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D16Z6 Swap Into An EF(4th gen hatch, 2nd gen crx). Switching Over To OBD-1

This write up should be all that you need to put a D16Z6( out of a 92-95 Si(hatchback) or EX(coupe or sedan)) with the OBD 1 conversion in your 88-91 Honda Civic/CRX. Although you should also do more research just to get other peoples opinions on the ways to do things. Many people want to use piggyback computers and non-CARB approved parts just so that they dont have to switch to OBD-1, but why go that way when you could get it done right the first time and be completly legal in the process? This swap will include the D16Z6 motor swap as well as all of its original equipment such as the P28 ECU and the complete engine and ECU wiring harnesses. There is no other emissions related device to worry about, so dont worry about that, as there is no EGR for either the D16A6 or the D16Z6 just a charcoal canister neither of which is electronically monitored by the ECU for the evaporative emissions like an OBD 2 system has. It is not necessary to be putting a lot of new parts onto the new engine, but if you do it's more likely that it won’t need to be serviced for a while so it would be better for the long run. This is intended to be a guide not a perfect step by step although I have tried to make it as accurate as possible.

I have also made up a list of parts that you will need for this swap. They can be seen Here.

Hopefully, when you're done you should have gone from this

to this

Also, This is just a write-up that I made with info off of other sites to help people out when doing thei swap. I am no way responsible if something goes wrong while you're swapping in the new motor.

D16Z6 Prepping.
Removing Your Stock Engine.
Interior/ECU Prep+Wiring.
Engine Comp Wiring.
Motor Installation.

Enjoy The Power Of Your New D16Z6 SOHC VTEC

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