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Epiphyllum 'Punch Bowl'

I purchased this as a 2 year old plant from Ballek's Garden Center 5/23/01.  The first bud began opening 8 p.m. on 3/16/03.  Although it is listed in the Directory as XL (>9") the bloom was only 5.5", perhaps because initial blooms are not always typical.  The bloom lasted 5 days.  A second bloom opened 3/19/03.  And the third (and final) opened 4/1.

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Punch_Bowl_03_03_16_06.JPG (10137 bytes)Punch_Bowl_03_03_16_12.JPG (7251 bytes)Punch_Bowl_03_03_17_04.JPG (10004 bytes)Punch_Bowl_03_03_17_11.JPG (6348 bytes)Punch_Bowl_03_03_18_1.JPG (11112 bytes)Punch_Bowl_03_03_20_1.JPG (10473 bytes)

There were in 2004.
In 2005 there were 5 blooms.

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