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Following upon his success with the film about Alexander the Great, "Oliver Stone" has a new movie out concerning 9/11. So many, many have died in this country over the past recent decades due to the most bizarre kinds of crimes (such as Jonestown, Waco, Columbine school shooting, assorted serial killings, etc.) and yet compared to these the victims of 9/11 were patriots. While I certainly have no reason to show disrespect to the 9/11 victims themselves, I don't think it is hard to see how that tragedy has been used for purposes of propaganda and manipulation, while other criminally arising tragedies, equally as sad and horrible in their way, have been all but completely forgotten and ignored (by some of the same people who claim they are in tears over 9/11 and Ben Ladin.)

So much of the problems of terrorism and violence we encounter or read about initially (in the train of events) come from spirit people and regular people who are involved with them (say by means of witchcraft, false religion, etc.) Yet Hollywood of recent years has been the worst offender in promoting sorcery, witchcraft, and casual attitudes about the occult.

I would strongly encourage and advocate therefore that all current Hollywood productions and marketing, the "entertainment" industry, and mainstream media be boycotted, embargoed, and ultimately prosecuted, until those monopolistic establishments are razed to the ground and de-loused. Let's, in other words, take the fight against terrorism where it really belongs.


Does the sun, like the soul, have something like states of heightened being, feeling, or ecstasy? This is a picture of an unusual solar flare taken by Skylab 3. To give you some sense of proportion, the little dot in the upper right of the picture below is our earth.

"So Let's all pull together
My Oh My..."


Addressed to the Phantom of Dreamworks, the Mad Magician, the heroes of old, et al.

What I am trying to say to you is this. Try to understand it from their point of view. You would not want that done to you. At the same time, though you make the most impossible demands of them, they do not care about you at all or what you are talking about.

The plain truth is you have been played as a chump and a sucker by these people all these years; and you are the one (not us) who has ended up with the half deal, not the full deal. If that is not true, why do you come to and bother us? Except inasmuch as Christian charity requires it, again, we don't care about you and what you are talking about. Yet you go to such trouble to tell us how unhappy we are or are supposed to be.


How We (All) Lost the Cold War

Here's something you might like. It is a video documentary (available in both VHS and DVD formats) produced by South Carolina Educational Televison entitled "Agents of Deception." The description reads:

"This program probes a top Soviet organization once devoted to media manipulation on a worldwide scale. Known as 'disinformation,' it flourished actively during the Cold War and affected anyone who read a newspaper or watched a newscast. Planted articles, half-truths, biased stories, secret funding of newspapers and journalistsósuch tactics were, and may still be, an everyday practice in the international struggle to control public opinion. Produced over a three-year period, this dynamic documentary resembles a best-selling thriller, but the situations are real."

If interested you can obtain a copy here (see "Categories" then "History.")


Let Me Stay in the Summer

Let me stay in the Summer
in that space serene
where the cares of the world
donít matter,
till Autumn unfurls
its colors in whirls
to calm and to sooth them.

Let me stay in the Summer
in the race clouds run
and processions of light
donít shatter,
till downpours excite,
bringing respite,
to the parched waiting earth.

Let me stay in the Summer
where it's hot and still;
where sweet living abounds,
nor scatters
till the rising winds sound
and herald around:
"the time of mirth draws near!"

[I put the following, now slightly amended, up at another website, and thought it good to post here as well.]

Why such incredulity and skepticism at the existence or feasibility of conspiracy? Why history is replete with numerous examples of such. For what is a conspiracy after all but the careful and elaborate design of a criminal and some (knowing and unknowing) associates to perpetrate a crime without getting caught or else to make that crime seem like something legal?

And how can there be truth or a truthful understanding or discussion of facts without morals? Again I think one of the false assumptions at work here is that people who run the mass media or the government (or education or the law for that matter) are necessarily moral and therefore honest (that is trustworthy) people (all the time.) Well if one is inclined to take these as trustworthy, I would be curious to know where they then think such learned their morals from? By the same token who do they see in our society as the greatest force for promoting such morals and such moral character?

As hard as it is for some to understand, and despite the obvious rational necessity of morals, there is and can be notwithstanding great material and worldly profit and advantage to be made from participating secretly in the most rank evil. Why this is so I wonít elaborate at the moment. I would though add that unless one understands this principle (which is often associated with Niccolo Machiavelli who spoke on it), they will never properly grasp or understand history or the affairs of this world.


