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Sister Freedom

At first I wasnít sure
Who it was you were.
Then in my mindís sky,
From afar I spied
A glistening star,
And thought
Thatís it!
Thatís who you are!

A light from out the blue,
Lilacs and lilies spring
Away from you.
In the hollow of dreams,
Gold ladders,
Whistle and bells,
Iím thinking, longing for you.

Leading from you,
Creationís blessed stream
Shines through.
And now I see too
The promise you aspire to,
Would see that hope realized
You within me rouse -- the true!
That spirit which you stir;
The beacon that is you!

And if tomorrow be anyoneís
Tomorrow will be ours!
And the fire of valor that died
Recalled some hurried night;
Oppressionís walls crumble down
That all may bask in freedomís light.


"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."
~ George Orwell, Animal Farm

How does it come about that some are more equal than others? Is it that some are naturally born with advantages that make them superior? That some are artificially born into circumstances of great material and financial wealth? That some can out compete and therefore prevail over and outsell others in the marketplace? None of these, of course, is what he is speaking of -- rather what most makes possible the state of things that he is condemning is gangsterism. And while some have or even still do deplore and censure totalitarian regimes of the past, say for instance such as were seen during World War II, many, if not most, who pass for legitimate power today procure that legitimacy and standing not from natural ability, capacity to compete fairly, etc., but rather from acting (whether directly or indirectly) in cooperation with the same (or very like the same) authoritarian spirit people that, in effect, brought about those totalitarian and fascist regimes of the past. For it is such spirit persons that lie at the heart of gangsterism in its most puissant and mighty forms.

Authoritarian spirit people, as we have pointed out previously, do not need to adopt one particular political or ideological doctrine or other in order to persuade. They can, for example, present themselves as pro-religion or anti-religion, pro-progress or anti-progress, pro-science or anti-science, pro-social equity or anti-social equity; and the specific disguise does not matter as much as does simply intimidating, bamboozling, frightening and fooling people.

So, not surprisingly, some who will or might point to fascists of the 1930's and 40's as instances of barbarism and evil can still and despite such antipathy act in cooperation with such (if not the exact same) autocratic spirit persons that made those fascist regimes, etc. they condemn possible. What only is required to make this happen is for them and the spirit people in question to together adopt a different costume and approach for gaining and holding power than those past discredited empires and rulers.

The key then is these spirit people, and as long as these latter remain undiscussed, unaddressed, and safe from investigation and prosecution, big time gangsters of the past can be rejected while still accepting and embracing the very same power that made them possible. At the same time, the very things necessary to defeat both criminal spirit people and gangsterism, namely honesty and the truth, are outlawed and proscribed -- just as they were in past eras when fascism and totalitarianism in more formal guise overtly dominated. In other words, even though it is, more or less, possible to openly and roundly censure tyrannical regimes and ideologies of bygone times, today's gangsters can avail themselves of the backing of the very same spirit persons (and concomitant "Machiavellian" methods) that brought those now hated regimes of the past to power and prominence in order to make themselves respectable.

"His devil is not only entertaining, he is necessary: 'What would your good be doing if there were no evil, and what would the earth look like if shadows disappeared from it?'"
~ reviewer Mary Park and quoting from The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

"Amazing powers of being interesting! Come in amazing powers of being interesting! I'm supposed to be interesting -- do you read me? -- over..."
~ The ghoulish magician

On one level of intelligence, Hell is a joke to be viewed either with pity or derision. At a lesser level they are a theological forced to be reckoned with. Going down even lower, they are someone to be bowed down to. In response to the above quoted Bulgakov statement -- what the character in his book remarks is little better then sheer nonsense, and for a number of reasons; not least of which is that but for evil we would not be bored to begin with; and second, shadows do not necessarily imply or require evil. Remember also, Satan or the devil for all his sometimes cleverness and grandiosity is at bottom a childish person who feels sorry for himself -- why else should he seek to spite others and get revenge as much as he does? For my part, I have come to see him as a sort of personified Disneyland or fantasy world in motion that flies about the sky trying to impress any and every one that will suffer him.


When Angels Hover

When angels hover
Round a steeple,
They are then
What kind of people?

Though gracious --
Meaning well --
What they want
Who can tell?

Do they know
What they're doing?
Is it wisdom
They're pursuing?

Are they free
Goodness to empower?
Or do they serve
A tyrant in a tower?

Who knows?
Who can tell?
Only truth
Breaks such a spell.

But where may truth
Be found?
Clearly for some,
Not on the ground.

And yet could not this plot,
Where tares now grow,
Become a lovely spot
Did someone care to make it so?


Oh darkies (i.e. those of the dark forces), how my heart grows weary...!


