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"Having figured out the Da Vinci code, your boy now seems to be on top of it all. But let me say this -- neither you nor he can afford to go on hiding out and living the bum life of demonism on us. Let's face it, you need company as bad as you do because you suffer from megalomania on a cosmic scale; and yet the plain, irrefutable fact of the matter is you do what you do for the very simple reason that many, many years ago you were tricked and made a complete fool of by these other people. And it was only afterward that you acted as if you had all along adopted an arch philosophy which compels you to do these things a certain way."


I sometimes see things so incredibly stupid in advertising and on the internet that I would not dare write or say anything about them.


Better to know a little clearly than much in a great blur.


Speed up to avoid being a target.
Slow down to get your aim.
Stay high to keep safe.
Swoop low in order to harm
-- with success consisting of a
somehow happy medium between these.

Or if you prefer a jingle:

To evade, speedily fly.
To aim, go slow.
To stay safe, keep high.
To harm swoop low.

Observe in this simulation pic below of a BF109 coming up on a Spitfire, it is of course possible to attack upward from below; however the plane so doing will quickly lose energy and thus risk making himself an easier target.


"True, if one can casually or routinely get away with torture and murder, what can't one get away with? But you have been acting like a crazy man now for many years; don't even you think that maybe it is time for you to get your life together, move on and leave all these people alone already? These times are demanding for all of us and call us, including you, to something higher and greater than ourselves. Wouldn't it make more sense then for you, after all, to now do the wise and sensible thing and mind your own business?"


By manipulating value one can in a sense and to some extent manipulate realty and one's perception or understanding of reality. Nothing exists without a value judgment, and if something offends you can reject the thing by rejecting the value judgment; or reject the thing's value as an existent (i.e. if it has no value it doesn't exist.) Yet this having been said, woe to you who would reject honest truth and right reason for your ability to estimate value will ere long be sorely tried.

Here's another. "Starships Unlimited," a space empire sim for PC, is interesting and has much to recommend it. However, I came across the following in the game manual and which occasioned a raised eyebrow or two. Bear in mind that, in game terms, one of the primary purposes of any given space civilization is to produce scientists, engineers, security and spy personnel, and navy personnel (in that order of importance.)

"26.7.13 World Improvements
Some technologies are designed to aid a world in some way. They are of no use to any other unit. Here is the list of technologies that do that, followed by their details:

Builds a network of advanced research facilities, capable of examining all types of technologies. This addition will increase a world's research capabilities by 10% of the population's Research Value. Note that more Scientists will increase a population's Research Value. Only one per city may be built, but the bonus to research is cumulative.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: $2 per year
Age: Atomic
Slots used: 2
Requires: Nothing
Leads to: Nano Technology, Fertility Drugs, Research Centers
Makes obsolete: Nothing

"Research Center:
Research facilities that are more advanced than the Laboratory; their increased efficiency means that these facilities take up only one slot instead of two. Only one per city may be built, but the bonus to research is cumulative.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: $2 per year.
Age: Fusion
Slots used: 1
Requires: Laboratories
Leads to: Replicators, Cloning, Tractor Beam
Makes obsolete: Laboratories

"Surface Mining Facility:
A typical mining facility that harvests ore and other valuable materials from relatively shallow deposits. Adds $5 of income per year to your coffers. Only one per city may be built (so a maximum of $20 per year is possible per world).
Worlds Only
Upkeep: None
Age: Atomic
Slots used: 2
Requires: Nothing
Leads to: Terraforming, Deep Mining Facilities
Makes obsolete: Nothing

"Deep Mining Facility:
A more advanced mining system that can explore and harvest ore and other valuable materials from deep within a world’s crust. It produces the same amount of income as a Surface Mining Facility ($5 per facility, limit one per city), except this only takes up one slot instead of two.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: None
Age: Fusion
Slots used: 1
Requires: Surface Mining Facilities
Leads to: Underground Cities
Makes obsolete: Surface Mining Facilities

"Fertility Drugs:
Breakthroughs in medicine on a mass scale help to increase your worlds’ birth rates by one per 'planet-type' years.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: None
Age: Atomic
Slots used: 0
Requires: Laboratories
Leads to: Cloning
Makes obsolete: Nothing

The next step past Fertility Drugs, Cloning allows your race to create new life artificially. This Increases world birth rates by two per 'planet-type' years.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: None
Age: Fusion
Slots used: 0
Requires: Fertility Drugs, Research Centers
Leads to: Bio Computers, Cloning Factories
Makes obsolete: Fertility Drugs

"Cloning Factories:
Now that Cloning has become a regular part of your empire, centralization and expansion of cloning facilities helps to Increase world birth rates by three per 'planet-type' years.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: None
Age: Antimatter
Slots used: 0
Requires: Cloning, Replicators
Leads to: Cloning Farms
Makes obsolete: Cloning

"Cloning Farms:
The ultimate in life creation; Cloning Farms are specialized and highly fertile grounds for churning out good little workers for your empire. This increases world birth rates by four per 'planet-type' years.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: None
Age: Singularity
Slots used: 0
Requires: Cloning Factories, Holospheres
Leads to: Underground Cities
Makes obsolete: Cloning Factories

"Nano Technology:
Construction on a subatomic level helps to decrease production costs by 15%.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: None
Age: Atomic
Slots used: 0
Requires: Laboratories
Leads to: Nano Factories, Terraforming, Replicators
Makes obsolete: Nothing

"Nano Factory:
Massive production facility that uses vast amounts of nano-construction devices that decreases production and repair times by 10%. Accumulative but limited to one per city.
Worlds Only
Upkeep: $2 per year
Age: Atomic
Slots used: 2
Requires: Nano Technology
Leads to: Replicator Facility
Makes obsolete: Nothing...

