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Dedicated to the memories of:


Gina, Shaun and Joshua;

This page is dedicated to them, and I wish to personally thank Gina's mother, Pat for allowing me to make this page for them.
I never had the pleasure of meeting or knowing this fine family, but I feel as though I do know them through their story, which you'll see very shortly.

Gina and her children became not only victims of domesic violence, but they became statics in the most horrible way known to man.
Pat will never see her grandchildren grow up, or go to their high school prom, or get married, or even make her a great grandmother.
They're in Heaven with our good lord Jesus Christ, and their pain and suffering is over.

To Gina, Shaun and Joshua I say:
May you rest in peace forever, you certainly earned it.

To Pat I say:
Thank you so mch for allowing me to make this page.
If your story can help to save the life of just one woman, then it wil have done it's job.
Please know that Gina, Shaun and Joshua are looking and smilng down on you my friend.
Eve from Heaven above, Gina is working to protect women everywhere.
May God bless you Pat now and forever.

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