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The Vessel

With coursing winds to ride,
Dead calms to abide,
Storms to then survive;
How like long sailing
Is being alive.

With reason his ballast,
With purpose his guide,
He keeps his ship tight;
Then welcomes the port
When it comes in sight.

But the sailor who’s home
Soon’s dissatisfied
Nor likes all he sees;
And seaward returns
Seeking to be free.

Contrary then to popular mind control, the Devil is not America's friend -- or yours, mine or anyone's really. Essentially he is this person who is so guilty that anyone less then perfectly righteous (whatever exactly that is) he feels entitled to destroy, enslave, or bring down closer to his own level -- if he can. As we have stated before, he uses a carrot and stick approach to ensnare and capture his victims. The "stick" part is pretty obvious, but the "carrot" is much more difficult for many to understand or appreciate; so let me try to describe it. He can come to you as Heaven, and angels, as divine ecstasy and rapture, beautiful nymphs and fields Elysian. And, of course, there are other and different ways of appealing to or getting on people's "good" side. Now, he is not so perfect an artist that he can always escape detection of his frauds and impostures. Yet he is, nonetheless, good enough of one to fool most; at least if he is sufficiently determined to. Fear then more the "carrot" than the "stick." Be more careful about what you consider to be most desirable. Insist on honest truth, fairness, right reason, and you will be that more capable of withstanding what is most deadly about him.

One other odd trick he does is he will torment you so much and incessantly that he then might pull back and let you be. You will then be led to think his doing so is a kindness or mercy towards you. Needless to say, such is no kindness or mercy on his part but a behavioral trick to entice or lure you to his confidence. And even if you see through this device on one or a few occasions, he still will not desist from sometimes resorting to it.


It is certainly, to say the least, eye-opening to consider what has been on the up-swing in the last 20 years or so and what on the down. I will try to be factual and objective in this as is (under the circumstances) possible for me -- but as always you can judge for yourself.

*On the Up-Swing:

Serial Killings
School shootings
Strange, new diseases
Sorcery-Witchcraft culture and related businesses
Tattoos and various forms of self-mutilation
Identity theft (which has spawned an industry of its own)
Computer viruses (which have spawned an industry of their own)
Brain Torture Radios
Weird television programs en masse (such as reality tv shows and morgue crime-romance dramas)
Massive centralizations in various sectors (and not exclusively the business sector)
Privatization of the postal mail, and public television and radio
Widespread expansion of the gambling "industry"
Torture carried out by members of the U.S, military in more than just an isolated incident
Bunkering down of office and public buildings to protect against "terrorists"
Billion dollar fortunes

* On the Down-Swing:

Public activism and participation
Protection of internet users rights
Auto and Film industries
Family farms
Scientific research (that is credible) and innovation

Some might thing (knowing me) that I am writing this for amusement, but I do so as much out of curiosity as anything else. Some might also think this list is somehow skewed, a distortion, or at least biased. Perhaps; but if you think I am placing more or too much emphasis on something than it deserves, start a list of your own and see what you come up with when it comes to unusual or noteworthy trends.


Can you believe how stupid these things get? And they do this, not to protect young people, but to get you to think torture is normal; i.e. war (as movie fare) is normal; war "must" have torture; therefore torture is normal -- very much like how they want people to think witchcraft and sorcery are normal-- indeed insist on pedaling these to children. (And, by the bye, if we are to understand correctly, some of the people who use torture in real-life are the some of the same who are supposed to be protecting us from Ben Ladin, et al.)


And will you not use your phenomenal wealth, status, and position to shield the helpless and innocent, and sustain and promote basic human rights and dignity?

"I would, but my master won't let me."


You need God in order to face, show love and pay due respect to men and women who are truly worthy and honorable because you of yourself cannot do them due and proper justice.


"Crack the power of demonism! Crush and destroy the hegemony and might of Oaf! Such as no one ever seriously thought of or considered doing before."


The Nerve Gas of the Ages (some random thoughts on him)

* If the devil is your general and leader, do know he will every now and then need to find scapegoats, and it is more likely than not if you are disposed to good and more intelligent and capable than your comrades he will pick you -- next.