"Holospheres: Decreases starship production costs by 15%.
Age: Antimatter
Slots used: 0
Requires: Teleporters
Leads to: Jump Drives, Cloning Farms, Domed Cities."


In browsing the internet, I came across this website at that showcases someone's collection of over-sized radio-controlled flyers. Check it out!

More Than A Marine

You do not like it
But let yourself be toughened;
That way you will be stronger
And sooner rid of it.
What is truly good about you
Is what is already inside you
And what is inside of friends
Who love what’s true.
Yet you can’t assume
Victory will come for you;
Or that you will live to see it.
You will instead probably just die
With the consolation
Of having fought the good fight.
But let this be enough.

Bless these thy gifts, Lord,
We are about to receive
Through thy bounty.
Remember the animals
Who give their lives;
Grant them your peace.
May we this day
Make ourselves worthy of this food
In how we act and what we do.
May they with time
From their burden be freed
And we ourselves of the need.


The Heart is the Earth

The Heart is the Earth
And the Mind is the Sky.
Yet only if I behave myself
Do I construe why
Water is their spirit.
Love is a spirit.
You can feel it;
You can hear it.
The Spirit is Love.

Can any child
Be Nature’s child?
Yes, any child
That loves Nature
Can be so styled.
For who loves Nature
But Nature's child?

Yet what is Nature?
It calls me
To the quiet of the fire
On a frigid winter’s day;
Soothes all my fears
With warm summer rays.
But if I am crushed
Like a murdered animal,
I feel my humanity.


Nature has a spirit which is damaged and killed by the spirit of the violent and unruly and dead (as much or more so than by anyone else.) And the more such spirits are permitted to permeate and proliferate in our communities the more the spirit of Nature is harmed and or displaced. And yet what is hands down the most lucrative way of obtaining vast quantities of money and material wealth? Acting in partnership with them.


The fault of nominalism lies in the fallacy of the belief that something can exist in, of and for itself.


Presumably Adam was acquainted with the serpent before the fall and did not at that earlier time see anything wrong with him.


Those of you who would accord me some credit for good taste and discernment will trust me when I say their Heaven (and when considered as a model of Heaven) is really and mostly just a lot of junk, and a person who knows true quality will steer clear of and not bother with it. Part of the problem stems from these spirit people trying to have it all these different ways. While it makes sense to pardon the wicked who repent; these kinds of spirit people on the other hand will adopt a philosophy of indifference to evil as and when it suits them; which indifference in turn, of course, only renders their Heaven hypocritical, cheap and meretricious.


The lynching of Blacks, the slaughter of the Indians, the Holocaust, the genocide of the Armenians, Soviet purges, the Killing Fields, atrocities of war and enslavement of peoples too numerous to name -- what caused all these widely geographically separated crimes to occur? It was a disease, and the disease was and is autocratic spirit people. It was they who were the ones behind all these tragedies with those who actually carried out the given act being those that listened to them. So true is this, and so powerful are these kinds of spirit people that only they could have conceived, planned and arranged such incomprehensible disasters. But who gets blamed? White Americans, Germans, Turks, Japanese -- with the implication that they should be killed next for what they did -- if not with a gun with hatred and moral brow beating. This is not to absolve or make light of those regular people who committed these crimes; only it is an irresponsible, if not criminal, distortion to ignore the role spirit people played in using these dupes -- and dupes is what they were. And if you don't believe me when I tell you that it is autocratic spirit people who alone possess the ultimate incentive and wherewithal to bring about massacres and genocides, go and find out how easy it is to discuss spirit people objectively and scientifically. Go look into these sad events and see if those who are known to have caused them were not involved in the occult and or dishonest religion.

Earlier this morning I received a "communication" from one of these regular persons who listens to these spirit people. He in effect said, you better be careful about who you speak so contemptibly of when it comes to who that is up in the sky. "Rubbish!" I replied. "By their fruits you shall know them. Their duplicity, secretiveness, authoritarian mien speak volumes as to who and what they really are." Yet such arguments as these make little impression on someone who cannot overcome his childish and primitive fear of spirit people and magic. This is not to say there are not good spirit people, or that there cannot be good spirit people located somewhere above us. I merely assert that let those who are most guilty take the larger blame and culpability; regardless of whether they are a regular or spirit person.

Someone might ask, if what you claim is true then what would be the autocratic spirit people's motive? The answer to this is an understandably profound and potentially intricate one. Yet one thing is certain. The more humanity degrades and abases itself with both abominable and serious crimes the greater control and governing power these spirit people do and will have over us.


Extreme laziness, abject pusillanimity, and or conscienceless lust (and despite all good intention) are the foremost reasons why a given person listens and succumbs to the rule of spirit people rather than logic, morals, and the facts. As well, the amount of people who so succumb is also the number of Hell's political constituency in this world -- or so I believe anyone who considers the matters closely will find.


