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Desktop Flag

Colonel Bogey March
Grand Old Flag
United States Marines
God Bless America
Coming to America
Star Spangled Banner
God Bless the USA
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Anchors Aweigh
Wonderful World
America Medley
Amazing Grace
Johnny Comes Marching Home
Caissons Go Rolling Along
Battle Hmyn of the Republic
Semperfi 2
My Country Tis of This
Stars Spangled Banner
Dixie War Son
Star Spangled Banner 2
Air Force
Battle Hymn of the Republic (2)

Marine Corp Drill-MP3

FREE Karaoke Player Van Basco player has a viewer to sing along with the midi if the midi lyrics are contained in the file dowloaded. You also can read who the person is that recorded the midi sequence.


Destroyer Escort Sailors Assc
John Wayne-MP3s on his love for America
Patriotic Midis
US Navel Academy Band-Mp3s
Gospel Midis
Irish Tunes
Jewish Midis
His Songs
Midi Sounds
Primeline Midi Library
Dumb Blond

America the Beautiful Medley

If you would like to download the midi, right click & "Save as Target".

For Mac users you can check out this page for information on saving and hearing midis.

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