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You who by chance (so obviously this does not apply to all reading this) have taken the part or cooperated with my opponents more likely than not do not realize what you are getting yourself mixed up with. I imagine the means that have secured your fealty as an accomplice to them range from anything from bribery, misinformation, brainwashing, heavenly visitations, deja vu, magic, and or seeming comicality and good humor. Perhaps fear. But perhaps not also because you probably are not such as to tempt or try them when it comes to that -- at least nothing seriously.

Well, let me tell you a real horror story, one among many that I have been subject to by these spirit people and the criminals who assist them. This occurred back in 2000, and concerns one of my cats Jenkish Jenkington (or Spivey) whom I speak about a bit in my "Narrative" and to which I would refer you to give you a more proper context to what I am going to describe.

There was this one cat of mine, "Spivey" (a nickname I gave him), who was a former feral cat crippled in one leg whom these witchcraft people delighted in tormenting, and when he came to me, brushing up against me for help, but there was nothing I could do -- all those great police, lawyers, professors, priests, government people, activists out there could or would not help me after many years trying to get someone to come forward and do so. As a result, I was left fighting literal Hell alone -- while being subject to brain torture radios, and ongoing harassments of various kinds, including vandalism, robbery, poisoning and being given diseases to name just some.

Now in Spivey's case (and this was true of some of the others cats as well), they did thing like have it be struck or crawled over by sprites and prevented him from going to the bathroom (so that his stomach swelled -- as happened also when the other cats were subject to this treatment.)

On a number of occasions I have had my cats abducted from me during what was going on then (and two of them never saw again as a result), and it so happened that one day I found Spivey missing even though I had left him locked in the house. He was gone for a few days and then suddenly turned up. It disturbed me, but because this kind of thing had up till that time been going on a long while I was forced to take it in stride. About the same time or a little time before my younger brother (who without getting into it here would assist these people) for no apparent reason gave me a hand fire extinguisher. Although I already had one, I took it but did not understand his meaning or purpose in giving it to me (though suspected something fishy.)

To return to Spivey, he on the surface and under the circumstances seemed all right; when suddenly one early morning something very strange occurred. He went under the bed in my bedroom, and after a while I heard him make his short yowls (as he sometimes did.) I could not get him to come out from under the bed and in order then to reach him I had to move the bed and pull it from over him. When I did, I found him lying there with three new born kittens, a day or two old, with their afterbirth -- and the atmosphere of the room, incidentally, suffocated and acrid with sprites and some dirty spirit people. Now I knew him to be a male so of course what i was seeing didn't make any natural sense. And yet he was treating them as if they were his own.

I don't exactly what my very first reactions were, but before long I decided I would have to do away with the kittens since Spivey nor any of the other cats could possibly nurse them. Again they were about a day or two old and I concluded that if I didn't do it they would starve to death anyway. I took them outside and one at a time bashed in each one of their heads. Interestingly, as I did this, and for what reason you can speculate yourself, I had a male angel standing behind me while I was so engaged -- perhaps as if to give me moral support -- though whether his intentions were sincere or feigned I could not tell. In any case they did nothing to console me. Following all this, I buried the kittens in one of the small garden beds of my house.

I was then left with cleaning up the blood with some rags. But then the question arose, what was I going to do with the bloody rags? What but burn them, since if they should be found it would only possibly create complications. This I did. However, I could not put out the flames with water and found that I needed to use the fire extinguisher.

The next day I was sitting in my chair on my lap top as I usually am, when I heard a small, sharp cry emanating from the front outside of my house. I arose, and going outside to look tracked the sound to a narrow cleft where the house overhangs the foundation. Upon examining more closely, I found there yet another day old kitten; this one yelping, helplessly alone, and which (with no other choice) I was forced to kill and then bury in the same manner as I had the others.

In conclusion then, you (including the City of Seattle who lent them their court room) who have facilitated or made easier the activities of this gang of spirit and moneyed people I write of, perhaps have even knowingly aided and abetted them, get a good idea of who you are getting mixed up with before you get so mixed up.


We find the following in History of Travaile into Virginia (c. 1618) by William Strachey.

"There is yet, in Virginia, no place discovered to be so savadge and simple, in which the inhabitants have not religion and the use of bow and arrows. All things they conceive able to do them hurt beyond their prevention, they adore with their kind of divine worship, as the fire, water, lightening, thunder, our ordinance pieces, horses, etc.; but their chief god they worship is no other, indeed, than the devill, whom they make presentments of, and shadow under the form of an idol, which they entitle Okeus, and whom they worship as the Romans did their hurtful God Vejovis [Jove], more for fear of harm than for hope of any good; they say they have conference with him, and fashion themselves in their disguisements as near to his shape as they can imagyn.

