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at a time (THIS IS IMPORTANT). See Fig
ure 28. If pulled down too far on one side,
cover may be torn. Line up all seams to
follow contour of back rest.

3. Place 4 four-prong fasteners, into hem as
shown in Figure 29. Close prongs with pliers.


Figure 29

This will prevent fasteners from coming

Fasten hook into front part of seat cover
as shown in Figure 30.


Figure 30

5. Place small leather insert on front end of
back rest side panel and pin with three in
visible pins as shown in Figure 31. Pull
side of seat cover back rest over the side
panel and clip with three spring clips as
shown in Figure 31. Repeat for other back


Figure 31

6.   Cut slot in seat cover and as shown in Fig
ure 32; replace robe cords.


Figure 32


1. Insert two long wires into hem at rear of
seat cover with hook ends to center of seat.
Place wire hook ends into slot in center of
seat assembly as shown in Figure 33. Re
move rubber bumper at outer edge of seat
and place wire under bumper and replace
screw. Drill a hole for #10 screw at seat
frame, using #26 Drill, as shown in Figure
33, and hook short wire clip over long wire
at center and fasten to seat frame with #1d
self-tapping screw and washer as shown in

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