Founded in 1930, Vision-Ease Lens has become a recognized leading manufacturer of q uality ophthalmic lenses through its superior technological ingenuity. The sole objective of Vision-Ease Lens is to develop and manufacture products that are both innovative and unmatched in quality.


Vision-Ease Lens offers a broad range of quality premium Polycarbonate Lenses including Coppertone™ polarized , LifeRx® photochromic, SunRx® polarized, Illumina® progressive, and Outlook® progressive lenses. In addition to our premium lens offerings, we also provide many different styles of lenses in polycarbonate, plastic and glass materials. Because Vision-Ease Lens incorporates a variety of materials with styles, we are able to consistently satisfy a multitude of patients and customers. With our extensive product offerings and commitment to quality, Vision-Ease Lens products are among the best in the industry. 

From the time we open our eyes in the morning, until we close them again at night, our days and our lives are defined by what we see. That’s why we chose Miru-a japanese word meaning ‘’to see’’ as the global brand name for our visionary new range of contact  lens products.

First of this new range “
Miru, the soft contact lenses Miru 1month Menicon coming from the dual technology MeniSilk™ & Nanogloss™ provides wearing comfort and optimal tolerance even late at night and troughout the month.

The presence of a moisture-binding molecule MeniSilk™ during the polymerization phase and the highly controlled smooth surface technology Nanogloss™ at the nanometer level improve the contact lens wettability, decrease the lipid resistance and mimize bacterial adhesion in order to have a better wearing comfort.

The soft contact lenses Miru 1month Menicon in advanced Silicone Hydrogel material asmofilcon A deliver an outstanding oxygen transmission (Dk/e: 161). With a balanced modulus and handling tint lavender, Miru 1month Menicon are easy to live in a daily wear for a monthly replacement.

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OpticalCEU clothing and accessories.