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The Jackal's Knightmare Page

Welcome watchers, to the castle of confusion!


Greetings! This is basically my bit towards the hit T.V show Knightmare that was first shown in the late 80's and early 90's and is still popular today. Teams consisting of a dungeoneer and three advisors would venture off into the computer generated dungeon to try and conquer it. Along the way were many perils, and only a few teams ever actually made it to the end. This site has been built around series three.


Knightmare ran for eight series and by the second it was developing nicely. There were puzzles, and traps, not to mention the opposition (bad guys) that were starting to pop up. By series three it had all the bells and whistles, and was the one I remember the most. Unfortunately, the creators of Knightmare then made a big mistake (I think) for series four when they indroduced the dungeoneer out of the dungeon to the neighbouring woods and grounds of the castle. Along with that came the Eye Sheild which meant rather than the team now guiding their dungeoneer through a room to a door, the computer would simulate the movements itself.


Basically, the team would be given (or sometimes be able to choose) a quest. This could be for The Sword, The Cup, The Shield, The Crown or The Maid. The team would then venture through the three levels of the dungeon in search of their quest. They could collect and cast spells and carry up to two objects at any one time. Food had to be consumed reguarly to keep the dungeoneers life force status healthy. If this ran out, then you were out of the game. To help teams on their way, Tregard the "Dungeon Master" was at hand. He would over see the quest and gave teams tips and clues as they went. The further they advanced through the levels, the more difficult it became with the opposition setting traps and even casting spells on them.


Below are links to the various levels that teams roamed within the dungeon. Each level had a series of rooms, corridors and caverns which have been detailed and given a fear factor. The mental and physical power that the team would have had to use to overcome it is also listed. Enjoy!