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Epiphyllum Jacob Dorf #3

I received several cuttings of this plant from Sweden 7/24/99.  It had its first flower open 3/17/02 and over the next week 2 others opened, each lasting 4 days.  The flowers are very similar to Deutsche Kaiserin (the parent plant) but slightly larger, measuring 4" across.  Also like Deutsche Kaiserin, this plant has a tendency to spotting,

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Jacob_Dorf_3_02_03_07.JPG (12525 bytes)Jacob_Dorf_3_02_03_09.JPG (9856 bytes)Jacob_Dorf_3_02_03_15.JPG (12162 bytes)Jacob_Dorf_3_02_03_20.JPG (7983 bytes)Jacob_Dorf_3_02_03_21.JPG (10632 bytes)Jacob_Dorf_3_050403.JPG (14714 bytes)

2003:  This year there were 4 blooms between 4/19 and 5/1.  
2004:  There were 12 blooms between 4/18 and 5/10.
2005: 18 blooms

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