"...the priests tell them they must do these and these sacrifices unto Okeus, of these and these things, and thus and thus often, by which means not only their own children, but strangers are sometimes sacrificed unto him: Whilst the great God (the priests tell them) who governs all the world, and makes the sun to shine, creating the moon and stars his companions, great powers, and which dwell with him, and by whose virtues and influences the under earth is tempered, and brings forth her fruits, according to her seasons, they call Ahone; the good, and peaceable God requires no such duties, nor needs be sacrificed unto, for he intendeth all good use unto them, and will do no harm, only the displeased Okeus, looking into all men's actions, and examining the same according to the severe scale of justice, punisheth them with sicknesses, beats them, and strikes their ripe corn with blastings, storms, and thunder claps, stirs up war, and makes their women false unto them. Such is the misery and thraldome under which Sathan hath bound these miserable miscreants..."


In order to clear up any misunderstanding --

I am a happy person only I can't get these people to stop physically torturing me. And if I err in my work sometimes, it is usually (if not always) for the same reason. But no matter how very bad things are or get, I would just as soon not be a bother or drain on anyone if I can help it. But what can one do when you are dealing with arrogant spirit people and those who listen to them?

They have this person in their throng. He says he always has to torture and do things to people -- and he does: all the time, day and night, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Now you see, he among spirit people is considered to be a very important person. Why then should I think so much of spirit people if they are so unbelievably stupid and full of themselves as this?

They pride themselves on their strength and sway. Yet the real and ultimate basis of this power is their willingness to stoop to the lowest and meanest level and worse to get what they want. What kind of strength then is this? My idea of a strong person is someone who, if need arise, is not afraid to speak against a majority; someone who will fight with and for the weak, and who isn't afraid to be honest and speak the truth. And yet these latter powers are wholly absent from such spirit people I speak of and their followers. Why then take them so seriously? If you can or could gang up on them, you are or would be at least as good and great as their greatest king or leader.


The purpose of flowers from the sky is to mock the flowers of the earth; the purpose of angels is to mock truth and would-be virtue; the purpose of haloes is to mock reason and thought; and the purpose of the Heaven that does such mocking is to raise up and glorify evil and falsehood. I myself, in any case, would and will have none of it.

A word of explanation (and very briefly)...

At the end of the film "El Greco" (1966) with Mel Ferrer, it is made to seem that the divinely visionary painter at the peak of his genius is driven by that genius to a form of celestial madness. I don't know El Greco's actual story, but given that something like this took place, I would rather infer what actually happened is that because angelic spirit people came to him, other people could simply and in consequence of which assume and or call him mad -- this being merely one method spirit people have of effectively murdering a person.

In "Agony and the Ecstasy" (1965) it is seemingly implied that the pope's driving Michelangelo was needed to realize the artist's greater genius. Again, my own take on the matter, would be instead to see the pope's violent strictness as merely a devil's way of making torment and abusiveness appear divine.


If you are only an A and a B, if you stick to it long enough you will before long become a pure A.


On the Practicality of Higher Ethics

The more one (in their attitude, values, and behavior) rejects good the more they reject good people, and few or no of those good people, consequently, will welcome, esteem them, or even suffer their presence.

Such a one disposed to or deceived by evil or extreme bad, might respond; "I don't need or care about those good people, and I can love those who agree with me instead. What's more, since evil is more powerful than good, we can force those good people to be with us if we so desire it, and they will be forced to cooperate and go along with us, if not live as we ourselves do."

Let's assume the premises given in this response. Let's say the devil forced the good people to participate in his love or sense of brotherhood and fellowship. The truly good will reject his love as self-contradictory and spurious. The devil then rejects their assessment of him and must forbid them from his fellowship. If he does not, their idea of what love is will rival and outshine his own, and one would have in this challenge to him a veritable house divided. At the same time, he cannot forbid love entirely for many of his followers are led to think that by doing the wrong thing, that along with money, they can, among others things, have love also. But this the devil cannot possibly effect in final reality. For the love he and his people have to offer cannot possibly compete with the worth and value of the love of good people. And so the love of good people must to a large extent be curtailed and or eliminated; otherwise his followers who seek love will come to learn that his brand or versions are rejected by those who are, after all (and among people), the authorities of true, honest and sincere love. In the good people's absence then, a false idea of love and comradery is created, and it is this which is held out to his followers as love as good as any. If the devil does not keep real love shut out or suppressed, then so many of his followers will see the difference between the two kinds of affection (true versus false), and as a result flee him.

