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Epiphyllum Triumphant

I purchased Triumphant from Lauray's of Salisbury at a spring flower show in 1995.  It first bloomed (2 flowers) 6/4/1999.  After the blooms, because the plant was somewhat pot-bound I decided to repot it.  I was surprised to find that it had formed 4 separate divisions.  I traded 2 and put the remaining 2 in separate 8" pots.  At the time I didn't know that they needed to be pot-bound to bloom, so I got no blooms in 2000.  One of the plants had 2 blooms in May 2001 (one 5/11 and which lasted just 24 hours and one 5/24 which lasted 2 days).  The temperatures were in the 90s during the first bloom and in the 70s during the second, which may have affected the duration of the bloom.  The first bloom opened 5/20/02; 9".  It lasted 2 days.  The second bud opened 5/24.  By 8:30 PM the outer petals were wide open but the inner petals remained tightly shut.  Because I thought I remembered someone saying epi buds occasionally have trouble opening, I decided to gently loosen the tight point of the inner petals.  This resulted in their opening much quicker that previous blooms.  Two more opened 5/27, one on 5/31, one on 6/2 and the last on 6/7.

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Triumphant_01_05_04.JPG (7648 bytes)Triumphant_01_05_07.JPG (8492 bytes)Triumphant_01_07_05.JPG (9212 bytes)Triumphant_01_07_10.JPG (21964 bytes)Triumphant_01_07_11.JPG (20076 bytes)Triumphant_01_07_12.JPG (12003 bytes)Triumphant_02_05_28.JPG (14709 bytes)Triumphant_02_06_01.JPG (18946 bytes)

2003: Triumphant had its first bloom 4/24.  There were 12 more between 4/26 and 5/5.
2004: 9 blooms
2005: 9 blooms

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