Having only now discovered that someone has uploaded it (in sections) to YouTube, I thought it would be a propitious opportunity to comment on the little monster men in the ABC Movie of the Week film "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" (1973), starring Kim Darby, versus goon sprites in real life. Back in the summer of 2000, I went through a period where this magician, among others, sent goon sprites over to my house to cause me trouble. Unlike those in the film (where they are physical in the normal sense), actual goon sprites are little spirit people about a foot and a half tall or smaller; typically they are bald, of grayish-green color with hooked noses. Their bodies otherwise could be described as nude, but you don't really see much in the way of bodily details. Now the film version is interesting because it manages to capture the feeling of mischief and menace characteristic of them. Although some spirit people can do things like turn off lights, hit you on the head (say when you are lying in bed -- and it will hurt), they even strangled one of the my cats to death, physically they normally are not very strong. Understand, however, when they act up it is because someone (like the magician) agitates and stirs them up to be that way. If they are not being too provoked, however, they have shown a sense of humor. On one occasion when they were doing things to relentlessly bother me (e.g. throwing witchcraft dirt on my head when I lay in the bathtub) they tried to make it fun -- as though they had nothing against me personally and even sought my approval. But that was relatively unusual, and mostly I found them to be highly aggressive and belligerent. Like spirit people generally, they are noiseless, but if someone like the magician wants you to hear a spirit person (say himself or some other spirit person working for them) they will speak in your head. Though I have been addressed by other little folk in this manner, the goon sprites never actually said anything when they were about -- very unlike the movie. Anyway, here's the final scene from the film, and do know -- there really are such things!


Straight Talk

Why the most famous and successful people in the world are people who mind their own business, and that great advantages are to be had by this method and approach experience readily proves. Now what you are doing on the other hand makes no sense whatsoever. A busy body, this sort of character is no good. Not to himself, not to anyone, and the way of demonism, let's face it, is flat out no good. You can't win with demonistic teaching or doctrine. That's all in effect really that needs to be said. You think you know what you are doing, but if devilment truly is necessary in the grand scheme of things then why is it you must be the one to ardently shoulder the burden of it all? If wrong of one kind or another must be done, why not let someone else do it? Oh ye of little faith! Do you think I am so stupid as to not see how much you have to cheat for you to have your way? Or how utter indebtedness, insolvency, and desperation as much as anything are what most goad and drive you? I know you are just wasting people's time, and you have been doing this for years. And the simple, plain fact of the matter that is you should really be in the penitentiary, but as it actually is of course you're getting away with murder. Get over it then. All these poor people and animals had to lose their lives because of you; families, friendships and relationships ruined; businesses and institutions dismantled and laid waste. You had your crazy way then all these years, so the least you could do now is move on with your life and let others do the same with theirs. Instead of bothering people why not start up a website of your own where you could tell others all these ridiculous and offensive things you impart to me so regularly? The where you could let everyone know who you are and what you are supposed to be doing and talking about, share all your gossip, and have your own space to let others hear you (who want to hear you?) Now what on earth is wrong with an idea of this kind? Your way, as we said, is just wasting people's time with a lot of nonsense. (Enough already, etc.)


You want to see something funny? Check out this banner-heading lifted from In addition to being a very talented and gifted singer, Ms. Church evidently is a capable comedienne also. (Just thought I'd share for those who might otherwise miss this.)


It is not technically true that deluded religious and witchcraft people entirely abandon reason. On some level they are capable of thinking rationally, only not very deeply or all that much. How then do they survive, say materially, as well as they do if they are so logically challenged or limited? The answer to this, mostly, is that they listen (whether directly or through the medium of a regular person) to spirit people who reason much better than themselves. Yet, of course, these spirit people seek merely to use them, and to that extent need only to see to their needs the way a livestock keeper sees to the animals of his stockyard. But if the deluded religious, etc. are being treated like cattle why don't they rebel or protest? Because they are not really rational or rational enough to understand what is actually going on to begin with. Honest truth and reason are for all who embrace an accept them. Yet these of whom I speak are encouraged to believe such are only for gods or else are somehow simply futile or impossible (just as the spirit people, or the latter's representatives, told them they were.)

In a way it is amusing or at least ludicrously peculiar how my opponents will suggest that they have solid arguments to justify the position they take. For example, "If the majority of society are going along with the spirit people's way of doing things then clearly they cannot be wrong -- since to say they are wrong would be to say that they don't mean well and are not essentially good people; when in actual fact we know them to mean well and be essentially decent people, and that they are part of a majority only reinforces the validity of their wisdom." This is just one instance of which we could give several. Of course, on our end of things these kinds of arguments of theirs are full of holes, circular, self-contradictory, and could more or less be easily refuted in and by means of open and honest and discussion. Yet open, honest discussion they utterly forbid, and for this reason we subsequently don't trouble ourselves all that much (except when and if odd or unusual opportunities arise) to dissuade them from their folly. Even so, they will typically continue to persist by every now and then throwing one or other of these meretricious proofs of theirs our way (perhaps using "sign language" and or sly implication embedded in carefully placed missives to convey them); as if to show us that they still yet do know what they are talking about -- even though they remain adamant in disallowing real discussion. This last they do, as said, because they trust in spirit people rather than honest truth and reason; which spirit people, at the same time, coach and direct them on how to deal with others more rational than themselves.