As part of my Mabel Normand duties, I was going through some vintage recordings and came upon this which, although itself not Mabel Normand related, was amusing enough to find of interest. Here then in .mp3 format at 2.8 MBs (and to tide some of you over) is:
"Connie's Got Connections in Connecticut" with Dick Robertson and his Orchestra.
(I'm sorry the sound quality of this recording is far from high fidelity as one would like, but it is taken off an old home-made audio cassette, and so this couldn't much be helped under the circumstances. The original, however, on a 78 should not be all that very hard to find for anyone seeking better.)


I see and understand your concern, but I think you have got this all wrong. The one who is winning is not necessarily the one who is most admired and praised, nor the one who is most topical; but rather the one who is most loved or else the one who is most loving -- since people can be admired, praised and make themselves topical without actually loving or being much loved for what they do.

"Enough I say -- mind your own business! Now that's just about enough -- mind your own business!"

You are dealing with other-worldly beings out of their other-worldly minds taking it upon themselves to oversee our lives in this world because they can't deal with their own life in theirs. For instance, he always has to do the wrong thing a certain way (certainly) or he always has to torture people. And though he taxes himself and goes to prodigious lengths to keep his own wrong doing a secret, he still thinks himself justified. And were you to ask him why all this was necessary, he will try to convince you with the argument that there are fabulous prizes and give-aways to be had by his so acting.


If you question and try to dig too deep, they will say that this implies you are proposing that there is a conspiracy. Well, let me then tell you how it is they have this racket set up.

1. First you have this spirit person crime syndicate or empire. The base of their power is sophisticated forms of deception, terror, violence and such as few never even in their worst nightmares ever dreamed of. And until and unless one had a working knowledge of these tools, how could one combat these people? The spirit people then can utilize these in such a manner as to frequently (if not always) dispossess their enemies of worldly wealth and standing; as well as being able to acquire worldly wealth and status for themselves.
2. Yet these tools are not had without a price, and sometimes when one assumes a certain advantage one divests or disqualifies oneself of its opposite. For example, if you are too much of a killer, it will detract from your being a philanthropist. It becomes necessary therefore to use deception in order that some of your intended subjects think you to be what in fact you actually are not. So if he is a first rate killer, terrorist and hoodlum but gets you to think he is also a feeling philanthropist then he can have it both ways. Of course, not everyone, no matter how hard one tries to persuade them, will be comfortable that a person who is a savage murderer can also make for a good philanthropist. In their case then the spirit people don't inform them they are killers, and instead endeavor to maintain the guise of humane benefactor. With others, on the other hand, they will or might attempt to justify being both, say, by using sophistry and dishonest religion. Needless to add, the involvement of all-knowing spirit people (accompanied by “miracles” and magic) and or large amounts of money go a long way in dissuading many of the necessary importance of honesty, morals, equal justice and right reason as alternatives to what spirit people have to offer.
Here's one possible scenario: "The world is greatly fallen. It will not avail to try to be moral and happy also. Either one must not be moral, or else they must choose not to be happy. Now some would not aspire to false piety -- and would rather be happy. Consequently, they see the greatest advantage comes by doing the wrong thing in the worst way. It is more effective than virtue for obtaining what you want -- and at the same time it rids oneself of the hypocrisy of self-righteousness. This is not to say the possibly good or redeemed have nothing going for them on their end of it. Permit me to introduce you to Mr. 'Jesus' [or other grand religious notable.] (Mr. Jesus, this is our friend so-and-so who I am just now explaining all these things to.) Now, it is Mr. 'Jesus' job to see that all those more deserving victims of ours (should they be deserving) get a fair shake in their own way just as we do. Therefore do not concern yourself if you feel or suspect we are being somehow unjust to someone. Mr. 'Jesus' has agreed he will take care of it for us. So not to worry about that."
3. The spirit people then can set up a network perhaps locally, perhaps regionally, perhaps internationally such that varied and separate individuals and groups can be united into the main system which, of course, is kept a secret. Various regular people are members and often for very different carrot and or stick reasons; yet to some extent will have some amount of autonomy --- some more money, some more freedom to act rashly, for some more amicable and social interaction is allowed -- but none can be so powerful as to really be able to think all that much for themselves. The most important thinking must, after all, be left up the spirit people who are in a position to join and coordinate all these various people into an unstoppable fascistic force.
4. Those who do not go along with this order of things then can be systematically isolated, attacked and rooted out of social participation. However, there is a fine balancing act; for as I mention earlier there will always be those who think the spirit people are not depraved killers and torturers (otherwise they would not deal with them.) Therefore a certain art is required in dealing with the would-be right minded in seeming to promote and benefit people; hence false generosity, a sense of brotherhood, or an absurd vision of things based on pseudo-science or pseudo-religion is invoked to mask the pain, misery and waste that is being caused within the society or community.

As usual, there is or can be much more to it than what I have sketched above. But you see if you premise that there are these manipulative deceiving and ruthless spirit people, see for yourself how easy it is for the disease of raw evil to invade and eat its way into our lives.


Half-Rhymed in Time

He shot for everything;
How did he end up with nothing?
And yet they'll say
Not all there is in the world,
Even if one had it,
Can remedy this life’s incompleteness;
And for some special few
This great world
Is only a small place
That alone cannot do.
It cannot do
Because there isn't
All the peace they are entitled to.
And for all that they've lost,
There is always today
And tomorrow is interminable.

Where are the good going?
Where are they who earned being happy going?
Are they a family?
If so, it's because they have a mother and father.
But if we can’t come we wish them well.

