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Epiphyllum 'Coral Lace'

I received this cutting in trade 9/4/01.  I was very surprised when, on 2/23/02, I discovered 10 buds on it!  Based on most recommendations I've heard, I should have removed the buds so that the plants energy would go into growing a healthy plant rather than producing flowers.  But I couldn't resist seeing if it would bloom.  On 4/1/02 the first bud began opening around 6 p.m. and the second opened on 4/2, and the third on 4/6.  Each lasted 3 days.  The remaining buds dropped off without opening.  Each flower measured 2 3/4" across.

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Coral_Lace_02_03_06.JPG (6893 bytes)Coral_Lace_02_04_03.JPG (8442 bytes)Coral_Lace_02_04_15.JPG (9556 bytes)Coral_Lace_02_04_16.JPG (11434 bytes)Coral_Lace_02_04_18.JPG (15619 bytes)Coral_Lace_02_04_21.JPG (12272 bytes)

2003: Coral lace began blooming 3/30 and had its final (11th) bloom 4/10.

2005: Stems kept rotting so discarded.

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