* The devil or a devil is someone who lives in a fantasy world, cannot stop living in a fantasy world and the results are ultimately very painful for everyone he affects.

* And what at the end of the day passes as the coin of truth among a band of liars? The arbitrary whims and wishes of a tyrant.


Matthew 16:1-3:
"The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Jesus and tested him by asking him to show them a sign from heaven.
"He replied, "When evening comes, you say, 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,' and in the morning, 'Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.' You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times."

Or placed in a modern context we might say, "You can predict elections, foretell 'public' opinion, and decipher the Da Vinci code but you cannot see or deal with what is going in in reality."


As an infant, Christ survived Herod's slaughter of the innocents that he might live, and yet later on the cross might he not with pity have remembered them?


The sum of all true and worthwhile philosophy can be stated in the maxim: see and gather with your eyes but know and understand with your heart and mind (guided by courage, equanimity, due compassion, and honest reason.)


It is easy for me to expect that truth will prevail. This itself has never been much of a problem (if any.) The person who makes most sense, after all, is not the one that has to lie and cheat the most. Believing that truth will prevail only becomes a question then when one is being abused or persecuted with violence on an ongoing basis (of years.) But let the violence cease and resuming one's faith in the truth is as nothing.


"See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil." When growing up I did not quite understand what this meant. But now I know it means people are afraid of and refuse to deal with evil -- including soldiers, lawyers, political leaders, educators, physicians, clergy, etc. -- the very people who are supposed to protect us from it yet who instead (more often than not) chase after red-herrings, scapegoats, or third string villains.


You will know the world has come to an end when there is no one left to love, hate, or judge it.


In the Book of Tobit (canonical to Catholics while non-canonical to many Jewish and Protestant versions of the Bible) angels, interestingly and though well meaning, are portrayed as kinds of tricksters and workers of magic; yet are supposed to be distinct from demons whom they ostensibly attempt to thwart and contend against. It is interesting that angels are by no means an exclusively Judeo-Christian phenomena; indeed as winged demi-deities, heralds, and servants of who or what is supposed to be "divine" they are found in many ancient pagan cultures in both the West and Near East -- and Tobit itself (it is worth mentioning) contains some Babylonian folklore and influence.

Angels and such aside, the morals professed and taught in this work are, by and large, among the most wise and judicious of their time -- and earlier times. For which reason then I would like to quote an excerpt:

From Tobit, 4: 3-19.
"So he [Tobit] called him and said, 'My son, when I die, bury me, and do not neglect your mother. Honor her all the days of your life; do what is pleasing to her, and do not grieve her.
"'Remember, my son, that she faced many dangers for you while you were yet unborn. When she dies bury her beside me in the same grave.
"'Remember the Lord our God all your days, my son, and refuse to sin or to transgress his commandments. Live uprightly all the days of your life, and do not walk in the ways of wrongdoing.
"'For if you do what is true, your ways will prosper through your deeds.
"'Give alms from your possessions to all who live uprightly, and do not let your eye begrudge the gift when you make it. Do not turn your face away from any poor man, and the face of God will not be turned away from you.
"'If you have many possessions, make your gift from them in proportion; if few, do not be afraid to give according to the little you have.
"'So you will be laying up a good treasure for yourself against the day of necessity.
"'For charity delivers from death and keeps you from entering the darkness; and for all who practice it charity is an excellent offering in the presence of the Most High.
"'Beware, my son, of all immorality. First of all take a wife from among the descendants of your fathers and do not marry a foreign woman, who is not of your father's tribe; for we are the sons of the prophets.
"'Remember, my son, that Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our fathers of old, all took wives from among their brethren. They were blessed in their children, and their posterity will inherit the land.
"'So now, my son, love your brethren, and in your heart do not disdain your brethren and the sons and daughters of your people by refusing to take a wife for yourself from among them. For in pride there is ruin and great confusion; and in shiftlessness there is loss and great want, because shiftlessness is the mother of famine.
"'Do not hold over till the next day the wages of any man who works for you, but pay him at once; and if you serve God you will receive payment.
"'Watch yourself, my son, in everything you do, and be disciplined in all your conduct.
"'And what you hate [to have done to you], do not do to any one. Do not drink wine to excess or let drunkenness go with you on your way.
"'Give of your bread to the hungry, and of your clothing to the naked. Give all your surplus to charity, and do not let your eye begrudge the gift when you made it.
"'Place your bread on the grave of the righteous, but give none to sinners.
"'Seek advice from every wise man, and do not despise any useful counsel.
"'Bless the Lord God on every occasion; ask him that your ways may be made straight and that all your paths and plans may prosper. For none of the nations has understanding; but the Lord himself gives all good things, and according to his will he humbles whomever he wishes.
"'So, my son, remember my commands, and do not let them be blotted out of your mind.'"