Thus he is compelled to keep up appearances. And by insisting on his own dominion, evil must not permit good and right love based in truth to flourish alongside his own version -- otherwise he is setting up or allowing an opposing kingdom within his own. This leaves the devil with the choice of killing those of truthful love or at least keeping them away from his people. If he tries to keep good people prisoner, the better quality of their love will sooner or later come to be known and heard of. If he tries to kill them all (assuming he could), this, and to the degree he does so, will hinder his ability to maintain the facade of being loving. This ultimately forces him to give at least some good people freedom from him because he can't suppress the manifestation of their love indefinitely (either through imprisonment or murder) -- only temporarily. So he must, again, let some of the good people go free in order to maintain his reign and kingdom over those who do not know better.

As mentioned before, one of the things so very naggingly repugnant and unsalutary about obnoxious spirit people, in particular those given over to megalomania, is that they (very usually) see things in a very annoying and screwed up way. Not always or necessarily, but often enough that one has to be routinely vigilant in keeping their view of things out of your mind, perceptions and or feelings. Because if you happen to be targeted by them they will usually have ways -- many, elaborate and varied -- for getting into you. And among the sicknesses they might pass on to you through these means is the above mentioned distorted views and perspectives they have -- say, for instance with respect to love, or religion, or happiness, or truth, or matters, in other words, of most importance to us.

Now this magician who regularly (and I mean regularly as in essentially round the clock) bothers me is a interesting case himself. There is a movie called "The Watcher," isn't there? Well, that's a lot of what he does and what he is like. He spends a great deal of time taking in enormous amounts of information about many different people's private lives and other topics, and has an extended image archive of times gone by of previous subjects and objects of his surveillance; though more usually he is focused on the latest up to the minute gossip. But for all the many things he knows, in a certain sense he doesn't know any of them because he cannot see properly; with the blind leading the blind. And when I realized this, I told him the devil's own hex and spite was on himself, similar say to someone being awarded a car but without ever getting its keys. Notwithstanding my frequently pointing out and explaining things like this to him, he will still persist in his folly.

"'Grand Theft Auto' is His Lord and Savior," or "There's No Ghoul Like an Old Ghoul."

Once more and for the record -- They are not, as some of you already know, exactly the most forthright, candid, and sincere people in the world; such that one is at great loss to understand exactly what their argument and justification is supposed to be -- despite innumerable sign language efforts on their part to impart quite what it is they are supposed to be about. So far, as best as we can tell, this would-be argument and justification (as it pertains to us) is in some measure based on the idea that we (i.e. on our side of the equation) are secretly guilty and or else that they themselves are supposed to be so very funny and so very clever. In any case and regardless of what this argument or justification of theirs amounts to, ours is that we don't want nor ever did ever have anything to do with them in the first place -- that they came to us--- that they forced themselves on us -- that they and their spirit people friends have absolutely no meaning or relevance to us whatsoever -- that though they feel entitled and would like to look down their nose at us, we did not, nor ever, need or want them for anything. And yet due to this aforesaid mysterious argument or justification of theirs, they are somehow permitted to murder our family and pets; stalk and invade our personal and private lives; subject us to ongoing violence, vandalism, robbery and torture; as well as (for almost two decades) deprive and starve us of our mail and communications with almost every and all others who might be of actual interest to us (to name just a very small few of the many privileges and perquisites they have appropriated to and or insisted on for themselves.)


Saving Private Spielberg ("Hold on Steve, we'll get you outta there!")

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's Horses
And all the King's Men
Could not put Humpty Dumpty
Back together again.

You can use a good rhyme like this sometimes to humor an irksome spirit person; only be sure to accentuate a phrase or two to make it more interesting for them.


To get him to think of himself as one of the Masters of the Universe and to see the world as cruelly as he does require nothing more, nor less, than some adept mind control and hypnotism. And yet what truly monumental woe and immense waste flow from such a trick.

