Collectors' Library of 10 Great Shakespeare Plays by Murray Hill for mp3

"Collectors' Library of 10 Great Shakespeare Plays" for mp3

As well as being being superb productions with no less than stellar acting, these abridged versions of some of Shakespeare's more famous plays are unsurpassed both as introductions and refreshers; made all the more convenient by their cut down length -- an advantage which many, with busy schedules and or otherwise little time (or patience) to spare to sit through a full production, can or will no little appreciate. Each of these plays runs about an hour long and has been divided into two .mp3 files; with a .txt file included in each folder (here zipped) that lists all the cast members. Although there are some scratch sounds on a couple of the recordings, these come up rarely and at most take up not much more than about 5% of the whole set counted together.

* "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with Stanley Holloway, @ 49 MBs

* "Hamlet" with Sir Michael Redgrave, @ 49 MBs

* "Henry V" with Richard Burton, @ 47 MBs

* "Julius Caesar" with Peter Finch, @ 49 MBs

* "King Lear" with Sir Donald Wolfit, @ 44 MBs

* "Macbeth" with Sir Michael Redgrave, @ 53 MBs

* "Merchant of Venice" with Dame Peggy Ashcroft, @ 49 MBs

* "Othello" with Sir Ralph Richardson, Sir John Gielgud, @ 49 MBs

* "Romeo and Juliet" with Dame Flora Robson, Keith Michell, Virginia McKenna, @ 50 MBs

* "Taming of the Shrew" with Sian Phillips, Peter O'Toole, @ 49 MBs

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