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Since we were going again through the Folkways catalog of late (that is, in the way of Ewan MacColl in the "Recommendations"), I thought this version of "Fish and Tea" by the Committee of Correspondence, from their "American Revolution in Song and Ballad," was pretty good and worth sharing as a sample also. Click here , at 3.5 MBs, to download.


It's not spirit people or even bad spirit people; rather it is the cannibal, vampire type of bad spirit person, and their patrons, whom I can't stand. This seems obvious enough. But what many don't sufficiently appreciate is that, unless you are able and willing to think, these latter types can masquerade, or claim to be acting on behalf of, almost and just about anyone and everyone of importance to you.


The devil violently beleagures or savagely tortures some poor, helpless individual and all flee him or her in their very most dire hour of need and tribulation. Christ, by his example in taking up the cross rather than run like all the rest, joins the victim in defiance of the given devil; and doing this is a form of fighting which in some measure attempts to mock the tormentor. Now, of course, certain adept devils can impersonate such a performance or else seem to be helping the very victim they afflict; but this is only one more argument in behalf of being more rational, skeptical, and using common sense.


The forms of mind control, brainwashing and psychological manipulation that someone like a ghost sorcerer might use are numerous and varied; with some techniques and methods they use exhibiting an extraordinary amount of sophistication. There is one trick I have had done on me a few times which is so unusual that, for scientific cataloging purposes, I wanted to at least briefly attempt to describe it.

What takes place is that they can not only cause you to see a rush of images in your head or imagination which they implant, but they can also use images they transmit to react or interact simultaneously, and at a lightening rate of speed, with images or thoughts which you yourself call forth or which arise in you (on your own) involuntarily; such that what in effect takes place is that the sorcerer or whoever he is, is able to get almost as close to your surface thoughts as you yourself are. This said, this kind of trick or device is not usual (in my experience at any rate), and would seem to require a more than usual expenditure of energy and effort on the part of the spirit person doing it; but if the willingness to spend that energy and effort is there, the thing, nonetheless and at strange as it sounds, can be done.


A word of explanation. You know how in ghost and horror stories like "The Fall of the House of Usher" the landscape surrounding the afflicted house or mansion is often a blighted heath or wasted wood; the reason for this decay of vegetation is caused by the presence of certain kinds of spirit people sick, in one way or other, with evil in an extreme way; and when they have congregated in some numbers and for any great length of time. This same effect brought about by such presences can be seen in other kinds of unnatural deterioration as well; not just with respect to plants and vegetation, but also, say, in a people's or a community's intellectual and moral health.


The light of God within us is greater than all the sunlight of the sun; for this reason, namely that by means of it and reason the sun itself could in theory, and with the orchestration of others forces under the governance of reason be moved, conserved or destroyed -- or such at least seems perfectly plausible. And yet that light of the mind, whether in the evolution of a foetus, or in the course of establishing our life's beliefs (epistemologically speaking), is preceded by a heart; such that only by holding dear and including the heart as the foundation and purpose of our thoughts does our reason then begin to approach Godly perfection and the power of God that can move a star or a sun. Truly then, a person who can't think is more blind than someone who can't see with their eyes.

Nature, which is one of God's example to us as to how to be perfect, gives us what we have. Technology, the offshoot of reason and science, gives what we don't have from Nature -- but also, unfortunately, what we sometimes don't need, or even what is dangerous and lethal to us. Yet if we follow wisdom, reason and science with a heart and that is sensitive and harmony with Nature then life, happiness, and peace are and can be made infinitely more fruitful.

Enter the demonist. "Nature, heart, reason? What do we need these for? Do we not have great ghosts and angels and a mighty voice from beyond to get us money and tell us what to do and how to our lives?"


Do I contradict myself? Very well, may I contradict myself -- only may God give me from doing so too often.


The guilt and blame of these rotten spirit people is not that they believe madness and nonsense, but that they think they are justified in forcing their views on others; but even then, the tragedy which ensues only comes about as the result of regular people looking to them as authority.

As a matter of course then, my own response to both is and has been -- if you are so great and know everything, then what do you possibly need us (who disagree with you) for?


He will adopt the most unscrupulous, ruthless, and cowardly, means to do what? Protect his family (so he says.) And the purpose of his family is what? Why to uphold that sacred teaching; that seeing as how we are not all righteous, it only remains for us to kill or be killed.


A word of explanation - as it occurs to me -- for those who might be or have been following my "situation" -- I have, in fact, defeated them, their billion dollar boy and his gang of regular people followers and accomplices -- yet short of being able to really go after them and finish them off by way of appealing to the law, scientific proof and public opinion. But because the billion dollar boy and his Range Rover club do have ghosts, angels, and devils there to help him cheat; I am, as I believe those of you who do actually know about these people can surmise, halted in my tracks and thus I remain incapacitated and denied a fair opportunity to win a full and complete victory. So it is, at it turns out, these spirit people then who ultimately are the strength and protection of these big shot criminals, and not their own wisdom, intelligence, or competence. And but for this cheating with spirit people factor, by means of which all law, science and informed public opinion are annulled and overridden, things are as they are; and despite that, and our own isolation and (relative) material poverty, man for man we can, have, and do beat them otherwise. Indeed, they have become so hard up of late that in recent months they have caused me to loose even further what little money I have and can get as an additional means of spiting me; so that I have gone from a minimum wage "plus" standard of income to a more minimum wage one; and this is not even making mention of the brain torture radios and other forms of more mundane cheating at their disposal. Such then is the character of some our greatest rich men and "community" leaders.




The one is like a spirit person Steven Spielberg billionaire who is supposed to be helping everyone (and which is why he has to do the wrong thing a certain way); the other, the sorcerer, is supposed to be like Johnny Depp in the pirate movie (and is really, really funny); and they in effect tell me we can't discuss, let alone shoot, this tyrant and this murderer because it would offend religious principle or the common good. And why do people care what such monsters think and command who, by their violent conduct and secrecy, are obviously not of the truth? Because people are afraid of them -- afraid of them, yet at the same time believing and acting as if the existence of goodness itself depended on our cooperating with them.