As has become our occasional wont, we share at this site the Google & "Quotations Page" quote of the day; in this instance for Friday, Feb. 29 2008:

"Cynically speaking, one could say that it is true to life to be cynical about it."
- Paul Tillich

My reaction upon seeing this is that this kind of attitude is far less characteristic of life than it is of witchcraft guided "regular" and murderous "spirit" people who think of themselves as possessing such higher knowledge and self-importance as to excuse their culpability for things like rape, torture and murder. As a practical matter, the logic is simple. The more life is devalued or is made to seem devalued the less blameworthy are such crimes -- especially when they are committed against the poor, lonely, or destitute -- i.e. the more common victims and fodder of criminal spirit people and those who listen to them. Yes, life has its problems. Yet wouldn't it only make sense to improve its quality by attacking and removing such extreme criminal presences from its midst? And yet usually the kind of people who say such things as that quoted above are the last people to attack the vocation of murder and ruthlessness, and or who at the same time earn their rich living and place of honor by working for literal monsters.


"This series revolves around Dexter who is a forensic analyst for the Miami-Dade Police Department. Unknowing to his colleagues he is also a serial killer with good intentions. This show was developed by Showtime, and as soon as things start developing you notice the amazing character that is Dexter. Dexter only murders people that deserve to die, and he only does that after he has gathered all the evidence to justify their death. He was taught all the rules of his actions by his stepfather, and he was taught the logic and ethics behind all his actions. Dexter himself is a complex and amazing character just to follow his thoughts, the first season ended and now they are beginning the second season. Its an amazing show with a fantastic plot line and great characters, and the great part is seeing the dark humor in this show."

Although Dexter, as you can see, is intent on doing good -- is he honest? Obviously not, and yet these people would have us believe he is supposed to be or represent good. Now I ask you, does that make any sense? Observe by the way this character is based on a spirit person like "Simon the Magician" and which spirit person the producers of this show no doubt are warm friends of. Of course, such a program or else major movie, as I need not tell you, is far from being an isolated rarity.

I ask you then, how can they air and finance such garbage of this sort and then tell us we have to be on the alert to defend ourselves from wild Muslims out to attack our country? Do not our nation's leaders and politicians know an unabashed murderer when they see one? And yet they will, in a given instance, put themselves on CBS to be heard -- the same network that broadcasts this very show. So go figure.


Matthew 10:28: "Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

This injunction takes on greater meaning -- particularly given the times we've been living in -- when we realize that the heart and the rational intellect are the seats of the soul. Beware then those who kill honest sentiment and honest rational thought. (And who might that be?)


Christ is not nor ever was a ghost. And those who insist that he was or is (possibly because they met "him" -- or what was supposed to be him in that form) simply don't know what it means to live. Why then do they persist in this error? Because they base their judgment merely on what other people think, and do not stop and attempt to reflect seriously and rationally about what is or might actually be going on. Some might, for instance, say that "Playboy After Dark" is not Christian (having posted the below item of late with Sammy Davis Jr.) Well, if such things as this are of the devil, then let's see the devil minded people come up with anything nearly so good. The fact is they can't do it, never could, and have been led to believe a lie.

Yet if "Playboy After Dark" is (in its good points) not of the devil, does that make it Christian? If there is anything truly good to something, and whatever-it-is is at least predominantly good -- yes, that does in a palpable way make it Christian in the manner in which I use and interpret that term. This is not to say there is or might not be some bad present, or that all good is equally good. But if there is bad or especially very bad present that is evil's or someone else's contribution -- not good's. For it is with good and higher good that Christianity, properly speaking, is concerned with.

Of course, much of the puzzle and mystery is further explained when we realize that there are spirit people who will behave as if they were Christ or act as though they represent Christianity (or Buddhism or what have you); and it is keeping this fact secret that has been the cause and source of most religious error and misunderstanding down through history. And who keeps this all a secret? Christians? Not real (or at least intelligent) Christians certainly because real Christians value truth and honesty. Who then do you suppose such people as I refer to get their false or distorted ideas of Christianity, or Buddhism or what have you from? Obviously not from careful, honest or heartfelt reasoning.

In passing, when they say they have seen and known good from these spirit people what actually took place is that they, the subject, will be made to feel good or very good, yet at the same time are encouraged to be deliberately or recklessly oblivious to the evil that is also present and detectable. I know this from first hand experience with spirit people. They can impart what are or what seem like heavenly feelings. And yet if you are just a little alert and aware you will realize there is also overt bad or evil present or going on also -- say, for example, in their assaulting or invading your person without your consent or without asking your consent.


