't actually the enemies and traitors of mankind, certainly they now rank among the stupidest and most thoughtless people on the internet.]

* He is not on television because he has the tattoo; rather, he has the tattoo because he's on television.

* "Billionaire" -- there is no word fraught with greater grief in all the language; for look at what it costs having them, and why would anyone actually need to be one in the first place (but for the reign of Hell in our lives?)

* Do or will they suffer so because they were born? No, rather they suffer because they can't stop being constant busy-bodies in the lives of others who never wanted to have anything to do with them to begin with (and who else, pray, has that problem?)


"Of the Heavenly Bodies"
by Roger Williams (1603-1683)

"When Sun doth rise the Stars do set,
Yet there's no need of Light,
God shines a Sun most glorious,
When Creatures all are Night.

"The very Indian Boys can give
To many Stars their names,
And know their Course and therein do
Excel the English tame.

"English and Indians none inquire,
Whose hand these Candles hold,
Who gives these Stars their Names, himself
More bright ten thousand-fold." (1643)


The following are extracts taken from New England's Prospect (1635) by William Wood (b.?-d. 1639) of Sandwich, Massachusetts:

"To enter into a serious discourse concerning the natural conditions of these Indians might procure admiration from the people of any civilized nations, in regard of their civility and good natures. If a tree may be judged by his fruit, and dispositions calculated by exterior actions, then may it be concluded that these Indians are of affable, courteous, and well-disposed natures, ready to communicate the best of their wealth to the mutual good of one another...

"If it were possible to recount the courtesies they have showed the English since their first arrival in those parts, it would not only steady belief that they are a loving people, but also win the love of those that never saw them, and wipe off that needless fear that is too deeply rooted in the conceits of many who think them envious and of such rancorous and inhumane dispositions that they will one day make an end of their English inmates. The worst indeed may be surmised, but the English hitherto have had little cause to suspect them but rather to be convinced of their trustiness, seeing they have as yet been the disclosers of all such treacheries as have been practised by other Indians. And whereas once there was a proffer of an universal league amongst all the Indians in those parts, to the intent that they might all join in one united force to extirpate the English, our Indians refused the motion, replying they had rather be servants to the English, of whom they were confident to receive no harm and from whom they had received so many favors and assured good testimonies of their love, than equals with them who would cut their throats upon the least offence and make them the shambles of their cruelty. Furthermore, if any roving ships be upon the coasts and chance to harbor either eastward, northward, or southward in any unusual port, they will give us certain intelligence of her burthen and forces, describing their men either by language or features, which is a great privilege and no small advantage. Many ways hath their advice and endeavor been advantageous unto us, they being our first instructors for the planting of their Indian corn, by teaching us to cull out the finest seed, to observe the fittest season, to keep distance for holes and fit measure for hills, to worm it and weed it, to prune it and dress it as occasion shall require...

"Such is the wisdom and policy of these poor men, that they will be sure to keep correspondence with our English magistrates; expressing their love in the execution of any service they command them; so far as lies in their power, as may appear in one particular. A certain man having laid himself open to the king's laws, fearing attachment, conviction, and consequently execution, sequestered him- self from the honest society of his neighbors, betaking himself to the obscure thickets of the wilderness, where he lived for a time undiscovered, till the Indians, who leave no place unsearched for deer, found out his haunt, and having taken notice by divers discourses concerning him, how that it was the Governor's desire to know where he was; they thought it a part of their service to certify him where he kept his rendezvous; who thereupon desired if they could to direct men to him for his attachment, but he had shifted his dwelling, and could not be found for the present; yet he was after seen by other Indians, but being double pistoled, and well sworded, they feared to approach so near him as to grapple with him; wherefore they let him alone till his own necessary business cast him upon them; for having occasion to cross over a river, he came to the side thereof, where was an Indian canoe, in which the Indians were to cross the river themselves; he vauntingly commanded passage, which they willingly granted, but withal plotting how they might take him prisoner; which they thus effected: having placed him in the mid- ship of their ticklish wherry, they launched forth into the deep, causing the capering 'canoe to cast out her cumbersome ballast into the liquid water, which swam like a stone; and now the water having dank'd his pistols, and lost his Spanish progge at the bottom, the Indian swam him out by the chin to the shore, where having dropped a little dry, he began to bluster out a storm of rebellious resistance, till they becalmed his pelting chafe with their pelting pebbles at him, afterwards leading him as they list to the Governor...

"These people be of a kind and affable disposition, yet are they very wary with whom they strike hands in friendship. Nothing is more hateful to them than a churlish disposition, so likewise is dissimulation; he that speaks seldom and opportunely, being as good as his word, is the only man they love. The Spaniard they say is all one aramouse (viz., all one as a dog); the Frenchman hath a good tongue but a false heart; the Englishman all one speak, all one heart, wherefore they more approve of them than of any nation. Garrulity is much condemned of them, for they utter not many words, speak seldom, and then with such gravity as is pleasing to the ear. Such as understand them not desire yet to hear their emphatical expressions and lively action...

"Such is the mild temper of their spirits that they can not endure objurgations, or scoldings. An Indian sagamore once hearing an English woman scold with her husband, her quick utterance exceeding his apprehension, her active lungs thundering in his ears, expelled him the house, from whence he went to the next neighbor, where he related the unseemliness of her behavior; her language being strange to him, he expressed it as strangely, telling them how she cried 'Nannana Nannana Nannana Nan' saying he was a great fool to give her the audience, and no correction for usurping his charter, and abusing him by her tongue. I have been amongst divers of them, yet did I never see any falling out amongst them, not so much as cross words, or reviling speeches, which might provoke to blows."


[For 4 Oct. 2008] Now you see. If you are such as O.J. Simpson and have foregone the protection of the ghoul, conspiracy is not only possible but you can be found guilty of it in a court of law as well. Given the many charges brought against him, I myself am in no position to say what Simpson is or is not legally answerable for. But let's face it. If he were really as guilty as people claim, would not that of itself have spared him prosecution, let alone sentencing -- perhaps even earned him a presidential medal of freedom award?

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