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For Want of a Pistol

The following comes from Alexander Garden's Anecdotes, Series 2 (1828), and can be also found in Lee's Legion Remembered (.pdf)

"Lieut. Ballard Smith, of Virginia,
Attached to the Legion Infantry.

"Shortly after the capture of the British Galley by Rudolph, where Captain Smith acted as second in command, a Partisan enterprise was undertaken by him, which, had it succeeded, must have filled the British garrison with confusion and dismay. A tavern, called at that time Deweesí, was kept at a farm house about two miles from Charleston. To this the British [p. 379] officers frequently repaired for recreation. It was often the scene of entertainments, and on one occasion of a splendid ball. Lieutenant Smith being previously apprized [sic] of this, took with him twelve men, and Sergeant Du Coin, of the Legion, a soldier of tried courage, and passed the river with a boat rowed with muffled oars, from the American, to the opposite shore. The night was dark and gloomy. The Negro who served as a guide, bewildered by it, and probably apprehensive of consequences if discovered, missed the landing place, and ran the boat into the marsh that skirted the shore. Du Coin, to make discoveries, slipped silently overboard, but, from the softness of the mud, with infinite difficulty reached the shore, immediately below the house. Curiosity led him to see what was passing within; the noise of music and revelry facilitated his approach, he leapt the fence, and passing through the garden, gained access to a window, through which he perceived a large and elegant assemblage of company enjoying the delights of dancing. Alone and unarmed, and without chance of success, he returned to the waterís edge, and after ascertaining the exact situation of the landing place, regained the boat. So much time had already been lost, the ebbing tide too being unfavourable to his purpose, lieutenant Smith thought it best to retire, hoping to return, on some future occasion, with better success. The following night being favourable to enterprise, the river was passed as before, and the boat, steered by Du Coin, made the landing. Lieutenant Smith immediately surrounding the house, entered it, in full expectation of making a handsome capture of officers, but his evil genius forbade it. Instead of twenty or thirty officers, many of them of high rank, a Hessian Major, and a Lieutenant of the volunteers of Ireland, who had sacrificed too freely to Bacchus, were the only persons found on the premises. These he parolled [sic] and returned without molestation."

And in regard to my own ordeal and in a manner of speaking may be something possibly even greater than this feat of Lieut. Smith's. For if it were possible for me to secure the intelligent participation of the scientific (including medical), legal and church professions and get them to utilize their respective powers to effectively collect, and then circumvent and assail these who, after all, by their deeds are the common and greatest adversary; we could, indeed and very conceivably and plausibly, bag a large number of actual generals and staff right here in Seattle and elsewhere.


A few minutes ago I got through sending a message to someone that only seems apt for me to share here. As some of you might or might not know, my long standing impasse with these oft discussed spirit people and their regular, or flesh and blood, person servants and henchmen continues to this day, and I have to receive -- after all these many years -- any actual and substantial assistance in my fight against them. Indeed, I cannot even get anyone, whether from the legal, academic, scientific communities or Catholic archdiocese, to even come forward to impartially investigate my granted unusual and startling contentions.

Not surprisingly, one reason for this state of things is the matter of there being spirit people involved in what is (and has been) going on. As it stands and has stood, these regular people (not to mention the criminal spirit people themselves) can have committed many and sundry crimes and violent outrages against me, and all these perpetrators have to do is play the spirit people "card." The professionals then in turn can react to my assertions by saying, "There are no spirit people; therefore there can be no substance to your claims," or else "If your situation does actually involve spirit people then this is something beyond my expertise and therefore I cannot, indeed ought not, help you." The result and upshot of all this then being that I can then go on being criminally victimized and no one need aid or assist me. With two or three exceptions -- and which latter I then inevitably end up losing contact with for one reason or another beyond my control -- this, in one form or other, has been the invariable response I have received when I myself have gone out to or contacted offices and such to obtain assistance. Also, not surprisingly, my messages sent can be tampered with, or these I attempt to communicate with influenced in advance (or just right after my effort to contact them) -- and this meddling might involve anything from black mail, bribery, disinformation, smear tactics (directed at me), and even possibly the direct involvement of spirit persons themselves telling the given person that I am not to be succored in my plight.

