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Epiphyllum Crenatum var. Crenatum 'Wrayi'

I bought this plant on 4/7/01 from Walnut Hill Greenhouses.  It was a large staked plant in a 6" pot with 4 flower buds.  Unfortunately, over the next few weeks it lost 3 of the buds.  (Bud drop is common when epiphyllums are moved.)  On 4/22/01 the remaining bud began opening around 7:30 p.m. and was fully open within a few hours producing a 9" flower.  The flower remained open for 2 days before passing.

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I first noticed buds 3/30/02.  It gradually formed 10 tiny buds.  However, 5 never developed and 2 turned yellow and dropped off when they were a few inches long.  The first bloom opened in the evening of 5/18/02 and was fully open the next morning.  It measured 9" and was slightly fragrant in the evening.  The bloom lasted 2 days.  The second bloom opened 5/24 and the third 5/25.

2003: This year the first bloom was 4/29, the 2nd 5/2 and the third 5/6. 
In 2004 it had 6 blooms.
In 2005 there were 6 blooms.

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