In continuation of my sharing some interesting and unusual finds (in the course of the present research for the fourth edition of my Calendar and Record of the Revolutionary War in the South: 1780-1781,) here is this from The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution with Sketches of Several Distinguished Colored Persons (1855), by William Cooper Nell, pages 129-131. To access/download Nell's complete book, with introduction by Harriet Beecher Stowe, click Special thanks to John Robertson, of the Cowpens NBF, South Carolina, for providing me the lead to it and other similar volumes at his ONLINE LIBRARY of the SOUTHERN CAMPAIGN of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

"I have received from Mr. George E. Willis, of Providence, the following list of names, as among the colored soldiers in the Rhode Island Regiment during the Revolutionary War:--


"RICHARD COZZENS, a fifer in the Rhode Island Regiment, was born in Africa, and died in Providence. in 1829.

"In this connection, the following extracts from an address delivered, in 1842, before the Congregational and Presbyterian Anti-Slavery Society, at Francestown, N. H., by Dr. HARRIS, a Revolutionary veteran, will be read with great interest:--

"'I sympathize deeply,'" said Dr. Harris, "'in the objects of this Society. I fought, my hearers, for the liberty which you enjoy. It surprises me that every man does not rally at the sound of liberty, and array himself with those who are laboring to abolish slavery in our country. The very mention of it warms the blood in my veins, and, old as I am, makes me feel something of the spirit and impulses of '76.

"'Then liberty meant something. Then, liberty, independence, freedom, were in every man's mouth. They were the sounds at which they rallied, and under which they fought and bled. They were the words which encouraged and cheered them through their hunger, and nakedness, and fatigue, in cold and in heat. The word slavery then filled their hearts with horror. They fought because they would not be slaves. Those whom liberty has cost nothing, do not know how to prize it.

"'I served in the Revolution, in General Washington's army, three years under one enlistment. I have stood in battle, where balls, like hail, were flying all around me. The man standing next to me was shot by my side--his blood spouted upon my clothes, which I wore for weeks. My nearest blood, except that which runs in my veins, was shed for liberty. My only brother was shot dead instantly in the Revolution. Liberty is dear to my heart--I cannot endure the thought, that my countrymen should be slaves.

"'When stationed in the State of Rhode Island, the regiment to which I belonged was once ordered to what was called a flanking position,--that is, upon a place which the enemy must pass in order to come round in our rear, to drive us from the fort. This pass was every thing, both to them and to us; of course, it was a post of imminent danger. They attacked us with great fury, but were repulsed. They reinforced, and attacked us again, with more vigor and determination, and again were repulsed. Again they reinforced, and attacked us the third time, with the most desperate courage and resolution, but a third time were repulsed. The contest was fearful. Our position was hotly disputed and as hotly maintained.

"'But I have another object in view in stating these facts. I would not be trumpeting my own acts; the only reason why I have named myself in connection with this transaction is, to show that I know whereof I affirm. There was a black regiment in the same situation. Yes, a regiment of negroes, fighting for our liberty and independence,--not a white man among them but the officers,-- stationed in this same dangerous and responsible position. Had they been unfaithful, or given way before the enemy, all would have been lost. Three times in succession were they attacked, with most desperate valor and fury, by well disciplined and veteran troops, and three times did they successfully repel the assault, and thus preserve our army from capture. They fought through the war. They were brave, hardy troops. They helped to gain our liberty and independence.

"'Now, the war is over, our freedom is gained--what is to be done with these colored soldiers, who have shed their best blood in its defence? Must they be sent off out of the country, because they are black? or must they be sent back into slavery, now they have risked their lives and shed their blood to secure the freedom of their masters? I ask, what became of these noble colored soldiers? Many of them, I fear, were taken back to the South, and doomed to the fetter and the chain.

"'And why is it, that the colored inhabitants of our nation, born in this country, and entitled to all the rights of freemen, are held in slavery? Why, but because they are black? I have often thought, that, should God see fit, by a miracle, to change their color, straighten their hair, and give their features and complexion the appearance of the whites, slavery would not continue a year. No, you would then go and abolish it with the sword, if it were not speedily done without. But is it a suitable cause for making men slaves, because God has given them such a color, such hair and such features, as he saw fit?'"


The poem below appears as part of (what amounts to) the appendix to Alexander Garden's Anecdotes -- second series (1828), pp. 236-238, (which, Anecdotes, you may recall, was the basis for the recent article I did on Lee's Legion.) The effective anonymity of both the subject and author of this "Monody" gives it a certain brooding charm and poignancy; and since most will not likely ever have the opportunity to know or see it, I thought I would reproduce it here.

"[Garden:] The Monody which follows, was written very shortly after the commencement of the war of the Revolution, by a young Irish student named DUNN, then attached to the Glasgow College. The name of the friend so pathetically lamented, was (to the best of my recollection) ROGERS, a native of Maryland, who, hastening homewards to assist in defending the liberties of his country, unhappily perished at sea.


"Upon a sea-girt rock Eugenius stood,
And viewed with stedfast eyes the rolling flood;
And still, in every passing wave
He sought his Paulus' watery grave,
And fancy oft the corse descry'd,
Wound in its billowy shroud, and floating with the tide.

"But far on wide Atlantic's dreary coast,
Beneath a Promontory's shade,
The youth by pious hands is laid,
And vainly dost thou weep thy Paulus lost,
To distant shores and more inclement skies;
The faithless vessel yielded up her prize.

"And are you then at rest,
The sport no longer of the watery waste;
An unprotected corse?
The swain is blest,
Who snatch'd thee from the surge's force,
And hallowed is the glebe that holds thy clay,
And blest the pious youth that sung thy funeral lay.

"But ah! thy virtues could he tell,
Thy firm integrity above a price;
Thy warm devotion to the public weal;
Thy ardent friendship honour nice.
Courage with pity still allied,
And modesty that like a veil did all thy virtues hide.