What I ask and continue to seek is some professional people, whether from the legal, academic, scientific, and or church communities to honestly, rationally and objectively look into, examine and assess my claims. If then you or someone you know is in a position to help me in this, please contact me via phone, mail, or personally come visit me at my home -- preferring the latter as least susceptible to third party interference.

As usual, my contact information is:
William Thomas Sherman
1604 NW 70th St.
Seattle, Washington 98117
Secondary email addresses:


In case you don't already have it on your computer, be sure to get your copy (via .mp3 downloads) of the Diamonds' recurrent classic "Little Darlin'"; which if you haven't heard it before, or else not in a real long while, is a little something to get you moving should you need to -- such a perfect marriage of message and melody. One can't always be so sure who doesn't already know about something or other; so that it is a trip and a kick, both, to think that I might be turning even just one or two people on to it -- perhaps for the first time.

Later Note. In the interest of equal time, here is the original version of the same song by the Gladiolas done in 1956, a year earlier than the Diamonds (5.3 MBs, .mp3 zipped.), or in immediate .mp3 here (right click, save as.)


Passage Ahead

When I think of
The miles we've gone,
It makes me wonder
About the miles to come.
In the sea of people
There are those
Who come and go.
To them --
Peace and hello.
What more can I do?
More I know.
Then there are those
Who are gone.
Our friends are gone!
But who then is here?
No one is here
But mourning hidden away
In the dark, lonely
Silence of the deep.
Judgment is the compass
On timeís changing sea;
And if no compass
Where will one be?
Sipping bittersweet molasses
In some caliginous den;
Let that not be me.
True, I sometimes want
To live -- or die,
And I donít know why.
And yet I know
The spirit is the core;
The kernel of it all,
That they deem the shell.
But it is we, more than they,
Who are grateful for the day.
Yet sometimes I donít think
I know it -Ė though I try.
Other times I think I do.
Sometimes it's up and went;
At other times,
"Ah, there -- the true."
Be good then if only
For whom you love
And those who love you.
Yet for a while
I did not know what to think.
Till after many years
Of fretting and of fears,
I realize what fun we had,
Even if, then and now,
Still a long ways away
From being whole one day.


Now try...

Son of Sam
The Green River Killer
The McMartin Pre-School case
Jonestown massacre
Waco massacre
San Diego Flying Saucer Cult ("Heaven's Gate") Suicide
"O.J. Simpson" murders
Columbine High shootings
Moses Lake High School shootings
Brain torture radios U.S.A.
(Did I leave any out?)

Why then are the others (such as listed below in my "spoof" ad) national crises but not these named above? The answer? The above are witchcraft approved. After all, how would you explain why no serious research is done or resources spent to address the above versus those matters or events which involve the use of the military?


First, it was the South American drug lords attacking out inner city streets...
Then it was the militia groups bombing Federal buildings...
Then it was Hussein out to assassinate our president...
Then it was Ben Ladin and his gang spreading fear and uncertainty...

NOW comes the greatest struggle of all...

The new Cold War with Russia!

(Coming soon to your Evening News Channel.)


["Blacula" trailer]


He was my best friend. But he had to die in order that this ghost might further his great ambition.


Repeat after me -- "the horrifying power of the ghoul" and make everyone and everything in the world answer to this power.


"I wanted, indeed planned my life, to do something else, but then this happened, and I am not to blame for this."


"Your Hell is hell, certainly. But then so also is your Heaven (and that's just my point.)"


Frankenstein must be destroyed.


Although I had mentioned this earlier, once again I now can't find it among my "Oracles," and so, also again, I will repeat it.

