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Witnesses Still Not Coming Forward in Murder of Teen

On the evening of October 13, 2002, 16 year old teenager Devyn Jude Murphy was stabbed to death in a house party in Wareham, Massachusetts. There was an altercation at the party which was attended by around 50 people, yet no one has come forward with any information. According to family members, Murphy had aspirations of becoming a chiropractor. It is believed that there are several people that may know who killed the teen, but either are afraid or refuse to come forward. It's fifteen years, it's about time people started talking. If you have any information about who murdered Devyn Jude Murphy please contact the Massachusetts State Police at (508) 759-4488. All calls can be confidential.

Slaying of Model A Mystery Decades Later

It was March 25th, 1998, when 27 year old Jill Ann Weatherwax, was found dead behind an animal shelter in the city of Fresno, California. The Michigan native had been a beauty pageant winner had associated with actors in the hollywood Movie scene. She was last seen Weatherwax was last seen going into a green or greyish colored Ford Tempo with three unidentified men described as being Hispanic. All four were seen near the Villa Hotel on Parkway Drive the night of her murder. Rumors have persisted that Weatherwax could have been a stripper or even involved in prostitution. She at one time has an aspiring career as a singer and associated with many actors (Patrick Swayze) in Hollywood. However, she ended up being stabbed to death in an empty lot. A year later, E Entertainment TV did an episode about her murder called "The Murder of Miss Hollywood"

If you have any information about this murder please call the Fresno Police Department at 559-621-2400. You can remain anonymous.

Our condolences to the victims of the Las Vegas, NYC, Sutherland Springs attacks.

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What is this website about you ask? It is about helping unsolved cases that time has made cold. It is about finding the missing and giving the unidentified dead their rightful names. It is about identifying and protecting people from online scams. It is about resources that can make you and your family safer.

Many of the cases have rewards offered for information that will lead to an arrest and conviction of those guilty. Rewards range from $500 to a quarter of a million dollars.

It does not cost any money to submit a case to this site. We ask that you submit a link to an established news source. If not, we are still willing to listen and will decide as to put the case on or not.

Our ad revenue has gone down so if you wish to donate a small amount of money to help pay for the upkeep of the site we are more than willing. This site is NOT a registered non-profit organization and any donations will NOT be tax-deductible.

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