William Thomas Sherman

1604 NW 70th

Seattle, WA 98117





Bishop, White & Marshall, P.S.

720 Olive Way, Suite 1301

Seattle, Washington 98101


June 20, 2006

Dear Sirs,



In response to the summons delivered to me at my home this last Saturday night, June 17, for a lawsuit brought against me by Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc. (Assignee from Household Bank) regarding an outstanding credit card debt from some years back, now reportedly totaling $6,000, my answer is as follows.


Now in principle I certainly have nothing whatsoever against paying what I owe, and if things were (more like) normal and or I had the money, I would simply do or have done so. However, the question is whether under existing circumstances I can be fairly made to. There are actually quite a number of arguments I can bring against this claim. But among the most important are:


1) I am, and for sometime now, have had my communications criminally interfered with, such that I am being prevented from earning a living.

2) I continue to be harassed by the (extremely wealthy) witchcraft people I have elsewhere written about (see my enclosed "Narrative"), and am refused any help by the Seattle Police or Federal authorities in combating them. This ongoing harassment and ritual abuse affects my health as well as my ability to earn a living.

3) My present income, which is mostly based on Social Security disability payments, puts me technically on the poverty level, rendering it even that more difficult for me to pay the aforesaid debt.


The substance of what I claim above is more closely and specifically addressed in my “Narrative” which is enclosed with this letter.


To speak in general terms, if the truth were known I am owed greatly in damages by the cities of Seattle and Los Angeles, the states of Washington and California, for their failure both to adequately protect me or to even hear my complaints – not to mention the criminals themselves who have been harassing and violently assaulting me since 1992 (to this day.) Were it possible to get a small fraction of what I am owed by these, I would be most glad to pay off Atlantic credit what I owe them. If others, and who are rich, are allowed to rob (and as well violently assault) me (who am poor), then it is simply too much to insist I pay, at least until the circumstances of my situation are drastically changed. That I would then pay if I could, that is without great duress and unreasonable hardship, is not in question.


As witnesses I would further mention the following:


* Father Michael Sweeney, Berkeley CA, 510-883-2083, and 510—649-2493

The Catholic Church admits to the existence of spirit people and I have been trying for some time to get Father Michael to assist me in my cause. As it stands I cannot get him to return my appeals for assistance. Whether this is because he refuses to speak with me and or because of the interference of others I don’t know. If you contact him perhaps you can find out.

* Attorney Charles Hamilton, Seattle, 728-092


* Sgt Liz Eddy, Seattle Crisis Intervention, 684-8183


Both take essentially the same view that I am so crazy that they will not listen to my story. Well if I am actually crazy, I would submit this as an alternative or supplementary argument for my not being able to pay


The bottom line is this I am dealing with a form of domestic terrorism, violence and hoodlumism, originating with persons involved with witchcraft and the occult, which the city, state and federal government cannot rationally or intelligently deal with. As a result it is left to me a poor private citizen to contend with organized crime in the vacuum. This being the case it is simply not just or fair for me to be subject to more duress than I am (which is considerable.)


Though what I have written here might sound matter of fact, do know that I have been put through some of the most vicious kinds of violence and horrors imaginable – and many, many times. It is and always has been of importance to me to pay my debts, and I would not utilize such a defense were it not based in fact; as a very last resort and my situation as genuinely dire as it is. In sum, I am dealing with literal Hell, and there is no amount of money in the world to compensate me for what I have been through these past 13 years, and which dilemma continues to this day. I respectfully ask then, and given what I have stated, that you not assist these very worst of criminals by persisting in this suit. They would like nothing more. People, including professional people, are scared to death to even talk about what I am dealing with, yet which I have to live with daily, and for over a decade now no less. Again if my financial circumstances significantly change, or I at least could get these criminals to stop making my life impossible, then my position on repaying this debt itself certainly can be changed. As things stand however I cannot oblige without absurd and unconscionable hardship added to what has already been just about the most deliberately cruel and heartbreaking kind of thing a person can possibly be put through.







William Thomas Sherman


















Briefly -- the following are some additional things which do or would help to prove my claims:


Try contacting the 6 people mentioned in the conclusion my Narrative (prior to the Appendix.) Why is it I have for year snow not been able to reach them?


I have firewall records of my computer been attacked (these last past few years) which number into the hundred thousands, of which some tens of thousands my firewall identifies as highly rated threats.


If my story isn’t true how did all those cats I spoke about die and who I have individual photographs and records for at my website http://www.gunjones.com

(Scroll down to bottom of the web page, then click link, to see all their pictures.)


I still have the scars on my abdomen and thighs mentioned in my Narrative, where did these come from?


Why is it no attorney would help me the various times as mentioned in my Narrative?


Inquire of Laurence Bonjour and Cass Weller of the Dept. of Philosophy at the University of Washington, and Clark Speed of Anthropology, what they think of my story and or my credibility. I do not say they will necessarily be in agreement with me. Yet I think there input on all this not without value.


Why is it I will have contacted many, including media and scientific people, about my house being haunted and yet not one single person comes forward out of curiosity to inquire?


I was briefly in contact with Mark Chatten of Catholic Legal Services 324-6890, and he was sympathetic. Yet for some time now, and despite my efforts to do so, I cannot locate or reach him.


Why when I contacted the Archdiocese of Seattle about my dealing with spirit people did they not send someone even to just speak with me? I had also at one point spoke over the phone with a seminarian at the archdiocese telling him of my story, and who also was willing to help. Yet when I tried reaching him again by the office of the archdiocese he had disappeared.


Take a look at my website at http://www.gunjones.com

Why is it I never receive a single letter or comment about it or my books for the past 5 years since its inception?