The physicality for spirit people can be described or characterized this way. Imagine a jar filled with paint. Now what most spirit people, if not necessarily all (since some are very weak and or tiny), can or could do is put their finger in that jar and then make a mark on a wall with the paint. In the case of certain others, much more than this; including writing or depicting a figure is possible -- depending on how much energy they have available to them or at their disposal, either of themselves and or from someone else. In this sense, spirit persons such as we think of when we speak of ghosts, angels, or devils consist of a palpable and physically measurable composition and being; which, as best we can tell, largely partakes of a gaseous like substance, yet a gaseous like substance than is honed in such a way to give it a potentially remarkable force and effect on other physical bodies -- again depending on the amount of energy with which it is infused.


Not that I thought it so very important to point out, but in the interest of clarity I would make mention of one explanation for the "eye on the knoll" phenomena brought up earlier here. Assuming, for the sake of argument, the image is something more than just a lighting or photographic anomaly; it may be that it became manifest as a tell tale sign of our speculated magician. That is, he was taking things too far, and as a result traces of his otherwise invisible presence were left as a kind of penalty for and or excrescence of his transgression. And, of course, there are or might be other and like explanations to account for it as well.


Envision mankind as some all consuming, reckless, and bitter species living merely for kicks and not caring if he destroys the world and everyone in it in the process. We say, no, most people aren't like that. Yet it is not necessary that all or most people be like that in order to ruin life for everyone. All that is necessary is to have such kinds of people predominantly in charge of the wealth, communications and the government.

Now it is criminal spirit people who can cabal and form such monolithic power blocks, and although reason and science can contend with such people, reason and science cannot do their job if people's communications are obstructed and free speech is made light of or severely curtailed and restricted. Note how much of what built the strong and vibrant economy of the United States was innovation, creative enterprise and entrepreneurship -- usually originating from the grass roots level. And yet what class of individuals now controls and directs the greater portions of the material wealth but cannibals and witchcraft-instructed, sophisticated gangsters feigning entitlement and respectability? Clearly, there is some kind of serious problem going on, and if ever we are to extricate ourselves from the mess we are and have been in it will at some point require the people at large and the government to take police and military action against such malefactors and their spirit person mentors. One good place to start, in my opinion, would be to get at those useless businesses (e.g. the ringtone and lottery economy), hoax artists and counterfeiters (such as "Dwain Esper" and "O'Dale Ireland"), and spoof advertisers (e.g. those idiotic and annoying animated ads to help you reduce your mortgage) who mock the rest of us by throwing away large sums of money on fraud and nonsense as if it didn't matter. Such is my view at any rate.


Just Passing Through

Wow, talk about time warp. Life seems too weird to me sometimes. Did you know that Meredith Mac Rae passed away back in 2000 at the young age of 56? I didn't till just yesterday; such a shame, she was one of those multi-talented people you just took for granted always being around. It's an undeniable fact that all the Paul Henning actors (and who played overtly or mostly comic roles in his shows), in all the series he did, were extremely funny comedians -- without exception. But you know my favorite girl on Petticoat Junction was/is Lori Saunders who, on my checking, is very much still around -- like she should be, thank goodness -- and has a very decent website at So many great people yet you don't always remember their being there (and, of course, there are others and similar one could also go on and name.)


Captions Without the Cartoon

"The last thing I recall before I came to was his saying he 'gets to be interesting too.'"

"We know he's not the Eye of Heru; and though you seem to think much of him to me he'll always be old cyclops."

"Don't be so hard on him. It's true like he says; he's so deep in it that if he doesn't do what they say, they can turn him into the wolfman."


Journey of the Lone Canoe

Why after all anger and despair,
Does the sunshine of youth
Still beckon me forth?
Why after all pride and doubt,
For beauty far off
Does my heart still yearn?
Why after years a captive bound,
Of a pleasant garden
Do I seek home?