The very biggest mistake a person can succumb to is to make too much out of any one thing; for of all topics or subjects the very thing that matters most and above all is the one. And when we think of the thousands things that can attach to any one thing then any one can become a thousand things.


If you were happy and had every thing you wanted and wished for, would you not then feel grateful toward the one or highest good? In fact, would you not be prepared or willing to give your life if need be for what is truly good? You ought to. For what is the purpose of anything ultimately but to proclaim the glory of God and creation? To someone who knows what real happiness is, what else is more important than this? But how to proclaim the glory of God? By giving and real charity, acts of courage and self-sacrifice, praying for peace, songs, seeking honest truth and understanding, enduring with grace and calm as best you can the ills that befall you, and to treat every proud, authoritative spirit person that comes to you as God as actually the Devil.


It is easier for most humans to draw devils than it is to draw angels. Yet with animals it's the reverse; for it is far easier to make a dog tame and friendly than to train him to be routinely vicious.


Were I to venture a guess and in my opinion, the three most conspicuous hide outs and shells for big-time, witchcraft based, organized crime, and as far as I can see, are:

1) The entertainment, mass media, and communications industries.
2) Banking.
3) Health care and pharmaceutical companies.

These endeavors have the advantage of not necessarily requiring great imagination or skill in order to fool others that you know what you are doing. In addition, a) sorcery and mind control rely heavily on "entertaining" and dazzling a subject; b) banking, of course, is where greater control of all the money is to be had; and c) outside of war, medicine is the best and most effective way to maim, debilitate, and murder people, and in a manner that can be made to seem perfectly legal.

Software they are not actually so very good at, and the arms and munitions business, due to people's insistence on peace, cannot be quite be what it used to in days gone by.


Juvenile Bookshelf

The following are among the "favorite" book titles at the Book Fair Company. My goodness, the imagination and sorts of interest young people have these days! Oh well, no doubt publishers have no choice but to set aside any moral or aesthetic reservations they might feel in order meet this unstoppable demand of today's children for all things secret, magical and "chosen."

"Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan
by John Flanagan
Life in the Kingdom of Araluen has been peaceful, prosperous, and quiet; but inside the castle, Will dreams of danger and adventure: of Knighthood. He is too small to be chosen for battle-school, but a different opportunity arises. Will is apprenticed to Halt, a Ranger, and the two embark on a journey to protect the kingdom from an enemy lurking in the shadows of the outlying mountains. John Flannagan's first installment in the Ranger's Apprentice series is a fast paced fantasy filled with mystery, magic, and imagination.

"Ranger's Apprentice: The Burning Bridge
by John Flanagan
The dark forces of Morgarath are gathering at the edges of Araluen, poised for attack. While Baron Arald's army heads south to defend the pass through the mountains, Will and his friend Horace take a message north. The apprentice Ranger and apprentice Knight encounter more surprises than they bargained for when they reach the Fissure, the deep canyon that makes up the kingdom's northern border. The second book in the Ranger's Apprentice series charges into battle at full tilt. John Flannagan's writing will pull you back into the world of shadows where Rangers rule.

"The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan
Meet Percy Jackson; he's your average twelve-year old, aside from his run-ins with mythological creatures from ancient Greece. In The Lightning Thief, Percy ventures to Hades and back to clear his name with the Gods on Mount Olympus. There are twists and turns around every corner, and the pages practically turn themselves. Rick Riordan blends Greek mythology with a sense of humor to create a terrific read.

"The Sea of Monsters
by Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and his friends are back again for more mystery and mythology. This time, camp Half-blood, Percy's summer-camp, is under attack, and there is just one thing that can save the day. Unfortunately, it can only be found deep in the dangerous Sea of Monsters. Rick Riordan does not disappoint with his sequel to The Lightning Thief; Sea of Monsters is another dip into the world of Greek mythology with a modern twist.

"Among the Hidden
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Luke Garner is a typical twelve year old boy with two older brothers. He loves being outside and playing around the yard, but when the trees around the Garner's farm are cleared to build houses, Luke's world is reduced to the small attic room where he must hide out of sight. He is an illegal third child, outlawed by the government to control booming population. If he is discovered, he'll be taken away by the Population police. Luke's only choice is to hide and to be alone; until he finds out that he is not the only Third.

"The Last Book in the Universe
by W. R. Philbrick
Meet Spaz; he is a boy who has never curled up in a comfortable chair to read his favorite book. In fact, there are no books anymore; instead, the people of the future use mind-probes to inject experiences directly into their brains. Spaz can't take the mind-probes because he is allergic to needles, which means his memory is intact. When he meets Ryter, an old man who remembers a time when books and even 'libraries' existed, Spaz sets off on a journey to reach Eden. What he finds is a story.
The Last Book in the Universe is a unique take on the future of humanity; Rodman Philbrick's writing offers both questions and hope.

