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Toad the Paladin Software

Toad the Paladin Software

Welcome to our website and enjoy your stay.

We are a recently formed team of computer geeks that attempt to make quality computer games for the Windows platform

Soon we hope to dominate the market with our abominations, err, masterful creations. Resistance is futile.

We are not above thieving catchy phrases and one-liners.


10/23/02 -- Wow, has it been a long time!  Well anyway, I added a new concept shot of an arched entrance way into a city - possibly an idea for Qumran. (though, in retrospect, it's a bit grand.)

7/22/02 -- Added a new downloads section to Toad's website.  I made this to put strange miscellaneous things up for download that most likely only team members will care about.  Right now the only thing there is a wallpaper (800X600) of Toad the Paladin himself. 

Also you may note that Toad has a new look, and is in fact a Red-Eyed Tree Frog - this is not a mistake.  Toad is indeed a frog.

Plus I didn't like bravenet's pugly logo icons all over the place so I yoinked those down and added them a link in the link

7/21/02 -- Changed the GTQ site a bit, now instead of the about page, there is an FAQ - I realize there aren't too many people asking questions frequently - but wishful thinking never hurt anybody.

7/20/02 -- Added a new concept picture.  Also worked on a new look for the team page.  By the way, does anyone know Mukul's email?  It seems to have fallen into a black hole. 

Also we've got a counter and a new public forum courtesy of  Therefore, the Team Toad Clubhouse is officially abandoned.  I may get a new chat room too, from bravenet as well, of course.

6/15/02 -- Added a new concept picture, of the shadow dog thingies.  I had planned to make them more ghostly and see-through, but when I did that they were rather hard to see, so for the benefit of the concept I left them opaque.  But I think you get the idea.

Counter created: July 20, 2002

Created: July 10, 2001

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