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Tale As Old As Time

Note. Circa 1970. The robot would represent the ghoulish magician.

[Lancelot Link Secret Chimp episode "The Reluctant Robot"]

~or~ ["Lancelot link chimp. Reluctant robot"]

Later Note. Here's a link at where you can download for free (at MegaUpload wait 45 seconds first unless you want to purchase a membership) a full album's worth of Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution (zipped with .rar, at 68 MBs.)


Although I am or would be a Catholic Christian in heart, sentiment and essential morals, I am far from being one who is persuaded of the infallibility of the Bible's text (as pertaining to every last of its particulars) as that text is presently and for centuries has been known and understood to be. To give one illustration and knowing what I do about spirit people, the idea that Jesus was consoled by an angel while in anguish in Gethsemane, as stated in Luke, seems like a malicious fabrication. Granted, the author of that gospel may perhaps honestly himself believed the story to have been true, but if so he was deceived in this by a spirit person, or else alternatively the event is a later insertion placed there by some cunning vandal. (Meanwhile, the question can be asked -- if this is Luke, from where did this particular detail originate? From Jesus himself after the resurrection passed on through a disciple, or from a spirit person? More than likely the latter.) The same or similar interpretation I would apply to other portions of scripture that are or might be suspicious in their authenticity.

Once again, among the true and greatest causes of woe and sickness in this world are spirit people. And though it probably isn't fair to blame all spirit people, as a general rule and if taken in a non-poetical and literal sense, they should always, as a practical matter, be seen as untrustworthy messengers of fraud and illusion, while, at the same time, the most virulent enemies of truth, honesty and reason. If there are actually good spirit people or good angels, the only persons who should be interacting with such are prophets and high saints, and unless you are certain of yourself being such (and or unless you are an impartial scientific investigator) you should shun any and all contact with any and all spirit people; just as much as you would shun and avoid some malignant and contagious disease -- because that invariably is what continually meddling spirit people are, whether they manifest themselves as a heavenly angel and or as an almighty, beneficent voice from beyond. Conniving and manipulative spirit people have various ways of making themselves seem like benign, higher authority, yet their surreptitious and sneaking ways give the lie to all this. To make things even more difficult, it understandably takes some courage for people who are not familiar with spirit people to reject such advances. But if you possess any real intelligence, reject them you must. Indeed, so lethal and dangerous are they that I seriously would recommend shooting first and asking questions afterward if any such came your way.


The following little known anecdote, and which some of you might find of interest as a specimen of Hell mentality such as continues to rule and hold sway in our own midst to this very day, is taken from The State Records of North Carolina, vol. XV 1780-81, edited by Walter Clark, pp. 377-378.

"MINUTES OF CRAVEN COUNTY COURT. [December Term, 1895, Book 13, Pp. 524-525.]

"Wednesday, December 12, 1855.(Extract.)

"'John T. Lane appears in open Court, and being sworn upon the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, deposes and says that he heard Thomas A. Green, of the County of Craven say, that he, the said Green, and John Davis of said County were taken prisoners of war together during the Revolution, and imprisoned together in Charleston (1780), and that he, the said Green, was separated from the said Davis, and that he never saw the said Davis after the said separation, and did not know what became of him, except from general rumor, and that rumor was that he was whipped to death in the British Navy. Deponent further states that he has frequently heard Thomas Davis say that his brother, John Davis, was whipped to death on a British Man of War. Deponent further states that he heard Captain Richard Carter say that he was a prisoner of war during the Revolution, and was imprisoned on board a British Man of War with one John Davis; that the Master of the ship tried to make the American prisoners do duty on board ship, and that the said John Davis, who was an American, peremptorily refused; whereupon the said Davis was severely whipped, that the whipping was stopped and he was told that if he would draw a bucket of water from the ship's side the punishment should cease; that he refused to do it, and the whipping was commenced often, and continued until his bowels were whipped out, and he died; that he, the said Carter, was an eye-witness to the whole. Deponent further says that the said Green and Carter died many years ago; that they were men of truth, and that he believes that their statements were true, and that he has no interest whatever in making this deposition.'