"This is Not America"

We spotted them on the map years, decades ago. They were the ones doing all the predatory take overs and devoured businesses, including taking over the film industry. Then it turns out, and so we finally come to discover, that they are literally from or else in cahoots with actual Hell. So it is that by now it is not merely a matter of "well, I just won't bother seeing that movie (or buying that product.)" Instead we have to invent a new science in order to get the get the government, police, and others, to help protect us from their attacking us with violence and other assorted viciousness and skullduggery. Yet even this remedy is denied us insamuch as we are absolutely refused hearing just about any or everywhere we go: such is the extent of conttrol the current "powers that be" wield and possess.

And what is this economy they are foisting on us all about? Ringtones, Krispy Kreme, Harry Potter? All the wonderful means of mass communication at our disposal, and yet how many, even with money, can get on television? And why are such aspersions regularly being cast on the internet, such as, by calling web journalists "bloggers" or suggesting that internet users don't have sufficient intelligence tell whether Wikipedia can be trusted or not (and yet we of course can trust Time-Warner, et al.)?


I was just curious how, in the final analysis, you are going to make out and explain all this without regard to the truth and the facts.


If you are an intelligent, rational, and moral person, try to see contending with some devil, some monster, some angel, some god, as a kind of babysitting, only of someone much, much older than yourself.


I don't know who you are.
I don't care what you are saying.
I don't know what you are talking about.


The God of the demonists is not true God. Yet among men he apparently has more followers than true God.


God has no money because he doesn't need it. Yet they say because they have money, "God (or someone just as important) is with us."


It is possible for a conclusion to take hold of us, yet of which we are not the least or else only vaguely aware of. This happens, naturally, when we do not take the trouble to think.


We accept it as not unusual for a person to be ruined, say by scandal, over night. Yet, by contrast, we would normally find it unthinkable for a person to rise in importance as quickly in the same span of time. How much easier to destroy than build! May we then learn how to raise others up as quickly and efficiently as we know to tear them down!


One would assume that rejecting the false image of something is not necessarily the same thing as rejecting what it is supposed to represent. Yet taking a false image to be the true one is one of the most common errors of judgment in the world. Because of it all harsh suffering, injustice and misery arise as much, or more so, than because of anyone or anything else.


This society is taking orders from criminals, and on the highest levels. Yet neither television nor the newspapers mention these unnamed parties.



In her sadness,
the earth makes to appear
gracious and cheerful.
Yet when you see
how very beautiful she is,
you see in truth
she has every real reason
to be happy.

Only who cares?
What do they care about?
They donít care about her.
They donít care about anything.
And if you donít care then,
except for myself,
I guess no one does.

Seeing what she is here,
is different from seeing her
where we forgot her:
beyond the haunted kingdom,
over the garden wall,
in eternity.
There she has no fixed bounds.
There she has no end.

Rigid, yet fluid in the motion,
the feeling of knowing
rushed through me like rivers
rising from showers.
We have
fire, water, air, and earth in us too,
and like her
can with harmony and peace,
be all of these forever.

This Is It

This is it.
They are that.
(Are you ready?)

All was.
Some were.
They were.
He was.
I was.

All is.
Some are.
They are.
He is.
I am.


If Our Lord suffered on the cross (and who did so boldly and willingly) then may I hope (and pray) to bear and suffer my cross as well as he did -- especially seeing as I can't really or in good conscience get out of it anyway. And what better manner to further to establish our kinship with him who is so infinitely better and greater than us than to adopt such an attitude (all the more so if we ourselves are being victimized by literal devils.) And if you don't think he is better or greater do you think you could have handled yourself any better than how he did? Let us then, say when we see a crucifix, remember to assert: "yes, may I handle all this (going on in my life) as well as you handled that. Better to be with you than with them." And it is better, inexpressibly so, nor have we ever been proven wrong in this.

If you can't for some particular reason think of the traditional Jesus of Nazareth as the person to emulate, then just think of some one who would so take up their cross. For while we will often or sometimes find misguided or deceived Christianity deserving of criticism or censure, there is and can never be anything possibly wrong with the true faith. Granted we predictably are sorry if we find ourselves having to bear a serious cross. Yet sometimes there is simply no way for upright or would-be upright people to avoid it -- this thanks to the mad, yet time honored, criminal tendencies of certain types of individuals who seek wealth, power or some other benefit by utilizing evil. And if others don't have to bear a (serious) cross that's all the better by me certainly, as I would just as soon see no one have to do so, and do not wish it on anyone. In the case of a rightly hated enemy, as long as I can ultimately get away from or get rid of them, what do I really care what happens to them?