Though some will think him literal God from literal Heaven, the reality is is that everyone and everything he touches stinks or is made to stink -- though this is by no means necessarily the fault of the person or thing being touched. But if this weren't enough, and to make things infinitely worse -- not everyone, of course, is sensitive or intelligent enough to notice or see this effect he has. One of the main reasons he is like this is that he is, and certainly for a very long time now (if not always), this kind of person who will act rightly or wrongly more or less as it suits him -- this for the purpose of owning, controlling, or having everything his way -- all the while, though two faced as he is, wearing a mask of benevolence or even genuinely believing at times that he is (ultimately) benevolent. And how odd it is to think though as different as people are and how they see things; whether they endure as a martyr, suffer as a saint, labor as a slave, murder as desperate criminal, betray as a scoundrel, run for the hills or what have you; we really all want the same thing -- to get rid of or get away from him. Perhaps most tragic of all, of course, are those who intend to get rid and get away from him, but who, because they can't see through a disguise, obey and feed right out of his hand.

Trust no spirit person therefore whom you cannot force to be (fundamentally) honest, equitable, and accountable.


Being as they are by evolutionary custom or innate character more separate from the physical than regular people, it may be that certain spirit persons are given to more in depth forms of (honest) rationalism and idealism; this out of desire, practicality or necessity. For a regular person then to ignore these concerns only makes them more vulnerable, weak, and liable to harm when dealing with such spirit people. Hence, it is absurd to think that matters of high logic and morals have no great practical application; since these people can potentially -- in your mind if nowhere else -- rip you apart and eat you alive or carry you off into bondage with, using, or applying them.


"Don't say anything anyone -- and don't let them say anything. That way those of us who have been specially chosen -- we'll all be rich. So don't say anything."


For Pete's Sake, Steve!

You might sometimes wonder where people like J.K. Rowling get those billion dollar ideas. Well, here's your answer -- from watching old movies! Now just for fun, see how many pictures of Peter Pan's "John Darling" (from the 1953 Disney film) you can find on the internet. The above pic -- in its original size and from a Spanish speaking website -- was about the best I myself could do. The one below was the next best (also in its original size.) (With respect to "Peter Pan" itself, as a child I never related to or cared for it; nor did I really understand why anyone did. The explanation comes only now when I realize that J.M. Barrie was a sort of Steven Spielberg of his time.)


In updating and expanding my Calendar & Record: 1780-1781, as I have been for some time of late, I have had several occasions to make a number of, to me, instructive and illuminating observations and discoveries. One of these is that an intractable tendency to reject militias and their effectiveness invariably assumes the infallibility and incorruptibility of the central government. Yet if the central government is overcome or temporarily absent militias become the last defense of the country. And though militias have their obligation to serve the higher purpose and general good and yet still can, of course, also be corrupted; it is normally far harder to corrupt them at large than it is the central government in isolation.


Just to show you how confrontations with the divine and occult don't need to always be so very complicated to a person possessed of their full faculties and senses, here are just some sample things that can be said to rebuke such assailants and, in the process, take charge of the situation.

"Go jump in the lake."

"We're not interested."

"Now that's just about enough -- don't you give me any lip! You get on back to Dracula's castle of evil where you belong and stay there!"