Though I wish they would ban the use of the word "blog" on the internet, I must say how pleasantly surprised and impressed I am at some people's memorabilia and nostalgia websites. It's very reassuring, given my circumstances and how cut off I am from so much and for so long now, that there are even yet some people out there actually still alive. Well, it just so happened in looking over one such site that I came across the following footage from "Playboy After Dark" circa 1968 with Sammy Davis, Jr.; and which I thought some of you also might enjoy and get a kick out of.

["Sammy Davis Jr. - Bricusse/Newley Medley 1968"]


"The Amazing Powers of being interesting are supposed to be interesting, Mr. Sherman."

That's o.k., you can be interesting. I'm not arguing that. Just stop forcing yourselves on people!


As much reason as there can be given for what prompts deliberate evil is that these kinds of people (whether spirit or regular people) are unbelievable when it comes to being desperate and hard up for attention, and will even abuse someone for no other reason than that they can be associated with them. So if, for example, the presidential election is made to look and sound like a joke this is them doing exactly this sort of thing. Though they mock all the candidates and endeavor to make a circus of the electoral process, they are enthralled at the idea of getting attention and being behind the scenes manipulating things (such as with respect to what is put on the television news); at the same time delighting at being able to associate themselves with who and what is "going on." And even when they seem most mean and vicious in attacking someone, really they don't always so much mean harm as they relish the feeling that they are somehow participating in something very important; while having at the same time a front row and center seat in the midst of the grand proceedings -- or else the life of the person they are assaulting.


Many become less sentimental as they grow older because they think that if love or innocent were ever going to be rescued or redeemed it would already have happened -- and long ago no less. And this is why I am a Christian; namely because it is not practical to assume or expect such rescue or redemption in this life. And if we ask was love or innocence ever redeemed we may say it was in and through Christ. And even if I have doubts or ignorance as to who Christ was historically, I can never doubt in him of himself; anymore than I could doubt or be indifferent to the reality that someone, somewhere was innocent and was made to die very cruelly and unjustly. For Christ is real even if historical and intellectual ideas about him are misguided or mistaken. The heart and spirit know him and, moreover, this knowledge has nothing to do with spirit people anymore than anyone or anything else. And yet I am also an American, and that for me means freeing people and animals when and where I can; and fighting, and even dying, when necessary -- with the understanding that necessary more often than not is only necessary because we make and believe it to be so.


Would you be strong enough to tear down an entire house? Then become an arsonist. Would you have people answer to your every beck and call? Then hold up a grocery store at gun point and take hostages. Would you be rich and wealthy beyond anyone's wildest dreams? Then become friends with a serial killer. Would you be respectable? Then lie and betray the innocent. Would you have others think you were like unto God? Then take up witchcraft and start conversing with the dead.


You can only very rarely enjoy a flower while digging a ditch, or appreciate a landscape painting while musing on economics or politics. And if you try to, you will only end up saying the flower is a trifle, and that the painting is not anything very important. Or worse and if you by chance suffer from delusions and misunderstandings such as these people do, you might think you can only value the flower when digging the ditch, or only appreciate the painting if at the same time you are distracted with something unrelated to it.


The vast majority of people will do good if they know what good is. But how can they know good if they are not permitted or free to voluntarily receive information?


It is not lack of good that is ever the real problem; rather it is the presence of too much bad. And if one gets mixed up with Hell in order to obtain good, what then are they doing?


Some would be astonished to realize what amount of personal problems a given person has can (if viewed from a rational perspective) be qualified or characterized as a sickness, disease, or ailment.


While it is possible to control and manage fear, no one (whether spirit or regular person) can or has ever entirely been able to escape it (not in this life at any rate.)


To put the matter succinctly, the agony of the Ages has been people's choosing the authority of spirit people over the standards of honesty and reason when deciding what constitutes reality -- and from this has sprung most, if not all, major woe and misery otherwise attributable to human decision making.


It is very sad thing indeed to see an individual singled out for great suffering while the world not only passes them by but thinks badly of them. And yet if we knew the truth, most of the fault of their predicament usually lies less with themselves than with others who are off somewhere else and whom we do not see.


Someone who seeks to find the meaning of existence in man's existence alone is bound to be sorely disappointed -- for the world does not exist for man alone. Rather man and the universe exist for God, and man is simply a part -- albeit an important part -- of the greater whole that is God. And what is God but harmony, justice, beauty, truth, etc?


On a trip to the supermarket just the other day, I learned that Britney Spears, Delta Burke, and Kirstie Alley all have mental problems.


It's a cheap character; for which reason -- and I am sure many of you will agree with me -- he should just go and mind his own business (of his own accord) already.