[Note. I would take this opportunity to once again mention that there are certain spirit people who can or might come to you acting as if they are, or pretend to be, or represent "Jesus." My advice, also as before and as always, when dealing with such characters is to shoot first and ask questions afterward.]


What is it when people give up heart, conscience, and reason, and listen to angels? A sickness.


What would bring about the empowering and organizing of a group of irrational and fanatical people into a major political force if not the oversight of spirit people?


The justification for using a military approach against (certain) spirit people is that they are in a given instance (and more likely than not) the ones initiating and promulgating violence in our midst, more so than anyone or anything else.

Why not then, from the long-term perspective, think about destroying organized Hell and false Heaven with the military? For when all is said and done, isn't that what the military, properly speaking, is for?


As a general rule of life, never let your lust out span your caring. Moreover, don't let abstinence, chastity, poverty, or rejection bother you (at least) not too much, because they (i.e. the powers that be) can and will cause you far worse troubles (yes, believe it or not, there are worse) and if you let the former bother you, how can you hope to handle the latter?


The value of ANYONE or ANYTHING can be lessened or even ruined by taking it out of its right context, which only goes to show how fragile anyone or anything is.


Personhood (versus thing-hood) implies (greater) value.


Tomorrow, Thursday, July 20th, is Sally Ann Howes' birthday and I thought I would use the occasion as an excuse to put up these two very cute pictures (sorry the resolution isn't better.) The one below the first is from a local advertisement (which I came across again just the other day), and which inspired "Small Smiling" one of the poems in "Suites and Songs." To this day, I don't know that she ever received those poems, but then that's naturally about what you can expect in this uncouth day and age (run as much as it is by the oft discussed here demonists.)


"Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe is one of those works which, though you heard it spoken of as a great book, you might think it was only great as propaganda for its time. But this is not fair because it actually is a great book, and for a number of important reasons. It was very popular on stage in the 19th and early 20th century, and later also in silent films. Among the things it has going for it is that the plot is masterfully and cleverly constructed so as to bring out emotions of sympathy in the reader, even though the given characters or particular episode seem rather melodramatic or even implausible. In addition, Tom is after all a man. It makes no difference that he is black, as some might unthinkingly assume. It is not black peoples' story, it is all peoples' story. So whether you admire or else feel disdain for "Uncle Tom" (or an Uncle Tom), whether he is black or not should make no difference. Inasmuch as we are or might be slaves to someone or something Tom is every man. Even the seeming free, for example, can be made slaves to such as the demands of money or conventional prejudice.

There are angels, but no actual ghosts or devils (though in one sequence two characters pretend to be ghosts.) There is of course the devil in the character of Simon Legree with his attitude of "I paid good money for you (I can then do what I please)" and his policy of training certain slaves to whip as they oversee others in bondage like themselves (i.e. in a manner similar to that which he himself does), all of which has a timeless ring to it.


The Amazing Powers of Being Interesting are Supposed to Be Interesting

"We're interesting too, Mr. Sherman, it's just we have to do the wrong thing a certain way."

If you're so interesting, then go ahead and be interesting already! What do you need me for?

"We know how to be interesting, it's just that we don't want you having it too good."

You're so interesting! All that money and power makes you so interesting! No the real truth is your "amazing powers of being interesting," it turns out, are really the amazing powers of being a malignant disease! Get out of our lives (already) you f------- slime, and mind your own business!


Plato's cave
the Yellow Submarine
the Matrix

Will we ever get out?


Alfred the Great


Every one and every thing, but God, is contingent, and one thing which every one and every thing is contingent on both for their value and existence, is someone else's judgment.


Did you ever wonder, what do I have to do with THIS life and the way it is? If life as we know it seems something foreign and alien to us, where did we get such an idea? Evidently from a foreigner.


defragmentation -- how Being becomes fragmented because of its ties or relations to other beings, then regroups in its search for the eternal.


* The way they do it, only those with money can play, those without money can't. For them, for some one to be too good or too virtuous is an evil to be purged from our midst.
* The way we do it, those who disagree with us can play as long as they don't deny others their basic rights or are not recklessly or deliberately promoting evil.

Yet they are now more in control of things than we are.


