Taken from Wings of Honor, by James J. SLoan, Jr., page 260 U.S. 22nd Pursuit Squadron, Operational July 1, 1918 Commanding officers - Operatonal Period
Garland W. Powell, Lieutenant 1-21-18/6-17-18 at Front with RFC/RAF Ray C. Bridgman, Captain 8-12-18/Armistice Operations Officer George B. Gillson 8-12-18/Armistice Operational Period Staff Adjutant - George M. Lindsay Supply- Lester D. Egbert Medical- Arthur J. Lewis Engineering-Henry K. B. davis Armament- Dell B. Hardin Combat Airmen Name From Dates To John G. Agar, Jr. 8-27-18/10-21-18 KIC 10-21-18 James D.Beane Spa. 69 8-27-18/10-30-18 KIA 10-30-18 James B. Biggs 9-29-28/10-27-18 KIA 10-27-18 Ray C. Bridgman N. 49, N. 124, 103rd 8-15-18/Armistice Clarence A. Brodie 8-27-18/8-31-18 13th P.S., KIA Arthur R. Brooks 139th P.S. 8-16-18/Armistice Howard R. clapp 8-27-18/11-3-18 KIA 11-3-18 John C. Crissy 9-15-18/Armistice William H. Cupples 11-9-18/Armistice Bernard M. Doolin 49th P.S. 8-18-18/11-4/18 Hospital Walter H. Gardner, Jr. 11-9-18/Armistice Edward B. Gibson, Jr. 9-27-18/11-3-18 KIA 11-3-18 Gervys R. Grilles 9-29-18/Armistice Charles W. Hall, Jr. 9-27-18/Armistice Phillip E. Hassinger 8-27-18/Armistice KIA 9-14-18 Erik L. Hodge 10-28-18/Armistice Henry B. Hudson 10-28-18/Armistice Norman M. Hullings 8-27-18/Armistice Clinton S. Jones 8-27-18/Armistice Arthur C. Kimber Spa. 85 8-27-18/9-26-18 KIA 9-26-18 Watson W. LaForce 49th P.S. 8-20-18/Armistice Raymond J. Little 8-19-18/Armistice William P. Lovell 49th P.S. 8-31-18/Armistice Vaughn R. McCormick 8-16-18/9-12-18 KIC 9-12-18 James D. Miller 11-9-18/Armistice Robert E. L. Murphy 20th B.S. 11-8-18/Armistice Clemens J. Randan 10-28-18/Armistice John P. Richter 7-31-18/10-7-18 1st Air Depot Harmon C. Rorison 10-8-18/Armistice John A. Sperry 139th P.S. 8-16-18/10-4-18 POW 10-4-18 Jacques M. Swaab 8-27-18/Armistice George Tiffany 10-13-18/11-3-18 POW 11-3-18 Murray E. Tucker N. 471, 49th 8-20-18/Armistice Frank B. tyndall 49th P.S. 8-20-18/Armistice Remington deB. Vernam 8-27-18/10-30-18 Wounded, died Robert L. Walsh 1st Aero Sq. 9-7-18/9-27-18 Hq, 1st Army A.S. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ U.S. Air service Victory Credits Ranked in Order By Unit p. 402 SQDN. Airplanes balloons total Days on Front E.A. confirmed per day 94 54-1/2 13 67-1/2 237 .284 148 63 63 108 .583 27 34 22 56 163 .343 17 45 3 48 108 .444 95 35-1/3 12 47-1/3 217 .218 103 44-2/3 2 46-2/3 266 .175 22nd 43 2 45 83 .542 139 34-1/2 34-1/2 135 .255 147 28 3 31 93 .190 13 28-1/2 28-1/2 117 .190 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 22nd Squadeon Hostory quoted on page 256 The Fokker D. VII was superior in several ways to the SPAD, and the Jastas were manned by veteran of the long fight against the best British fighter squadrons. The 22nd Squadron History reads: "With the German strategic reterating point in the region of Stenay, the boche in the air grew more concentratd. Gradually the ALlied planes were admittedly not superior to the foe. SPAD patrols were numerous, but not enouh liason existd betwen them, whereas the Boches were evidently practiced...Formations of three, six, seven and as many as seventeen planes, [in] circles and rocket groups, which split in all directions; baiting tactics, and cloud hiding weree all exhibited." October 5th was a typical day. Capt. Bridgman, leadi his squadron, swet several enemy two seaters from the lines near Romagne and, after the patrol had dwindled to five because of engine trouble and gun jamming, fifteen of the enemy fighters dropped down out of the haze, al guns blazing. Henry Hudson was shot down in t first pass. Outnumbered three to one, the oter pilots did well to escape. The 22nd Sqdn. suffered most of its casualties at Belrain. Of 24 pliots on the roster of October 1st, nine were gone in the next 42 days. John Agar and James Biggs were killed in crashes at the airdrome. John Sperry and George Tiffany were POWs. James Beane, Howard Clapp, Edward Gibson and Henry Hudson were killedin combat. Remington Vernam died of wounds. The average time at the front among these pilots was but 53 days. p. 256