"Now say Bye, Bye..."

Now that I think of it if they get away with so many things as they do then they must be divine -- and more divine certainly than us -- with the good news being that no doubt sometime soon they must be moving on to that next higher level -- and without any longer needing or requiring us! But naturally this will be good for them as well -- so everybody wins (and what could be better?)


And here once again and to prove the point, I don't really have to say anything. (So you tell me.)

In passing, "Nobody Spoil My Fun" is of course taken from the Seeds song of the same title, and that I just learned is available as an Amazon mp3 download here. And since we are on the subject, other groovy Seeds also worth checking (and which we haven't already made reference to) are "Evil Hoodoo" and "Try to Understand."

"Nobody Spoil My Fun"

Lest we be charged with denying the opposition equal time, here is "Dracula Speaks!" from the 60's Famous Monsters of Filmland LP "Famous Monsters Speak!" (at 46 MBs and 21 minutes in length.) What is amusing --- or not so amusing -- is that the ideas expressed are correctly representative and characteristic of some of these people. Where, however, this recording misleads is that it gives one to think that they are always dreary, gothic and gloomy like that. But really they can be all humor and light, sweetness and affection too -- when the circumstances require or call for such. Their moods change and they can seem very matter of fact and normal (as if nothing is or was previously going on) -- and yet at other times be as bad and worse than what is heard described here. Needless to add, this ability to play different roles, combined with a knowledge of how to please the unwary and the irrational, is among their most surpassing strengths; and, of course, is just part of what makes them so very dangerous.


My enemies act and speak -- or don't speak -- the way they do because, although proud and supremely confident of their knowledge of everything, they have little real heart, shun courage and honesty as solutions, and (not surprisingly) possess little or no capacity or disposition to reason.

Furthermore, what they won't tell or explain to you (i.e. even if they were willing and capable of doing so) is that although as rich and numerous they are (and to that extent outnumber me in the immediate circumstances) I can and could still beat them handily but for criminal spirit people being brought in to cheat on their behalf (this without even mentioning their use of brain torture radios to put me in my place.) So true is this that for practical purposes I deem them little more than vegetables or animated lumps of earth; and instead focus, and for years have focused, most of my combative energy against the meddling spirit people.

You want to see and hear something genuinely impressive? Check out these two video versions on YouTube of the Chicago song "If You Leave Me Now:" the first from 1976 with and by the song's composer Pete Cetera; and the second from a much more recent incarnation of Chicago with Jason Scheff singing and performing. If you even ever write just one song this good I think you have it made for life -- or something like that. (Meanwhile, you men out there eat your heart out!)


So now when you look up into the night sky you will know that those stars you can see with the naked eye belong to our own galaxy (and not somebody else's.)


Properly speaking, one does not fight to impress women, let alone to pursue glory; rather one fights to spare one's loved ones and oneself from having to live alongside serial killers and people who (literally) summon up the dead.

"Speak to me kid, Speak to me...!"

The Google and "Quotations Page" quote of the day for this Saturday morning, 16 February 2008 is:

"Ask a deeply religious Christian if he�d rather live next to a bearded Muslim that may or may not be plotting a terror attack, or an atheist that may or may not show him how to set up a wireless network in his house. On the scale of prejudice, atheists don�t seem so bad lately."
- Scott Adams

Which prompts the question -- does it actually require governmental intervention to save us from the wretched lack of thought evidently present in the formation and promulgation of this remark? This much, however, is obvious. One most certainly would not want or risk Scott Adams, Google, or the Quotations Page setting up or fixing his or her wireless network.


Back sometime in about 1990 (and before my fateful trip to Los Angeles in 1992), I had an unusual experience the significance of which is worth noticing now. The experience was that of a sleeping dream or more precisely nightmare. Without getting into its contents, I was upon waking very disturbed and shaken. Yet when I took the time to think over and analyze it I rejected it. Although I was not consciously thinking of a spirit person I at least thought the point of view expressed was not my own and consequently rejected it -- yet without going the next step and asking whose nightmare then really was it? All I thought was that it wasn't mine, that it was phony, and that I refused it and left the matter at that.

Now what is interesting is that the cause for that nightmare is this same person who has been putting me through over 15 years of relentless harassment, violence and assorted and variegated abuse. And he still hounds and stalks my life; which understandably makes living very difficult if not impossible. The point to be made is that for all this tidal wave of trouble he has been throwing my way this past decade and a half (and more) he is still that same phony thing I saw and recognized in the dream. And the degree and intensity of his following up that nightmare with further attacks does not in the least create for him any greater credibility. Though he and others (whom he has got to go with him) have since 1990 and many times come as Heaven and Hell, it's still just that same phony character of before.