"John Davis was one of three sons of James Davis—John, Thomas and William.
"James Davis established the first printing press in North Carolina, in New Bern, (at foot of Broad street,) in 1749, and was the first public printer.
"It is said that Davis, after his first whipping, was taken in a boat to the side of every ship in the fleet and given 15 lashes at each one; was then returned to the prison-ship and told if he would draw a bucket of water from the ship's side they would cease the whipping. He replied:
"'If His Majesty's whole navy was on fire, and that one bucket of water drawn by him would extinguish the flames, he would not draw it.' The flogging was then resumed and continued until he died, he being wholly or partially disemboweled."


From a business standpoint, overbearing and repeatedly intrusive spirit people and gangsters can be treated in this wise.

While a) they are a force to reckon with, such power is based on underhanded guile and brute force, and of itself and as such is of no use or benefit to me or anyone -- least of all given that their motives are neither altruistic or democratic.
b) True, they have money, and leaving aside whether such is legitimately theirs, yes we could under certain circumstances be willing to accept that from them.
c) Yes, they have a certain curiosity and interest value conferred on them for being an unusual scientific phenomena, so to speak.
d) Being wretched and disgraced people as they are (by their bullying and cheating, etc.), certainly the idea that they might or should be extended, or at least deserving, of Christian charity seems a sound and sensible one.

But aside from these last three factors, I personally would not waste my time with these people, and only actually do so because of the first; so that as far as I'm concerned, and aside from the above, they are thoroughly discredited and don't really have the value to back up their arrogance and grandiose pretensions.


Having brain torture radios run on me this past decade and more has compelled me to live a largely sedentary life, inasmuch as its effect on my head severely affects the use and control of my body. And while some time back I could pass army fitness tests in basic training and in preparation for officer school, now I am and for sometime reduced to being not much more physically active than an invalid; I fatigue much more easily and I am just too distracted and under duress to get much exercise.

It is partly for being inordinately house bound for this reason that I have spent an incredible amount of hours in the interim of my ordeal playing computer games. And though I have tried and sampled dozens and dozens of them, I thought that for fun I would write up a list of those that, as it turns out, I ended up playing the very most, and for that reason I especially consider to be proven all time winners. Naturally, there are other games I like very much also (such as “Horse and Musket,” Sid Meier’s “Antietam” and “Waterloo,” and "Man of War II" -- most of which need badly to be properly patched and upgraded), but these are for me the best based on sheer logged in hours.

* Steel Panthers (In all the various versions and editions in which it has come out since and including the very first)
This game I think I just about played over the years more than any other, and have traveled all over the globe in this game re-enacting World War II land battles on an individual vehicle and squad level. It has been outclassed since by 3-D games like "Combat Mission" and some others, but in turns of re-playability it has few peers.

* Charlie II by Wiering software
I would be embarrassed to tell you how much actual time I have spent over the past five years on this funny duck arcade game made by an independent Dutch software designer, but it has occupied me very well when I was being annoyed by spirit people and very stressed out. In it you bounce around, leap, dive, swim, float, fly, and the puzzles are so varied that you pick up certain lessons on how to make the best of what you have to work with -- lessons that are applicable symbolically with such as you might face in real life. Such as when we ask -- is it worth the risk? Do I care if I squander myself? Do I want to make the highest score? Or do I just want to get through to the next chamber and level?

* Red Baron 3D
Some might think realistic combat flight-sims like Red Baron 3D are just kids play. But if you participate in a historical campaign arena fight with maybe a sixty or more players, I guarantee you, unless you are already a veteran, that you will experience real fear of getting shot down, with accompanying nervousness, almost as if it were real life. And if you don't believe me, just give it a try sometime; only these days RB3D is pretty well defunct, one of the many very much regretted victims of the corporate/witchcraft cultural revolution of recent times.


Who cannot at some point, if not frequently and regularly, be distressed and dismayed at the absurd and extreme problems in life, whether in our own, others', or in the world at large? The primary reason for this state of things is that life as we know it is and has been under attack, and, indeed, takes place in a state of war. Picture some fierce combat zone where bombs are dropping, shells are flying, and bullets whistle all about you -- could you imagine attempting to live your day to day life in such an environment? And yet in a significant way, the circumstances in which any of us live our lives is not that much less preposterous only we are deceived into complacency by temporary illusions of peace or lulls in the strife into thinking the serious problems that beset us are only temporary and incidental. The reality of the situation is that humanity for as far back as history can record has been under attack by certain spirit people who are no friends of peace, happiness, and freedom, and it is they who are the source of all, or at least most all, of our worst woes.