Secret Knowledge

From the land of death
they who were once children
come in darkness
to destroy -- if they cannot rule,
lying in wait
in the dust bin of false religion.
They slew the fathers and mothers,
like they slew
the grandfathers and grandmothers before them;
putting in their place
the puppet and the slave,
who did not know the betters they replaced.
Our generation came along
hoping to continue
the heritage of our forbearers.
But, as before, they surprised
and murdered us too,
and also as before, it all took place
as if nothing happened.
You who come after
who would fight for life
and being able to really live,
know that we tried, but lies, fear and greed,
killed us also who came before you.
So that now no one can speak for you either
unless you do yourself.


Interviewer: Who would you consider your biggest influences?

Oafmore: Well, aside of course from Spielberg, there's Jerry Bruckheimer, Phil Tucker, and O'Dale Ireland.


The straight fact is this. All real Hell and damnation in this world comes from them, and it is to them all real Hell and damnation shall ultimately return. How then are we to blame if others persist in throwing their lot in with these (in order to remain jail-free and prosperous)? If he, with all his big money, techno-savvy securitate', and ghosts, is able to get out of the penitentiary, the least he could do in return is stop bothering and annoying people, don't you think?


"Hey Sherman, they have to do these things a certain way. We need you to help us out."

He never even bothered telling me who he was, yet for fourteen years they've had it their way.

My response after all this is simply: who the Hell are you that I should care?


"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better."
- Andre Gide

This is obviously true if God is seen as Love and Truth. But though every person in effect makes a God of someone or something, you can easily see there would be serious difficulty in viewing anyone as God that did not embody Love and Truth. Now the God of the demonist can pretend Love, but he is never really of the Truth because it is always and ultimately necessary for him to run and hide when all is said and done.


Writing, including very good writing, never of itself reflects or constitutes greatness, rather true greatness is revealed and made manifest in or by means of good (or very good) writing.


If you are physically sick, why say it is something else (other than being physically sick) that is bothering you? Yes, you can scientifically or medically determine what it is that is making you physically sick, and this makes sense. Otherwise (however) there's no point in confusing being physically sick with something else as being the immediate and present cause of what really ails you.


Except in the case of veritable necessities we feel much more pain from the bad than we do from missing out on good actually. Now someone somewhere -- a long, long time ago -- figured if they could control what's bad they could then control among us what's good.


More Great Things to Say

"The demonist. What an idiot."

"I always have to be a mental patient who does the wrong thing a certain way."

"If you're so great, what are you bothering him for?"

"You can't win with the doctrine and teaching of demonism (or demonistic doctrine and teaching.)"

"This group is so bombed out of its mind with frenzy, it seems like deranged lunacy."


What to Say

"Yes, I know you are almighty powerful. The only thing though is that there is nothing really to like about you (please mind your own business.)"


I would assume that Plato (in The Republic) in criticizing Homer rejected that bard's conception of the gods, but not that such "other worldly" persons on Mt. Olympus existed. Either those whom Homer described were not the gods properly speaking, and or else imposters (of those actually on, say, the true Mt. Olympus), but whom Homer had misunderstood or misinterpreted. The alternative to this is to say that Plato thought Homer essentially imagined the gods he sang of. This doesn't seem very likely given that these persons were some of the commonly accepted gods in Hellenic culture, and why should Plato risk being so impolitic? But either way, what then was Homer seeing when he conceived of the "gods" as he did (assuming he did so falsely as Plato in effect avers)?


Jonestown USA

"We do not want to live in a world where there are brain tortures radios being used."

And why should there possibly be any opposition to such a policy or position? It is understood and accepted record that such technology was used in the former eastern bloc countries, even if we deny they are or ever were used in the west. If there is no longer public mention of such tools of manipulation it is (I assure you) for much the same reason there is nothing said about organized crime. Because they are no longer spoken of as a threat, are we to assume they no longer exist?

I want you to vote.

Do you or do you not want to live in a world where brain torture radios are being used on people?

Clearly the vast majority people (I think you will agree) would prefer not to live in a world where brain torture radios are being used on anyone. Why should someone need or desire such a thing? To gain military intelligence from some captive? In order then to more quickly secure and protect ourselves in the long run against terrorists? Even any half sane person could see that such a scenario, where the information was so vital it required torture, even if allowed, would have to be highly rare and unusual. Why then the need to dwell on the need for use of it, but that the very need to torture itself shows up the identity of the real terrorists in our midst? And who are these but these same so-called witchcraft people I speak about with money, and the spirit people they listen to who basically run and direct their (and as a result our own) lives.

