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Epiphyllum 'King Midas'

I purchased King Midas from Lauray's of Salisbury at a spring flower show in 1996.  Although it produced vegetative growth and the stems got very long it didn't produce its first flower until 5/23/2000.  In March 2001 King Midas formed 4 flower buds, but later lost one.  The first 2 buds began opening around 5 p.m. on May 11th and started to pass May 13th.  These flowers were 7" across, larger than the previous year.  The color was also different.  I learned from members of the Yahoo Epi Group that the first few years an epiphyllum blooms the flowers may not be typical.  The third flower opened 5/14 and lasted 3 days.  In 2002 I first saw buds on King Midas 4/10.  The first bloom (7") opened 5/23 in the afternoon.  The second (8") opened in the evening on 5/26.  The third (and final) bud opened 6/15.

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King_Midas_01_05_06.JPG (11457 bytes)King_Midas_01_05_08.JPG (7567 bytes)King_Midas_01_05_14.JPG (11449 bytes)King_Midas_01_05_17.JPG (15174 bytes)King_Midas_01_05_20.JPG (12505 bytes)King_Midas_01_05_27.JPG (12385 bytes)King_Midas_01_05_29.JPG (17235 bytes)King_Midas_01_05_38.JPG (7883 bytes)King_Midas_02_05_11.JPG (10378 bytes)

2003: There year there were 6 blooms between 4/28 and 5/7.
2004: 13 blooms in April and May
2005: 16 blooms

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