"Well what are you blaming us for? Go take it up with your father, El Diablo. He's to blame, not us."

“'The amazing powers of being interesting are supposed to be interesting!' Yeah right! If you’re such an interesting person then what do you need us for? Go live with yourself already and stop mooching off of us!”

"Accursed, vile, wretched thing of horror and damnation! Mind your own business! I don’t care what those crazy people told you all those years ago -- you just do as your told...etc."

Now you see? These and similar are a far cry from the stone age, bonehead approach of treating such characters (even and including the great "Dolby-Surround-Sound") with awe, reverence, and trembling. A little gumption and common sense go a long way in rebuking bullying and obnoxious spirit people -- even if it isn't always quite possible to rid oneself of them entirely.


How long did you want to keep the evil one (call him or them what you like) out of your life for? A short time? A while? Perhaps if he is only at a distance or diminished he might not be so bad. For myself, I would not want to take any chances and therefore strictly and vehemently insist that he stay out of my life forever and unto all eternity. What then does that mean with respect to those who are willingly and deeply enslaved to him? Does it mean I want them out of my life for all eternity? It is hard to say categorically, but I think as a practical matter, yes, I would insist the same of them as well.


What is man? Man, like anything else, is what he does; and the more he does the more he becomes. And the more an action originates with him (rather than an external cause) the more he can be said to be the one responsible for doing it.


It is mad. But then wherever, do you suppose, did they get the money to throw away on such foolish and demented "advertisements;" when you know as well as myself there are far more intelligent, hard working, creative, productive and responsbile people struggling just to make ends meet?

The myths put out by spirit people can sometimes have the most catastrophic and debilitating effects on people and society -- when people and society believe them. Although I have touched on some of these myths before, I thought it mete to do up another such list so that others can continue to more easily and readily spot and identify them like symptoms of a fatal sickness.

1. Science, technology and higher learning stem from spirit people. This may to some extent be true, but only as an exception not the rule. For one thing it is not normal or usual for spirit people to impart worthwhile and useful "higher" knowledge, understanding or information to people, and when they do their motives are as likely (if not more so) to be bad as good. At the same time, even granting that a transfer say of understanding of technology is transmitted to a person there are many, many other regular people who are or would be thinking with their own mind addressing and solving issues and questions of various kinds -- indeed so many that the input of spirit, though even granting in a particular instance (for the sake of argument) their contribution be of a dramatic sort, it would still be very small in number compared to the contributions made by regular people, such as philosophers (the fathers of science), scientists and theoreticians.
2. The world is more or less evenly divided between Good and Evil. This if accepted as a premise, as a practical matter, only aids and serves as an excuse to persons disposed to evil; moreover, a confusion arises when mere bad is put on the same level as evil; thus trivializing evil. So, for instance, if there is or must be bad in the world it doesn't necessarily follow that there must also be evil. More can be said and has by me on this, but this will suffice here.
3. The knowledge and understanding of spirit people is superior to honest logic and reason. I made mention of this claim not long ago, and will give the same response: if this premise is true how can one know it to be true outside rational means or logical verification?
4. The knowledge and understanding of spirit people is superior to that of regular, flesh-and-blood people. While this can be true in a given instance, it most certainly is not true in all; and while a spirit person's knowledge and understanding might, in particular respects, be quite superior to a given flesh and blood person's it doesn't follow that they are superior in all respects. Indeed, of course, with regard to a given subject the spirit person's knowledge and understanding might be enormously inferior. Different members of society operate by independent disciplines and methods; such as do doctors, athletes, lawyers, farmers, teachers. If a spirit person's say of itself overrides their expertise and authority than what human authority can it not override? And if spirit persons are known to be imperfect and fallible what unintended consequences might such subservience and deferring to them result in?
5. Since evil takes place God must permit evil; therefore evil must be something acceptable to God. Evil only occurs with the consent of human beings (including spirit people); for we know of nothing to be genuinely evil (in the intentional sense of evil) that does not require human consent and participation. If therefore there is no human consent to evil; evil would not be possible. At best then the most one could maintain is that God is indifferent to evil; since its very existence depends upon our own choice. That he should approve of it we have no basis of knowing or saying beyond mere conjecture; and of course there are at least as many arguments against, as there might be for, such a claim as "God approves of evil."


