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Epiphyllum 'Raspberry Ribbon'

I received 2 cuttings from Bob Smoley 4/26/00.  It had its first bloom 4/24/03; 11"; fragrant.  The 2nd bloom opened 4/30 and the 3rd 5/4.

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Raspberry_Ribbon_03_04_24_01.JPG (16260 bytes)Raspberry_Ribbon_03_04_24_02.JPG (13676 bytes)Raspberry_Ribbon_03_04_24_03.JPG (12611 bytes)Raspberry_Ribbon_03_04_24_06.JPG (12220 bytes)Raspberry_Ribbon_03_04_25_01.JPG (14577 bytes)

2004: one bloom and one bud remains as of 5/30
2005: 6 blooms

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