Now she must be one of them.
Her beauty echoes off the rocks
Or ripples across a pool.
But if he but look at her
Without the universal light
To that sublime avenue,
It seems he can’t quite see her.
And when it is dark
He says there is no light.
But of course there is light;
It's just that for him it is not there.

In order to ascend high above
Or dive deep under
Desire then must abate;
And one must hanging wait
(Just as music needs rests);
Though the impatience is great.


Ever on the look out for ideas in the way of ghost repellent, I came across this photograph of a stone casting of a high priest of Heliopolis from the Ptolemaic period (c. 330 B.C.) Very, very old artifacts like this if applied properly (i.e. with sufficient intelligence, reasonableness, and circumspection) can freak a ghost out; not because they contain magic or magical properties but, rather, can carry associations with certain unpleasant people, things and events a given ghost would just as soon not think about. There is a problem however in that the person using such an object in this way might conjure up those own associations to their own discomfort. But this having been said, one can (I believe) make a ghost uncomfortable by forcing him to think about things he doesn't want to think about; for example the spirit people who originally messed him up; other bad spirit people (perhaps much, much older than himself) who hate him and would just as soon kill him as anybody; numerous crimes he's known or been an accomplice to, including cruelties and tragedies unimaginable. I tried something like this on the magician the other day and almost brought him to tears; which, for me, only confirmed the correctness of my speculation. On the other hand and at the same time, I would not want to make too much out of it; for, even if the suspicion is true, these people can be very clever and come up with their own counter measures if a problem becomes a serious one for them. Nonetheless, there is something to this or similar approach in dealing with predatory spirit people that is at least worth mentioning.


Some have this idea that you find good in people, and good comes from people. Well, yes and no: bad comes from people also. So it is not, after all, people who are the measure of what's good but goodness and virtue itself whenever, wherever and by whomever they are manifested; and to that extent, if it doesn't already go without saying, animals generally are far more virtuous and better behaved than many people. It is virtue that should be honored, rewarded, or respected therefore; not biological consanguinity -- that is, if you care at all about what is truly good. The opposite notion that it is species or race that of itself makes for goodness harks back to the stone age or ancient days when lions were our competitors, and is of course only a remote reflection of more mature judgment.


When I was young the children's books you would see marketed for department stores, supermarkets, and wider audiences generally were usually about such topics as science, history, literary classics, animals, or something encyclopedic. Well, I went to Costco this morning and rather than anything like these for children were instead publications with titles like Wizardology (a page of which is given above), Dragonology, Pirateology, and Egyptology (the latter with an obvious slant on the mystical.) If you peruse customer reviews (at of these books, you will frequently find remarks that reading them inspires children's imagination. Yet inspires them to what? To one day grow up to be a buccaneer, an expert on dragons, or Dr. Faustus? You might then ask, that may be all well and good, but what is the Johnny Depp picture for? The purpose of the Johnny Depp picture is to inspire your imagination (because I really don't have anything to say about it.)

"Thank You Blu-ray for making the difference in our lives."

Just in time for the new Dark Ages, the dawning era of widespread illiteracy, and the end of basic morals and Civil Liberties in America, a new generation is on its way; as per this report by Associated Press medical writer, Mike Stobbe:

"Bucking the trend in many other wealthy industrialized nations, the United States seems to be experiencing a baby boomlet, reporting the largest number of children born in 45 years..."

For more see: "Against the trend, U.S. births way up" or go to

You'd almost think it was all a conspiracy or something. Well, don't wonder for a moment -- because it is, and you can thank these stupid spirit people and those who listen to them for a lot of this. With more dumb, ignorant people (not inherently dumb or ignorant -- just made or forced to be that way by the great undemocratic powers that be) on the way how much easier it will be for Moloch and his friends to glut their appetite without restraint, and how much less able will society be at large to Moloch, et al.


“The siege of Ninety Six is a favorite topic with the people in this vicinity. It is a pleasure to witness the animation that sparkles in their countenances, when in compliance with my request, they narrate the minute incidents of those trying times. Some of the striking particulars are these -— the blockading of the British troops in the fort —- the extension of a mine under the British works —- the sallying out of a British force which in spite of a desperate resistance drove the Carolinians from the mine and surprised unawares the heroic fellows that were ready, under ground, to blow up the whole garrison to destruction -– the marching up of a pick’d company of valiants to haul down with hooks the bags of sand which lay on the top of the entrenchment, while muskets were incessantly blazing from behind them -— the act of a courageous tory who notwithstanding the surrounding crowd of besiegers, galloped through and gained admittance at the gate [with] advices of an approaching reinforcement.”

~ Edward Hooker's 1806 description of memories of the siege of Ninety Six, S.C. in June 1781; which was fought entirely (but for three recorded individuals) between opposing Americans. Hooker was a school teacher and resident of Cambridge which was built near to old Ninety Six, the latter by that time having been largely abandoned. (See Greene, Jerome A. Ninety Six: A Historical Narrative. National Park Service, Dept. of the Interior, Denver, Colorado, Nov. 1979, pp. 186-187.)


In living my life as I have these past fifteen years I have been in effect under a kind of siege by these spirit people and their henchmen, and including dupes and accomplices of the henchmen. Like besiegers they construct works protecting themselves either from attacks by myself or those without who might do so, and the essential bulwarks of these fortifications of theirs are deception. If they can keep the truth out, then they can keep the enemy out. Now these spirit persons are understandably more interested in seeing to their own interests rather than their henchpeople's. The henchpeople need merely to believe that they are being well served by answering to the spirit persons. Yet in the pinch of not always having things go their way, the spirit people have been all the while safeguarding themselves by taking pains that if worse come to worse the henchpeople get the blame, not themselves.