"City of Ember
by Jeanne DuPrau
Even though the Mayor of Ember claims that nothing is wrong, twelve-year-old Lina Mayfleet and her classmate Doon Harrow have their own suspicions. When the pair discovers that the food supply is low and the generator is failing, all their hope lies in an ancient letter giving mysterious, almost illegible directions and their belief in each other. Can Lina and Doon come up with a plan to save the inhabitants of the underground city of Ember?
With the first book in the Ember Trilogy, Jeanne DuPrau creates a hopeful but intense view of a future where the fate of everyone depends upon the children."


Although it is not always practical to be thoroughly skeptical (whether in the way of refusing or suspending belief), it is, nonetheless, good advice, perhaps even necessary, to take extra and extended time out every now and then to very consciously and analytically attempt it.


Here are two old standards I got a special kick out of listening to of late; tunes which are so obvious that perhaps some others also could use being reminded of them.

"Home on the Range" sung by Pete Seeger ( mp3 download)

"Old Folks at Home" variations performed on the piano by Andre' Benoist, recorded in 1908 (.mp3, right click "Save As.." -- if for some reason that doesn't work, try left click)


"Lord Raglan wishes the Cavalry to advance rapidly to the Front, follow the Enemy, and try to prevent the Enemy carrying away the Guns. Troop of Horse Artillery may accompany. French cavalry is on your Left. Immediate. (Signed) R Airey"
It makes for intriguing analysis and edifying mystery to look at and examine the various different interpretations of the Charge of the Light Brigade at the battle of Balaclava, Oct. 25, 1854, and events leading up to -- not least of which and including Tennyson's poem, and the 1936 and 1968 film versions. There is a well done and impressive website that covers the charge at After perusing that, as well as a number of similar sites, the conclusion I myself drew was that Raglan was most to blame due to his amorphously written order. He was also very careless in sending hot-head Nolan (or at least overly-warm Nolan); evidently weighing little the effect of the aide's temperament on his transmission of the vague directive; so that we have Raglan/Airey's: "Immediate" + Nolan's: "Attack!" Raglan then seems to have been too distractedly driven by and too given into diverse emotional forces at play, perhaps and including the popular jibe that Lucan should no longer be "Looking on" -- instead of being self-possessed and cogently commanding the situation as he should have been.

But what about the charge's significance? I am somewhat dismayed to find the superficial view taken by some British scholars that it was merely a mad, suicidal attack. The question, in my opinion, not being quite properly addressed in this regard is how is it possible to persuade someone into a pointless, suicide assault and with their consent? Was theirs a conscious choice? Simply a stupid mistake? Were they bewitched into a mistake? Or is there, after all, no choice, because it is death we are dealing with? And this is where Tennyson comes in; since if you read him poetically and literally the charge is a charge into or at death itself. So that metaphorically speaking the poet seeks to impart the idea of the praiseworthiness of the valor someone shows in charging at rather than fleeing or attempting to hide from death. The historians then are technically correct about what took place historically, but clearly there is some misapprehension about how the event has or is to be perceived and interpreted in retrospect.

I will possibly speak more at a later time on the two films made concerning the charge. But for the moment, I want to post the final scene (via YouTube) from the 1936 rendition. Now this is of course and mostly very unhistorical. Yet it is very Tennysonian, and it is from that vantage point we should see the event the 1936 movie depicts. Back when I was much younger, I recall watching this sequence using an 8mm projector while playing Beethoven's "Wellington's Victory" (Herbert von Karajan version) on the stereo. (Ahh the days!) But I especially enjoy it now, as you can imagine, because the Surat Khan character reminds me much of the ghoulish magician, even looks like him a little bit; and, in that respect, I like what Errol Flynn does to him at the conclusion. The 1968 go at it is priceless also, but as (by comparison) more actual history, and you can catch the main scenes of which at YouTube by searching them up (it not, regrettably, being possible for me to embed them here also.)