Of course, people down through the ages have reacted differently to this fight that is and has been waged upon us. Some try to simply ignore what is taking place and seek safety in blissful ignorance. Others think that by appeasing and cooperating with our collective assailants they will obtain well being for themselves. Others do and have taught various kinds of passive resistance. Yet others have sought to fight the enemy, say in the military sense, yet as often as not end up, though with all good intention, aiming at the wrong target. Whatever the response, the ancient battle goes on and will continue to till something is done in wise and resolute earnest to bring about its termination. Until this happens, wonder not at the acute afflictions and travails that are or might be taking place in your own or others' lives. For to expect or assume continued health and tranquility in this world as we've hitherto known it makes about as much sense as attempting to secure the same things in a foxhole or trench in wartime.

On hearing this, if you didn’t know it already, would you not then perhaps want to fight these spirit people aggressors? Although I am not disposed to get into the subject further at the moment, one more or less obvious place to start would be to identify and assess what are our opponents’ strengths and weakness versus our own; any number of the former of which have been mentioned or remarked on among these postings and my writings on spirit people. And yes, let us reaffirm in passing that rationality and the ability to stay calm and objective can and should be seen as paramount weapons and assets pertaining to either side which possesses and makes use of them.


It seems only mete that I take the time to articulate what my current legal position is with respect to the ongoing harassments, torture, interference and assorted robbery and abuse of the last 15 years and which continues to this day.

Here you have situation where we have a private citizen, whom we'll call "Speelburg," being permitted to wage his private war on me; while accompanied by and under the command of criminal spirit people. In addition to spirit people, Speelburg can use brain torture radios to make my life difficult. What specific troubles they have and do cause me are covered somewhat in my "Narrative" (see link below) or elsewhere among these my posts.

Now I have gone to the Seattle police, lawyers, the local Catholic Archdiocese, governmental representatives (national and state), the FBI (since my story does involve interstate criminals, not to mention brain torture radios), some faculty of the University of Washington to obtain help and assistance in the face of the above mentioned onslaught, and the response I have received is either no response (i.e. complete silence) or else that they can or will not help me. This then does and has left me alone to face Speelburg and his gang. I conclude from this that the above offices, professions and institutions have evidently degraded to such a level of incapacity, irresponsibility and imbecility as to not actually be capable of functioning properly and legally, and de facto and in effect do not really exist except as a show or movie -- if that; and for similar reasons cannot personally be held liable for their actions (presumably due to medical infirmity.) In other words, if a person cannot meet the most elementary standards of competency they forfeit their status to such important offices and positions -- as a practical matter and under the circumstances if not de jure.

There being little reason to take them very seriously, this then leaves me to deal with the monster gang. With Speelburg, as with the professionals, officials, et al., again there is little grounds form me to take he himself seriously as a person either; indeed in his case, he could no doubt be diagnosed and qualify as being clinically insane and therefore not answerable for his actions. There is also the ghoulish magician but it is understood he is not much more than a glorified Speelburg, and as such is equally inculpable and for similar reasons.

This then leaves us with the Heavenly Oaf who is in charge of all of these, and indeed is used as an excuse by practically all for why all these people cannot conduct themselves intelligently, humanely, honestly and responsibly. I say this then to the greatest among all these persons and powers.

I suffered all these things for the sake of the cat, and not for any prize, reward, or vindication. My consolation is to protect and care for my loved ones. But after this I wish nothing more than that you and your peoples should be completely absent from my life. Grant me but this and I will drop the whole matter and let it go. If on the other hand, you insist on invading my personal life as long as you can otherwise my recompense can be paid in your own condemnation and punishment -- not my remuneration. For aside form the safety and well being of our loved ones there is no greater bliss and indemnification then to once and finally done with you and your heaven in our lives for all time. While you hold yourself up as a great fallen angel or whatever you are actually supposed to be, I know in actual fact you are the lowest and dirtiest cheater, and that it is in cheating and deception lies the greatness of your would be heaven. For which reason I dispute very much your feigned and pretended greatness, including the value of your heaven, seeing as how all alone I fought you and your gang for 15 years without any money worth speaking of while carrying a physical handicap you imposed -- and I still beat you. Is it not clear then that far from being some celestial king or prince you are in actuality the most shameful fraud and poltroon -- not to mention inhuman maniac? If this is so, wherein lies the value of this heaven, this gold, with which you use to purchase all these others' characters and integrity?