I do so long; I am so drawn
Because there is something about
Where the tall green woods
And the gray sea meet;
Something about
Where the earth breathes the wind
And drinks the rain;
Something about
The rising sun
(Who bids it wait?)
Suffusing the air
And making the mountains laugh
In joyous reply;
Something about that burst of gold
In greenery translucent,
Trembling and swimming
In a flood of purest beams;
Something in those selfsame rays
When cast on the waters
And reflected dancing
On the riverís granite heights.
Oh, friend canoe, for that repose
Toward where those western currents roll,
Where pouring from the cliffs
Veils of icy vapors
Mingle in yonder valleyís misty folds,
And streams and zephyrs billow
That sequoias and I may be evergreen.

There I am;
Towards there I go
On a trip
To the infinite
I call my own:
Locked to reasonís shore
Yet never leaving hopeís door;
Even in times sad and bereft.
For just as day in day out
This waterfall
Among the weeping cedars
Steadily descends,
So yet still sometimes quiet tears
Bubble and splash
Murmurs of remorse.
And yet just as assuredly
Am I soon to be solaced
By the great undercurrent of things,
Home of the immutable
Silently rumbling
Without and within.

And not a voice in the forest is stifled.
Nor the shrieking hawk,
Nor the oceanís lapping waves
Are enough to quell the eternal's din:
The bark of the fleeing elk;
The deer's tender tread;
Snorts of the towering moose;
Cackles of raccoons;
The grunts of bears;
The cougarís growl;
The sea lions shout --
They all cry out
To the common mother.

And after all of this,
There is my joy!
Sheís my little wonder
I care for and adore,
And always there
Were all else a bore.
Iím there with her in troubled hour.
Iím there when she needs me.
And can I cheer her this way
If I myself donít keep on?
And if one day we part,
Why should I die?
Let death die;
I wouldn't know how to die.
For with these Arms
In which we're held,
How should we know what dying is?


Once more I recollected something I had written some years previous at this site among my posts, and in searching through my "Oracles" files could not find it. This may be a fault of my search program, but in any case let me repeat what I basically related at that time about 2 or 3 years ago. What I said was that I had seen this "eye in the triangle" person, shown on the U.S. one dollar bill, by way of a spirit person showing it to me as an animated and vivid image in my head, and then sarcastically asked you my readers the question -- are you impressed then to know that there is such a thing? I would also add now that part of what I was and am trying to impart by mentioning this is that if there is such a thing you have no reason to necessarily take it very seriously, let alone deistically; even though it is on the dollar, and even though some will unthinkingly take it for granted that it bespeaks something divine. As likely as not, it is really nothing more than some sorcerer's or powerful spirit person's jest to make us look stupid, and or else a guise they put on to arouse awe and terror.


Before proceeding on the remarks I am going to make, I want to be emphatic in stresssing that I have no compelling reason to assume the image in question is anything more than an optical illusion or some happenstance of lighting. This having been explicitly conceded, what does the above picture look like to you? Well, to me offhand it appears to be someone's eye. Now if you click on the picture, you will see where and what it is an enlargement from; the above image is located in the small red circle I've drawn left of center, and if you close in to and enlarge you will see it more clearly.

Now even though we assume the mysterious eye is simply a by coincidence, optical illusion, nevertheless the image is a bit frightening if you took it to be what it seems it might be. My main point in bringing this up then is to give you an example of how a spirit person can scare you with something, and were the purported eye something other than a photographic illusion how would you react to seeing such a thing if it were or actually appeared real? Well, of course, for some their hair would stand on end and they would beg for mercy. And this is why it is easy to get some to go along with these spirit people I write about -- you simply scare the former to death, and they will do whatever the spirit people (or their cohorts) tell them to. But if you are intelligent, what you ought to do (when dealing with bullying and con artist spirit people) instead is mock them or whatever it is they're doing, and or attempt to engage them in a dialogue, while keeping in mind and embracing with all your heart that inestimable dictum "perfect love casts out fear" -- indeed, say this to them as if you would instruct them. (Nor neglect to avail yourself of other great sayings we've posted or alluded to here before, such as "pray for peace...and mind your own business," and "it's a bad doctrine as well as a poor teaching," and "believe in truth, but not falsehood," etc.)