In the course of last week (May 11-17, 2008), I had an informal exchange with a relative and from whom I attempted to solicit and obtain assistance with respect to what has now been something like fifteen years of warring with these witchcraft spirit people and the criminals who obey them and carry out their directives. It was during that casual exchange that I made some remarks and responded to some points that I thought might or would be worthwhile sharing at this website. The following then are some excerpts from my part in that brief correspondence:

[1st letter]
"...The next matter I would discuss is something so strange I am somewhat at a loss as to how to raise it with you. Let me start this then by pointing out two very salient and crucial facts. The first, if a person is not permitted an advocate or attorney to make their case for them no one can be compelled made obligated to listen to them. So if one can deprive another of an attorney they can by that act by itself squelch the other's legal claims. The second point that should be made is that the best way of proving or disproving matters of fact is by bringing in an impartial third party to investigate, compare, and weigh the testimonies and evidence to ascertain the truth. This, naturally, is part of what a court of law is for; but this office can also be done by specially designated or mutually agreed on arbitrators.
"To make a long story short, for the past fifteen years I have been put through some of the most violent invasions and attacks on my person and property; and as I think you could probably surmise, to have to even mention the very fact brings no joy to the imparter of such news. This is all then something I very much would not bother with, but that I am being forced to do so by others who continue to harass and interfere with my health, my communications, my relationships, my work, and finances. Indeed the nature of what has been going on is so bizarre and incredible it would make for some kind of movie, but a movie which if you saw you would think couldn't actually be true..."
"....why I am raising this with you and how you might be of help is that I need a) a lawyer or advocate and or b) an impartial third party inquiry. If what I contend and maintain in my 'Narrative' (see attached in .pdf) is true, the implications are not only considerable to and for me and mine own concerns, but extend to the interest of many others. Indeed, so much so that to hint at what I mean I fear you might think I were exaggerating. However, there are many ways I can independently prove many, if not all, of my claims; only I need some intelligent other others to examine and investigate my story. So far, though I have contacted and tried to contact quite a number of professional people and of diverse callings, I have yet to secure such a person or parties to act in this function. Is it at all possible that you might be able to do this for me? Certainly, I by no means consider you obligated to do so. But I request this as a favor, and from someone who is not only your [relative] but someone who has been put through a most truly unfair and helllish -- if admittedly, on the face of it, fantastic and unusual -- ordeal...."

[2nd letter]
[Responding to their assertion that photographic evidence is needed to prove my case.] "Science is not merely what can be [seen]...On the contrary, science is what can be established by deduction, induction, and process of elimination; which possible or proposed explanation is most consistent with the facts. Very rarely does science consist of what can be readily seen with the eyes; its very character is one based on logic. [The] Senses provide information, but it is logic and its application which assesses those facts and forms the conclusion or else hypothesis.
"My claims can be proven on the basis of science in the above described sense. For example, we take a given claim of mine; we collocate with this claim explanations such as I put forth, and alternative explanations put by others. Such a method requires that those inquiring into what is the true explanation and providing their theories with respect to such be honest. If they are not honest, scientific verification is not possible.
"If in my circumstance when others have rejected my claims, it is my view they have done so out of either ignorance of the facts, illogic, or insincerity towards truth seeking (or some combination of these.) I cannot then not surprisingly make my case to either someone who is willfully blind, illogical, or dishonest.
"It may be that even if you mean well, and I have no reason to assume you don't, the subject I am raising with you respect to my situation you do or would find just too difficult or disturbing to handle. After all, I am dealing with the most violent and vicious kinds of criminals imaginable. And for this reason, I will myself trouble you no further with my situation -- unless, that is, now or later, you know of an impartial attorney, scientist/researcher, or intelligent investigator (from say the news media), who could look at my documents, challenge my claims and interview me with a mind to an honest explanation -- whether my own or someone else's -- of what it is on earth I am talking about. In other words, if you care about the truth, and it is in your power to do so (and granted, I fully realize the latter may not be) -- send someone (or send me to someone) who is wiling to investigate my story impartially. As it is, I offhand take it you are in no such position and so will leave it at that unless there is interest or curiosity on your end.
"Not that I think so lightly of my claims and charges, it is just that I am all too familiar with people's inability to deal either with very serious crime or the occult -- both of which are involved in my story.
"Finally, with respect to the issue of spirit people -- they are just people. 'By their fruits you shall know them' and the same is true of spirit people as it is regular (flesh and blood) people. There is then, from my perspective, no need to get all mystical over them -- they are only as good or bad as their conduct and character show them to be, and magic tricks and wonders are no measure of moral character. Unfortunately, the irrational and ignorant are held spell bound by wonders; hence the power spirit people have and have had over so much of humanity down through the centuries. My take on all this, as I think you can gather, is both novel and revolutionary in its way for many people, and this understandably does not make my task any easier. Yet if the question is one of -- what is the truth? What are the facts? What explanation is most compatible and consistent with the facts -- then making my case is easy. The only hard things to find that are otherwise missing are courage and honesty to deal scientifically with what is actually going on...."

