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Murder of Polish-American Woman Still Unsolved
murder of polish woman in america

The West Hartford Reservoir off of Route 4 is a popular place where hikers, joggers, bikers and walkers enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility that the forest there has to offer. On September 24th, 1998 at around 5:30 pm, Agnieszka Ziemlewski was walking in a remote area of the reservoir just a few hundred yards from Old Mountain Road. The 26 year old native of Poland was shot multiple times at close range. It is believed that she was specifically target for murder. Law Enforcement believe that Agniezka might have known her killer. There have been people looked at for this crime, with one particular person being a strong suspect. The case has become very active in the last year. They hope to arrest the killer to provide justice for Agniezka's mother and sisters. Her father tragically died in a drowning accident a year after the homicide of his daughter. Agniezka (also known as Agnes) was a graduate of the University of Connecticut and at the time of her death worked at United Health Care in the City of Hartford.

There is a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. If you have any information, please call the Farmington Police Detective Unit at (860) 675-2462 or the tip line at(860)675-2483.

murder of agnieszka ziemlewski murder of agnes ziemlewski


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