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The Harbinger Chronicles - Volume I
     This site, much like a biological entity, has evolved in numerous stages. Finally achieving it's final and absolute form... for if it shall evolve any further, it will not be what it once was - it will become a seperate specie. It was my design to play it out in HTML with a symbiotic relationship with JavaScript.

     In the Alpha Evolution, circa 2000 C.E, this site was an abomination web-development. It possessed nearly every color of the spectrum (usually grotesque contrasts of blue red, and black), in addition to sounds (once I had three MIDI's all playing at the same time) and pictures that had absolutely nothing to do with the site.

     Nothing was in order, all was chaos.

     Nearly every free JavaScript I could get my hands on was thrown somewhere on the site, everything from three Time/Date/Year, two over-lapping (and erronous) Mouse Trailers, all Image Dissolution scripts and Entry/Exit page JavaScripts. Essentially everything was stolen, or as some put it "Borrowed".

     There were many evolutions of the site from the time I left Pennsylvania and moved to Washington state. This time involved use of HTML editors, and one WYSIWYG editors. This allowed me to mass 'borrow' date from other sites, simply by copying the contents directly from their site (no source editing involved) and copy it directly into the template of the site. Hundreds of Megabytes of data were used in this manner - the site was still ate up. I had data from sites including, Microsoft,, Blizzard Entertainment, Macromedia, and many other mainstreamers and corporations.

     And it was all one programmers fault... BoBaFeTt's.

     My obsession, and ascension, of site building all started with a trip to download a Classic Diablo trainer from BoBaFeTt's site... it seems so classy to me then - I now look back on my prepubescent delusions with sardonic amusement. I attempted to emulate that website, it was the first site I 'borrowed' from, and ironically it was the last. When I always recieved a four-oh-four when attempting to view his site, is when I started to stop my childish theft, and started learning the basic ropes of HTML (Two and half years into it). Something I wish I would have done much sooner.

     I find it difficult to break away from my old ways, especially in regards to many other gaming sites, when scanning search engines and viewing sites, I find a number that I am envious of (and a few of those use pre-developed templates), however, to get my own self-confidence back and be able to say 'My site is just as good as theirs... except right now mine has no content", to do this I will reveal my panacea. Go to, look through some of the websites they host... It is the human thing to do, get self satisfaction by making fun of someone elses work.

     Regardless of what I just said in that last sentence, I do believe it is wrong to criticise or mock someone's work simply because they use the fast and easy way to develop it. They still use a lot of their time in thinking of things to throw on it (sometimes I just wish they'd use not so many colors, in addition to not having everything centered), then there is always that mis-spelling thing, which is extremely annoying (I'm not saying I don't make typos) however, I don't go around spamming the world is dominated by idiots and stupid people, and mis-spell those two six letter words. And granted, some of these "Webmasters" cannot use a word with anything more than five letters and two syllables. Some are pushing their intellectual reserves by just attempting to spell the term "Newbie" (That extra syllable throws off, or short circuits their neurons). Thus they resort to n00b.

     Now it is time for me to go off and delete yet another prior evolution of this site... (which was the version immediately before this one.)

-     Harbinger
27.05.04 - 1546 GMT -0500 (3:46 EST)