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Epiphyllum 'Three Oranges'

I received Three Oranges in trade from another Epiphyllum collector 9/3/99.   Its first bloom opened in the evening on 5/28/02.  It was 7" and lasted about 24 hours.

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Three_Oranges_02_05_03.JPG (11820 bytes)Three_Oranges_02_05_07.JPG (11132 bytes)Three_Oranges_02_05_11.JPG (13934 bytes)Three_Oranges_02_05_15.JPG (13085 bytes)Three_Oranges_02_05_18.JPG (13787 bytes)Three_Oranges_02_05_20.JPG (14573 bytes)Three_Oranges_02_05_25.JPG (11335 bytes)

2003: This year it started with many buds but lost all but one which opened 4/24.  This bloom lasted 4 days. 
2004: One bloom 4/20
2005: 3 blooms

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