In the story of Job, Satan is justified or made to seem justified in his actions by God himself granting him permission to act as he does. With these spirit people it is the same thing; only -- just as with the regular people -- the person granting them permission need not actually be God -- he need only persuade or convince them that he is. The thing then to do most of all and set as a top priority is to get and destroy this person who is, in effect, posing as God or else is acting in the role God plays in the Job story. This might be done in a number of ways, but one of these certainly is for us (who are the enemies of these people) to reject and view with hostility this person who is their justification. He most of all is the worst and most dangerous enemy -- despite his or his people's appearing as Heaven, or someone or something attractive or awe inspiring. This doesn't imply, let alone require, being trigger happy toward angels only one needs to be wary of and guard against trickery, well-intentioned dupes, and disguises. If someone should object, but what if he is God? If he, who is acting as authority, is God then there is no danger of our harming him, and if we can harm him he is not God.


And -- to add to our earlier remarks -- take the "Beelze" out of "Beelzebub," and what does that leave you with? (Some of you will no doubt see what I am driving at; and which, if you figured that out, raises the interesting question what, given their appalling guilt, would constitute being hard on these people?)


Life is most strange, I think, because one doesn't quite always know what to assume or expect -- no matter how old and learned we get. Yet there is often a way of surmounting this is; and that is to ask what are others to assume and what are they entitled to.


I came across another interesting anecdote worth sharing here while continuing work on my Calendar and Record: 1780-1781, Fourth Edition; and that comes from British historian Rev. William Gordon:

“Charly Morgan [a Continental soldier who had been sent on an espionage mission by Lafayette when in Virginia] by his management carried off seven deserters with him. When he had reached the American army, and was brought to head quarters, the marquis upon seeing him cried out, ‘Ha! Charly, are you got back?’ ‘Yes and please your excellency, and have brought seven more with me,’ was the answer. When Charly had related the reason of his returning, and the observations he had made, the marquis offered him money; but he declined accepting it, and only desired to have his gun again. The marquis then proposed to promote him to the rank of a corporal or sergeant. To this Morgan replied -- ‘I will not have any promotion. I have abilities for a common soldier, and have a good character; should I be promoted my abilities may not answer, and I may lose my character.’ He however nobly requested for his fellow soldiers, who were not so well supplied with shoes, stockings and clothing as himself, that the marquis would promise to do what he could to relieve their distresses; which he easily obtained.”
~ from The history of the rise progress and establishment of the independence of the United States of America: including an account of the late war; and of the thirteen colonies from their origin to that period. (1788), vol. IV, pp. 113-114.


I would have thought the drawback to dealing with the devil was obvious. He always, when all is said and done, cheats you. That's his job after all. And yet why is it then some people don't realize this? Because those who make deals with him aren't really thinking -- and are ineludibly being subjected by him at least to deception if not out and out mind control.

This also applies where women are concerned. While there is no question I have at times acted foolishly in the past, I at least never seriously considered resorting to or compromising with evil in order to secure success with a woman or women. The reason is obvious. If you really like a girl, why, when it comes to being personal, would you want some other guy around -- least of all a dead person?

Athletes - steroids
Billionaires -- witchcraft

One of the fundamental aims of terrorism against America and other places is to separate people from each other -- using crime, censorship, monopolization, interference with communications, promotion of irrational sectional and factional strife, scandal, misinformation, and mistrust. This way when someone cries for help there is less likelihood of their ever being heard.


You can only feel bad if you feel good; for if you didn't feel good the bad would be all one.


Natural Law implies one wants to live in relative peace and be happy. However, not all seek these things and therefore don't care about Natural Law or indeed law generally.


The Google "Quote of the Day" (as always and in turn provided by the "Quotations Page") for this Saturday, 12 January 2008 is:

"Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose." - Evan Esar

One of the great canards given by witchcraft people is how "good guys finished last." Now in my case one might think that were true -- I have no money worth speaking of; no girl; few or no friends that I can be in contact with; have been victimized in the most brutal and violent way (but am treated as if I am to blame) -- and just of late their spirit person friends have even chased away the little birds who for years used to come around my house! And it has essentially been like this or something like this, and more, for many years now. Yet if this is the piteous lot of someone who tries to do the right thing, why do you suppose that on top of and in addition to all this that they must persist in tormenting with torture; using such as brain torture radios and witchcraft type assaults to serve this end? Surely the aforementioned (abbreviated) list of hardships alone would be more than enough to discourage and dissuade anyone of the folly of esteeming virtue! The truth of course is that these witchcraft influenced people and those who listen to spirit people are the real chumps and suckers; for ever is it the case that they need good (or would-be good) people but the latter never really need them. At the same time, despite such remarks as that quoted above, we NEVER see it working for them -- they can't read, they can't write, they have little ability to tell the difference between what is truly beautiful and what ugly -- indeed can't really, for all the material wealth and worldly sway they might possess, do much of anything (except make bad to middling movies!) They are like people with unlimited airfare at their disposal to travel around the world, and yet are so blind they can't see any or much of any of the places they visit. If a person doesn't like life and is disappointed with how things are, the least they could do is mind their own business and not be a gratuitous grief to others who have nothing to do with them in the first place. But, oh, not these witchcraft people!