[3rd letter]
"...Say rather the criminal justice system [in its current state] is bought and paid for by the highest bidder, and in point of fact is little better than a sham put on by spineless, incompetent and dishonest individuals of little or no principle. But this problem is hardly unique to lawyers, and many other professions suffer the same sickness. As well, the plain fact is few or no in today's society are capable or prepared to deal with real evil. While those of us who are bold and capable enough to confront it are ostracized or marginalized, these sorts spend their careers putting in bandaids and align their activities with selfish, dishonest interests.
"Observe in this regard how criminology is not even treated seriously as science, and the addressing of serious crime problems is not infrequently done on the fly, irrationally and insincerely -- the hitherto inability of professionals from any branch or calling, and all these many years, to even address my very grave charges being at least one obvious case in point. But then this indifference, cowardice, mendacity and incompetence are, naturally, the 'immune deficiency' that permits evil to take place in our midst as much as it does and has in our time in the first place.
"I appreciate your taking time to answer my request, but if in future you do come across a scientist, doctor, attorney, detective, or other honest and credible professional to look into and examine my story, I would, it goes without saying, be most grateful and obliged..."


Most of the time, whether things are faring well or ill, humility is a necessity not an option. Because it shows we are in control of ourselves in the event of good fortune or travails. By the same rule, pride should be the exception rather than the rule; since inevitably there is always someone or something that is greater than ourselves. And when someone or something out of nowhere happens to induce you to be upset, you should avoid this because often times your just being upset is or may be a great deal more harmful to you than the trouble itself. Know yourself, and this means watch and monitor yourself objectively. Everything, no matter how complicated, is a step at a time. But if, even after all of this, you do feel you have reached your limit then say -- "This is the end. My only friend the end."


When we ask what might be our monster, we must tread carefully wherever we go, and it should it come as no surprise were we one day to learn or by some means determine that he had been bred, conditioned and brainwashed into a kind of Janissary, but a Janissary of evil. It is well to be reminded that willful evil can exist in many different states, degrees and forms, and someone like this ghoulish magician does not need to be always so bad as he is or, say, has been on certain more abominable occasions. He can then inhabit different parts of the spectrum of evil without having to plant himself at anyone one setting of the dial necessarily. At the same time, there are probably even as much as a legion in number who have been bred, conditioned, and programmed just like him, and yet these "clones" are so alike that people might be inclined to think there was only one person they were dealing with.

But are they so without excuse? Let's play the devil's advocate for a moment. They can argue that they were and are forced to do the wrong thing through no real fault of their own; seeing how and in advance of their early maturation their ability to decide for themselves was surgically manipulated or their health and functioning so unfairly impaired by others, thus making them not entirely responsible for how they act. This argument is further supported by the fact that not we nor anyone has ever seen it really working for him to begin with; so it is very difficult to see why he would be doing what he does if he were fully making his own choices with respect to his own best interests. Indeed and moreover, he might be said to be more worthy of good and reward because he has been so impaired by others. Not so unpredictably, that he himself has been so imposed upon makes him all the less sympathetic to any and all who are or were not so. And if we tell him he must not listen further to these others who have corrupted him, and must instead behave himself and desist from needlessly harming others -- he says he can't do it.

So you see then, he may very well have a solid argument to excuse himself -- namely, he is a slave in the power of someone else, and from a very earliest age no less. Even so, while this may in the end somehow exculpate him it does not in the least lend itself any appeal or worthwhile advantage to the style and manner of life he leads, and it still never ceases to amaze why they do the wrong thing as much as they do.


On Overthrowing the Reign of Error

In my opinion, a person has no right to be cynical about life unless he or she also knows about and is prepared to be critical of authoritarian spirit people. And time and again we find that those most given to cursing or bemoaning life are such as are most in bondage and under the influence of the latter -- who they dare not face, address, or seriously consider as usually the real and originating cause of whatever is actually wrong. Indeed and as is typically the case, such persons are, in fact, hypocrites in the pay of who and what truly make life sick in the first place.

Just look, after all, at what goes on with these domineering and interloping spirit people.

a. They would like to be involved in the affairs of this world while never having to clearly identify themselves or take open responsibility for who they are and what they are doing. (As it is, we are put in a position of having to force them out in this respect.)
b. It is part of their policy and doctrine to administer what they see as justice and punishment -- including punishment without any regard to justice -- and yet feel themselves entitled to act in secret or hide behind masks in the process.
c. Contrary to all fundamental principles of law and society, they empower and enrich criminals while attacking those who are honest and desire something like true fairness -- as we see, very tellingly, in the murder and persecution of prophets, philosophers, and saints down through the ages.
d. They will act as if, by means of their "Heaven," they are a token of hope. But how really and in what way do we know of anyone actually benefiting from this Heaven of theirs? From tale and legend we have heard much, but in actual fact is not their Heaven rather a lure and a dodge rather than real and conspicuous value? Meanwhile, it goes without saying, they are free to avail themselves of real and present value, lives and good in pursuit of their own self-interests.
e. They more than anyone else set people up against each other, using a divide and conquer approach to further their schemes and empire and which we see carried out for them by criminals that honor themselves with a place among the most very rich and wealthy in society's midst.

Hopefully, as time goes on people will become more informed and wise up to what has been going on for thousands of years and rid us all -- spirit people and regular people alike -- of this plague that accounts for the vaster portion of woe inflicted in and on the denizens of this world. God grant that it may be so!