"While we were standing there someone brought the word that the President was dead...There wasn't a sound...I then looked over between someone's feet and there lay a carton of books broken open with the lid flapped back. Inside the carton was a paperback book, and on the cover was Christ Leads the Way with a picture of Jesus..."
~Dallas Officer, Luke Mooney, quoted in No More Silence by Larry A. Sneed pg. 224, and who was the first policeman to arrive at the 6th floor of the Book Depository on 22 Nov. 1963.

Out of curiosity, I spent some additional time going through much online available material on the Kennedy Assassination, and the following are some observations and conclusions that occurred to me.

One theory poses that CIA connections with the mob resulted in Kennedy originating plans to assassinate Castro being used against the Kennedys themselves-- i.e. because the Kennedys (John and Robert) were causing loss in mob profits. (Here note, though I don't want to get into it at the moment, mob profits does not seem to me a strong enough incentive for the mob to have wanted to actually kill Kennedy -- that would have been madness. But if a very important spirit person was taking exception to Kennedy that would be a motive and incentive of far more plausible a magnitude to have excused, indeed perhaps demanded, the deed.)

This seems a somewhat strange hypothesis, yet even if incorrect it does raise some useful questions and issues. One thing wrong with it is that Bobby Kennedy spoke loudly and courageously for going after the mob -- why therefore would he fail to see the immorality of assassination? Because according to this proposed view, Robert Kennedy was against the mob yet at the same time he saw assassination as an acceptable means to pursue political policy. In all the speeches he or his brother ever gave, was there ever any hint of the latter? I myself don't know. But let's assume that they didn't actually believe or endorse such a method. One possibility is that the whole thing is a hoax; that the Kennedys never had such a policy. Yet by inventing or else being deceived by others with it, it would lead one to believe Kennedy was somehow responsible for his own death.

What may rather have been the case is that the Kennedys' idea of attacking the mob instigated a mob reaction and expansion of infiltration of the CIA. A secret agency like the CIA in peace time has never to me made a whole lot of sense to begin with, and covert methods obviously lend themselves to spirit and witchcraft people. There is obviously a degree to where if one goes off the deep end in darkness and secrecy they will sure enough find that darkness and secrecy -- and the poison and disease that come with them.

Regarding my own supposition of the very important spirit person, the geomterically religious exchange of fire at Dealey Plaza suggests a potentially wonderful symbolism -- and to that extent a more refined and exquisite form of torture. Two of the most persuasive forensics explanations as yet are that the shots that killed Pres. Kennedy came from above (the Depository or else another adjacent high building) and from below (from the flood drain.) [The flash/smoke from the knoll being possibly the/a magician?] Perhaps the meaning to be read into this is that the President was being denied Heaven's protection for being self-righteous (i.e. his being less than perfect); while Hell wanted to get at him for reasons of jealousy ("he has it too good.") This may sound silly to some, yet it is exactly using the carrot and stick of Heaven and Hell that works wonders on some people's minds -- even if Heaven and Hell are actually, and unbeknownst to them, the same person.

Speaking of torture, remember spirit people can attack, including torture, an individual in at least three main ways: physical, mental, and spiritual (including morally and rationally in their soul.) If you are or happened to be so attacked, it is important to define to yourself exactly what they are doing of the one, some or all of these as a necessary way of forming and creating a defense for yourself; for they have arts and techniques that extend to assailing all three aspects of your person, and by rationally and specifically realizing exactly what it is they are doing you are that much better able to deal with whatever it is.

(Oh, and you, of course, don't want to forget your "Man from UNCLE" theme music by Jerry Goldsmith [via downloads.])

Later Note. If you are relatively new to studies on the JFK assassination, one documentary you might try and which I especially found helpful and interesting is ďThe Men Who Killed Kennedy.Ē


My brother surprised me about the middle of last month and took some pictures, and above are two of them. I must admit to being pretty beat up at the hands of these people after all these years, so I can't say I photograph as well as I would like. In fact, the above were two of the better pictures. In any case, which do you prefer? The "John Wayne" or the "Wild Poet" look?