Some of you might say, well, aren't you irate this morning Mr. Sherman?! Well, yes in fact I am but much, much more so at these spirit people than these regular people who listen to them. And what is really called for is developing scientific methods of locating the spirit people big shots and then hunting them down militarily -- for it is these stupid spirit people (be they ghost, devil, god or angel) who ruin everything for everyone, and it is they from whom such savants as "Evan Esar" acquire their life "wisdom."


You listen first to your heart. You listen first to honest and right reason. But if you first listen instead to spirit people -- you're dead. It's that simple. And of course many don't listen to their heart and reason and will instead go along with what these spirit people are doing, and it is this going along of theirs that ends up killing the rest of us.


I just finished viewing on YouTube the "Bill Gates' Last Day" video which if not exactly funny is good because it shows Gates doesn't mind poking fun at himself. It is also interesting to watch because it gives you a casual view of some of our culture's insiders and leaders. Now the question may be asked -- can such wealth and power be had without involving great evil (at least in this day and age?) Understand, I don't want or need to point the finger at such as Gates and say -- "See he has a billion dollars. Clearly, therefore he must be a bad man." But you see this is how it is possible for Hell people to set such as him up. What they can do is cleverly find ways of using him (including using people he thinks are his friends) for his money and power stemming from his position, and then expend or employ that money and power to commit and carry out the most horrible and unspeakable crimes -- unbeknownst of course (using our example) to Gates himself. After years go by, perhaps after his passing, he then is told or shown innumerable and incomprehensible tragedies and acts of cruelty which the wealth and power they derived from him made possible. "Gates" then has the choice and challenge of undergoing the most grueling kind of remorse or else he can accept becoming more insensible and indifferent to the grossest immorality and crime -- his choice (and with other variations being possible.) This is just the sort of thing you can expect from Hell people; and to get then into mega (material) riches and ignore the devil is, to say the least, only asking for trouble.


Look at it this way. You suffer from their problems, but their problems come from themselves, and for this you can always blame them and strive to keep your distance as best you can and with what means are available to you. It is very important to remember that these sadistic sorts of spirit person criminals and regular person servants or cohorts see themselves as justified. They do what they do blindly but they do not think themselves blind. What you must then periodically do (if you have to suffer them for inordinate lengths or ages of time), and with unyielding comportment, is tell them you reject their hope and justification (for what they are doing), and that this person or power they look to as their divine excuse -- you categorically reject as well. That person or power may and can have your oppressors (as his and his own), but you yourself refuse this person or power and the purported hope or justification they offer. For the pain is always from and really with them; only they are tenacious in striving every day (perhaps for years or even decades), and by countless lures, schemes and tricks, to make you think otherwise. Do not you therefore ever be a fool and believe them or their hope and justification. So for convenience sake, we might in a given circumstance then say, "Oaf, you can have 'Spielberg' and the Magician, but cannot and will never have me. I renounce you and your people for all time, etc."


He wants the money and the privilege, but will not even identify himself and instead keeps concealed under a heap of corpses (which is what these spirit people who regularly work for him as much to me are.) My gripe, even so, is much more with the Ghost King himself -- their lord and savior. Now this cheesy character is so great he sees fit to choose me to be the object of his wrath, and yet he cannot come up with a single regular person to take responsibility for and represent him. They try to get around this by telling me I was especially chosen, or will show or make me feel heavenly visions and such -- but this of course is a lot of nonsense. What I'd instead like to see is them come up with a regular person who can openly face me on behalf of the almighty Ghost King (though it is not strictly necessary that the regular person physically and literally face me, i.e. should he feel too timid to do so.) If they cannot produce such a surrogate champion, I submit, by all that's right and just, that kingdom should tumble down in ruins to earth for the phony thing that it is.


Every now and then on the look out for hitherto unknown or unseen Ben Turpin material, I went and bought this DVD "Weiss-o-rama" DVD set which consists of some comedy shorts from the late 20's and stars a variety of comic artists of which Turpin is included. One is reminded in watching movies from this period how years before talkies silent films already were on their way out. This I would attribute to the industry being taken over to a large extent by gangsters. Certainly, it shows in many of the late 20's and 30's films. And this one Ben Turpin film I watched was no exception. Although it had the benefit of four year-old and lively Billy Barty in the cast, the film was otherwise terrible and included many of the cliche's we see in bad comedy today: anti-family, anti-children, foul humor, the "bad" guy has the pretty girl (who is an obvious sex object), and, of course, it simply wasn't that funny. What is worthwhile in mentioning this is how if we look through the history of culture we will not infrequently see these same tendencies and mores crop up, and which we can safely assume have their origin and primal instigation in crime going on elsewhere in the society at that given junction in the time-line.


When a politician or person in the government manifests very bad judgment it may be caused by either long-term hypnosis and or something medical, and yet typically we are quick to assume that it is necessarily something moral. In most cases it is not that at bottom his morals aren't sound or essentially sound; rather they and his priorities with respect to each other are all mixed up and out of proper order.


To the Oaf Go the Spoils

Please don't think me a hypochondriac for speaking of my "situation" as much as I do. It's just that the whole thing is so weird it cries out to be addressed and considered by someone. In addition, its implications are weighty and extend well beyond my own living circumstances to the lives of others.