"Could he thy innocence declare,
A grace so rare,
When linked with knowledge, that it shone
Complete in thee alone.
Could he thy love of liberal arts proclaim.
Still guided to the noblest end,
Thy country's freedom to defend,

"Not to achieve an empty name.
For this thou oft hast conn'd the historic page,
For this the jurist's knotty lore,
From Alfred's down to William s age,
Increasing still thy copious store,
A future gift for the Atlantic's shore.

"Thine was the task her sacred rights to guard,
Her wide-spread States with friendly links to bind;
The happiness of millions thy reward,
Thy monument in every patriot mind.

"Soon, as the tyrant spoke the word
'Be slaves! or dread the exterminating sword,'
Britannia's hated isles you fled,
And mourn d her antient spirit dead;
Your native woods you sought,
With Spartan virtue fraught;
That virtue which can fate defy,
Prepared to nobly live or bravely die.

"Behold the wish'd for shore,
The tempest howls and Paulus is no more.
Whilst many a mercenary host,
Securely glides along the hapless coast
While safe the German transport bends its sails,
And Caledonia's slaves arrive with prosperous gales --

"Yet shall thy country's liberties survive;
Yet shall she triumph o'er her ruthless foe.
And Paulus yet shall live,
Whilst tyrants sink beneath the avenging blow;
Short is the gloomy Despot's sway,
But freedom's radiant form shall never know decay,

"Immortal Youth farewell, thy sorrowing friend
This last sad tribute to thy virtues pays,
Too true a mourner justly to commend,
And rich in reverence, though but poor in praise,
Yet shall Columbia oft thy worth rehearse,
When patriot virtue claims her poet's song,
Thy sorrowing friends repeat the solemn verse,
Thy native woods the solemn notes prolong."


I just got through watching the President giving a Press Conference this morning, and my reaction, after listening to him, is that we should withdraw and end the war in Iraq immediately. The President is a good man, and he sincerely means well; but the fact is this country has been ravaged within by corporation situated gangsters who found their power in the occult and the worst crimes imaginable (while ever since, in various ways, brazenly reminding us of the fact), and who have been destroying or undermining lives, families, long standing businesses and institutions, law and order, and our most basic freedoms at the rate an with the rapacity of Attila the Hun these past 20 years -- and yet says nothing about them. Perhaps, I take it, this is because he does not see them in our midst; which if so, makes him a very poor leader of our troops; on par, say, with General Benjamin Butler of the Civil War.


A work of art is not beautiful, but rather the reflection of the beautiful or what is beautiful. Is the beautiful then intangible? Not necessarily; only one gathers if it is considered to be, somehow, tangible it must be of a substance far finer than gossamer, light or wind.


Something it is well worth being reminded of about trouble making spirit people is that they are total con-artists and absolutely incorrigible in their carrying on. One of the main reasons for this is that there is vast power and wealth to be had for them in playing the game they do. Whether they can persuade you by means of fear, good humor, or kindness, the end is the same -- to gain and secure your trust, confidence and or obedience. No matter how seemingly benign, omniscient, or sympathetic you can never really trust these people and expect not to be taken advantage of somewhere down the road (if not presently.) As a rule of thumb then, never trust the love and sincerity of someone who is not honest or hold themselves accountable; no matter how grand, awesome, or wonderful they might seem or come across as being; for these are after all the most dangerous people in the world; and the same person who might take a funny, whimsical approach with you might be the same person who not so long ago was having a series of mass murders carried out in his behalf.


I like this still (or sequence) from the 1925 film "Phantom of the Opera" because it helps to impart the idea that Evil lurks above disguised as higher goodness and benevolence; and such as the Phantom (or, say, "Simon the Magician") did not himself need to be so very bad a man to be used as a puppet by such very bad people; only a credulous or else very stupid one.

Now if we think of “The Phantom of the Opera” story and its characters (though bear in mind that story is only one kind of such a scenario involving malevolent spirit people’s machinations), what do you suppose those very bad people’s motives were? Why, romantic jealousy of course. But does envy justify evil? Certainly, it is usually possible to find someone that will believe such is the case; and yet only one or only a few are enough to be the cause of great evil.

Meanwhile, Erik or the duped agent makes a fool of himself in the midst of all of this other going on in pursuit of his own happiness; indeed ends up ruining his life; without having a clue.


And just look at what is going on in his mind ---

"When Shrek married Princess Fiona, becoming the next King and Queen of Far Far Away wasn’t part of the plan. So when his father-in-law, King Harold, falls ill, it is up to Shrek to find a suitable heir, or he will be forced to give up his beloved swamp for the throne.

"Recruiting Donkey and Puss In Boots for a new quest, Shrek sets out to bring back the rightful heir to the throne – Fiona’s rebellious cousin Artie.

"Genre: Animation
UK release date: 29/06/2007
Starring: Mike Myers (voice), Eddie Murphy (voice),
Cameron Diaz (voice)
Directed by: Raman Hui"

Observe also how, using his clout and say, he takes the occasion to help out "bro" (i.e. Myers and Murphy.)


No one should be permitted to have or hold authority on this earth who does not cherish and respect it.


The glamour and glory of spirit people? Why it's the red carpet treatment -- just like at a Hollywood premiere! (Give me Nature any day instead.)


If he has a billion dollars, why doesn't he stand up for free speech, human rights and real democracy? Because he doesn't really have the billion dollars in the first place; and which belongs rather to some devil or angel that owns him.


And whose mind is it anyway? Obviously not his.


Sorcery, witchcraft, spirit people, fascism, and false religion teach a person that they can know everything without having to be honest or think all that much.


What is so very bad or utterly insufferable about life but that these Hell people make it so? And yet for some, they assume that these manipulative and bullying spirit people must be a part of life. This I disagree with. In my view if these people can't behave themselves on some kind of basic level then they should not be put up with in our midst; and if they persist in attacking society or its members than certainly they must be repulsed and rebuked if not got rid of otherwise.