Now you see. This is exactly the sort of thing some people don't want you to know. See, by means of this scale model, what a puny shrimp great Jupiter is, or a small scrawny ball Saturn, compared to the Sun itself?


Once more briefly --

In ruminating on "Hollywood Babylon" of late, one of the mysteries I was curious to look into was the death of actor George Reeves who played "Superman." One of the first things that struck me was -- why would someone who displayed such an evident sense of responsibility and fondness for children, traits which (I think you will agree) came across very strongly and convincingly in his television appearances, kill himself (thus showing such a rash disregard of such virtue and concerns?) At the same time, no one to this day has come up with what would seem to be a very plausible or substantiated motive for his taking his own life. The answer to the George Reeves mystery to me is very simple. In some way or other he was, for years, being stalked and systematically isolated by a very powerful spirit person -- a spirit person who in some wise tormented him but who also in some way liked him. Some of you who watched "Superman" will perhaps recall a certain creepiness infused in many of the episodes (such as that dealing with the "Mole Men") or suggestions of the supernatural which bespoke something more palpable than mere Hollywood play acting. I did certainly -- and long before ever knowing about spirit people what I do at present. And there are other reasons and possible evidence I could state as well, however, I am not prepared to get into further examination or engage in at length speculation here at the moment.

If Reeves did in fact kill himself, I personally have come to the conclusion that he was pressured using various methods and to an impossible pitch to do so. The only other alternative explanation to this I can think of is that he died in some other way than suicide, but the circumstances of his death were fabricated in order to cover up what actually did happen. While this last might on the surface seem far fetched, bear in mind that these more powerful spirit and witchcraft people if they really want a major cover up and distortion of facts -- can get it -- and indeed are fully capable of orchestrating and influencing police and witnesses to such an extent and in a manner not so very different from putting on a wholesale dramatic and or magic show.


To what may the Heaven of spirit people be likened? At worst, it's the facade of or ante-chamber to Hell (much like the billionaire movie career.) At best, it's the other-worldly equivalent of the Dollar Tree. (You spirit people who are actually good will know and understand my meaning.)


"Pray for peace, and mind your own business" is a good sort of thing to say to an irksome or pestering spirit person. Now this one as mentioned before who takes it upon himself to regularly bother me does what he does because he adopts the idea that he needs and must, in some form or other, hurt someone -- and do so on an uninterrupted and continual basis. Preferably there will be a reason or excuse for hurting them but a pretext, as such, is not strictly necessary, and what is necessary is the infliction of pain. Reflecting on this, I asked him earlier today if he really needed to go on like this. He knows of and has himself been in on the most horrifying and incomprehensible of crimes down through the centuries. This being the case, why not, I charged, muse and savor the memories of such; rather than get new crimes, outrages, and atrocities a going? If he wants to relive or revive those feelings, why not instead simulate and have someone make him a computer game by which it would be possible to recreate and re-enact those violent, brutal nightmares few others can even think about or contemplate?

In the long run, this is the sort of thing that should be thought of by specialists; namely that these kinds of spirit people are sick people, and the cure for them no doubt and in some measure lies in a medical or therapeutic approach. If they can be healed of their sickness then as a matter of course their recovery will relieve innocent others of the violence that they, meanwhile, foolishly see as a essential to making livable their own unhealthy situation.


For this Wednesday, May 7, 2008, the Google/"Quotations Page" quote of the day -- and which I thought worth commenting on -- is:

"There is no greater impotence in all the world like knowing you are right and that the wave of the world is wrong, yet the wave crashes upon you." - Norman Mailer

The cause of and fallacy belying the predicament Mailer describes is the idea that you are right. No one is right, as such, except God; and only the truth, as it were, can be considered right. If you are an intelligent person then it is the truth the wave crashes over -- not yourself as such (though presumably you agree with and would stand up for the truth.) In this sense, the truth is the remedy that the world (i.e. the wave) rejects. Yet while we may feel bad that the "world" spurns the truth (and their doing this, in addition, may cause ourselves personal woes or difficulties), ultimate and enduring unhappiness comes from being divorced from the truth and being a slave to an illusion.

