Solar Energy Association of Connecticut, Inc.

216 Tall Timbers Road   Glastonbury, CT 06033

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Solar Energy Association of Connecticut, Inc.

Energy, Environment, Resource Conservation, and the societal questions related to them are perennial issues in any society; they can become particularly pressing in a technological society such as ours. The issues involved are technical, economic, and socio-political and any attempt at understanding them must recognize this.

The impact of fuel shortages on a technological society was highlighted by the crisis following the oil embargo in 1973; it spurred interest in the development of solar energy and other renewable energy sources. It was recognized by many that the deeper causes of the crisis must be addressed in order to provide a long-term solution.

Environmental problems become acutely visible from time to time, as air pollution, water pollution, and toxic wastes strike close to our daily lives, and remind us that these problems are not somebody else’s but our own.

Temporary decreases in fuel prices may foster the illusion that the problems are going away, but many of us realize that the underlying problems have not changed.

To find meaningful and satisfactory solutions to these problems, public awareness and thoughtful public participation are both needed.

The Solar Energy Association of Connecticut, Inc. is a nonprofit, educational, public-awareness organization. The programs presented by the Association are open to the public and are designed to inform and educate people on issues of importance relating to Energy, Environment and Resource Conservation, and to support and promote the use of renewable energies and environmentally benign technologies.

The activities of the Association include seminars, panel discussions, conferences, workshops and field trips relating to topics of interest, which include both technical questions and broader societal questions that arise when dealing with energy and environmental problems.

The Solar Energy Association provides a regular forum for interested persons to meet and exchange information, and to make themselves heard on issues of importance in today’s society.

We invite you to join as a member, and find out how you would like to participate in the work of the Association.

As a member you will receive periodic bulletins on the activities of the Association. You will have the opportunity to meet others with whom you may share professional and more general interests, and to help plan activities which will increase public awareness and encourage public participation in discussion and action relating to important issues in the areas of Energy, Environment and Resource Conservation.

The Solar Energy Association of Connecticut, Inc. was started in the summer of 1976, and was incorporated in the State of Connecticut. It is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) (3), income-tax-exempt organization. Membership in the association has been statewide, with a few members from out of state.

One of the major needs of the Solar Energy Association of Connecticut is for financial support, in the form of membership and contributions, which will help us sustain and continue our work.

Membership dues and contributions to the Solar Energy Association of Connecticut are income-tax deductible, and should be sent to:

Solar Energy Association of Connecticut, Inc., 216 Tall Timbers Road   Glastonbury, CT 06033

(Checks to the Association may be made out to the abbreviated name SEAC).

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Solar Energy Association of Connecticut, Inc.
216 Tall Timbers Road
Glastonbury, CT 06033