"Laughter is the Best Medicine"

When spirit people first overtly came to visit me (back in 2000) they did various things to try and impress me and in the process attempt to get me to see things their way; even with a mind to persuade me to like sorcery and witchcraft things (it was only afterward that they turned religious on me.) So on one occasion I was lying down when I arose to switch off the light in another room. Just as I was arising to do so they had a sprite turn out the light for me. I recall the magician or someone else telling me then that they (referring to themselves) "did not have to do those kinds of things" (that is, they could get someone else to do it for them by merely thinking or saying something.)


Mount St. Helens in 1980.

In 2007.

I cannot help but wonder in retrospect if the mountain wasn't actually reacting in revulsion to something. If so, it wouldn't be too hard to imagine just what that might be.


For you writers and would be writers (thinking particularly of poets) who are not already so knowledgeable or so equipped, here is a useful and interesting word list at of names of different collections, gatherings, and groups of animals. Courtesy of "" Or for the same list but in the format of a .txt file, click here.

Now how on earth could they somehow have overlooked the double meaning here (particularly these days?) It's not so very unlike, in my opinion, how we sometimes see pictures of police officers with bald heads and "bad boy" goatees.

There are many ways of lowering the quality of or destroying things, and leaving aside the question of their drive, motive and purpose, this is what Hell people are, as much as anything, preoccupied with doing. What is not so well appreciated, however, is that this might include damning someone or something with faint or absurd praise, masquerading as them or what they embody to make them look bad -- and they might do this not only for a short time but for many years, decades or more on end. So, for instance, they might take on the mantle or persona of a certain political or religious persuasion; oust or eliminate its most effective leaders or spokespersons, court converts on the side by using the more usual enticements of Hell, and do this for so long that many people will come to think they are or best represent that point of view.


Lux Sit

The most cataclysmic of events can sometimes rest or ride on some of what are actually very simple elements. Let me illustrate. Some of the most very powerful, influential and commanding people in society are not infrequently individuals who think they are authorized or licensed (though through the kind and special auspices of their designated spirit person companion) by God to commit crimes. But is it God whom they hear this from? The logic of this puzzle is and should be very straightforward (it might not, after all, be God.) But by what means might such a person be led to believe it is God granting him permission to act criminally as he does? Well, he has this friend, a magician spirit person, who has been doing the wrong thing for a very, very long time; and this friend the magician, with the considerable experience of many ages, really doesn't think it matters. Our subject, notwithstanding is a little bit hesitant at first. "What! Don't believe me?" says the magician. "Why, look who has just come in..." With a heavenly glow from without the sky, with perhaps a reverberating voice suddenly making itself felt within, or perhaps in the form of "Jesus" or other well known or familiar religious figure, the "deity" arrives on the scene to leave our subject overwhelmed and assured that they do know the magician, are good friends of his, and understand his situation. Our subject, not unknown for being easily affected, timorous and irrational, now has the convincing proof he needs to proceed as his friend directs and inclination leads.


In World War Two, dive bombers and ground attack fighters found that on average and if successful usually the most damage they could do to a tank was disable and or immobilize it. Despite this, some pilots discovered that if they could shoot up the fuel in the tank's rear compartment they could actually blow the whole tank up. There is a similar or related principle going on with demonism. The fuel they run on is the manifold and myriad of crimes that have empowered and empowers them; and the more powerful the more fuel they carry; and correspondingly the more crimes. If it is possible to begin exposing one crime, and then another, and then another all linking directly to them, it is more than conceivable that one could send them sky high in the same manner. As the W.W. II pilots would persist, through successive strafing, in seeking to weaken and then penetrate the tank's fuel stores; so by gradually bringing to light the crimes these people have committed a chain reaction of truth resulting in a great blast is feasible.