Here's the deal then. Either come out and fight like a man, get out of my personal life, or, as far as I am concerned, suffer the most severe punishment justice permits on behalf of both yourself and all these unreliable, decommissioned, and childish (or insane) others.


My friend Stuart Green has put together a four CD addition to his "Soul, Rockin' & Obscure" set of dusted off gold from old 45s; a sample package of which I will have available one of these upcoming recommendations of the week in the near future. Meanwhile, one song I am not including but which I am sure some of you otherwise will regret to have missed is this lost hit from Steve Clayton "Flying Can Be Fun" (.wma, zipped at 1.6 MBs)


The following are a brief miscellany of websites or links that some may find useful or of interest but which they perhaps simply didn't know about.

Trend Micro's HijackThis 2.0.2
This is a superb freeware program which makes it possible to manually debug and remove hidden and unwanted boot or start up items, such as very nasty malware, spyware and viruses. As one reviewer said -- "Finally!"

The Moon Calendar
Obtain the phases of the moon for every day between "January 3999 BC and December 3999 AD." If there is actually a scientific basis for astrology, it is information such as this site provides combined with co-joint observations of behavior (and taking account of ancillary factors and circumstances accompanying those behaviors) that would make such possible. Imagine, for example, if someone had the time and leisure to compare records of certain kinds of human behavior with the lunar conditions taking place simultaneous with them. The question then could be asked -- is there a connection between the behaviors and the moon's phases? Now I am not insisting that there is such a connection. But if there is, the information this kind of calendar provides would help make it possible to find out the extent and nature of it. In addition of course, this calendar data can be of interest to historians attempting to ascertain the meteorological conditions of certain days or other since past (as well as those future.)

Mr. Pop History
If you were born after 1949, download a .pdf detailing news events, music hits, and pop trends going on during the week in which you were born.

Rod McKuen's "A Safe Place to Land"
McKuen's brand of poetry is usually so very different from mine that I think it is a bad influence if I happen to read it before attempting to compose my own verse. But this having been said, it is always good to know there are people who are saying something -- anything -- and I am grateful for his website for reminding us daily that there are still feeling and sensitive people out there. I remember when poets out in public were a common phenomena, and you saw such as McKuen on Merv Griffin, or casually came across Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti or Michael McLure in ordinary discussions, or hear Julie Harris and Claire Bloom reciting poetry on LPs or some television program. Even if I don't always share his ideas and sentiments -- which I don't -- McKuen's website is a good harking back to those more human times.


Here's an interesting item worth sharing. Glen Campbell, now 72 years old, has of just the other day has released a new album titled, oddly or not so oddly enough, "Meet Glen Campbell." Given or not even given his age, it is a robust effort worthy a much younger man or of Campbell himself in earlier years, and is definitely worth checking out. Somewhat strangely the video accompanying the page for the CD is for some inexplicable reason very poor in picture resolution. This anomaly may perhaps be accounted for by the CD's having a song titled "Jesus," and for which it is being duly taxed by the ghoulish powers-that-be entrusted with disfiguring or mutilating religious non-conformists. Certainly at least, I myself would not discount such as a distinct possibility for the present times in which we live.


One way I put the matter to these people is like this. Before I proceed, however, I want it to be understood that when I refer to the great movie career I am not really thinking of a regular person, say a famous or well known movie producer or director, but rather a spirit person who is the actual entity and driving force behind the otherwise well-known movie career. What I then say to them is -- do you really think that that great movie career (while perhaps listing some film titles) was worth all the grief and trouble you caused?

Of course, any of the rest of you well see that that career and those movies were not worth all the grief and trouble which these people have and do cause.

Now if you got this far in understanding me, and if you don't know already, let me ask --- can you see how the false heaven of duped angels and the seemingly religious wonders of spirit people are to be likened to the great movie career only that they are taking place on a whole other plane of being and at a much more expensive rate of crime?


What you don't seem to understand is that while we stood up against serial killers, brain torture radios, witchcraft and organized crime -- you on the other hand did not, and rather said you would keep quiet if they did not harm you and or paid you money. What possible substitute then is there for what we did? By the same token, what possible cure or remedy is there for you?