In a given moment or occasion a person can suddenly seem terribly guilty. Yet sometimes it is not the case of them actually being so very guilty as it is of their very, very sick -- and this because of the demonist being around them or in their vicinity.


Unless perhaps there is a witty way of putting it, it makes no sense telling a stupid person what they can't understand or an intelligent person what they already know or have heard before.


What is going on is and has been so stupid that I thought I wouldn't say anything anymore (at least for a while.) But just for fun and in case any one needs a laugh, here are some recent scribbles and cryptic epigrams from my notebook.


If he doesn't accept the golden rule (or its corollary), what then does he replace it with?


There is how much he actually knows versus his ability to create the impression that he is all but omniscient. If you ask me, I'd say that, by now certainly, his funerary shroud is showing.


The other knows everything but is not rational; and who would wonder that too much knowledge, and without reason or morals, would ultimately crush such a spirit as his.


Bill Griffith serves a good turn this morning in reminding us of that the oft quoted maxim (and of dubious meaning and interpretation) that the winners write history. But in any case, the fact is the histories of liars are never that interesting enough to read to begin with. For with such as these, they don't really know (all that much) much about being interesting; despite what they would like to believe and pretend otherwise. What they do know how do is how to do things to people. They then take over by that means; and make movies and publish books saying how interesting they are supposed to be (but you know the true story, etc.)


An Amazon Reviewer perhaps said it best: "I now have a great operating system -- only now I can't run my programs."


Monster Man and His Secret Gang.


"I am allowing myself to suffer all this not to gain a heavenly reward but to A) help the cat and B) damn you to all Hell -- and yet not even for what you've done -- but for what you still are and won't stop doing!"


I came across a couple items which I thought might make suitable posts for the Fourth of July; and here, in any case, they are.

Excerpt from the diary of an anonymous Captain in the Virginia line being held prisoner in Charleston in 1780. (found in Southern Literary Messenger, Vol. I, No. 7, Richmond, VA. 1835, p. 342)

"July 4th. This day was appointed for a general meeting of officers at Haddrel’s Point [Charleston, South Carolina], to celebrate the Independency of the Thirteen United States of America. The following toasts were drank on the occasion:

"1st. The Free and Sovereign Independent States of America.
2nd. The Honorable the Continental Congress.
3rd. His Most Christian Majesty the King of France.
4th. His Most Catholic Majesty the King of Spain.
5th. May impartial justice guide the other powers of Europe.
6th. Stability and firmness to the Alliance between France and America.
7th. Gen. Washington and the American Army.
8th. The American Navy.
9th. The American Ministry at Foreign Courts.
10th. May the States of America be always found a sure refuge and an asylum against despotism and oppression.
11th. May the sword never be drawn but in the cause of justice.
12th. The immortal memory of those patriots and warriors who have fallen in the present war, in defence of the rights of mankind.
13th. Our brethren in captivity, suffering in the glorious cause of liberty.

"From each toast there followed a discharge of thirteen pistols and three cheers. That night the barracks were illuminated."

[Ed. Note. The officers who gathered were later reprimanded by the British for their conduct. Pistols were taken and they were threatened with close confinement for such behavior in future. British prisoners themselves, by the way, were not unknown to have not dissimilar revels when incarcerated; but in their case, of course, for such events as the King's Birthday or St. George's Day.]


From Reason: The Only Oracle Of Man A Compendious System Of Natural Religion (1784),
By Colonel Ethan Allen.

"It seems that mankind in most ages and parts of the world have been fond of corporeal Deities with whom their outward senses might be gratified, or as fantastically diverted from the just apprehension of the true God, by a supposed supernatural intercourse with invisible and mere spiritual beings, to whom they ascribe divinity, so that through one means or other, the character of the true God has been much neglected, to the great detriment of truth, justice, and morality in the world [in order] that mankind can be uniform in their religious opinions..."


Although I am still endeavoring to get a hold of those missing pages from Garden's books, for now certainly, here (about as finished as it is going to be) is:

"Lee’s Legion Remembered: Profiles of the 2d Partisan Corps as taken from Alexander Garden’s Anecdotes."

(Oh, yes -- and by the way -- I have and do tell those Hell people that I fight that I am in Lee's Legion [referring to Christopher Lee.])


Folly and Madness Beyond Belief

Some have and do understandably blame Microsoft. But as I have said before, I would not fault Microsoft itself so much; rather they were more people who were being used by others; just as I take it IBM was used at one time; and the real culprit responsible for the wholesale calamity and state of legal and civil disorder and chaos that at present exists in Washington state is the Green River Killer, D B. Cooper, Simon the Magician -- call him what you like.

The amount of havoc wrought in the Seattle and outlying region alone on lives, families, and business has been so staggering that nothing short of sheer magic and the most sinister kind of crime and violence could have brought it about. It is appalling, just for instance, how many major businesses and institutions have been shut down, sold away, devoured, significantly downsized, or run out of town by these people of which I so far have at least the following list.

Frederick and Nelson
Pay N' Pack
Pay N' Save
Rainier Brewing Company
Local newspapers
The University of Washington

This, of course, is but the tip of the iceberg, and only with respect to business, of what has turned out to be the drastic restructuring the commissar and his crew of hirelings, cowards, and traitors have imposed on us within the past 20 years. That such change is counterproductive and for the worst I think most residents still awake -- who know what things were like before they arrived here from OZ -- would agree.


Say No to Drugs

Washington Mutual bank, evidently for publicity purposes, has gone from being called "Washington Mutual " to "WaMu." Well, though I don't have an account there, I made a trip to their site at and this is what I encountered in the way of an automated receptionist. No doubt the idea is to attract all those Microsoft dollars:

"Free, Very popular choice for some reason.

"Nothing says 'here's my money' quite like a sunset.
Don't you agree?

"Yeah, I'm with you. Getting charged for ATM withdrawals really chaps my pixels!

"If I had lips I'd be smiling right now.

"Did WaMu say Gold? They sure do put the bling back in banking.

"I always wanted to work in customer service so I could wear one of those nifty head sets.