Some Tricks to Expect and Prepare For

  • Because he was, surreptitiously and unbeknownst to you, with you in some private moments of yours and or knows some very secret, unusual or very familiar information about you this entitles him to be in your life.
  • If he can make it seem as if his presence is all around you you will think this is a sign of divinity.
  • Because he is in a very bad way you owe him.
  • The truth is merely what "everyone" thinks.
  • Because he is miraculously puissant in some respects it must follow he doesn't have any weaknesses or that he is puissant in all.
  • The most incomprehensible and unending obduracy and pertinacity -- this itself is a trick.
  • Because you are in great physical pain you must be logically in error.


    Since the many centuries subsequent to the dawn of civilization the fate of humanity it would seem is and will be decided on the choosing between one of two possible viewpoints regarding authoritarian spirit people; either:

    A) We should listen to, appease, and obey their commands
    B) They should be ruthlessly hunted down and exterminated.

    For the idea that authoritarian spirit persons can or would abdicate their power or be willing desist from their trouble making is wishful thinking indeed. Although it is such trouble making that is the cause of most all, if not all, of the worst problems society and or any single one of us suffers from, yet which of the above two choices do you suppose the unelected, billion dollar powers-that-be have in effect secretly (and not so secretly) opted for in our behalf?


    Most of the time I don't like putting up graphics as large in size as this one; but in this instance I wanted to make an exception in order that the detail of the object shown could be seen more clearly (I could of course have used a thumbnail, but here also decided not to.) It is a creamware pitcher made in 1800 (currently up for auction on ebay) that expresses the hope and promise felt in the Federalist and, just recently inaugurated, Democratic-Republican (or Anti-Federalist) eras of this country. Note the Neo-Classical simplicity and design. It is a good example of how the Neo-Classical style, as adopted in more common and day to day depictions and generally speaking, had a softened gentility about it more rarely found in the original Greek works of antiquity. This advancement of filling in with spirit and sentiment the usually less warm Greek geometric design and sense of proportion is arguably a result of Judeo-Christian influence. Whatever the cause, the development is certainly striking and for some, no doubt, more appealing than the emotional austerity and gravity more prevalent (by contrast) in pre-Christian Classicism.


    One of the most dangerous things about these ghost sorcerers one needs to be cautious of these days is that they will strive to get ourselves and others to think that just about any and everything is a big joke -- government is joke, law is joke, justice is a joke, innocence is a joke, human rights are a joke, murder is a joke -- everything but the sovereignty and final say of spirit people in and over everything is a joke. Now it is true just about anyone or anything can in certain circumstances be made an object, and in some way, of some form of humor. Yet with such Hell people this freedom is deliberately used as a device to undermine and attack people's consciences and their capacity and disposition to reason fairly and justly. So that a threat of this kind that a mind control expert like a ghost sorcerer poses is yet another argument then for one to have a good and empathetic heart; that is, lest we come to see too much and too many things as all just a joke.

    When then is something funny and when is it all right to laugh at something? I remember a few years back hearing a story in the local news of an old woman who was run over by a semi-truck and had her body dragged for some miles before the driver or anyone else knew what had happened. Now is this funny? If it were an incident in a cartoon or slapstick film comedy it might or could be. But in real life the answer is obviously "no." Though unthinkingly we might first be inclined to chuckle over such an incident; on sober reflection we would realize it was wrong to do so (and for any number of good reasons.) And yet not everyone would think it was wrong to do so, and it is this sort of crass insensitivity and unreflecting frivolity -- under the excuse of humor and good feeling -- that manipulating Hell people do and would like to instill and inculcate in others -- just as they themselves had such raw callousness and indifference similarly instilled and inculcated in them many years ago.


    We read lately at, a website dedicated to all things lurid and ghastly, the following:

    "As I'm sure youre all aware, the site is funded by donations. This year for the first time we have a shortfall.
    "The anual [sic] running costs are 461.28 [pounds sterling] & we are short of 84.44 (less T-shirt sales profits). The Domain Payments are due on the 1st of Feb so please, if you can afford just a few pounds/euros/dollars etc. to help keep the site going then please click the donations link below & do your bit to help so spud doesnt have to find the money himself. Thanks a lot."