For remember -- Spirit (say with respect to thought and emotion) is not the outer layer but the core; not the husk but the grain; not the shell but the fruit; not the means but the end. And what good does it do you if you have everything you want but at the price of selling the compassion and courage out of your heart and the honesty and reason out of your mind?

But these other people did the same you say. Yes, perhaps they did, but are they anywhere near as guilty and or as financially wealthy as you are?


The Legend Continues


Oafmore: This movie, let's face it, it's no good.

K-Pax: All right. Then in that case let's just says it's a kids' movie. Problem solved.

Oafmore: Good idea. One other thing. We need some TV shows with a superhero, a funny clown character, a princess, pirate, and a wizard.

Movie Producer: How soon do you need them?

Oafmore: Oh, a month or so before the fall line up airs.

Movie Producer: Consider it done.


Some of My Favorite Sayings

* The simple fact is you are just making a fool out yourself, and you are not really helping anyone. Please, I entreat you. come to your senses. Roll credits and get this noise over with already. It's what everybody wants, and it's for the best.

* You mark my words. You're going to get it good Oh yes you will. Sure they will let you do it this way. But only because they are happy to have you later pay the price for doing so.

* You're not so great as you seem to think or imagine. You wanted be a great Devil, yes, years ago. But they knew then that in reality you didn't know what you were doing, just as they know the same thing now.


He's the Kreskin of Sorcery, the Dwayne Esper of filmdom, the Barbara Walters [or other "View" panelist] of gossip, and the Don Corleone of being interesting --- he makes you an offer you can't refuse and he gets to be interesting too -- or else. For surely this knowledge he possesses must make a deep impression on you as to the very intriguingness of his person and persona. No less also in this regard are the amazing feats and wonders he can invoke or conjure at his will -- in or outside your body. In a word, it seems high likely that he must be a very interesting person of some high sort as he daily reminds us in various ways.

But I told him I could give the lie to all of this. If he's so interesting then let's see how he does when he's not forcing himself on anyone. He won't do it. Truly the most tiresome, childish, and arrogant sort of character. Try as I might to dissuade him, he will not desist from believing and confiding in the many times over proven as both grievous and contemptible teaching and doctrine of demonism and dishonest religion -- including the imagined duty of always having to do things to people. Even though, in all these years, we have never seen it really working once for him and his people -- not in real terms, so to speak. And, with all sincerity, the way they see things is so and usually utterly venomous and vitiated that it becomes an utmost priority to keep it out of our own lives and thinking. Yet they so persist, and so must we persist in resisting him and them. But because he can so draw on powers of evil such as himself can continue to be a plague, nuisance, parasite and much worse in others' lives. So much of this success on his part, as you presumably know, is that he has been able to persuade others to his supposed superiority of his -- with sometimes very sad and lamentable results. But if this assumption of self-importance on which he perpetuates his power is reasonably and manfully challenged and brought into question that's the beginning of the end of the lie on which his kingdom rests.


It is not the life that must die but the form, and then not all of the form; and for that part of the form that does die (and even if it is well that it die), there will always be a sometime when it can still be sung and imaginatively celebrated as being an eternal part of life whenever we might need or want it.


Some will hopefully have come to appreciate by now that the real enemy to life, happiness and just peace is autocratic spirit people. And while it is understandable to get mad at the dummy or regular person itself -- what is ten times more effective is to get the ventriloquist, i.e. the spirit person running the dummy. Of course, a major problem that is faced is that many regular people will ipso fact assume spirit people -- whether in the guise of ghost, angel, or otherworldly presence -- are or represent higher authority. This perspective must be radically changed -- but without harming or blaming traditional religion or hurting spirit people who may be guilty somewhat but who are really only pawns like the aforementioned regular person "dummies." Assuming and if these two last hurdles can be over leaped, what we then want to do is seek, root out and destroy spirit people without mercy. Until they are disarmed and palpably neutralized (if not imprisoned) they should be given no quarter, and must be continually and incessantly hounded inasmuch as that is possible. At the same time and needless to say, such are not without their own powers; so that at the same time we place unrelenting pressure on them we must be prepared to be patient for long periods while perhaps enduring extreme suffering ourselves at their hands -- and do so calmly as best we can and God gives us to.

