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World Overview
The Urth Mythos

Character Creation

Character Generation
Tyro Redwood
Thallus Elderbeard

Dungeon Master Materials

WB1: The Kingdom of Cazia
WB2: The Kingdoms of Pel
WB3: The Valley of the Dragons
WB4: The Borderlands
WB5: The Lands of the Chopi
WB6: The Austaria
WB7: The Sea of Knives
WB8: The Deserts of Gremen
WB9: The Lands of the Elves
WB10: Zanisar, Kingdom of the Grey Elves
WB11: Continent of Bon Bini
WB12: Thassalanic Empire
WB13: Yamato, the Five Kingdoms of Jade
WB14: Nimric, the Lands of the Woden




"The old man just appeared seemingly out of nowhere."
-Terry Brooks, The First King of Shannara

Welcome to the Urth and the Four Lands Website! Urth and the Four Lands is a homebrew campaign world I created many years ago using a 1981 Printing of the Basic Dungeons and Dragons System. At that time my group consisted of only two people, myself and my younger brother who played a wily, young fighter who went by the name of Snake. Snake and Borg (whose name later changed to Ore) adventured across the world of Urth and from their adventures were born the various kingdoms and empires that comprise the setting as it is today. Needless to say, the world has gone through many changes since that time (especially since the release of Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition) but I still feel that this campaign is the best thing I ever done in my fourteen years of gaming.


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Last Updated:
July 26, 2001 - I revamped the website a little and took some time to go back over a few things and fix my poor grammar. There is still a lot of proofreading to do but you will find everything a little bit easier to read now. My Pantheon has finally been added to the website and I finally decided I was going to organize and present the various portions of my game world. I don't know what Lycos did but I do not have access to my old website anymore and this is the one they are forcing me to use now. I apologize for the inconvienence.

July 15, 2001 - I began writing more reviews of the various books out there and I realized what a daunting task I was undertaking. I was spending more time reading books and reviewing them than finishing the foundation of the campaign I am running for this website. Not to mention the thousands of talented individuals out there doing reviews already. So the reviews section has been removed.

July 7, 2001 - This morning I added Tyro Redwood and Thallus Elderbeard to the website. I will be adding more by this afternoon or by this evening so check for more updates by then.

June 24, 2001 - I fixed the personal email link in the short body of text just above the bar on the main page. I then added a Home link to make it easier to navigate back to the main page. Finally, I signed my actual name to make you all happy. It seems some of you wanted to know who you were talking to.

June 23, 2001 - The website was looking rather amateur and I was beginning to get the impression that people were being turned away by their first impressions of it. So although the website still needs a lot of work, it now looks much better and I hope you think so too.



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World Book 1: The Kingdom of Cazia will be released by August 15th.

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