"Ahem! Roses are red. Violets are blue. WaMu is friendly. So are you.

"Glad you stopped on that one.
That list was making me dizzy!

"Online Banking is a really good friend of mine. He'll treat you right.

"Look at you point that mouse. You've already learned the basics of online banking.

"Savings and checking go together, like ketchup and fries, monkeys and bananas, banner and Landing page..

"Elbow, elbow. Wrist, wrist. Touch your pearls and blow a kiss! (I'm practicing my free waive.)

"I'm saving for a new font. Something bigger and bolder, with cup holders and a new roof.

"Getting paid to shop? I could get the hang of that.

"Does your balance get low? Does it wobble to and fro?
Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow?

"When you scroll, it tickles (in a good way).

"You could buy your groceries one item at a time and make those rewards add up faster.

"My low budget is bad for buying things, but it wins the limbo contest every time."


America For the Living

I suppose among the main differences between my opponents and myself is that they view the autocratic spirit people as superior beings endowed with higher wisdom and understanding; and whom we have no choice but to submit to. I, on the other hand, while willing to grant they possess certain very great technical knowledge and expertise, see them rather as refuse and debris left over from an accursed past; and who in their affect on us now living are as bad or worse than a malignant disease.

Yet regardless of what you think, notice they are the one's who reject open rational discussion and who frown upon, where they cannot prohibit, free speech and free trade -- not us.


They are killing us because we won't kill them. If this is true, what should anyone have against killing them? Imagine -- killing a spirit person devil or a spirit person false god. That might sound like a cold thing to say; but if you know how relentlessly brutal the worst of these kind of people can be, you would not think it very much so.

According to some traditions, you can't kill a spirit person. How such a thing ever came to be learned is obviously open to question; yet even if true, it still may not be so true as we might have been led to believe. I know from personal experience that spirit people very much maneuver so as to keep out of harm's way to themselves; why then think they cannot be at least seriously injured?


If you yourself were starting a rational religion based in goodness, what principles or morals would you propose?

He says there is something greater than Nature, and by his behavior and attitude I take it he means Nature is merely trivial or incidental. Yet if there is something greater than Nature as he says what could I possibly love so greatly that is not Nature or is not natural?

But he says, nay, you are not so supposed to love what is "superior" to Nature; you are supposed to obey it. But what about evil? I mean all this injustice, cruelty, viciousness, oppression, abuse, pollution, etc. In answer he says there is no evil; but observe he only says this if he has enough money to push others around and the wherewithal to keep from being legally prosecuted.

And how does a disease work? Why it acts not only as if it is part of the body, but something greater. The body somehow believing it hands over life to the disease; trusting it more than life or truth.


It is only becoming in yourself to let your enemy win sometimes.


Nothing is always part of something; otherwise there would be no nothing; therefore nothing exists as long as it is with something. Nothing, therefore, is something that can be used; and which, in any case, is something that must inevitably be confronted and dealt with.


What is greater than morals? What is greater than reason? What is greater than truth?

Why, the vampires and cannibals on high.

And what do the vampires and cannibals on high tell us? "Blessed are those who don't insist on doing the right thing; for they shall be spared the ignominy of self-righteousness."


Those who truly know or have truly known happiness desire to do good -- really and truly (as opposed to dong so for mere appearance sake) and, or at least, seek to avoid making a nuisance of themselves; and the that people disposed to be deliberately bad -- and on something like a regular basis -- is proof (to me at least) that for all their power and riches, and vaunting and berating those who are poor or are without, they never know much or anything of real happiness.

I usually endeavor to be philosophical and Christian about these people, while trying to understand them from a perspective of cosmological compassion and pity. Nevertheless, I never cease to be struck how, at bottom, it seems they are nothing more than some people who have said and say "Hey, I've got an idea, why don't we do the wrong thing instead of the right thing?" They then go and do all these stupid things, and causing all kinds of unnecessary problems as a result.

One of the most lethal aspects of being purposefully irrational and listening to spirit people then is that one risks seeing and feeling like them; till, for some, all they actually realize of happiness is in the way of flashy, disjointed and artificial images. Even myself, though I have trained and accustomed myself to reject these people, can still sometimes be caught off guard and taken in. How much more impossible it must be then for for those who do listen to them to save themselves from succumbing to and embracing warped, empty, and meretricious conceptions of such matters as love, wealth, and success.


Artfully contriving and creating a situation that results in your mortification at being misunderstood and alienated, if not betrayed, by persons who are supposed to be your friends is a very, very old magic trick; and you, and your friends, are far from being the first to be had by it.


Tough Love

You know what they told me the other day? "Spielberg," that is that person who has used the real Steven Spielberg as his storefront dummy, has murdered something like 100,000 people (presumably in the course of his faustian career.) I wouldn't know to say this is actually true; but having dealt with these people as long as I have, it sounds about right.


"Of course, you are one of the great heroes of old. But look, you have all these toys to play with; all this money to spend; amazing, magical powers. You just can't go on bothering Mr. Sherman like this -- he has work to do."


At present, for some time and some time well into the future, I have been, am, and will be giving myself a course in Latin and reading Latin texts. Although I have taken a number of classes in school, foreign language has never been a great strength of mine; struggling and working with English as much as I have to; so that now I am trying to make up for it. Among the words in Latin vocabulary I've come across, I thought the following were interesting in their possible implication.

  • axis: vault of heaven
  • divitiae: riches
  • divus: god
  • dives: rich


    It cracked me up when I saw this DVD box cover at the store the other day because it manages very carefully to hit almost every theme and point of importance harbored or espoused by those same media sages and pundits who tell us there is no real happiness or that real happiness is a myth.


    It has sometimes been my wont to respond to the quote of the day Google provides and which in turn originates from the "Quotations Page;" and for today, June 17, we have:

    "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."
    - Steven Weinberg

    Observe the false premises or implications at work here.

    A. Greater evil (on the part of "good" people) requires religion.
    B. Greater good is possible without religion (or else there is no greater good.)