Make no mistake about it. If you don't insist that real evil is to blame, evil will inevitably end up saying good is to blame and carry out a systematic campaign attacking the good and the innocent -- which is to say to the same degree of intensity and level or belligerency which we should be adopting in our offensive against them.


I was never all that much into Elvis; possibly because my aunt (then in her early 20's) forced us kids to sit quietly through his 1968 comeback special, and at the time I just wasn't all that interested or impressed. All the more reason then to now try and pick up some of what I missed out on -- that is, outside his well-known mega hits and a number of movies (plus one documentary made during his lifetime) of his I'd seen. In the process, I am more come to discover what, in many ways, all round amazing abilities he possessed as a singer and stage performer. It is commonly stated that near the end of his career that he was physically and emotionally falling to pieces. Well, even if true, he was still apparently able to give a wallop of a performance as seen in this YouTube clip (of the song "Unchained Melody") taken from his last concert (given in 1977), and which so struck me I thought I would post for others who might, like myself, be surprised by how very well he sang at that relatively late hour of his life and when things were on their way to going so badly for him. (Some will want to turn down the sound as it is already pre-set to a high volume.)


See Heaven with your heart and imagination -- and never in your mind's literal eye or by way of spirit people conveyed visions. This caution might seem obvious enough without and requiring great depth of analysis to grasp the truth of it. Even so, I feel it is necessary to repeat because I strongly believe that it is seemingly heavenly angelic visions that are the death of honest thought and just reason as much or more so than anything else. I get hit up with these kinds of things fairly often, and though it is no great stretch for me to dismiss them as phony, I can't help but suspect that many others are a good deal more credulous and gullible when it comes to receiving them.


"Those spirit people know about these things a certain way."

Those spirit people are the ones causing all these problems in the first place.


As in -- "I have my faults that is very true, but you are a worser man by far Dunga Jinn." (folly, stink and rot that ends up being beyond all belief, etc.)


While I can't say Sen. Edward's having an affair reflected good judgment on his part, how can these pundits in the media be so self-righteous towards him while winking and nodding at the glorification of witchcraft and serial killers, such as we see in "Potter" and "Dexter?" While it is proper then Edwards should bow out and show a little loss of pride for a spell, people ought not to be too hard on him about all this unless it's at his wife's behest. At the same time, look at the depraved maniacs running the mass media, and ask yourself why they are never criticized or exposed for the hypocrites and sick weirdos they are.


Just My Luck

Just my luck.
He's a key player
In megalomania.
And because others
Won't be straight,
I can't get rid of him,
Howsoever great
My anger or my hate.
And you know as well,
I can't be making
Such a fuss about myself
Though a prisoner of Hell.
So a philosopher imperturbable
I must be;
Or like Odysseus
Think of a trick
To defeat him and set myself free.
Yes, I will be weary;
I will be annoyed;
It can't much be cured.
And about all one can do
Is remain calm and endure.
But when it comes
To actually being down
That's not so hard to get around.
The burden of all that's on him,
The plague itself, Dunga Jinn.


Want to watch something funny? Although I have seen most of the Little Rascals sound shorts there are still a few which I haven't viewed until just recently, and the following, "The Kid from Borneo" (1933) and "Little Daddy" (1931), are two such. The second of these I could not embed at this site so you will have to travel the link to go see it -- but it is so utterly priceless I had to include it.

With respect to "The Kid from Borneo," I suspect one reason I may not have seen it is that it was perhaps interpreted as being too racist to broadcast. But aside from perhaps a bit too much running around, the film is actually a riot. Also, before you possibly start viewing a word of explanation. The actual uncle is the man who runs the circus; which should be mentioned because this important information goes by so quickly it might by some easily be missed.

For me the rule is that a good sense of comedy will tell if something is actually racist in intent or not, and for the most part I don't think "Kid from Borneo" is; for of course a white actor might have played essentially the same role as the wild man but we would not think that was racist. Similarly, Stepin Fetchit (who, by the way, can be seen in the Little Rascals' short "A Tough Winter" (1930), but not in either of these two here) is oft been cited as an actor who was used to serve racist propaganda. Yet the fact of the matter is he was a very intelligent and witty comic, and to say his brand of comedy was necessarily racist makes as much sense as saying W.C. Fields or Laurel and Hardy are used to express racism toward Whites. True, as in say some Will Rogers films, Fetchit's character is presented in a derogatory way -- but it isn't always fair to see this use of him as purposely directed at Black people generally, and it is a shame his work has been so often criticized on the basis of racism when truly he was one of the funniest -- and smartest -- actors that was ever on screen.