At the end of the day, my attitude about all this is -- if they get to cheat so much why should I care? Just look at how this is:

1) This con-artist group gets to use brain torture radios in the United States of America; while having subjected me to absurd and assorted agonizing violence and tortures too numerous too enumerate.
2) They had the advantage of surprise over me; having set me up years in advance.
3) They have monies at their disposal a tiny fraction of which I never or hardly ever dreamed of having.
4) They have had over 15 years to make good -- and still feel they need to try further.
5) They have and have had technicians, hosts of demons, sprites, angels, and regular hoodlums working for them; as well as the full and effective cooperation or abeyance of the Federal, state and local government, as well as the police, church, medical, legal and academic communities.

Now, I fought this gang off single-handedly -- while taking care of some animals; while enduring physical handicaps of various kinds they inflict on me; while trying to stay active and functional in my work and writing. And yet after all this, what have and am I asking? Merely for them to just shove off already in their Peter Pan pirate ship or else fly away in their Heavenly chariot -- and mind their own business. I seek no special prize, award or vindication. Although, true, I could use some money, this is a relatively small matter and concern; and all I demand personally (outside of prayers for lost loved ones and other victims of these "holy" maniacs) is the restoration of my basic human and CONSTITUTIONAL rights and some assurance of not being furthered bothered by them (at least not in a physical and or criminal way.) But you see, they are so guilty they would like to insist that I either want or else must have something more! But my friends I ask you, what more is there really than to just be rid of them? And this you see --- IS THE POINT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO MAKE ALL ALONG.


Either they get to be interesting (and this necessarily implies their being able to force themselves on others) or else they have nothing to live for -- so that by these alternative means they never fail of having their way.


On these brain torture radios they are not above mocking or laughing at their own people. So for example, they told me that "Sweeney Todd," with Johnny Depp, is not making any money. My reaction was to say that I am sure neither Johnny Depp or anyone who participated in making the film really cared themselves in that way about it, and that after all they were just doing their part on behalf of doing the wrong thing in order to placate the great monster (and by that means buy peace, or at least respite, for themselves.) At the same time, Bruckheimer, Dwayne Esper, or "Spielberg" or whoever produced the film also knew they didn't care; doesn't himself really care about it, and in producing it was himself also just acting for a similar reason or motive.


You who have taken Harry Gensler's Logic Cola PC program course (one of my Recommendations) will want to try your logic skills on this one. As a general rule for a long while now, I do not bother watching the tv news. By sheer happenstance, however, I happened to catch Barack Obama's campaign manager (or other highly placed functionary of his) say, "If you want the good, you go to the churches. If you want the bad, you go to the prisons. If you want what's real, go to the barber shops and salons." (The latter sentence meaning that barber shops, etc. are where "average" people go to discuss issues.) I couldn't help but be floored by such lame brain generalizations. Yet this campaign strategy assessment, which sounds like something off of "King of the Hill," comes from someone who is supposed to be one of the top experts of a Presidential hopeful who has just won the Democratic caucuses in Iowa. (Speaking of "King of the Hill" just incidentally, the quality of those shows is often very uneven, but they have had some good ones; and among the best in my opinion hands down is the episode with Chris Rock as Buddha Sack.)


I say: "The devil's heart, the devil's peace, the devil's truth, the devil's happiness - are you still sure you know what you are doing?"

He says: "Ah, but what do I need heart, peace, or truth for in order to be happy?"

In my view, the way to get he most out of life is too make sure your love is truly worth something. If your love means little or nothing then what is it you have to offer an object of your supposed love? Things? Things without love soon lose their value, and it is love that directly or at least ultimately gives something higher value. What then is the love worth of someone who is a habitual coward, liar, or hypocrite?

Often the rejection of religion stems from people's disappointment that it isn't magic. But true religions purpose is, among other ends, to enhance the quality and strength of one's love.

If one dedicated their life to the care, well-being and happiness of animals or the environment in which animals can peaceably live -- how could they do better in serving their own heart? For who on average and as a routine matter are treated more unjustly and cruelly than animals? And when we most pity or sympathize with people is it not usually because they possess the same or similar natural humility, innocence, or poverty that is seen in animals? It is no coincidence therefore that Jesus is spoken of as the Lamb of God.

I myself endured years of torture and abuse for the plain and simple reason I would not abandon my cats -- for had I abandoned them I could have got out of all this. If animals, by the way, are forced to behave badly it is ultimately because humankind does not rule the world as well and wisely as they could and should. Monstrous plagues or proliferations of rats, for instance, are a witchcraft or spirit person caused phenomena, but as usual in such cases it is the poor animal who gets blamed.


It seems to me that it was never really lack of good, wise and honest people that the world has been beset by evil as much as it has down through the ages. Rather it was always these criminal people come back from the dead who made things so very difficult, and this thanks to the cooperation of some witting or unwitting traitor or other among us who answered to and accommodated them. Although spirit people can be very clever and intelligent they are not really any more so than regular people; part of the reason for this is that mind is mind whether you are a regular or spirit person. Why then have these who are given over to evil been so powerful or had such advantage down through history? Well, of course they haven't and don't always. It's just that when they do it seems as if they have taken over and overthrown everything. What scientists then need to investigate and figure out is exactly who and what these trouble making spirit people are and why they behave as they do.