When he gets around, as he inevitably must, to telling you how sorry he feels for himself take that same occasion and opportunity to remind him of the untold and incomprehensible amount of suffering, agony, heartache and tragedy he has directly caused and is responsible for; nor neglect mentioning the utterly enormous wealth in lives, money, and resources which have been at his selfish disposable in order that he might more easily see his way through the time space continuum.


I would never have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes -- but just in time for the holiday season there is now an online game called "Kindergarten Killer" which, if you are up for playing, can be found at:


Dance D’ Amour

If she were sad I'd forgot her,
She should as well feel regret
For the other two seasons
I now also forget.
Things should be done right.
In whatever it is we do.
And if we won’t do it right
Then how can Love stay new?
When things are done right
The joy comes in profusion.
But if not done right
It's all a vain illusion.
And if difficulties prevail
And tyranny does not cease;
If we can’t do anything;
We’ll at least be at peace.
And just so you know
That I ever hold you dear,
I will always be good for you too
Whenever you're not here.


It's scary. There's no denying the fact I'll admit. Why is it scary? Because if you don't do it their way they will attack and or imprison you, and if you do do it their way you just can't win -- for we have yet to see a single one do so. There is just no substitute for real freedom or at least something like real freedom. And while others might understandably think I don't have it so great; observe how my opponents are the ones who, for many years now, feel the need to bother me! I don't nor ever did have any need for them for anything. All of which, as far as I'm concerned, only goes to prove and confirm the wisdom of Christ's question, "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul?" Or put somewhat differently, "What good is having it all if you are not permitted to speak and think freely (and thus be in reality?)" It is frankly pitiful then to go to the websites of some of my favorite musicians and artists; people who for years have been known as independent, free spirits and yet who now mostly say nothing except where their next show is going to be or how to order one of their T-shirts.


Go make lemonade;
you’d be a fool not to.
A lemon after all
is for something.
Nor is every bad thing
anywhere near so good.
So that even lemons
can be precious too.


Very Much Like the Real Thing

It has actually been some years since I originally saw "From Beyond the Grave" (1975), and on re-watching it just recently I was struck how very authentic the one story, "The Gate Crasher," which stars David Warner, is in catching the character and look of truly evil spirit people. One thing, however, to be kept in mind is that a ghost who is as bad as the one in "Gate Crasher" might at other times be funny and even benevolent (seeming.) A lot of this (though not all) has to do with the setting in which they appear, and is one reason why real ghosts and spirit people are generally kept secret; namely because if they were known openly (or more openly) it would deprive them of the power they have to create the 'look,' 'feel,' and impression they aim at achieving with the given subject or victim; much like how a magician might not want how tricks are done being discussed -- it would ruin the trick! Hence, even to this day speaking about spirit people literally and scientifically is taboo. (The 'real thing' by the way can, depending on the individual 'spirit,' look and feel even more sinister than the aforementioned ghost in the 1975 film.)

If you did or do have the opportunity to see "From Beyond the Grave," stop and ask yourself -- if there were such a powerful and mesmerizing ghost like the one portrayed in "The Gate Crasher" episode and the subject was not a more average David Warner character (in the movie) but a person of phenomenal wealth and social and business standing -- what effects might such a coming together of the two have on society; particularly if the ghost used his subject to do his bidding (not so entirely unlike how we see him do in the film?) Consider also that if there were or are such spirit persons actively operating in prominent positions (on various levels of the social strata) how, after all, irrelevant and trivial so much of the blame and guilt finding directed at many "regular" people so often is; nor is it a little ironic that so many zealous fault finders and accusers (say of those in the government, as one example) give little or no regard to such a profound and devastating possibility.


Effective Dialogue to be Used on Brain Torture Radios

"Calling all cars, calling all cars -- the Oafly Entity* gets to be interesting, Mr. Sherman." [or use your own or someone else's name in the "Mr." part.]

"Come in Dorky the Robot Sorcerer, Come in Dorky the Robot Sorcerer, please come in, please advise -- over."