"The Kid from Borneo" Part I

"The Kid from Borneo" Part II

"Little Daddy" Part I

"Little Daddy" Part II


Out of curiosity, I was watching some videos on YouTube of speeches by Adolph Hitler (with subtitles in English), and as I was doing so the "Magician" (who when he communicates usually speaks from behind and over my shoulder so to speak) mentioned that he "remembers those days." No less remarkable was seeing the positive feedback and comments the one-time Fuehrer was presently getting from YouTube viewers.

In assessing the Hitler phenomena following all this, I come to the conclusion that he did in his own mind mean well, and he was in his way a talented and gifted artist. The only problem was he was both very emotionally volatile and not given much to close ratiocination. At the same time, there is little or no doubt in my mind that he was finding his dreams being realized because there were spirit people assisting him in this (without quite his knowledge.) Imagine, for example, someone who goes to a casino thinking he's on a lucky streak, and sure enough once he's at the tables he can't stop winning. This only increases his confidence in himself and his belief that his luck cannot fail. But if the gaming is fixed in advance so that he will win, of course, he is operating under a delusion. And this is in effect what I think happened to Hitler.


Oh, I see! You don't like wars. You don't like pollution and global warming -- or epidemics and new diseases, or massacres and serial murders, famine and extreme poverty, political and legal corruption, the ruin of culture and the humanities, impiety, etc., etc. -- but you refuse to examine or discuss spirit people and who are ultimately the greatest cause of all these things. Hypocrite! In continually fleeing the facts and honest discussion in the name of fear and expediency you then are to blame for any and all those problems as much as anyone who is not an immediate accomplice or perpetrator.


The Ghoulish Power from Beyond That Gets to Be Interesting (Too)

Perhaps what I am about to write I shouldn't; since I am mostly writing because I am bored at the moment. And perhaps also in saying what I am going to say it will seem to some unbecoming or brazen on my part. However, since I am bored and in the interest of succinctness and clarity let me try to describe the human condition this way.

He can have all the money and sex to his heart's desire, not to mention counterfeit prestige, if he deliberately does the wrong thing a certain way. But consider the downside:

* He forfeits his reason, honest intelligence and dignity as a God created human being in order to become slave to a ghost whose identity he can never entirely be sure of.
* If he has children they will never really love and respect him unless out of pity.
* He must align himself with the most foul and loathsome monster as any the world has known.
* In his heart of hearts, he must reject and turn a deaf ear to the pleas of the helpless and innocent.
* His movies invariably stink; while poetry, music and theater for him are effectively non-existent.
* Since he must be so frequently mendacious he can never be quite sure of much of any of the reality of anything.
* He makes himself an enemy of Nature both by his amoral extremism and his allying himself with "other worldly" powers (who do the wrong thing.)
* The women he finds most attractive tend to be on the ugly side (the culture and lifestyle he promotes being not exactly conducive to real health and beauty), while the quality of his romances is both feeble and laughable thanks to his corresponding lack of heart, imagination, and intelligence (in "living" as he does.)

And, of course, we could go on, and on, and on, and on...


Use common sense. Among regular people, it is not per se those who've done the most wrong that are the most guilty. No, rather and speaking at large, those who've done the most wrong and have the most money are the most blameworthy. It is one thing for someone to force you to do the wrong thing -- but who, at the same time, forces you to be a millionaire or billionaire? However, this said, I don't mean to suggest that being exceedingly wealthy (in the material sense) of itself makes one guilty. Rather, being exceedingly wealthy serves to exponentially compound and heighten the guilt one is otherwise already answerable for.


I was almost sure I included this query in a poem of mine and or at least inserted it somewhere among my "Oracles" -- but alas I can't seem to find it in either! Oh well, let me then pose here the same, for some, very important question and which I happened to voice the other day to this magician.

Who is the honest truth for if not for you? Is it for someone else, say your superiors, only? If so, why is it you are incapable of or else kept from it?


How stupid can the powers that be in New York be? First, they tear down old Yankee Stadium, and now, so we learn, Shea is next! Boo Mets! This sort of offering may placate and appease the gods of ghoulishness for a while, but I hope the sons and daughters of southeast New York realize it will never do so forever.