So, for instance, in my circumstances though I have been made to suffer in the most appalling kinds of ways -- nonetheless, and despite being situated to be alone as I am by circumstances created for me by others, my greatest grief of an ongoing nature is not so much isolation, rejection, poverty or missing out on nice things that would otherwise most certainly be mine (though these debilities do, of course, pain in their way.) No, the supreme unhappiness in life is these spirit people I write about, and, as well and for me personally, their following me around. And if you grant my assessment to be correct, who then is worse off -- I who am artificially induced to be solitary because I reject these spirit people or someone who is allowed to have wealth, friends, etc. but who obtains these things because they are willing to jettison the truth? I have been alone and beat up for years, and yet aside from losing loved ones, I am a jolly, happy person. My only real problem as such is that I can't get rid of these spirit people whom I refuse to appease, accommodate, or compromise with. My opponents on the other hand, have purchased for themselves what they think is peace by going along with such people. Who then is right? Myself who refuses to let go of the truth or someone who betrays and forsakes it in order to buy seeming calm and prosperity from the worst monsters, criminals, counterfeiters, and slavers (as any) the world has ever known? "I know not what course others may take -- but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" Indeed, it is quite the joke; for while I can endure social loneliness, some poverty and missing out on nice things -- and have done so for many years now -- the very thing I most can't stand is the very thing my opponents assent to (if not embrace) as the means, as they see it, of securing their own peace and material well being. Simultaneously, the very thing that saves and makes lasting -- namely, the truth -- my opponents have sold out and separated themselves from in order to have what they do. And if what I assert and depict here is not true or is not the case, why then should they zealously feel the need to bother me who materially and socially speaking has very little, and who at the same time could care less (as such) about them?


My goodness, does it ever end? I just now got through reading the biographical entry at Wikipedia for Frank Churchill (born in Maine, by the way), the composer of much of the music for Disney's "Snow White." This is what I found:

"Frank Churchill committed suicide on May 14, 1942 at his ranch north of Los Angeles in Castaic, CA. He is purportedly to have died 'at the piano' of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Although there is some speculation that his suicide was a result of negative discourse with Walt Disney regarding his latest scores for Bambi, it was more likely due to his deep depression and bought [bout] with heavy drinking after the deaths of two of his closest friends and fellow Disney orchestra members who had passed away earlier that year within a month of each other."


Reality Challenged

If doing the wrong thing is acceptable to everyone -- oh sure, he did the wrong thing, all right. If doing the wrong thing is not acceptable -- then, of course, what actually happened was he was forced into it. So far this is fairly standard behavior and excuse for many. Yet what finally makes him so utterly insufferable is his putting on airs because he can get these childish and ignorant people to place their trust and confidence in his wisdom -- this, in addition to his coming to me to bum and mooch off of.

Myself? Well, I won't do the wrong thing like so many of the rest; so not only am I cut off from participation but, indeed, must also be punished. Why? Because to not treat me in this manner would be unfair to these others who did consent to go along with him (and do the wrong thing a certain way.)


"Demonism" as a kind of belief is difficult to define because those who, as it were, subscribe to it can be driven by different over-riding motives. Yet no matter how extreme the form it makes itself known, we can identify at least five essential components; so that what can be described as "demonistic," either in the way of belief or actions, will invariably include or be connected to (and to some greater or lesser degree or other):

1. Spirit people being involved with regular people on some direct level, and vice versa.
2. Fear -- the suffering from it and the causing it in others.
3. Deception, counterfeiting, and deep secrecy.
4. The need to hurt someone for the purpose of hurting them.
5. Big money -- because operating successfully so as not to get caught in committing major crimes requires it, and is like lubricant or easy fix-it fluid for them in that way.

The order I place these in is somewhat arbitrary so if we ask the question what motivates a "demonistic" sort of person the answer is not very clear. I think it is also safe to say though that were one of the above listed components removed, demonism -- where found in its more pungent manifestations -- would, in the given circumstance, be effectively defused and disarmed of a strength necessary to both galvanize and maintain the evil "carrying on" in question.

When it comes to the most gruesome and senseless kinds of crimes, such as in the death and aftermath of the death of Marion Parker (also given in error as 'Marian') in Los Angeles in 1927 we see a number of possible motives at play -- not least of which is that such an event can be used to send shock waves through a community; that in turn can make people more malleable to the designs of sophisticated thieves. "Cooperate with us -- or you know what will happen." The girl's father was a banker; so her death might be or have been used to intimidate certain bankers. Interesting also in that case, the killer is reported to have said to his attorneys (according to the Wikipedia article on the crime) "he had killed Marion on the directive of a supernatural being called Providence." So that we see in this strange tragedy any number of the cross-purposes listed above at work. And if you look at any other graphic and highly sensational murder or murder related case, I have no doubt you will very likely find a similar pattern of such factors at play in explaining what happened.


Now class -- as you know -- Digital's operating system became MS-DOS. Apple's interface became Windows. Lotus spreadsheet became Excel, etc. What then does that make Yahoo? Microsoft meanwhile is using their expertise and success to put out worthy projects and endeavors such as this. (All of which makes me naturally wonder what all this taking over on their part, after all, is for.)


Playing as the Russians, I am about half-way through the "South Front 1942" scenario of Norm Kroger/Matrix Games' "The Operational Art of War." The above shows about how things are looking at present.


Since evidently not enough people can or do want to behave themselves, will someone then please take the next obvious and logical step and establish the Church of Megalomania, aka the Church of the Supreme Ego?