    * No distinction is made between honest (i.e. true) versus dishonest (false) religion.
    * No distinction is made between religion practiced rightly versus religion practiced wrongly.

    We can further refine this by saying that well meaning religious people sometimes err; just as well meaning non-religious people can sometimes err. So then what on earth is "Mr. Weinberg" actually saying? Note, as well, that the same people who put out treatises like God is Not Great refuse to admit that spirit people can be spoken of empirically while they or their friends go publishing and promoting other books on sorcery, wizards, and magic. This said, yes it is very true that great evil will frequently take on the mantel of religion, but this is in no small part due to some people -- including a professional academic I spoke with not long ago -- who think that belief in the existence of spirit people necessarily implies belief in religion or a certain religion (though he later changed this after I convinced him of the fallacy of this assumption.) That such misguided views both both encourage and empower irrationalism and, as a result, the activities of certain criminal spirit people -- invariably the incipient source of the worst evil -- should, I hope by now, go without.


    Raw evil understandably throws and disconcerts people because it is sometimes so powerful. For some, so powerful that they feel it cannot be resisted. But consider why it is, according to what has become my "theory," why this is so. The main persons responsible for inciting and directing it, as well as giving it its flair and element of surprise, are in probably all instances spirit people; who almost no regular person thinks to combat in the physical literal sense; this partly because they don't even think of spirit people as being something physical that can be identified, labeled, documented and analyzed. And since these spirit people are dead people, they have the idea that somehow other dead people will keep those bad spirit people in check. And yet it may not be right for a good person who has passed on to be so active beyond this life,; and it may be that bad ones, in some way and degree, obtain their very power from throwing themselves into being so active as they do; presumably at the price of committing or being party to some evil (as we see for example in the Dr. Frankenstein story.)

    Be this as it may, the fact remains that the worser evils originate with these very bad spirit people and if we want to deprive evil of much or some of its mystery all that is needed is to face these bad spirit people squarely with facts, reason and the courage of our convictions. This is why ideas like forgiveness and amnesty as used in "Amnesty International" makes sense; i.e. because we need to see the blame less in our selves, that is us regular people, versus the worser and bad spirit people -- that is if we really want to get at the problem. Shoot at the pilot not the plane as Von Richtofen said and this is what is required if we want to deprive evil of its greater power. Heretofore, we do and will have blamed their puppets, dupes, scapegoats and henchmen; and yet never considered understanding and battling those most responsible in the physical sense. Do this, start beginning to think about doing this and evil can be seized, handled, and judiciously destroyed -- once you get past his gang, of course.

    And last, just to provide a certain perspective on all this, picture a people living in the distant or ancient past and who spent the better part of their lives listening to and obeying dead people, and then later become dead people themselves like those they followed and listened to. Would you want that to happen to you?


    For the benefit of those who do not already know and understand how this racket to obtain and hold power using spirit people works, this is essentially how it is. What they do is pretend to be or present themselves as (in effect) either Heaven or Hell depending on whom they want to persuade. If you reject "Heaven" then you can get in with the big money Hell has; if you accept "Heaven" you can't have any money (really) and will have to "go to Heaven" instead (with some possible latitude and variation permissible in between depending on how they want to use the person.) The reality is of course, it is the same group of spirit people; and the purpose is to hold and retain control over the public wealth and people's lives.

    I can prove what I am saying with the following witnesses all of whom have refused me help:

  • Father Michael Sweeney, former pastor of Blessed Sacrament church in Seattle
  • Charles Hamilton, Seattle attorney
  • Laurence Bonjour, Prof. of Philosophy, Univ. of Washington
  • Cass Weller, Prof. of Philosophy, Univ. of Washington
  • Charles Schulman, former English Prof., Univ. of Washington

    And there are more I could name as well. Ask these people what they actually know about me, and what their reason then is for refusing me assistance. It is not my purpose to embarrass these individuals or put them on the spot; and if I could I would refrain from bringing their names up in this context in the first place; but their own credibility can throw light on my own. Go talk to these people; compare their various stories and explanations with each other and mine; see who is being honest and who is being rational; and you will, applying some plain rational analysis, see my claims vindicated. This said, again, I by no means intend to vilify or disparage these individuals in raising this point; for one thing they may act or hold the attitude as they do because they are being blackmailed or else under pressure from or under the influence of others whom they cannot deal with -- and thus are prevented from speaking the truth as I assume they otherwise would. Yet enough is enough. Let's have the truth out about all this. It is not I who am preventing an open hearing; on the contrary I am the one being refused it!


    All the lights, all the show, all the magic and miracles, a golden kingdom in the sky -- but no real heart and very little or no truth. My reaction? I can't stand these people; and the only reason I have put up with them and their putting on airs all these years is that I had these animals to take care of (and no one I could turn to to ask and take care of them for me) -- and that is the God's honest truth.


    There are AIDS, HIV, Ebola, Marburg -- and computer viruses. We know the latter to be man made; and, given the expense of consumers and software companies to attempt to combat them, indeed would seem to be manufactured on an industrial scale. Do we not then have reason to suspect the same of the first kind of "new" diseases? Ordinarily, we would think not because we could not really imagine anyone doing anything so evil; and even if there were such surely they would not have the people, money, materials and expertise to carry out such a wish. But there are, however, criminal spirit people who are very well placed, capable and (should the need arise) disposed to do such a thing; so that in people's refusing to confront the reality and possible dangers of spirit people, and for all the countless sums they might pour into medical research, they will never be able to get at what is or might be the real cause of "new" diseases; and rather than transgress that taboo of keeping silent about spirit people will instead sooner blame or find the source of those virulent illnesses on some harmless monkey from deep in the jungle or other intended red herring.

    One thing is certain; Potter is comfortably well ahead of The Assault on Reason on the N.Y. Times lists, and even more in the money to boot.