I wouldn't normally make this kind of request but -- would someone be so kind as to put up the 1929 Little Rascals/Max Davidson short "Moan & Groan, Inc." on YouTube? I can't think of a more appropriate mirror of the times we're living in, and from which we have the memorable lines:

Farina: I don't see no turkey leg!
The lunatic: [waving large carving knife at Farina] Do you see that toikey leg?
Farina: Yes sir, yes sir, I see TWO of 'em!
The lunatic: Hmmm, I thought so.

And you can easily see in the mentioning the turkey, etc., and so it seems to me, a clear reference to the ghoulish heaven.



How is it possible that we can hear in the news of the President going to speak in China about the importance of human rights and yet I for the last 15 years have been subject to brain torture radios here in this country? Now granted some will dismiss my claim on the face of it to begin with. But if what I claim is questionable, why is it all that time that I have had no one come to me and even inquire about it? Nor are brain torture radios the only kind of heinous violence to which I have been subject, and there again no one thinks it worth the bother to even come to me to look into what I am talking about. The explanation is that these people who do these things (and incidentally by mentioning the President I do not mean to imply or suggest he is to blame for this state of things) is that if you want to commit human rights abuse in this country you find a loop hole. Essentially, what they will do is ostracize or marginalize someone and then say "See. He (or she) is not one of us. Therefore, you cannot say murdering or torturing them is human rights abuse." And there are other ways of finding loopholes similarly. This is exactly how they excuse what they has been being done to me all these years; though in my case it is not the de jure government that is to blame for what is going on but rather -- and here again we have another loophole -- the de facto or private sector "government" (you know, those people in charge of doing the wrong thing a certain way.)


As is, say, often the case with weeds or warts, eliminating a powerful autocratic spirit requires attacking them at their root. One thing that will help in this regard is by asking the questions who exactly is this person? Is he of human origin? If so where did he come from? What geographical area? What time in history? By getting at facts like these one can begin to start dismantling the mystery and mystique surrounding him and thus make him more vulnerable to attack.


Would you like to see William Desmond Taylor? The short clip below is from a 1914 film (the more or less full version is also on YouTube but the print quality is not very good to make it worth posting here.) I am very much inclined to suspect Taylor was being stalked for years by a spirit person and it was this which engineered his demise -- or at least was directly involved in bringing it to pass. I state this, however, as speculation based on what I know both about Taylor and spirit people but not as established, let alone incontrovertible, fact.


Being affectionate is natural but is something that usually needs to be stimulated and, outside certain kinds of courtship and child rearing, reflects more the odd instance in nature than the norm. And an affectionate, sympathetic or empathetic disposition of an altruistic sort therefore should be seen as a special skill or ability to be practiced with care, grace and discretion, perhaps even disguised, in order that it can be rendered into something refined and exquisite. If this is not done, such a disposition will seem artificial and out of place, and nature, as result, will rightly reject it.


It occurs to me that one of the major differences between my opponents and myself is that for me an essential purpose of a good horror movie is to impart some sort of moral and or see evil being defeated. My opponents by contrast seem to like and are amused by the idea of sheer grotesque violence and outrage for grotesque violence and outrage's sake (which to me doesn't make any kind of sense whatsoever.) The same is true, not surprisingly, when it comes to the subject of war movies or military history. Who then do you suppose is most in charge of making movies and national policy these days -- they or such as myself?

(Note. This is not to say that in a war or contest with evil that evil does not win, or that we are then being willfully blind. The question is rather what is it we ought to prefer and pursue ourselves; because our own opinion does make a difference in such matters nor are we always at the mercy of external forces [as some would have you believe.])


I've said this before and will continue to say it again because it bears repeating -- nothing is or exists but that it is adjudged to exist -- i.e. no judgment no existence. The question then becomes what criteria are you using to say such and such is or is not the case? Logic? A priori categories? Empathetic morals? Tradition? What "other" people think? What spirit people command? For without such criteria, and which to some extent you choose, there is no judgment, and without the judgment there is not the given existent and the corresponding assigning of value. So that in a very important, significant -- and long term -- sense nothing exists but that in some way and in some measure you choose it to (or not.)


I didn't say you couldn't be interesting. All I said was you can't force yourself on people anymore.