(as Dorky): "Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed. The Oafly Entity must be destroyed."

* i.e. The Oafly Entity from beyond the spirit realm.


Oafmore for Pros

A word of explanation -- some might question the plausibility of my suggesting that Oafmore (or someone like him) would need to send out mass spam or computer viruses. Let me then explain, for those who don't understand already, that someone like Oafmore is in with certain spirit people and who are the true basis of his power and wealth (not his movies or his own great intelligence and business acumen.) As part of what they want, they need to have a certain amount of crime or "doing the wrong thing" going on -- for this is one of the real reasons why they empower Oafmore in the first place. Oafmore, of course, because he wants his big money and position accordingly assists and accommodates them in what they desire; so that the motive, to use the example of creating computer viruses, originates not with Oafmore but with his spirit person friends. Of course, why should he care himself about dong such things?

As stated in the preface to my "Ghost of the Traitor" I, in effect, welcome others, if they are so interested or inclined, adding to and modifying the script to suit themselves. Part of the reason for my making available or giving away "GOTT" is that being a dramatic and overtly a work of comedic entertainment I originally would have liked it to have been a collaborative effort; for the subject of the play particularly lends itself to such. At the same time, others have Oafmore or Goomerton experiences or related characters of their own which can be injected into the story and whom or which they know better than I myself and who naturally are in a better position to relate such.

Some things to keep in mind about much of the humor underlying "GOTT" are:

1) Oafmore can pretty much (but not always) do what he wants to the limit of his own idea of what is right or wrong depending on how he feels at a given time; oblivious to all morals as is necessary in order to suit his given whim or whims.
2) As part of his outlook on life, he will sometimes try or think of himself as helping people by doing the wrong thing.
3) Although a respected pillar of society, Oafmore is in with the worst sort of monsters, indeed to an extent is one himself; but an incongruity further arises in that he is also supposed to be "Mr. Entertainment."


Please don't forget to support our sponsors. (I'm sorry I cannot reproduce the clever animations that accompany these ads, but you probably already have seen them anyway.)


It is funny and even touching how innocent and sympathetic some people can be even though they otherwise are not with or in agreement with us.


The only thing in the world, if there is anything, that is worth putting up with these spirit people is not having to put up with these spirit people. (Go to Hell already, will ya?)


Scene. Oafmore's office. Sitting with Oafmore in the room is a movie star and the Police Chief.

Oafmore (addressing the movie star): Johnny Depp is a star. Russell Crowe is a star. You are not a star anymore.

Movie star: What do you mean I am not a star anymore?

K-Pax (entering the room): Apparently you simply are not meeting up to the public's expectations.

Movie star: The public's expectations! Give me a break!

Oafmore: I'll give you a break. Get out of my office right now -- I don't want to see you ever again.

Movie star makes an effort to respond but K-Pax stops him.

K-Pax: I think you better just go.

Movie star groans and leaves.

Oafmore (addressing K-Pax): So how's work coming on part four of the Dorky Trilogy?

K-Pax: How does next top grossing film of all time sound to you?

Oafmore: Sounds to me just fine. Oh, by the way, K-Pax this is the police chief. (Turns to the police chief.) Anyway, chief you were saying before?

Police Chief: Sorry to bother you, but we have been getting these complaints. They want us to do something about the spam and computers viruses your people are putting out.

Oafmore: Chief, stop and think about it this way. Who do you think employs all those people making virus and spam -- thus bringing money into the community?

Police Chief: You do.

Oafmore: And who do you think is paid to go after those people? You are. If you don't have anyone to go after then don't you see? You are out of a job.

Chief: That's just it, what is the point of going after them if we can't actually prosecute them?

Oafmore: I would think the answer to that was obvious. It would make us look bad.

Chief: What then am I supposed to tell these people making complaints?

K-Pax: Tell them simply you are hard on it. We'll gradually phase out the more intense viruses and spamming -- and start up something else.

Oafmore nods.


Now class, since you were probably able, without great difficulty, to figure out who is talking through them; we come then to ask the next obvious question --- who do you suppose is talking through him?