    If ever I tell you I know everything don't believe me. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have returned to work on my Calendar and Record of the Revolutionary War in the South: 1780-1781, this time for purposes of the fourth edition; and find myself having the opportunity to go through material I did not have or have so readily available to me as I do now; in consequence of which, and with the advantage of retrospective reflection, I am better able to see and understand matters better which previously I either had a more vague notion of or else whose significance was lost on me. This even though I had already written a book on the subject (or at least in my book wrote as if an authority on a given topic)!

    Although I did have Edward McCrady's The History of South Carolina in the Revolution (1902) briefly a few times before, and usually just to get at numbers and dates, it is only now that I have a copy in my own possession and which I can now go through more closely and carefully at my leisure. In doing so, I was and am very much struck and impressed by McCrady's insightful, cogent, thorough, well organized, and (though I don't always agree with him) well argued handling of his subject; part of which involves his effort to present the state's role in the American Revolution versus the national government's. It is an interesting topic and question which frankly has not received that much treatment and consideration elsewhere; so that not only does McCrady touch on something relatively few others have, but does so with such a intelligence, grace, and persuasiveness that I felt compelled to make some remark upon and in praise of his work; accompanied with the observation that humility is always more becoming of more complete and proper scholarship than pride.


    Philosophy is like painting; as much as you can put in a picture or as much as can be portrayed in one -- you can't portray everything. Also like paintings, a given philosophy is or isn't in style. For this reason, philosophy can always use new paintings, and new paintings can, to some extent, be made from "old' paintings; and in different emphasis and different arrangement. It expands and grows; modifications of one facet of a teaching can change the teaching itself; so that, on some level or other at least, philosophy evolves and continues to evolve or at least change.


    Bonz Buddy and the Holy Angels

    By betraying truth, by turning a deaf ear to the cries of the innocent, by throwing in his lot with serial rapists and murderers, he became a rich man. Now let us all sit back and laugh as we watch him attempt to use his good fortune to help people. If things work out for him, then we know he was very clever doing the wrong thing; if not, then he will at least be entitled to be seen as a supreme object of pity and sympathy (i.e. for having to do the wrong thing.)


    It has gotten to be more and more absurd and preposterous how overtime persons who are supposed to be news reporters are heard spouting the party line as if that was journalism. For example, when "Survivor Island" first came out you would have newscasters in their in between banter talk as if they themselves were fans of that insipid show. Likewise, when Krispy Kreme hit town it sounded like something interesting and exciting to them. Now flipping on the TV within the past day, we have everyone from the morning news anchor to Judge Judy voicing their concern over Paris Hilton's conduct. How else is such routinely contrived and imbalanced consensus brought about but by commands from the great anonymous higher ups -- probably the worst criminals in the world today; for who could think that normally and otherwise they would speak and act so stupidly?


    An idea for a worthwhile and interesting scientific or else literary endeavor, whether of a formal or informal nature, would be a listing, labeling, and categorizing of the many different faces of pronounced evil and devilment; say, from the leering maniac to the methodical and clever planner of the sinister; from the brainwashed dupe who lets himself be used by others manipulating him to the two faced hypocrite pretending goodness; from the brutal sadist to the proud and arrogant miser; from the coward who would not only excuse but spitefully attempt to justify his infirmity to the betrayer who surrenders life saving principle for reasons of the most frivolous selfishness. I don't know that I myself will ever get around to taking up such a project, so I mention it for the benefit of others who, by chance, might be better situated to do so.

    Meanwhile, it is worth being again reminded that the real power of evil lies in deliberate dishonesty and untempered fear, as much as anything else, and it is in these will we find the common psychological or moral threads or characteristics which join and unite any or all of the above possible or prospective "types."


    It may, after all, be all right for a damned ghost to act like that. But what if the offender is a regular person and not a damned ghost? Must he himself become a damned ghost then in order to find final safety and asylum?


    Something I think worth sharing, but which for a long time now I myself have learned and accepted as given, is that when dealing with serious or hardcore Hell people they do not let up attacking you. True, the energy they spend doing so may vary from day to day; but if they have it in their power to do so they may or will persist in bothering you and this may go on for years perhaps your entire lifetime. This sounds horrible; I know, but that is part of what makes "Hell" people (whether spirit person, regular person or both together) what they are; and if you find yourself under attack in this way by them it is simply something one has to adjust to.

    There are a number of ways of dealing with such persecution and abuse dealing with them with a military sort of outlook, if you are capable of such. For example, in terrorizing and using violence these people are trying to achieve a certain end; the same with respect to being so hellishly persistent about it. The idea is to unnerve, shock, weaken, and wear you down. It up to you then to do what you can to fight back against their strategy and the goals they aim for. Although it is not very likely you can fight back at them with violence; there are nonetheless ways of fighting. If they, say, punch you fifty times, knock you down -- but you get up; this sort of response can cause them to lose their momentum. You might not be able to completely stop or get rid of them, ; but you can make it more expensive for them -- and don't lose sight of this as part of your defense.

    Thus, if they are pouring hour and days on end of abuse at you, and you are able to keep yourself calm and together emotionally and mentally, then this tells them it is costing them more to do you in then it would to do in someone else who is more weak in the knees. If they tell you things look bad and everyone is despairing, never believe this because this is what they are most always, if not always, trying to get their opponents to think. Remember also, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and if your smart, while you might not be able to actually get rid of them -- there are definitely ways (and many more then I briefly mention here) to give them a run for their money. This then, if nothing else, is what one should seek to do; while at all times -- and as best as one can -- striving to keep a level head and maintaining one's moral and rational integrity and which are among a person's greatest strengths when dealing with these people. Granted, it is not always easy to rise to the occasion every time; however, and I can say this from personal experience, it is possible to do so most of the time. And if you can do that much, you are still doing them some real damage.


    One can hardly overstate the power of belief. The Bible talks about faith, but I think it may be an added help to think by means of the concept of an assumption or premise as well. To illustrate, consider the force we as a collective people have or might have when we assume that what they have been doing to control and supervise the use an availability of the media and internet and other forms of communication is not only a manifestation of the most virulent forms of organized and sophisticated criminality; and inasmuch as such conduct threatens the very life of democratic choice and freedoms is tantamount to treason. Now, to get to my point, if most or everyone assume this, just imagine what then could or might take place. The results, or so it would seem to me, could be quite staggering and society shaking -- such is the power of an assumption.