While it might, at least for the sake of argument, be assumed that there are beneficent spirit persons who intervene for good; that we have no overt social contact with them makes the idea of working in cooperation with them useless. They will act or not act as they see fit, and we cannot make arrangements to work in tandem with them. At the same time, bad spirit people can and do masquerade as being good, or will use other spirit people to represent them who are not so bad. Consequently, and as a practical matter, it is no use (outside say of prayer) to seek assistance from spirit people to address the problem of evil because most and the worst evil effectively comes from spirit people and either they are our enemy or else can't or won't openly cooperate with us.


"Mr. Gorbachev, turn off those brain torture radios! I mean it -- right now!"

When someone severely censures and makes as if to correct you, you should ask who or what is it then they love, admire and esteem or are supposed to love, admire, and esteem. And who, after all, are they anyway? If you don't know or ask to now the answers to these questions then go ahead and believe them. Now these people want to consider themselves justified but will not take responsibility for what they are doing or face me -- or else they are simply dumb and illiterate. They want to have the benefit of the good things, but then they spend the greater part of their time and energy brazenly ruining them. Yes, let us trust them then. Let us have them decide all these important matters for us. Otherwise, who knows what might happen?

One of the things this Magician and Gyro told me early on is that there is this 20 year police force which is supposed to come around and haul off in a paddy wagon the worst devils. Well, it's been something like 15 years now; so let's hope we are not much further long in waiting.


To N.P.

Is there any good word for second?
If no, then I can say as I durst;
And my words need not be peccant;
Since you are one of the first.

Even long ago I loved but you;
Yet did not till now find out your name.
Before these our years are all through,
A poem is the least of pains.

I’ll ask, “Do you want me to love you?’
I don’t want to (and you know why too…)
But if somehow you want me to,
It’s the easiest thing to do.

Perhaps then great love we could pretend;
I’ll award you a badge or bouquet.
But if my heart must truly bend
All that’s needed is your say.

It takes time to reach a mountain’s peak;
It takes time to be up in the sky.
I think there is time for all we seek;
Time to live for what we sigh.

These sighs are heaved for a good purpose;
Else wise they would not be known or be.
Our Maker gave these gifts to us
So that we might give as he.

I pray to God I will be good for you
(And some stupid pride not trip me up.)
But if Time should cause me to forget you,
Or if I fault you for being vain;
It will be not yours, but my blame.
(And so goes this game…)


Who and exactly what is a spirit person is an important question not so easy of an answer. A local news channel, for example, uses the catch and advertising phrase "The Spirit of the Northwest" to describe itself. And yet there is this remarkable yet strange spirit or feeling manifest in nature in the northwest that, when one experiences it, imparts a sense of love and giving; that is of and from Nature, as known in the sea, earth and sky and animals; which seems to breath or exude a feeling of love and giving -- at certain times at least.

Now this is a quite different sense of "spirit" from what I use when I speak of spirit people, and yet there may be somehow or somewhere a sort of connection, albeit extremely tenuous, between the two types. Then there is a third kind of spirit in the sense of the spirit of truth, justice and the love of higher things within us, and yet which is even further removed in its character from "spirit" in the sense of spirit people (as I use that term.) It is well then to be careful about what one means when one speaks of spirit.

Yet when I use or think of using the term "spirit people," I myself have a fairly fixed and matter of fact idea of what that means; and that is basically a kind of ghost or disembodied human personage. And while I have some reason to think there are or must be kindly and virtuous spirit people somehow and somewhere, this is mostly based on hope and conjecture. Yet at the same time and as a practical matter I have come to believe that, aside from the evil one himself (presuming there to be such a person), that all or most all of the worst evil and criminality in the world is caused and or made possible by spirit people and their involvement in regular human affairs. And were it possible to rid the world of such manipulative, interloping, and meddling "other worldly" characters, we could expel something like 80 percent or more of the worst evil in the world. Aside from obvious practical obstacles of effecting such a thing, there is this pervasive idea that spirit people directly reflect or represent higher good -- as in heaven and angels, for example. And yet as I said, aside from the spirit of Nature and the Holy Spirit, I in all my experience have had little acquaintance or knowledge of much or any goodness coming from spirit people let alone higher goodness. Most spirit people I have known or have had contact with are troublemakers or else persons who are being used as pawns by troublemakers. So that the idea of looking to spirit people as manifestations or reflections of higher goodness strikes me, as a practical matter, as being untrue and preposterous; while the evil or pernicious effect spirit people have is, all in all and by comparison, much more obvious; and but for interference and the influence of such evil would not be nearly so prevailing in life as it is. And yet what a perplexing problem we face when by contrast regular people adopt this idea that spirit people somehow reflect higher goodness and wisdom and are somehow authorities over ourselves and the world at large. Either my opponents or myself are correct, but we both can't be. But this much can be said in behalf of my own point of view, namely, there is overwhelmingly more evidence of spirit people being the cause of harm than of good in the world, and even if there is good reason to restrain us from prosecuting or hunting them down, we ought to at least view with extreme doubt and skepticism the notion that they somehow embody higher goodness, let alone possess moral or legal sway over us (but what we ourselves ignorantly concede to them.)


Like the pensive shrine or temple of a lost and vanished race -- yet today
a familiar sight on the landscape of Seattle. Note the "Kooky" font so
frequently seen on packaged merchandise these days.

The Decline and Fall of the Demonistic Empire

They told him -- give up being honest and excessively rational and the world will be yours! "These people know how these things are..."

We see, most especially in recent years, children rudely robbed and deprived of their natural innocence and rightful childhood. Yet why then should he, who is a grown adult, be shocked or surprised if they should one day betray him?