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Epiphyllum phyllanthus var. hookeri

I received 6 cuttings (kept 3, gave 3 to a friend) of this in trade 9/30/99.  This one is a night-bloomer.  It bloomed last year (9/28/01) but I didn't even know it had a bud until I saw the spent flower.  This year I first saw a bud on 8/20/02.  On the evening of 9/11 the bud was larger but not swollen so I thought it would be a few more days until it bloomed.  Fortunately I checked at 6:30 a.m. on 9/12 to see if it was starting to swell.  The 5" flower was fully open.  It was passing when I returned from work and my husband said it was still wide open around 2 p.m.  A few weeks later I noticed it had 4 more buds.  One opened 10/15, another 10/18 and the third 10/29; the fourth bud died without opening.  The October blooms each opened around 8 p.m. and lasted until around noon the next day.  They were fragrant and ranged in size from 5" to 7".


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The first bud for 2003 opened 3/29/03.  There were 3 blooms in April, 7 in July, 7 in August, 3 in September, and 5 in October.
In 2004 there were 22 blooms.
2005: as of 5/30, 6 blooms

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