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A Dragons Power and Magick

A dragons power comes in many forms: intelligence, speed, strength, phsychic, magickal, angelic, mystic, spiritual, ect. A dragons power depends on its race, I am a red Western dragon, and I am great at war and fighting, magick, speed and most fire element correspondences. It sometimes depends on the color or family backrounds.

Dragons are some of the wisest, most intelligent dragon in the universe, and know many ancient information and have great higene. You may think they keep their hoards in huge heaps, crap everywhere, and are dirty and stupid, but the truth is, they are very smart, very clean, and organize their treasure hoards in many ways, and stand them up like trophies they have won. If they have jewelry, then they were it most of the time. If they were to own a journal of some kind, they can read, speak, and learn almost every language in the world. They, in fact, know more about the world than any known scientist, astrologer, biologist, and so on in the world, and know more principles in the Law of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Magick, ect.

Yes, dragons have their own form of magick called Draconic Magick or Draconic Witchcraft. This is where you call a dragon to do spells, incantations, charms, ect, with the help of a dragon. You can also call them to visit you in your dreams, and enchant an item to have a dragon follow you when you are wearing the item. You can do many things with Draconic Magick, but be careful, for if you do something wrong, it backfires badly. Also, dragon magick is not to be meddled with, and to be taken seriously. When you start draconic witchcraft, you must stick to it for the rest of your life, or you might just regret dropping it. Well, thats all the basics you need to know about, thank you for listening.

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