There are, and for years now, (what I call) brain torture radios being used on your fellow citizens, and if you think it doesn't matter, could that possibly be because you can no longer think to begin with?

Of course I am well aware that there are those who dispute what I am saying regardless. Nonetheless, let me ask you one last question before leaving off here. If there were (for the sake of argument) such radios being used in this country, would you not be at all interested or curious in seeing who ever it was using and or paying for them brought before the public (say a la the cover of Time magazine) so that at least people could see who they were?


Two Funny Old Ducks

Two funny old ducks,
turning now gray,
yet quacking so jolly
like they did yesterday.

boldly approached
as I sat by the shore
"A fair bite to eat!
We want nothing more!"

The bread that I tossed
they snatched in their bills.
then quacked and quacked on
till they'd had all their fill.

You are so old,
yet ducks, no misgivings?
"No, sir, we have not,
because we fear not living."


"Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.
- Edward Abbey"

In the above we have yet another quote of the day from Google which I again feel worth remarking on. Another we might add as well is the notion that Anarchy is the best of all possible worlds (which I heard from someone I spoke with personally some years back.)

First let us ask the question, is the anarchist a rational person? If yes, then what is he preaching? If not, on what grounds or criteria does he base his cosmic insight?

The truth of the matter when you hear such sentiments expressed as Mr. Abbey's (whoever he is) and others like him is they have their origin with spirit people. What in one form or another happens is that these self-professed anarchists are led to think these spirit people reflect the height of judgment and excellence. While it is true spirit people are or can be proficient in certain ways that will astound the ignorant and irrational, to say that they, even so, are total hypocrites and are lacking in other points of excellence is a great understatement. They then tell these "anarchists" (really in most instances witchcraft or witchcraft influenced people) that the world is fallen short of perfection and therefore evil taking place in our midst does not matter.

Now one thing that is so absurd about all this is that though the anarchist sees a grandiose kind of superiority in spirit people, this is only because his own taste and judgment is so very poor; he cannot really tell the difference between quality from what is specious. As a result these spirit people can dazzle him with their actual or seeming greatness, indeed get him to think that they possess profound religious significance -- or even something greater. He, fool and child that he is, believes them. They will go on to tell him the kind of thing stated by such as Mr. Abbey, and he will then think he has grasped the summit of wisdom.

I will then say now what I have said before. These spirit people who hide and tell others to keep secrets and lie, and who would lord over and enslave others are the worst stinking garbage and disease in the known universe. Indeed I truly and deeply believe that the survival of the planet ultimately depends on mankind's gathering its military forces together to wipe out such secret regimes which leech on us like parasites, and yet who tell us we don't know better.


I would like to submit a very serious warning to this so called "Spielberg" person (and whoever else as well) who is and has been running these brain torture radios. Number one you should turn them off already as these great spirit people who you are in partnership with cause more than enough trouble by themselves without you having to play the role of rat fink betraying us to them (by running these radios.) Don't worry, once those radios are off we can take care of those spirit people just fine. Just you stay out of it. And if you don't, and keep those radios going, I can promise and guarantee you that in future years to come those spirit people, along with everyone else, will say you sold your soul to the devil (for all that money etc.), and or that you are one of the most hated and accursed people that ever lived. And why should you be surprised by this? The game of this sorcerer is evil. You are led to think he is helping you, but for all your own great and monstrous wrong doing, you clearly don't understand real evil. It is his interest to see you given over to hell and damnation because that is simply how real evil people are. In short, if you still refuse to turn off the radios you are submitting not to common sense and reason but what are frankly the evil illusions of the sorcerer. If you won't listen you have only yourself to blame for the consequences.

(There are those who would predictably ridicule what I have written here. Yet my response would be the same. They simply do not know or understand what real evil is like, thinking that such only takes place in the movies and old newsreels.)

The following is my formal answer to the previously posted notice about a recent summons I received, regarding a (reported) $6,000 credit card debt.

Click here to read it.


"Alas rejection! If only they would like me! Woo ha ha ha! And yet if I had only done the wrong thing -- they would! Boo hoo."


Sure, and why not? They are the ones who murdered those good kids! I can just see it now. Arthur Grimsdyke goes after Spielberg and the Magician. The castle goes up in flames and --- "The End."

Now what could be better? Who'd deserve it more? And yet at the same time for them it would be perhaps their best chance to finally get to be actually interesting after all these years.


The hour for compromise is past. It is now for you to decide.