    "...I leave my span of days for Heaven to determine, neither clinging to life or begrudging its end. My body is like a drifting cloud--I ask for nothing. My greatest joy is a quiet nap; my only desire for life is to see the beauty of the seasons...

    "Now the moon of my life sinks in the sky and is close to the edge of the mountain. Soon I must head into the darkness of the Three Ways: why should I thus drone on about myself? The essence of the Buddha's teaching is that we must not have attachment to any object."

    ~from "An Account of My Hut" by Kamo no Chomei (1153-1216), and found in An Anthology of Japanese Literature: from the earliest era to the mid-nineteenth century, p. 211, compiled and edited by Donald Keene.

    With respect to the “Three Ways,” the editor notes: "[T]he three paths in the afterworld leading to different types of hells."

    It made me think that if you end up in the Heaven of some of the spirit people I write about, and for all their golden raptures and glory, it would as likely as not be one of these hells referred to; or what is perhaps, in a given instance, Christianity's concept of purgatory if not damnation.


    For the past many years now, I have been through a most unspeakably agonizing and excruciating ordeal at the hands of spirit people and regular people criminals (though I by no means count myself unique or exceptional in this respect.) And though there are been have been moments of doubt and questioning, for the most part I have always had and do have the right idea; that is, get rid of these idiots, i.e. these spirit people and those who listen to them), or at least oust them form power, and that will solve 80 to 90 percent or more of everybody's problems. They make it a routine point of telling and reminding us we have all these problems. I'm no sap. It is not really we, the blackballed, the victims and persecuted, who have the problem, it is these stupid idiots who thought and think that by regularly and deliberately doing the wrong thing that they had hit upon some clever idea. As a practical result, they end up having all these problems (much more so then they profit in real terms by their wrong doing and thinking) and then attempt to deal with those problems by dumping them on us; all the while trying to fool us into thinking we have all these problems. They question the notion that anyone could be really happy -- and yet we can be, and very much are, but for our inability to rid ourselves of them. If one feels really down it is because they are not of and or are not able to tune into the infinite; at the same time these people make it their vocation to distract your interfere with your doing so; say by prohibiting the truth or by subjecting you to violence. Yet if you have enough strength and composure to see that this is all that is essentially going on, it is, at the end of the day, not that hard to get back to or looking at getting back to the infinite in one's general feeling and outlook.

    Although the cause of given suffering may be irrational, it is not irrational to accept suffering. There is simply no point gainsaying the travails of life (at least not until the spirit people problem can be addressed openly, rationally, and intelligently.) If those troubles, as absurd and uncalled for as they might be, happen -- then they happen; and you might as well work toward making yourself stronger by accepting what you can't truly help; rather than fume and kick in a manner that can't or doesn't really accomplish much of anything. And if it so happen that you are actually being crucified, you can always find great solace and peace in the fact that you are not among or with those doing the crucifying (that is if you aren't of course.)


    Here's another simple way of putting it -- if you revere or venerate the glories -- and or terrors -- of spirit people above and before honesty, candor, facts and reason then there is something seriously wrong with you; and we should be regularly and punctually reminded that death and sickness can come to us by way of false or fraudulent glamour, sublimity, and ecstasy; as well as by way of ugliness, dirtiness, and sweetened poison.


    The Horror of the Inhuman Mental Patient

    Speaking and writing are forms of spiritual breathing. If you can't speak or write then you can't breath. And yet those who do or attempt to express themselves independently and seriously on the internet are treated as frivolous bloggers. We know also that websites are being censored: previously bustling sites suddenly deactivate and are left frozen in time say at 2004 or 2006; with not a word heard from them since. Nor at present and for some years now do we see any blue ribbon campaigning for free speech on the web; presumably because the people who care about free speech can't be heard anymore. To the extent then that the internet has fallen so relatively silent from what it could be I take to be a sign of willful suffocation and strangling as much as anything else, and should, I earnestly suggest, be conscientiously prosecuted as such.


    First Day

    Almost helpless,
    Just beginning to see;
    Looked on at a distance;
    What now will they be?

    Just yesterday
    From the nest they rejoiced;
    Each time the parents came
    They raised their glad voice.

    Free for the first time,
    Hopping, not quite flying;
    Today they’re out;
    No thought of dying.

    The sun then sets
    On a day of new birth;
    Filled with promise and hope
    O'erflowing with mirth.

    What’s tomorrow
    Who now can say or know?
    They begin in wonder;
    But where will they go?


    We don't normally think of spirit people killing regular people, but there are some that do; indeed a good case can be made that most if not all, premeditated and serious crime originates with the former. As a result of reflecting on which, one is prone to think the devil is not so clever as much as some people are being so stupid.


    It could with perhaps some good reason be contented that acts of evil or wrong doing have value because they have in some instances catalyst of great deeds and events; which in turn have been a great inspiration to poets and artists. Even if we grant this as being true, as practical matter there has been so much evil and wrong doing down through history as to have served, and in future serve, that purpose and need for all time. If then there is any good, somehow, to to evil; even so a very small amount of it goes a long, long way in fulfilling that role or realizing that function -- assuming it is desirable, let alone, necessary in the first place (which, at the same time, it very arguably isn't.)


    There has, as I see it, simply been much, much more time for Europeans and other "Old World" nations to be gradually overtime brainwashed into in the fallacy, or at best half-truth, that riches, wealth and legitimacy comes from spirit people or from answering to spirit people. It would then seem up to America to reverse this way of thinking. Yet we must admit, if it is not already too late for us, certainly it can't be long before time runs out.


    God is the center which touches all things; just as, to use a crude analogy, when you are at, say, the center of a circle, you can more easily reach any other point in the circle, i.e. than any other point (in the circle) that could possibly serve that purpose; so that by being closer to the center you are closer to all.