Who are mankind's adversaries among spirit people? What are their motives? What are their means of attacking us? These are important questions which could obviously be got into at some length, while as often as not there are things we simply don't quite know about to speak of. But as usual here at this site, we can at least attempt some preliminary and exploratory sketches.

One of the first things to be observed is that although we do or might find ourselves in given circumstances dealing with real and extreme evil, it doesn't necessarily follow that we are dealing with the supreme evil or some alleged evil one or Satan himself. For example, although you might be fighting the forces of Caesar or Napoleon, it doesn't necessarily follow that you are fighting Caesar or Napoleon himself in the given instance. Perhaps it might be one of his lieutenants, or perhaps not even someone that important. They might be scary, vicious, and brutal enough, but Hell people, as I have heretofore been referring to criminal spirit people of an extreme sort, are like everyone else in that they differ as individuals and are not infrequently driven by different motives.

When Cortes arrived at Tenochtitlan, present day Mexico City, he discovered the temple of the Aztecs there festooned with some 136,000 human skulls of sacrificial victims. Although we know the Spaniards themselves later enslaved and victimized the Indian populace, sometimes under the guise and pretense of false Christianity (as practiced by some), who would "Satan" have been rooting for between the Europeans and the Aztecs? Although the answer to this question is not readily obvious, you can nonetheless see there were those in either group who would have been satisfying to his purpose. This said, that one prevailed over the other may have been decided on a lower level of the Hell hierarchy. There are then different layers to this order of power, and some levels may be much higher in distance than others such that their actual involvement in a given circumstances may be very rare or unusual. One sometimes gets the feeling that Hell organized crime groups are a kind of franchise which while they can be made to answer to a greater power have, nonetheless, some amount of autonomy, and if they pay their membership dues it may not be strictly necessary for the higher head or heads of the business to become directly involved.

Earlier we mentioned how getting or making others guilty is a key aspect to Hell policy. Another that could be mentioned is that they seek to eliminate or remove from power and influence leadership among people that is most moral and rational. In this respect, what we often see them doing is endeavoring to skim the most good people from off the top of society while preserving for their own use and benefit those that are situated below that leadership in the moral and political hierarchy of things.

Yet, again, what exactly is the motive and design? To what extent are the more powerful leaders working in tandem or direct cooperation with the lower ones? For this, of course, we have as yet no easy answer. Does the evil one seek to breed, groom and indoctrinate people to be his slaves and victims and thus mock higher good? Or does he seek annihilation of who and what's good? Perhaps in the extended time frame he is living in it is not be quite one or the other, and perhaps he oscillates between the two ends depending on his mood in a given age or era. One certainly does in any case get the sense that the battle between good and evil is something like a game; for which reason motives and policy for some may actual change over time depending on how things are going. This, at least, is something that should be considered and borne in mind when attempting to determine purpose and intent.


Since I had just brought up Pres. Kennedy, I thought some might find it helpful and informative to express my views on what might be the connection between spirit people (such as I discuss) and his assassination. Shortly after the event, Gov. Connally, while still recovering from his own wound in the hospital, described the assassination shooting as a manifestation of extremism and lawlessness in society. And this explanation I think is very apt on a number of levels. One of the great confusions that have understandably arisen is people's attempting to get at what was or might have been the motive for the crime. If criminal spirit people were behind it, they would not need to have such a motive merely or solely such as "get rid of Kennedy." With people like this the motive would be more one of causing trouble to many, while hopefully also causing many to become guilty in the process. To put it one way, what is sought is a kind of glorification and empowerment of evil, which and at the same time doing they get a thrill or high from -- and as likely as not some sort of material pay also for some of them. For in the midst of anarchy, people are not untypically forced to turn to someone as authority, and if legitimate authority is absent or otherwise in question many people will look to powerful criminals as authority in their place, and which thereby increases the sway, rule, and influence of such spirit people. These, needless to add, then are turned to their profit.