    According to these people it takes roughly $1,000.00 a year to run their website -- my own only costs about $144.00 a year. But unlike them, I so far have received absolutely no donations whatsoever and yet they have at least already been able to take in some $800.00 towards their annual term. Some might say in response that I am simply not answering public demand. Perhaps, but just in case you or someone you know ever tried to send me money and were in any way obstructed in doing so please do me a favor and contact Social Security and report it -- for you see Social Security is what I am living on (for further explanation of why this is so see my "Narrative.") And were it the case someone was willing to hire and or send me something like some real money I might or would not have to live on Social Security. At the same time, those who do or might prevent me from being hired or receiving money are in effect also cheating Social Security -- who would not, nor would I ask them to, pay me an income if I could obtain one by more normal means.


    Ordinarily we think of ideas as being something that is or are thought. And yet not only the intellect but the heart (that is our deeper or deepest emotions) have ideas, and, as well, so does our more physical body have ideas (say in respect to hunger for food or sexual desire and activity.) Does the mind (as in intellect) understand the heart and the body's ideas? Does the heart comprehend the mind's ideas and the body's ideas? Can the body construe the heart's and the mind's ideas? The proper answer to this is no doubt an involved one. Yet on at least some level or other, no matter how tenuous the ties or how flimsy the harmony, the answer is yes; there is some amount of kinship and symbiosis between the ideas of the mind, heart, and body. If then we are to conceive of the ideality of all existence this must at minimum entail the ideas of the mind, heart and body -- and not just those of the mind. Moreover, if there is said to be a spirit that unites these three that spirit's ideas of course should be included also; and such a spirit might be seen to consist or partake of logic and brotherly and sisterly love (including basic morals.)

    Animals, even plants, have ideas of their own in the sense I give above and which seem only to differ from our own in terms of depth, degree and complexity; and for this reason could be said to have souls.


    There was a psychologist or other expert on crime being interviewed on ABC news this morning [Feb. 9, 2008], and in reference to some recent random slayings he attributed them to the killer's feeling like an outcast (for one reason or another) accompanied by a overwhelming need to seek fame and attention -- much the way Paris Hilton does (his example); that if we do give these offenders attention we are only encouraging such crimes. Although listened to with respectful awe by his interviewer I rather think there are not a few things wrong with this theory (though no one in the program bothered mentioning or suggesting that this, after all, was all it was.) What struck me though as most suspect was the suggestion that anyone (unless it was for sheer mercenary reasons) would want to go on television these days to begin with. For, aside from those who own them, who is so backward as to actually take television and the mass media (as we have come to know them in recent years) seriously? These mediums are so heavily controlled and invariably used for ideological propaganda that it hard to imagine anyone believing they would get on television without the explicit concurrence of the mass media controllers and distributors. Why then do they put on these psychologists to say such things? As much as any reason and as far as I can see to attempt to artificially enhance the appeal and reputation of being on television; which latter, needless to say, is otherwise at an all time low.

    The Return of Deja Vu

    One of the great thing about's mp3 download is that, unlike Rhapsody, there is no membership fee, and how nice it is to get a hold of just that one song you want without having to buy the whole album. Well, I was rummaging through my memory again recently for great songs that I had forgotten but which now I could obtain individually as downloads. The following then are some of them -- with direct links to its download.

    "Undun" -- Guess Who
    I always thought of Burton Cummings as a Canadian Freddy Mercury; fair or no here is one of Guess Who's best.

    "For All We Know" -- Carpenters
    I knew the Carpenters had at least a few really good songs, and in my checking again my memory turned out to be right.

    "You Light Up My Life" -- Debby Boone
    The performance is decent but it's the melody itself which is what makes this song so especially memorable.

    "Let It Go" -- Bangles
    My most favorite Bangles song.

    "I Can't Think About Dancin'" -- Missing Persons
    When I was a cab driver years ago, I on one occasion picked up a band member of Missing Persons. After talking with him and to make a long story short he ended up letting me into the band's concert for free. Very typical 80's pop, but it was a very fun concert. Though I think this song could be sung a little bit better, it's a super Saturday night club number.

    [Later addition]

    "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" -- Queen
    Since I had mentioned Freddy Mercury, here's an extra with.


    I suggested that if he ever considered going into music they could call themselves "The Living Ghoul and His Ghouligans."


    It is when we are most or full grown that consequently we most begin to take things for granted and most risk tripping ourselves up. Yet if I say this, some will whine like a child that doesn't want to be reminded that he needs to go to school.