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Some Links to Epiphyllum Sites

Yahoo Epi Group is an email group for people interested in epiphyllums.  I've learned a great deal about growing epiphyllums from the many knowledgeable, helpful members of this group.

Mark Piette Epi Galleria provides good information about growing epiphyllums; also sells cuttings

The Backyard Jungle (lots of good information about growing epiphyllums)

Tien Tranís Epiphyllum Photos

San Diego Epiphyllum Society

Glenn's Epi Page Information and photos of epiphyllums

EpiForums Discussion board and photos

Don's Epiphyllum World After 20 years of collecting epiphyllums and selling them in California, Don Cravalho has now offers them on his website and has a mail order catalog with photos.  All his epiphyllum cuttings are $3 or $5.

Epis By Pat (online catalog of many epiphyllums. I havenít ordered from her yet, but probably will in the near future. Sheís highly recommended by people who have ordered from her.) (on online catalog of epiphyllums. I have not ordered from them yet, but have heard them highly recommended.)

Jim Hunters Epi Universe (sells epis, lots of photos and information)

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