The various cover-ups and conspiracies that have been suggested are such as would be promoted, encouraged, devised and or orchestrated -- even if not strictly necessary for committing and getting away with the crime -- because doing so gets more people guilty. The more guilty people are the easier it becomes to threaten and blackmail them, and then in turn control them; with again, the idea being to expand the criminal spirit people's power and influence. A sorcerer is a kind of magician, and so much of the disinformation, evidence tampering, and distorting of facts adds to the confusion and assists his illusion. Meantime, the magician (whoever he might be) loves to ply his trade and gets real enjoyment (accompanied by a spiteful and sadistic relish) at playing various kinds of tricks, yet which tricks simultaneously serve to engender the chaos that compromises and undermines legitimate authority -- which the criminal spirit people can then try to supplant.

With respect to Lee Harvey Oswald, the evidence is overwhelming to me that he was in fact set up, such as:

* What an extraordinary coincidence that he should have a job at the Book Depository and which happened to be right along the route of the motorcade.
* His statements after being taken into custody at the police station seem sincere and genuine.
* The time it would have taken him to have committed both the presidential assassination and the shooting of police officer Tippit in the time frame given seems little short of incredible.
* His strange history as a supposed communist activist sounds very much like he was being made a fool of and being led on by someone else.
* The discrepancy between the caliber of the spent shells and the caliber of the rifle found in the Depository is extremely strange, and is hard to account for using the Oswald theory. It is much better I think explained by our "magician" brazenly presenting inexplicable and obviously conflicting evidence to the police for purposes of bewildering and of mocking their efforts to figure out what actually happened -- thus further proving the latter's weakness in the face of the threat posed.


Secret societies and conspiracies such as are spoken of here are difficult to grasp, I would submit, unless one posits the scientific existence spirit people. And if such can be proven then we have a palpable explanation for what is the head and ruling power of what Pres. Kennedy is talking about. He saw the effect of these and their followers. We as well can see the same effect in our own day many years later. But unlike him, we now have the capability and potential to get at and identify what is the actual cause of those effects, and in a manner that is free of uncertainty and ambiguity. Yet, of course, it remains that the same obstacle to making this scientific breakthrough common understanding is these same powers of secrecy, and the wherewithal they still wield and maintain to continue to separate people and disrupt and manipulate communications. It is with these latter, as I regularly at this website make reference to, where you will find a direct link to the ghosts.


That some disagree strongly with President Bushes policies and handling of his office, I can perfectly understand, but really it gets to be nauseating to see the very personal lambasting of him in some of the major media. For instance, I just got through watching a trailer for "Oliver Stone's" upcoming film "W" -- that ostensibly is a cinematic biography, and I was rather appalled by the sadism of it. Similarly, beside the point, trivial or irrelevant in the tired criticism of some is how the President pronounces his middle initial -- a very puerile object of satire on the part of these critics. But worse than all of this is that, and I strongly believe, the very people who pay the salaries of these movie-makers, media editorialists, and would-be humorists are probably the same people who made sure the President was both elected and re-elected. In this respect, the democratic challengers were right in the past elections to challenge the legitimacy of the presidential vote, and I personally believe it was fixed -- though without any knowledge or collusion on the part of the President. And the same people who did this are the same ones, oft discussed here at this website, who predominantly control the mass media. Why did they do this? As witchcraft people, both to attack the country and undermine its stability and institutions -- and to, as a bonus, blame Bush for all of this (probably for no other reason that the one or ones in charge took a fancy to him as an object of their tormenting abilities.)

And yet this power can also indirectly corrupt the opposition. Earlier this evening (8/28), I listened to Sen. Obama's acceptance speech before the final democratic election convention, and I must say I was very moved; he is a superb speaker. But I noticed he made mention of Ben Ladin. As far as I am concerned, I have more reason and proof to believe the persons responsible for 9-11 are the same ones who make all those sorcery and serial killer movies and television shows out in Hollywood. After all and in short, would it not only make more sense as an explanation?